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Vertragswerkstatt findet 1 Jahr den Fehler am AMG nicht !

Feb 25, 2023
Welcome to a new video from the company motorenzimmer my name is always and we deal with Mercedes vehicles of course also AMG yes we now have a W205 C63 AMG here which has driven around 100,000 km with the 4 biturbo m177 engine liters with which the customer is with us today because he is very unhappy because he actually doesn't feel like it anymore he has a little troubleshooting odyssey behind him once the car has been in the workshop according to the customer's statements the injectors they have already been changed lambdason has been changed again all the software miraculous updates were done the car has no tuning software it is completely dated from Mercedes it has the latest software versions and yes it shakes and since we are a bit familiar with these vehicles um say you know what we're going i'll make an appointment in the motorcycle room now put it in the yard if need be we can wash the gearbox right away i'll let the car do it and i drove it once and that's really something for you because I think you can see it reasonably well but unfortunately you can't feel it and I can I think it's very interesting for you to see the full story maybe we have to see that we can get a full story from the beginning now we do a test drive together until that we repair the envelope we do a final test drive and at best everything is ok Yeah as I said it's very demanding because it's huge it could be the engine it could be the gearbox it could also be both and I am very curious what the result will be, and because it is not easy for us if other specialized Mercedes workshops, sorry, maybe also an authorized dealer or a branch, since even with products that also have something in the box, honestly we are so stupid they are not either yeah i know.
vertragswerkstatt findet 1 jahr den fehler am amg nicht
There have already been some cases of tips. The written advice cases are always the Mercedes cases where yes, where you can read stuff if you have this or that complaint and then there's basically what to look for. All this has already been followed all without success. and i would say let's get in the car now one more thing people why don't you guys subscribe to our channel so long story short test drive car so now we want to see if we can accelerate out of place here I think I'll take the protection off here we don't do races then we do them individually manually that's possible too and then we go through into manual mode and now we can take a look now you can see it on the rev counter right now look at the rev counter again yeah really very extreme very extreme jerking no really really no combustion fails but yeah but you know what you see too on the bus ne eight times on the boost and that amazes me right now maybe we actually shouldn't have seen that other issue on Bus or it reflects exactly there that amazes me now that I'm really myself I was up to a 98 % sure we have a problem with the NAK, just the wet clutch, but that the bus now jumps up and down, which makes me suspicious again, not that we have a problem with the overdrive air valves we have.
vertragswerkstatt findet 1 jahr den fehler am amg nicht

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vertragswerkstatt findet 1 jahr den fehler am amg nicht...

Go to the company again to get the tester and then note the boost pressure once, but that wouldn't explain why it's running so bad now, why it shifts so bad. Bullshit ads, yes, dreaming about asking determines blinking and that makes me uneasy now. so theoretically we have fluctuating boost pressure now you can see it on the screen very extremely normal but 70 there is the problem with chip tuned vehicles or performance stone controlled vehicles we already reported in a video that the rubber seizes it slides down in front of the throttle valve and that means the boost pressure goes through the throttle valve and in front of the throttle valve there is a piece of rubber hose such that this piece of rubber hose starts to flap , which means it briefly slides down and slides back on boost pressure has dropped and it's not as noticeable on top because it's permanently pushed down and the turbocharger just pushes we really have to check that out now because up to Now I really assumed the wet start -clutch up, but I did.
vertragswerkstatt findet 1 jahr den fehler am amg nicht
I was surprised that nothing in the error memory was about gearbox slippage because you normally have gearbox input speed, you have gearbox output speed and normally programmers are so fit and uhm compare these values ​​I actually think I stopped now that everything has worked for me again filmed on test drive because we just had this boost gauge indicating we have a problem with boost pressure boost pressure whistling somewhere which means we really should do something right now I don't know if we have all the tools push the air charge system and check for leaks take a good look so back in the shop a Completely different situation like I said so this test drive was very important to the situation yes sometimes an extensive test drive is essential yes well we have found that we can have a little bit of fluctuations in boost pressure and that, of course, the first thing that comes to mind is if there is a loss of charge air, it also occurred to me relatively. quickly and so we have one here now we take the 642 tools the adapters to the turbochargers luckily we have two and we already clog one here and then let's take the six 911 tool so 642 yes the 3 liter V6 engine is the old engine diesel and the 611 is an old 4 cylinder diesel yes a bit shoddy but turbo engine is turbo engine and now we can charge the system with compressed air give and see what's whistling let's be sporty right away we hear it in between but mostly here one line so i'll keep it now and lo and behold now we're probably in a bar it's probably a lot more so on the throttle flaps obviously no whistling charge air hoses here they're too tight more boost pressure than through a bar it won't get you any higher all good so look let the pressure off a simple test took maybe 30 35 minutes and yeah we got it now the certainty that the charge air system is tight, almost.
vertragswerkstatt findet 1 jahr den fehler am amg nicht
I assumed something else here is another place here is the throttle valve and I just looked closely to see if the clamp is seated correctly here of course the opposite side is where we came from there that sits correctly the same. checked elsewhere and looks good if one or the other gets surprised again here of course i already put my bobbles in because we just worked on the engine running again so get it i don't get mad at emails or phone calls from you again, so I don't always get arrested suddenly, so the charge air system is now tight so far, so it's actually not good, but it's actually good, but somehow not, um, now we're going to do the next thing Here are the bypass valves and the bypass valves can also cause problems if it's still an older version.
I would say I'll take them off and then show them to you like this. Axel was of course faster. than i was thinking still valves so i can at least show you recirculation valves these are the new ones we got from stock and they are controlled here then they rise up and basically collect the excess air and then the excess air keeps going the turbocharger, so here it reduces the boost pressure that was already through the turbocharger and then it goes back to the front of the turbocharger no that's here so fast too furious and fast and furious all the movies if the pods are open shoes recirculation of air the valves would be there basically going air here uhm sounds a little weird and so you don't hear it here it's right back in front of the turbocharger and yeah briefly summed up again I'm a little clueless oh whatever they are the valves ok yeah the valves are ok we had them we checked them they are ok everything smart the current version is installed and also i am assuming maybe they have been replaced before maybe they have to be but no um , now we have connected our gearbox washer and Axel will start the car right now and then we can check two things first how dirty the oil is and second how clean the oil is and second is if the oil is sucked without bubbles we would have already taken precautions against the level of the revised gearbox and it was fine Axel you can start Lukas you can find it right now we can see how black the oil is black pressure 2.2 bar but for me it is much more important that we do not have no problem that the oil filter is there now the air is sucking, so the oil filter filters the oil properly and does not suck the air rubber sealing ring, therefore it already passed the first test, the pressure is already significantly lower, to be honest I think it is too low. look at the oil pan it's funny if there's freebies in there axel has removed the oil pan magnets in it ne so now running the oil pan now we'll fill the rest here in the gearbox flush the device so it's already very dark and it also smells so from there axel you can get a blue rag that kind of cleaning rag that wasn't actually used just now demonstratively but no bigger splinters and now we can conjure up that we can't magnetic paper can do magnetic paper too often or what bores people because I think we celebrate a little not in the front row hello hello catastrophe so now here very good no but here bang so in any case we just have something here for metal metal abrasion exactly and metal magnetic for the oil pan we can clean the oil pan also looks good that's why we made a change in 2020 so we're testing the material here from Philips completely from here, exactly since when you got it, the filter is from 21, so we haven't said it at this point, no, it has already gone through all the Mercedes workshops for the car and after more than a year solving the problem, the customer hasn't you feel like more and therefore you have been driving with this error for a year and you no longer feel like driving with it, either we find the fault or it simply no longer has the value for the vehicle, let's open the filter, from so the filter was there for a year and a half of course the filter looks really black from 45,000 runs why are we freaking out here now of course it has the background you could open it up here the flex or what Otherwise, first compare the rum that splashes badly in my workshop and we don't want to do contests like this because now they falsify the result so now we can open it once the trick is not to be embarrassed like this now we have the first filter material here we have the second filter material filter and it's actually not even that the first one is new again that's the first spring material that second filter material and that the third filter material has to guess three times what cheap accessory filters to put on I don't have yeah this second and 3rd layer maybe 3rd definitely not so if you have the cheap filter you definitely don't have that but what I don't have here now Inside I find aluminum chips in a larger and increased form and not I find leftover plastic parts dense more or less I like this filter in the picture well what I don't like is actually gear oil and when I think of this gear oil it's there 40 45,000 km on and it smells really bad and that really leads me to the conclusion that we only have problems with the lockup clutch here, not at all with the starter wet clutch, it used to be the converter lockup clutch today it's the wet clutch I'll just look at it now Call the customers and tell them we will replace the NAK wet clutch, that means then the gearbox has to be removed, but you can see that in the point and we will replace the NAK control valve, why not just the control valve for the next reason, because if that in the back is already there, we have a lot of wear on the nassan linkage and this extreme wear, which is at 100,000 km, it's just too much to do the valve now, so we're doing the valve and the NAK and currently I am still very sure that then the problem will be solved, but what does that have to do with the bus now that he explains so excitingly maybe because at that moment he removes the release so as not to remove the load, he moves forward for a moment whole and you can see that too.
Momentarily the speed also jumps relatively high and if the speed jumps then just miss with the first one. timingA bit of boost pressure now would be my explanation as I said it may as well be lying here in heavy traffic I'm not that good gearbox for the new one of course what we have now also changed the control valve again from the nassan clutch NAK and that is structurally correct the EHS is located here the EAS is the control unitelectrohydraulic and that's where it sits on top it took about an hour more effort now to change and the actual NAK is still installed so you won't see it until later me and axel have it but now we've decided to flush the gearbox correctly with new oil so that the new NAK doesn't even get the dirty oil into the component so Axel if he wants you can turn on the new gearbox oil is already on and now off again the oil is on goes here the new comes here comes the old oil back you can see the color difference is obvious I think or that looks great on the camera and now we rinse until the oil on the left and right is the same color.
I think it will take a while and Axel will now crank multiple times because the wet start clutch and carriers were really different now all these channels on this EHS. In all this maze, you can show Lukas at a point like this, a maze seems that since all the new oil, the old oil is slowly being pushed out. Clear difference: now we still have 12 liters of new oil, 5 liters are old that we have now. rinsed plus what you just filled here they were like this in the Rule A4 liters now you can see here again a couple of air bubbles what's guaranteed air noses now coming out or coming from the exchange a moment woah Axel right away like this which now we'll do another two extra liters so where i just stopped will be those EHS in this maze you just saw on the screen and when we changed the valve of course we spilled oil which is trapped here but we have air in the system and this air has to be expelled first and that's why it's important that you drive like that now it looks on camera and if you still see it a little bit different but let's just leave it at that it's super up to date we want to do fill level right now no , we don't exactly need it, so the gearbox is now clean and now we'll take that.
Full gears get the NAK down so you can finally see what a NAK is then tomorrow we'll hook up the gear washing device again and then set the level right and yeah so we've washed it perfectly in principle you really have to say in the point and yeah it's a really blatant process but that's the only way it's really right because now if you would take this new NAK the principle would assemble this new NAK you would get this old oil back with all these little particles in there and yeah , that's not conducive either so let's get the gearbox out first and then we'll see what else comes the next day the new NAK is here and yeah that's what it looks like we already replaced the sealing rings here on the front ya we replaced them once, actually you always have to participate because so because of course it can happen quickly that they are damaged and they can also lead to failure and I guarantee you that I will not take out the automatic transmission again because that does not cost the world behind the seals no it costs them the world and yeah now we can put this NAK in there before that we put some automatic transmission oil in here and then you have to be careful because that is also a mistake a lot of people make look here they are so geared up and this gear runs there in the oil pump and by the way it's exactly the same with a normal auto converter and sometimes you really have to do it that way you have to up the auto transmission you take the torque converter and put the automatic transmission from the top and then you have to be a little careful turning it to really fly two three times very important when you ride an automatic transmission the automatic transmission always has to go different in the engine so it just has to pull bottles and never with screws and then at best you can do that too.
Converter in if you put a screwdriver down here move the torque converter or seam back and forth a little bit then you did everything right so that's exactly one point very good very good that you're doing it right now you have my flashlight that is and it is also dry axel now he has noticed that it is dry so the other side between it so here is basically the sleeve centered yes or the crankshaft and that centers the torque converter in that case the NAK centers itself If the engine isn't centered right then the NAK or the torque converter can vibrate around here and that would basically hurt the whole crankshaft function and also the automatic transmission, so Axel cleans it real good and then greases it, that was also a bit because it's actually an armpit instruction.
I think M113 or 157er there was also a Mercedes recall campaign or advice document definitely had the vibration where then the torque converter in that case it was a torque booster where this had to be cleaned and greased because look and look at this here there's already corrosion and depending on where the corrosion is then you can really get unbalanced and I mean this component now weighs 15 to 18 pounds and when it does on the crankshaft or automatic transmission you have such vibrations that it would destroy the whole engine in the long run. Yes, if you want, you can do it like this, so breakfast is automatic transmission. oil also for a torque converter it's always good yes here in the case of NRK if you prefill everything a bit if it doesn't dry right away on the battlefield because it's like all the lubricated components run dry it's always bad there are other things that shouldn't dry a little hard it's always good if you need it we don't do too much not too much here it's also clear what not at all why am I not wearing gloves again here are real gloves in the bag here look out of the bag to which online store to order yes exactly what could that so you can also see where exactly it fits so now carefully so now a bit against that but here they are always so nice here are stickers there I don't like stickers always from here one is still chattering or something like that we don't want any of that here a little oil in between de ne just a touch that's always not bad because then all these contact surfaces don't rust anyway which is always good if you have a transmission jack for something like that they can line it up a bit here and then you can basically adjust the camber a bit if everything still has a little bit of play it's always good to assemble it you have to be careful right away Axel who was here at the front with the sheet metal behind it you have sheets of metal with you got nose there slower and here though it wobbles a bit and that's exactly what i mean i just found out about this club the gearbox has to be connected to the engine if you really have to tighten everything is something like that and now exactly 117 everyone so I can't tell me who has bolted the M17 before when you grab the torque converter and the gearbox it may happen that you can't bolt the torque converter anymore torque to the engine because the teeth don't fit you have to redo it from there and that go here Axel can you please give me a screwdriver so I can now actually turn the starter clutch converter freely.
If not, it could be that he just didn't put it far enough. You come in here. That's NAK. Wait a minute, you can see it here now, I think. on the Luke, you have to be able to spin it freely and it works beautifully. Screw it into the smart hole, that's great, we'll do that later Axel, we want to fasten the gearbox with two screws first, see you again nice lamp next to him no no I don't want that I don't know if you'll be leaving soon if you'll be leaving soon i will get my headlight Axel always gets the headlight by the way its much more suitable for when he sucks the car on the driver side passenger side of the car stuck and then you have a lot of light inside also great when screwing the dash or the Center console Sugar very good yes so I'd say we keep screwing here happily and then we'll see each other again when we teach the wet starter clutch to the flush one more time.
Yes, I think only after the gearbox flushing device comes on, the fluid levels are correct, everything is correctly installed and now we have the advantage that we can fill the filtered oil correctly as we want roughly the same loss we had now it will fill once 0.4 0.5 0.6 so we don't want to enter the vehicle data now we go to the oil flush again and just flush again but first a flat rate of a liter and 1 liter you don't want to start one now for of course we can take a look here so this is where the oil goes into the gearbox or out of the external operations here it goes right into the gearbox a few more air bubbles these are the air bubbles we want to get rid of right away, yes, but you can already see that the oil paint should be filled directly on top, the oil paint is already relatively light or Lukas jo you can see a camera changing the color depending on the angle yes or do you agree with me what should I do now Axel now changes gears several times and also drives twice now we have to bring the transmission to a temperature of 35 degrees, at least better than 40 degrees and when it is warm we check the oil level and I make sure all the time that we have oil no bubbles oil temp is 36 degrees and going up that's pretty good now we'll check the transmission fill level briefly then start a learn process on the automatic transmission or street once and then after From the test drive, if you still check my fluid level, of course we can do it with ours.
The transmission flusher is reached very well and comfortably so the automatic transmission oil runs out here now and we have very little so fill with the transmission flusher now just add 0.2 liters yes that will looks good tighten the torque disconnect the hoses and then it's off to the outside to the learn and test drive we also had the problem yesterday a little bit of vibration look at the right front of the tire here look a little too haven't seen it look because we were yesterday test drive it's vibrating now too no and also noticed that in the back you can only really see it when it's really turning you can't see it that clearly now but it's inside while you sleep so we need to interview the customer again because Axel and I are just walking it around to see what the vibration is like here on the rear axle because the Hardy drive just starts here ne here very easily and here you can move again like I said check the pit- kept the car here, but you could stop there now do the service again you know what we're going to do first a test drive and then call my client and say come on then I would say let's really learn the gearbox and do a test drive I'm curious axel has it in the yard now the NAK taught briefly with the fitting room and we do everything else and now it's missing again why does it say top up the wiper fluid ok priority was a good thing somewhere else then i would say buckle up we've finished I realize now a lot I don't know no hey you can't do that I can't turn the flap up louder maybe people will hear that then I just accidentally turned it back on manually and that's always a bit annoying but I had such respect for the thing that was also much faster there, so the switching process now seems much faster to me.
We'll take a look as soon as it's up to the right temperature, because on the first and the second test drive it was also the first, so I did a test drive alone without you and then I said, then we'll make a video and then we'll be together. or Lukas when you think about how crooked this tire is and how little the car vibrates between crass, you really have to take your hat off, but I can open my eyes and say that the Mercedes engineers have already done a good job with the suspension , yeah , because that's really crazy or do you normally think you want the steering wheel to really shake now what else would it have to shake and crazy and that with a flat tire think about how flat this tire is somehow it wasn't here as a balloon tire back to 190E but really it's a flat tire I think it's been completely removed Actually I don't think I don't think it's always on the opposite side of the street we always have the knowledge ne really extreme lo which we do in fifth gear and then we do fifth gear 1000 revs now in boost yeah and that's what I can't really explain and that now I was revving around here and it's right there the boost yes but that's really what which made me think back for a moment to the last video and also almost uneasy you really have to say at this point the bus was so shaking and that's because the engine revs really jumped to 300 revs so Of course it automatically needed more air, more rpm means we need more air for the turbochargers and that's why the boost fluctuated, but I would have said that was the case, at one point I thought, well after all, right? is it an engine?, and then we check theShop charge air system which is also good so doesn't do any damage after 98,000km may still have to. look at the mileage on the ground people we just believe that and obviously that's it then we'll shim again paying attention to the foot eighth fourth gear full load yeah mission accomplished or now we'll drive back to the shop and then give it a big pat on the shoulder to Axel or because he has to really fail at that point yes I have competition axel has competition yes stefan has competition yes but that is really the case when we and the three four five the whole team and also Lukas and Jennifer up front yes , when we all put our heads together each in his own category yes Lukas Lukas on Youtube um my wife also accounting planning and many other things yes and me and Axel focused on this one thing we go with two men and nice on the exchange job They say man, be careful, I think this and Axel bring more arguments against it, but that could also and then we could check this time and really two people in a project of this type that he sees as a dart right in the middle. no doubt we misdiagnose too sure we do but misdiagnoses are pretty nice too they happen but you have to learn from them and that's always the important thing even if you've done something wrong then you have to think . about why it went wrong and at best just write it down so voila Taller let's praise my Axel that we have to touch the armpit.
Could he come take a test drive? Axel is doing my test drive now so he has a full tank too yeah take a test drive so you can always see how nice it can be when we drive to work on the closed track no fun water down here a little everything is fine as it should be no yes now we go to the workshop we actually filmed it here on the drain plug sorry if I run out of my video yes but it has to work it's done here no nothing nothing only youtube, no, here we really see what I want to show you and me.
I'm kind of happy that we're finally ready. Yeah, we're doing a differential oil change here. I did it with the client over the phone. I also recommended that I not exactly put a bag in my pocket, the magnets, the lever that we use. do an oil change in the differential here because really that is neglected a lot if and if it doesn't smell, well here the colleagues smell it guaranteed and they are already thinking again, by god, how does that smell? that's exactly what's up with this tank if you stick your finger in there now we just drove it on test drive it's all good yeah it's real smooth sometimes because down there this metal broth sees the lights right there So I thought to myself. , why isn't there a magnet on the motors as it used to be, so this magnet would be, yes, it doesn't hurt or if it's a magnet there, then the differential will only last longer and we'll see what we do? now let's change the conventional oil drain plugs to one with a magnet so how can we see there is a magnet in it oh wait it's not but it's also stainless steel these jewels look hit it magnet on it and well let the diff run empty oil from one screw after another magnet there it is available in our online store and then the diff will last longer yes from now on for our customers who change their diff oil here , where this screw fits it will no doubt fit a lot of customers who then ask what is that in my car diff i have so it actually fit my a class yea you don't have a hack diff in your a class in your A-Class you don't have A-Class 190s, yeah, but I'll say with caution that pretty much every normal Mercedes car because this diff fits the oil drain plug except like I said now it's really a front wheel drive it even fits a Mercedes G-class, so hectic, let's say 95% of all vehicles from the last 25 30 years, yes, as I said in the online store, the customer is mega happy, he is really mega happy, totally happy rim also immediately With the tire we don't have any contract in we don't even have a machine to change tires because I always give it to our local tire dealer because then they do a great job.
I want to do a great job with our team in solving problems as well and I think it is successful, thank you very much, I wish you a nice moment and hopefully spring will come soon, see you bye

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