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Vinnie Jones Unauthorised - The FULL Documentary

Mar 18, 2024
Despite your notorious lack of talent, your childhood dream was always to be a football professional, I actually wanted to be a police officer, oh, I see fighting crimes, classifying people, scaring those who deserve it and then I want to be a firefighter, ah, I see. fighting fires, breaking down doors, breaking down walls and then 15 years as a professional football player. Lucky Bastard talks about V. You better believe he was innocent ever since he burst into the spotlight. Vinnie Jones has presented only one image of himself to the world on and off. On the football pitch as the leader of the infamous Wimbledon mad gang, Jones was the most reviled player of his generation, portrayed as a brainless thug with a violent temper, he was very unpredictable in the early stages, you didn't know what he was going to do. do. waiting to explode and if he exploded then you better get out of the way in a career that spanned five clubs.
vinnie jones unauthorised   the full documentary
He was sent off a dozen times for violent tackles and confrontations with referees, unlike other Hard Men. Jones' brutal tactics were often planned and premeditated adding a psychological weapon to his Armory he almost turned intimidation into an art form obviously put the opposition under a lot of pressure because looking them in the eye he looks pretty fierce would question certain things about his personality his ability and many players found that intimidating and very difficult to handle and when film director Richie wanted a really tough guy for the gangster movie Lo Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Vinnie Jones with his very short hairstyle, mean demeanor and in a bad mood fit perfectly and is By the way, a beautiful T, when you have more pressing priorities on your hands, did I say talk?
vinnie jones unauthorised   the full documentary

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vinnie jones unauthorised the full documentary...

He is who he is and he does things that you know you would yell at if someone else did them, but if he hadn't done all of those. things that he probably wouldn't have realized that a star was born in that role, you know, 1 million later, you know, we laughed all the way to the bank, thank you, finny at the age of 35. Vinnie Jones is Britain's most famous bad boy. The image of him. ingrained in the nation's psyche, but how did the football bully everyone loved to hate become the people's favorite and, beneath the glamorous veneer of success, who is the real Vin Joe?
vinnie jones unauthorised   the full documentary
The quiet surroundings of rural Hartfordshire offer few clues to what would become Vincent Peter Jones. His childhood was a happy one growing up in the leafy village of Bedmond, near Watford. Vincent was crazy about football, his father ran a Bedmond Under 12 and Vincent was their star player, good enough to be on Watford's books. His special bond with her father was reinforced by their regular relationship. Filming trips here The photographer perfectly captured the mood 12-year-old Vinnie not only looked good but, ironically, was perfectly comfortable with a double-barreled shotgun, but Vincent's world was about to be torn apart by his parents' marriage. parents began to collapse leaving emotional scars that he would never forget that he had listening to mom and dad arguing downstairs while he sat on the stairs um and at times he hugged his little sister and tried to protect her from what was happening below them um he remembers that With much pain, his mother finally left the marital home on the eve of his 14th birthday.
vinnie jones unauthorised   the full documentary
Vincent clung to her while begging her to stay almost overnight. Vincent was always a little out of control, leaving school and in trouble with the family. police where former Wimbledon physiotherapist Derek French Bedmond lived and remembers Jones, the rebellious teenager. The first time I saw him, I think he was drunk at the social club when he was about 14 years old. No, I'm not very drunk, but drunk enough for a kid his age, but he was You know, Jack. The boy, you know, even in the days that he lived, he lived his life like his pants were on fire, you know, and um, he was a bit of a Larry boy at that stage, but there were quite a few on that property, so It actually fit.
Well enough, he was now at war with his father. Finally, after a spectacular fight, he left home. Father and son didn't talk for 3 years, he went on a walk, put his whole life in a black dpin liner and just went looking for a job and ended up washing pots and pans at a public school somewhere and on his first day there, When he was taken to his little room along a dingi and what he called the scary corridor, he went into his little room and emptied his black Dy Miner and on the mantelpiece he put all the little trophies he had won in his schoolboy football when he was still 16 years old.
Vincent lost contact with both parents as he wandered between shelters and dead-end jobs until an old pal from Bedmond came to the rescue. It was the year 1982 that Britain went to war over Forland. Vincent's best friend from school days learned that he was lonely and convinced him to return to Bedmond together. They tried to join but his companion was rejected and he was deprived of the opportunity to fight the Argies. Vincent and his 30s A strong gang of mates took the battle to the pubs and clubs of Watford and Vinnie loved that every minute he was in trouble because we used to run into other gangs from elsewhere that we didn't know and obviously everything would get out of control .
The gang culture was united by his love of football. Vincent hadn't played at all since he left home and Bedmond welcomed the missing soldier from him. He was absolutely exceptional. We used to give him the ball and he would do everything with it. He was really good. player, he just had all the skill, incredible tricks, you couldn't take the ball away from him and he would literally surround you all. Vincent had taken refuge wherever he could find him and Bedmond's new manager couldn't believe the condition of the young man and he had a pair of jeans with the knees hanging out and the back hanging out if you want a pair of obstetrics boots and a dirty shirt and I thought who is this, keep in mind he was a 17 year old kid living with a 30.
I one guy at a time is like a two and it wasn't very nice for a kid to live in John and Wendy Moore took pity on him. They offered him their s for a few days, he would stay for 5 years when he grew older than me and I told him what do you think about coming to stay with us so I told him I told him well, it's not for me love I said I get up in the morning I go out I'm back late I said You have the extra washing I said and the kids have to go with vce I said it's mainly the rest he said well we don't care and I said am I the last one to talk about this or not these are the first photos of Vinnie Jones in action who is wearing the number 10 jersey was already playing for several teams in the area, including bushy university, where he had gotten a job as a groundskeeper, he was always a little kid, suddenly he had quieted down and could busy himself with this game of Vinnie was named man of the match, ironically by the referee, football had given him a sense of self-esteem and a kind of family;
It was university gardening work that led to his big break when a semi-professional club, Wiston, came up. to train there Vinnie pestered them to join he wanted to get involved in absolutely everything if the cones wanted to be put out he wanted to do it um inflate the balls he would just want to get involved with the club once he started training with us D amazing um fits RAR on the way Raw Talent um but complete n case yes crazy Co every now and then you like to go out to train and come back there are rabbits and pheasants hanging from the uh hanging from the hook and you run and then you say oh J has been shooting again after weeks as a marginal player Vinnie Jones was unleashed on the football world at an FA Cup TI ready, the non-league giant killers were battling and they brought their secret weapon within a The minute Mad Dog Reed Havoc got the first glimpse of what professional football had to wait, Vinnie launched a two-footed tackle on one of his players, so, all hell is loose and there's Vinnie, with the whole ship like that about to hit him, but never. he got kicked out, that's pretty incredible.
Vinnie was a Reser player and earned £28 a week, although he still lived at Johnny Moore's house, he had spoken to his father again, working for him as a transporter on building sites, but his big career break was in The horizon. Change the date, 1986 and Sweden's Frozen North suddenly welcomed the aspiring part-time player to give Vinnie more experience, his club loaned him to a third division team and Mark Mcneel, another Englishman trying out Luckily, he met him at the airport and there he converted. an instant kill within hours of the touchdown with the temperature at -6 Vinnie had his first training session when it was so cold we were giving him sweatpants to play in because it was obviously cold, but I told Jonah, you have a pair of tracksuit. pants there with your number there, you were trying to get him into the rhythm and get him to meet the players and Jonah said, listen, no way, I'm an Englishman, we don't play in sweatpants and it's snowing. snowing it will snow there will be more than a decimeter of snow on the field a player has shorts Winnie Jones a tough man the two Englishmen led the town to its most successful season in 20 years 2-1 in the cup against first division rivals on the 21st - The one year old started giving orders to his older, more experienced teammates when we walked into the locker room at half time, he was down 2-1, he just walked up to each player and come on you bastard Jonah, he went away. on every play and we lit fire on him by telling him that we will not give up.
He really scared them with Vinnie's Never Say Die words ringing in his ears. Holsman staged an incredible comeback in the second half with Mark scoring four goals, we turned the tie around and won 5-2 and there were scenes here that I have never seen before in my life, the whole city went crazy, they were incredible scenes That day Jonah had demonstrated a remarkable ability to galvanize a team, the two foreign Johnnys receiving hero status. He had free food, um, free apartment, free cars and when we went into town just to buy a newspaper, it took us about 2 hours to get into town because people would stop us wanting to talk to us.
The Swedish experience transformed Jones. I had gone there a rookie and been voted division player of the year, tasted the adoration of the lifestyle and the rewards of being a pro when I got to uh homson, I think I was a kid, but six months later I was a man, yeah, It's there, it's Wimbledon football club. one of the unlikely success stories of the modern game in 10 years had risen from non-league obscurity to reach the top division of the football league making the most of limited resources we were a bunch of players who hadn't made it very well and I was released by other clubs and, um, or I came from non-League teams and that was it.
Everyone had a point to prove last week, didn't they with the offside? So you'll have to look along the line first. You get in because, if you understand it right, Dave Basset was the father of a group of football orphans whom he molded into a team. He had promised Jones a trial if he did well in Sweden and he was faithful to the problems raised by him. He played a few Reserve games and his enthusiasm was contagious and we felt it was worth the risk. His first top flight game at Nottingham Forest was a disaster. The game passed him by in a 3-2 defeat, but his debut at home was a story. book of the fair launched against the mighty Manchester United scored the only goal of the game to become an overnight starter Grabber is a crazy game, but I still play crucially, he reveled in the unique atmosphere of the club that did not thought about training with the army to boost team spirit your friends can't control a ball when he can't control your bunnies we were built into a team that was going to be together had to be together and everyone was in this together you know I used to you like to have a physical confrontation and have a bit of fun, you know, like kids do, really, you know sometimes we would have rugby scrums or we would have, you know, some kind of competition where it was, you know well.
He ended up in a fight after meeting his football family. Vinnie soon became the leader of the pack and took the aggressive, youthful culture to new heights or depths they were training and Jonah gave me a sign of some description so I re-signed the next minute. about eight of them jumped on me, Vinnie the leader, and broke four ribs and they thought I was joking but I wasn't at the time, it was pretty painful but it was, you know you had to live and die. by the sword in those days, you know, and no one was exempt from being beaten, kicked, or thrown into the river or thrown over boats, which I have had many times done to me before there was a time when we went to Lish's treatment. from the injury center and, uh, the guy we've both been training really hard with for two weeks and they gave us a night out, but they had a chaperone from one of the PTIyellow card came after just 5 seconds against Manchester City and then with Chelsea in a cup tie, he even surpassed that record.
He was booked three times, 1, 2, 3 seconds, after being rejected by three clubs in as many years in 1992. Vinny was finally accepted back into his football family. The Chelsea board made it impossible for me to stay at the end. You know, they paid me for the contract, so I had no choice. It was 1992, the new Premier League had been launched and Vinnie Jones returned to Wimbledon promising fans that he was a reformed character, but in his first match back the new man lasted just half an hour. Don's manager, Joe Kir, thought that making Vinnie Captain might keep him out of trouble.
He needn't have bothered. was sent off for fighting on his debut as Skipper, all but one of his 11 dismissals in club football came while wearing a Wimbledon shirt, reinforcing The View that his unique style brought out the worst in he. By now, Jones' image was nothing more than a Vicious Thug. Shortly after reuniting with his beloved Dons, a video hit the streets in which Jones boasted about how to trick ninja opponents. There is always a poke in the eye when you are not looking or when the ball is at the other end of the field, in the center.
The half places the center forward with a forehand, one way you are following a player and he passes the ball, everyone follows the ball and then you come in and follow him with his studs on the back of his Achilles tendon down. la cal It's always nice I thought it was cronous actually I mean it was a was a was in was in I guess in the picture of Vin you really know it was uh catch Penny and opportunistic and obviously done for money The fa found him £20,000 for record for an individual and Jones had to pay for it out of his own pocket, but in commercial terms the episode turned out to be a public relations bonanza.
I always feel like negative publicity is worth its weight in gold, it's worth 20,000 news space and more um and more and more it was a story that got off the back pages and onto the news pages it was it was pure oxygen after the video controversy from Hard Men Vinnie Jones was firmly established as the unacceptable face of British football, but with a meteor on his back, his best friend gave him some astute business advice and I said to Vinnie, look, Vinnie, all this negative publicity you're getting , change her, turn her around and turn her into a positive force, I said: If ever there was someone made to be a bad guy, the fash kid was the host of the hit show Gladiators and convinced the producers to invite Vinon, launched his career in a program with the same passion as its legendary tackles. to the gallery on the way hello Vinnie and welcome, well I like to change the rules from time to time and sometimes it helps us win and sometimes we get nothing out of it just a lot of problems, now you go?
If you're not going to follow the rules tonight, then it probably won't be next to throw the Power Ball, it'll be Vinnie and Oliver and they'll take on Warrior SAR and we'll go to a group, we'll pretend we're talking about how. to hit them and there this ball came up and hit me on the head and Vinnie, oh that's a promising start, he throws the ball at saris, he didn't lose any of his charm, sure, it was a good shot, I bet he was trying of bullying me, so we said what we bothered Vinnie Jones when the game started, he was going for it, you know, big time, he was, it was a little crazy, come on, come on, Stone Gladiator, so every time threw him to the ground, Warrior 22 Stones Run and jump on top of Vinnie and Warrior or whatever they call him crazy.
Straight back in comes Vinnie and straight down after three times of that Vinnie got a little upset, so after he finished the game you know he started and everything kicked. He's gone and I wish I could go on for another two minutes but we're out of time, that was good and Vinnie gets nothing. Saron, I bet Vinnie didn't score points, a two on one against Vinnie, but you have to ask yourself. whoever started it only Vinnie Jones will be stupid enough to offer 60 gladiator stones for the first time in his history Jones reduced a family program to a football style fight and by refusing to edit the incident the producers gave him Prime Time exposure to his Image complete as if she came from the Lucy Clayon School for Young Ladies, look at this, this is Billy with my woly bully.
Jones began to spread his wings in all areas of the show. He attended Mrs. Merton's show, where he was invited to perform with The Hard Man. Image in which he handed out the amulet showing that he could play The Lovable Rogue in a time-honored script. Smart people get in the shower early because that's when they're free. They have a Wei in the bathroom for the end. What I understand is why I understand it. sent, can I use the B, the boys come in and say, oh, today we have a yellow bubble bath, yes, lovely, you are so disgusting, Winie, for the first time in his adult life and he was happily settled with a wife and family which soon became an essential part of his public image, his wife Tanya had come back into his life by chance, he had known her since childhood, but during his days in Chelsea he found himself living a few doors away and discovered that she had undergone to a heart transplant after complications in the birth of her daughter when she needed more surgery Vinnie paid her a friendly visit in the hospital she wanted to come home but the doctors of course said no, it's impossible, you can't, no can.
Vinnie arrives and pleads with the doctors, literally lifting Tanya up. from the hospital bed he takes her to the car he takes her home he takes care of her he takes care of Kaye and also Tanya's daughter the relationship developed and they eventually got married it was the football wedding of the year and Vinnie cleverly took advantage of breaking the news from the world's exclusive access to their fairytale white wedding and even selling their stag party to the Daily Mirror The sentimental couple spent their honeymoon in January read their chosen destination from the lyrics of their favorite album vation, you're going to who The entire event revealed Vinnie's devotion and generosity.
To those who had supported him in previous years for his stag do, he took 60 of his mates to Dublin to have the time of their lives and, asking John Moore to come The godfather recognized the enormous debt he owed to the man who took him in. During his troubled teenage years, Next Top V doesn't matter, he's the reputation people want to give him, that's Vny Jones' heart of gold and that's, uh, a lot of people tell you that two months after we got married, my wife wrote off a car. I called it. and the first thing she did was give me her Mercedes.
I borrowed it from him for 6 months. She said you can have it as long as you want. In 1995 he was at the height of his powers as a football personality, even having his own column for the world news in February of that year he was sent to Dublin where England were playing the Republic of Ireland but in one of the most scandals involving English fans the match was abandoned after writing in The Terraces Ted Oliver a reporter at The Daily Mirror had been working on the story and had retired to his hotel near the ground, one of my colleagues saw Mr.
Jones and other people coming towards us and offered to introduce me. I had never met Jones before. I had seen him on the football field, you know, on TV, but that was it, as he approached, I stood up being polite and before I had a chance to say anything to him, nevermind, hello, he told me. grabbed the arm. He pulled me close to him and sank his teeth into my nose, causing it to bleed quite a bit and then gave it a pretty hard shake. It was like seeing a dog with a bone and then his head snapped back and there was blood running.
Ted's nose bled for a couple of hours afterwards and he was very worried in case there was some kind of infection. Jan's unprovoked attack was compared to the behavior of the Hooligans at The Terraces in England. He became a persecuted man. Vinnie Jones returned to training with Wimbledon this morning and when asked by reporters he gave a lame excuse for his actions, just kidding, that went wrong. of the beloved about his wife Tanya, whose heart condition needed constant monitoring besieged by the media, he later told his biographer that he had even been on the verge of committing suicide, he was disgusted with himself and when he returned from Dublin, Vinnie got involved on the bed and assumed the kind of curled up fetal position almost like a child um he told me that he was starting to realize that he was putting Tanya through so much that maybe he was starting to put her life in danger when he then told me that He went to his gun cabinet, grabbed a double barrel shotgun and walked up to Woods with the intention of blowing his brains out and went and sat on an old oil barrel.
I think he was um with the gun loaded and he sat and thought for a few moments. suddenly there was movement and he got distracted and it was his little Jack Russell terer that had come out of nowhere um and he and he said that distracted him enough that he suddenly came to his senses thinking about Tanya coming home and tripping over What he intended to leave, however traumatized he claims to have been by the event, had no long-term impact on his own behavior in 1997 he launched a similar unprovoked violent attack footballer Vinnie Jones has been found guilty of assaulting a neighbor in a dispute over a Garden style magistrates heard how Welsh International punched, kicked and bit Timothy Gear, causing him actual bodily harm and criminal damage.
Tim Gear, 27, told the court he had gone to bed in the caravan on his family's farm and was woken up by swearing and hitting. When he opened the door, the former Wimbledon player bit him on the head, then kicked him and stomped on his face. Vinnie Jon's attack on Tim's team was almost like a scene from a gangster movie; in fact, the night Jones carried out the assault he was only there for a few hours. Following his acting debut, he was released from police sales at dawn and rushed to the film set for the first day of filming Lockstock and Two Smoking Barrels.
I'd never actually been on a film set, so you know I was acting on it. The day was all about him and he had spent the night on the neck, so, the pressure was on him, the first day, the movie became the defining moment in Vinnie's career, he was a natural who could activate the intimidation. As easily as I had done it on the football field Vinnie was playing Vinnie when I looked at the screen and saw Vinnie who was the same person with those bad tough guy faces that Vinnie was on a Saturday at 3:00 there is one thing more He even came up with a key line of dialogue.
He has been emotional as soon as he said that. I thought, wow, that's Jonesy because I remember how that happened. Jonesy flew into it like crazy with Paul L and uh, I followed him too. it's almost a three way entrance and we were all there and iny was down, he got up and


y walked away and said, hey buddy, he's been emotional on snatch, the sequel to lockstock. Vinnie is still adding credibility to his tough guy role by Based on real life experiences, there is a scene where he urinates in someone's pocket without them realizing it actually happened in real life and in reality, someone was driving him crazy and he took out his Hampton and put it in someone's pocket.
He continued the conversation. The DP drip dried up. They took out their pockets after it was over and uh and walked away in another direction and it was only when the person was just as Vinnie was reaching the door that the character realized that he had a wet leg. Uh, we've lost that scene, which is a shame. because it was a crowd pleaser, but you know, there was a lot of stuff we didn't need, it's not just his new show B Pals who tolerate Vin for his yobbish behavior in today's youth culture, the diamond geizer is King, he simply witnessed the audience's reaction.
After an intruder invades the stage at the Brits, I don't have to waste my drink. Now there was only one man a beleaguered Rolling Stone could call for help. Vinnie, where is Vinnie? I'll get right before I start the nominations. I like to say. For you, the fall that threw a drink on my partner Ronnie Wood is completely salty. Vinnie Jones is now applauded as the archetypal bad boy of popular culture, but I think it's debatable whether this new found favor among the masses is anything more than a fad. One of the great fallacies is to think that Vinnie Jones is an adored hero.
I think he has a kind of celebrity value. He's kind of a celebrity. Obsession Jones has become famous, therefore, people want to look at him and even associate with him. But I think the idea that he is incredibly popular is something else for All In and his purposes. Vinnie Jones is very well classified, rubs shoulders with the stars and is accumulating a fortune with commercials such as the one on one campaign and with his films. He just announced that he will buy a mansion in Hollywood, the days of dosages and dead-end jobs for him are over.are over for good, but for all his fame and fortune, there is no evidence that he exorcised the demons of those early years, just weeks before the release of his next film. involved in a brawl on the pavement in London's West End with Wimbledon striker John Harson was allegedly a fight to see whose 15 years as a professional football player is toughest for him.
The fight serves as a reminder to those who have witnessed the darker side of Vny Jones. Despite all of his care


y cultivated media persona, he seems unable to control or overcome his greatest enemy again. You can get the man out of the gutter, but you can't get the man out of the gutter who is not going to change now, no matter the veneer. Hollywood star or movie star about him, he's still the Vinnie Jones who bites noses and kicks people on the football field. It worries me because he has a tendency to press the self-destruct button, he only appears from time to time, but wow, when he comes he comes I'm talking about V you better believe that he ours is going to break he's going to break he's going to break

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