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Vietnam Motorbike route advice from a local

May 30, 2024
Hello everyone, my name is you. I'm the new employee at Ticket Motorcycles. I have been working here for almost six months and I am currently the only girl in the company. I love to travel, no matter if it is an adventurous or relaxing vacation. Even on a road trip, I have traveled through most of my country, so I want to make this video to share some experience with you, I hope it can help you plan your future trip to my country. I divided the entire Vietnam map into a few sections and the first section will be from Ho Chi Minh City to Nya Chang.
vietnam motorbike route advice from a local
The first day will be from Ho Chi Minh City to Katin. It will take between three and a half and four hours. You have another option to drive to the coast but I wouldn't suggest it. This


because it is not pleasant to drive and you will drive on boring roads on the other


to Katin. If as soon as you leave Ho Chi Minh City, you will enter the national park, so you will drive through the jungle in In my opinion, I think it is more interesting to do that route than this one because there is no coast and there will be a lot of people , so I would not suggest this on the route and from Katin to the laboratory it is almost the same distance from Ho Chi Minh city to Katin it will take you about four hours more, but on the way you can make a quick stop in Balok, it is where the mountains begin.
vietnam motorbike route advice from a local

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vietnam motorbike route advice from a local...

You can visit some waterfalls, do a quick sightseeing somewhere and then continue to Dalat which will be your next destination. Well, your second destination is Dalat, so if you want to go to the coast, you can enter the coast by driving from Dalat to Moines. This is where the good coast begins. The rest, like before Mune, is not really good, so you can go from Dala to Munir to start on one of the good coasts and then when you are good, it is a small town, you can start on one of the best coasts in my country to go to nyachang, but if it takes you more days, if you don't have enough time, you can take the route from dala to nyachang starting from section two.
vietnam motorbike route advice from a local
Now we are in nyachang. We will drive to Danang. This is where our section 2 will be. In section two, we also have two options: you continue. with the cause or there is an interior route for you if you want to postpone or if you want to cut the interior a little bit, but this interior route is remote, it is a bit beautiful, but you are alone, so there are not many people on the road, so Which is all the way here, it's about 10 hours of driving, if you think you can do it then no problem because it will be beautiful and it will be nice if you like something quiet, if not, and you think you have more time.
vietnam motorbike route advice from a local
With enough time you can consider this route to the beach as another beach town, it is smaller than Yachang, it is called Winyoung, you can stop to rest here because in my opinion this coast is quite beautiful, the coast road is the highway and this goes deeper into nature. Moving inland, it's easier to find accommodation in this room, food in the small Beach City Wing. There is a place about half an hour from downtown called bicep. It's almost like a private beach. You have to drive there from the small street. then you can go into the whole beach, it's a little bit private, it's also quiet if you like something quieter and there is a hostel called la vida es una playa, you can try that and then you can drive to Wing young for dinner because Wing young It's like a bigger city, so if you like something quiet to stay, you can stay there and then you can drive to Young for dinner or go to the beaches.
It's up to you there, you can cut Inland from Wing Young to the hotel we said we found at the construction site. In a cool area it will be less driving but it will be more days so it is up to you and your time how many days you have to do this plan but either way when you are at the top of the inland route you will have exit again because the road is going to end here and there is a small road to exit and then you can enter Danang from the part after Wing young to Danang.
It's ok if you want to drive along the coast but there are some parts you won't see the coast because there is mainly another road, in my opinion it's not a really good coast so from nyatang to Wing young yes the coast is nice but from Wing young to Danang is ok, if you have time you can try it, if not then maybe. cut Inland and see what it's like on land. I honestly think Wing young is better than yajang because Nia Chang is very developed right now and the only good thing is to book a tour to go to an island, it's like a day tour.
I think it will be better than swimming directly in Nyachang City. Go away, watch out for Rock, watch out for Rock. Let's enter Hanoi section three, from Danang to Hanoi. You have two options: drive over the Danang Heaven Pass to where or you can start the Ho Chi Minh Road, the most famous road in my country, you won't want to miss it. The only thing is that from Danang to Hui you will drive to Heaven Pass, but in my opinion, only Heaven Pass is the highlight of this route. It's nice, but it's also overrated the road from Danang to Haven Park, although it's the coast road, but you wouldn't see any beaches because it's blocked by houses.
If you have more time I would say drive the Ho Chi Minh Trail because you don't want to miss this part, it's literally amazing, you'll drive across those bridges and then two sides are mountains and then the valet is really beautiful, you don't want to miss This part can be around two days or three days, depending on how many nights of rest you have. If you want to drive two nights, you can drive from Danang to Yesen and then the next day from Kyasang to here. Sang is like a small city with a cool climate, although it is quite hot in the middle of Vietnam, it is almost summer all year round, but kesang is cooler, it is colder, so you would drive with a cool wind, it is quite pleasant , that's another option when I said it would take two to three days depending on how many nights rest you want to take if you take from Danang to the area that is near where there is an area called Louis Town which is the rest stop for the first night and then the second night you can drive from Louis Town to Kyasang.
The third day you can drive from Kyosang to Here are many places where you want to sightsee, want to stop to take some photos or just want to sit somewhere and enjoy life. I think you should rest from here, it is one of the best cities to rest. You can stay there for two or three days, it is quite pleasant and there are many activities to do because it is the city of caving. You can book a tour with the company called Osalis Adventure, but keep in mind that September until next year will be flirting season. the tours stop in that time period, other times you can book a tour with them but I suggest you book in advance because I book my tour two months in advance and they are almost sold out if you don't want to book a tour is also okay because there are many things to do in your area.
You can drive and then just enjoy nature because they have open roads and then you can see a lot of caves and mountains. It's quite nice or you can try to go. paradise cave or you can zip line in um yeah they have that in that area too. You can see it on the way if you want to try something that is special to Formia. I feel like this is salt, it's similar to pesto sauce but it has its own flavor it's fresh, it's very nice and they eat it, it would be grilled chicken. You can also try it if you want.
I think it's one of the best things I've ever tried and now when you're done with all the activities you just did, report back. Yes, the road continues towards Hanoi, but if you are tired and looking for another option to ship the bike or something, we also have another option for you is to ship the bike from Dong Hoi, so it is a small town half an hour away. return. From here you can send the bike by train in Donghoi to Hanoi. This will save you two to three days of driving or you can take a flight from Donghoi to Hanoi, but it will be quick and save you some energy along the way. here if you have more time you can try it but in my opinion it's just another highway so another highway is not that nice and it's not really nice to drive so consider that option do it yeah and now when If you are in Hanoi, your last destination, don't do it.
I don't think your trip ends there because there are more things to say if you still have more time you can consider going to my channel or you can drive to ninbin ninbin for me it's nice but it's like having passed it's overrated it's a touristy thing if you want something more natural Me I would say my Chao Paulo is more natural, it's beautiful, it's like the rice field if you have a vibe and then you can just enjoy the nature in this video we were talking about from Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi, but my country starts more so Above you'll see a lot more beautiful things in the north, but any loop in the north will take you around six days and I'll give you some tips in the next video.
I have worked with the map of Vietnam from Hopefully, you will be able to plan something from it and when you go from Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi you will see many changes in the culture, in the ethics of the people and even in the climate, each place will have its own own unique factor. You will see it in Usually it will take you around 14 days to complete this entire trip, but if you have anything less than that, don't worry, you can go from Ho Chi Minh to Danang or from Hanoi to Danang. My


is to sleep early and get some rest. before your trip and you shouldn't eat something too risky because you don't want to have a bad stomach on your trip, it will destroy your whole plan and the last tip is don't be greedy, just take your time to plan the best destination you can line up.
With your schedule and making the most of your trip, you can always come back to explore more in my country. How's it going? Day three Day three How cold

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