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VETERAN DUO vs Rust NEW Recoil Update...

Jul 09, 2022
the new rollback


just came out and this is my first time trying the niruko on the real server. We started a day late after a full zero bps slide and managed to get our hands on the new lmg that was just added. It's a little snow globe. on an official server and this video will show how this weapon actually works let me show you that ok that map is huge come on what's up? After some crazy snowballing, I found a horse. I ran into my teammate, is that you? on the horse no no oh he twice is dead ok ok oh mace kid here these woods oh my god stop playing oh yeah i got metal tools i'm going to recycle too i actually got shot ok i can't see nobody yet oh my god, it's a nice pleasure there are two there are two yes yes I hope it's ok that's free these kids are weird he rapes me then the third one kills me after he dies we stop trying to make a snowball and Instead we headed to the outposts to craft both of us and without a pistol and crossbow we had a bow we found Tone woods on the way to the build site and made a 2x1 starting base.
veteran duo vs rust new recoil update
It was around 12 p.m. tree guns we had over 700 scrap which is more than enough for our t2 workbench, then we noticed our neighbors are ok with airdrops so we went to see what we could do. God, yes, I did not take foreign drugs anyway, you fell. He is pressuring them. These guys don't bring meds. wow right now oh we just got out he's down there yeah i know appreciate you guys another guy doc i'm dead the biggest random bullets in my gun he would have been dead yeah guess what hp was three squads of hp, seven bullets.
veteran duo vs rust new recoil update

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veteran duo vs rust new recoil update...

I dropped the saw like mystics never die no oh this kid is trash the saw is on the base why are you laughing so hard man look at this what is that john is the new gun oh live machine gun jammed nah is that oh it has all the attachment ok venom had managed to find a body downloaded from the fire release site and got a new lmg i just added it was time to finally try it out and try and snowball for even more weapons see two kids in millie one has a star one is your gun in that do that's ok it's on the south east rock it needs to lose a lot of ammo for that what i need that yeah a stack what yeah oh oh chinook no idea good boy has he met running 110 no i know if you can catch him he's about to grab the touch of the mountain please two wonders for coffee kit mp5 saw oh on the way on the way went to see milly good good shots gonna be a complete kit somewhere yeah oh yeah it's in place on your body or he loses his body I don't know I'm blind I don't see him I'm waiting for his friend to come out again brother I don't know I don't know where he's gone he's going to the wing I don't see a gun I'll be back okay I'm alive no I'm dead there's one more, yes, it's just one quick one, it's behind the rock, there's one more there, it's naked, oh big game dog, I want that advice. alright i got a timer we're getting dark the other guy oh my gosh they're selling me now i'm a datum anyway i can drop weapons you can put in the food boxes if you can appreciate one of those guys from the fire camp. also oh my god this is so stressful ok anyway deeper guns idk i think there should be something in the recycler of this camp fire stuff ok that will just be the food boxes that they will leave, yes, I'm pretty sure that Is it California?
veteran duo vs rust new recoil update
Two children on the way. I have bows. A combiner. The peak, one to the left and one in the middle of the path. Now twice together. here somewhere here is kind of a belly i might come back with guns on oh yeah this might mess me up like well i can't stand anything else steve probably got extra 500 guns yeah i got 275 with me with all the junk we just got get, I researched a ton of bps and then we headed into the train tunnels as we needed to. get jackhammers let's see yeah we just take the long way around and go to the outpost oh wow getting so much out of this I'm dead there's more oh they're running bro huh they're literally running away from me I have five bullets left I can't do anything they ended up running and i ran out of ammo so i went to an outpost of my inventory and bought two jackhammers and some low quality ones and this is what i got left what the heck schedule tommy yeah its running outdoors yeah I just don't know when to shoot I'm all set no double stepping on the milker on top plus this guy is pretty loaded that's ok so yeah our area was pretty dead so we took the subways all the way. snow so look for arctic suit pvp 240 by the way im dipping arctic suit y'all mind too shoot these kids first close yeah real close to us now okay its all mine once again yeah , watch out above us, now you gotta watch me upstairs, yeah he's up there, he's up there, that's right, yeah I'm just downstairs I go behind the bus stop I found it too yes julia I think yes you're 40 hollow bullets i'll get this out please no more all the kids in the bush two less robbies go oh my god friend oh they're silencing me I don't know where no way he didn't kill me oh that's a whole bunch behind me can you hear them who's online that's not me that's you just loaded okay what killed my boy you got it fully learned yeah I'll do this guy I got so much actually rubber guns oh my god what gun is it this? the guns yeah oh oh we heard read a rocket so we tried to run and find it I swear it sounded like it was right here it could be that little base yeah there's a letter going up oh yeah , you just went out with a husband i touched the roof yeah it's there lemme see first you got rock crosses they gonna go on the heli three two oh my gosh sure 400 junk the way there ain't much to this kids oh computer station they didn't even get much they didn't get tc see the logo the heli you got it wrong buddy oh he said he said oh hello hello he's at the front door that's us what's this Type? doing my boy had a tommy got five ladders really ready to take the heli with my new ak kit we headed to the launch site for players yeah c2 both houses mayhem thats good thats good i won spidermillycrate him twice who is that cobalt is you like i'm getting it no it wasn't with me ok watch out yes one is below me could hinder the recycler yes i died i was shot from two different angles after this fight we have for day night Next Venom was unable to reproduce, so I was left alone for the rest of the cleanup.
veteran duo vs rust new recoil update
Anyway, I leave early. I tried to do a little farm run using the trains, but I didn't plan what the heck that was. It's good that I crashed into the trains. Otherwise, he would have died. I have no idea why he was alone. in the corner, what if someone just called you? What the hell is on top of me? I heard someone called a scientist just so I went and waited for them to go. total so im going to go away with a skill set i cant really run ahead of them i was wandering around and then i found a base i dont like the roller coaster so i got some wood and built it to see if there was any loot and if i can get to the top box i will bring a ladder just in case what is the box behind it too?
God I tried to stand up and spray there on my way back to base I noticed a geared player running towards Millie so I camped him out. one more time, what's your weapon, buddy? hello, that's the most green cards i've seen in my life, also my wide spaces deteriorated a lot because i couldn't bear to maintain them, but with all the stone i have, i can easily replace them yes, i'm rating you low, i'm leaving you to give all this ok so holy give it up kid i ran out of wood so i quickly went to grab some with a chainsaw but things don't go as planned oh it's still coming ya holy on actually i got so much loot from that what the hell three cams jack i got airdrops from the guys i could i mean so i went towards the edge of the map to call them oh god this was ah there are two of them from lmgs per which the airdrop plan didn't exactly work out but then i heard a rocker in the night so i went to kanto with a silencer and a flashlight so he wouldn't have anything near his gear as a different guy inside might come back. though steeper this kit is ok they're playing too scared can't really counter them after deposit some extra kits i use the knight to finally farm a compound that always comes for me oh my god is he dead?
No way, I couldn't even find the body that the guy who just killed me wrote in the chat right after to try and team up. with me i told him we could be on the same team ui since we live next door to each other and then i kept doing my thing i killed him oh someone is taking bradley i only have four meds but let's see or even izzy man empt what this guy is just there. I will go. Okay, at least you have this inventory. I'm going to deepen this. I have to go pitch and find the void. lmg also i wasted no time using the m2 and went to the snow to use it he wasn't dead he's after something. fight i kept getting unlucky and dying to get really good players so i ended up leaving the server if you guys have enjoyed the video then make sure to leave a like and subscribe as it really helps me out.

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