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Venus Suffers NASTY Fall + How Kenin UPSET Gauff | Wimbledon 2023 RECAP

Jul 04, 2023
The first day of the


Wimbledon championship is over and it was not good for black people, let's talk about it. Hello, my name is Christian Bassner and you are watching the Grand Slam Tennis news today. Five-time Wimbledon champion Venus Williams returned to center court. For the first time in six years playing wild card, the mother and former top five player, elianista fidelina Venus, was not the favorite in this match as she lost the last success she played against spirulina, but came out stronger of the two breaking into the second game. and she was one point away from going up three points, however, when she lost a break point in that third game, Venus extended her knee and fell to the court screaming in pain the same way they screamed, I thought it was over, I he remembered Madison's horrible play. knee injury that is a woman standing and a few years ago and then it also reminded me of that injury that Serena Williams suffered against Alexandra Sestnovich two years ago in the 2021 championship, where she also slipped and injured herself, she injured her tendon in her crook and that opening. raw match and finally had to retire, but unlike the real thing it says that Venus continued playing and after receiving some treatment, she had the opportunity to get back into the match at 5-4 in the first set with two break points, but she couldn't take advantage, honestly it was very very difficult to watch the rest of that Venus match as she could barely move on the court, she still served well but her movement was poor.
venus suffers nasty fall how kenin upset gauff wimbledon 2023 recap
What Arlo really had to do was just drop it or hit it. the ball was just a few meters away from her and her point was practically lost to Venus and then the way she finished the match also sucked with svenolina challenging her return which ultimately gave her the win. Venus was angry and she didn't even shake the referee's hand. hand after the match, which I think was a little bad form because I think Maria Shishek made the right call and awarded the point because even if that call wasn't made, Venus was going to lose that point, but she says that in the press.
venus suffers nasty fall how kenin upset gauff wimbledon 2023 recap

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venus suffers nasty fall how kenin upset gauff wimbledon 2023 recap...

She said she felt she had done something dirty. I personally don't think so, but it is what it is. I also wonder if Venus was thinking about the last time she played on center court, which was in the 2017 women's final, where Mukerutha challenged a ball that Venus went out and was eventually overturned by the Hawkeye challenge system and the favor of his favorite magarutha, which made me lose the championship, maybe that was on his mind and that probably added a little more fuel to the fire. Don't know. I know people were angry even challenging that point, but I don't get it, even if Venus is 43, you know, and people are like, oh, take it easy, it's probably her, this is number 24, but in there maybe it's her.
venus suffers nasty fall how kenin upset gauff wimbledon 2023 recap
Lastly, I want to say no, I mean she is still a competitor and she wants to win and if the ball was in the ball, why not challenge the decisions now? I feel bad for Venus. I really feel for her because she is very talented. player and honestly she should have won that match against fidelino because as I just mentioned she played exceptional tennis and was the best player before she fell and hurt her knee like she has been for the last 15 years 10 15 years of her career his body has failed him. I know Venus said before the tournament that she wanted to play until she was 50, but I think it's honestly too much to ask how many injuries she's suffered over the past few years. alone, she literally talked about injuring her hamstring ligaments earlier in the year in her latest YouTube video that was posted today, so maybe Venus would just stick to doubles for her own good since she wouldn't have to cover so much ground when talking about the match. and her injury Venus said: I'm not sure what I did.
venus suffers nasty fall how kenin upset gauff wimbledon 2023 recap
I'll have to look into it tomorrow. It's late today, but it was quite painful. She went on to say that grass is inherently slippery. You are going to


. at some point it was just bad luck for me. I started the game perfectly. She was literally killing him. Then she killed my grass. The knees of Venus. Coco golf also bit the dust in the first round


ing to Compadre and 2020 Australian Open champion Sophia Cannon. Honestly, I am not surprised by this defeat because, although Sonia has not had the best results on grass, since in 2021 she achieved, I believe, 41 unforced heirs and her defeat in the second round of Wimbledon against Madison Brangle and was a loss of 45 minutes. and I think it was the highest unforced error rate in history since IBM started tracking that, so yeah, it definitely wasn't, I didn't have a strong pedigree on the grass court, but coming into this match I had much trust.
Going through Wimbledon qualifying without losing a single set, she was actually the only American man or woman among 20 who entered qualifying to pass and make it to the main draw. Honestly, I was surprised by how strong Canon played, possibly I expected Coco to be able to endure a difficult two set match or even lose the first set, but she came out playing exceptional tennis, she broke Coco's serve from the start and really one of the main things What caught my attention was Sonia's excellent serve, even though Coco Kennen had the bigger serve than her, she hit 70 percent of the first serves and won 68 percent of the points on the first serve and then even more 76 percent of the second serve points.
I'm also surprised that Kennel was able to win 88 of the net. points, while Golf, who was an excellent doubles player, scored only 50 points at the net. Kenneth also did well to attack the weaker forehand and Coco did well to hit harder and tried to commit more to that shot and at times it was successful for her but she's just not used to committing to that shot with a big pace steadily, which is ultimately what hurt her in the end and that's the biggest problem she's facing right now. Coco really didn't play badly. I think she played.
It was a great match and she probably played Justice while she did it at East Point. Honestly, if not better, and I'm not lying when I say this is probably one of the best matches we'll see this year. It was simply exceptional tennis. from both of them, especially towards the end of the first set and then, you know, in the second set and then in the early stages of the third set, just incredible with the tennis, the rallies, we saw Coco's athleticism and Coco's ball striking. Kennen, you know that. It was just, she was literally in the Tennis Channel control room, applauding and giving these players their flowers and ten because it was fantastic tennis.
You know, I haven't seen Kenneth play that well. I know she beat Cyberlenko before. This year in Rome she played well there and I want to mention that probably that Sablanca win gave her a little more confidence about where she could get this win over Coco today, but this is probably the best I've seen Kennen play since. 2020 since he won that Grand Slam and when he reached the final of the French Open, that's how well he played and I've been waiting for him to have his Resurgence for a long time, I was even starting to doubt if he would return to his form, whether it will be Just a coincidence, but it seems like she's back now.
I'm not going to dig in and be like Oh Sophia Ken in her backpack. I have to wait because you know she's prone to having a good win or something. and then completely failing in the next round and then we also have to mention that she has a bit of a tough opponent next in the Chinese woman Chi Wong who is a talented player. This section of the draw is also a little difficult, as she could. she plays Lisa murdens or Elena's spirulina in that third round if she can get past Wong, but just focusing on today's play, I'm very happy.
I'm a Canon fan so I'm happy and proud of what she showed there, just amazing. fight against the strength that we are used to from her and her, you know, improved team, it's great to see her back now focusing on Coco, obviously, I'm very disappointed as a Coco fan, Coco is my cousin, actually It's not, but I call her my cousin because I just love her and I'm supporting her a lot, but she's not going to maximize her potential, she's not going to get the Slam title she wants, she's not going to reach the number one spot in the world if she doesn't put in the time and fix that. forehand blow completely it was better, like I said, it was better, but literally every time Kennon hit that forehand and he did it consistently, I cringe because I knew that an arrow, whether it was a rod or a forehand into the net, was coming from Coco .
We've been saying this for a long time, but I actually think Coco needs to take some time off from tour and just spend months just on that forehand, working on it and tweaking it because I don't know if it's necessarily a grip change that's must come. or what, but something has to give because she's not progressing, she's just not progressing where she needs to be, with this forehand being a problem, a lot of times she just does chicken wings, as I call it, or just pushes it . If she's capable of it, you know the weaker players, but she now she can't even get her way.
She has to commit to really going after that shot and hitting through the shot, sorry, like Eagles Fontech. Am I saying that she preferably needs to do this? after he was open and just didn't play until early next year 2024 to really put this together there is a silver lining though in all of this first of course Coco is only 19 but also the fact that she no He doesn't have many points to defend for the rest of the year, he didn't make the US Open quarterfinals or the quarterfinals, I think, or Toronto or Montreal, so those are pretty much the only important points he has . she has to defend, so I really just want her to take some time off and use this as a motivating factor to really change something, because something has to change.
I know she hired a new coach, Pierre Riba. I think it's his name, maybe that's necessary. That whole partnership will take time to flourish. I also want to mention one of my Twitter friends, Pat, mentioned how the last time she was kicked out on the first day of Islam after the 2022 Australian Open, she made it to the final of the next one. slam, so


Coco Golf US Open finalists, I still take them, although of course I give full credit to Kennen for coming out and maybe finally making that long-awaited breakthrough that will take her back to her former Heights , now another of the best black players.
He bit the dust as once again Felix Ocean Aliasin was the biggest men's seat to fall in the first round so far, the 11th seed was eliminated by American Michael Moe in four sets, most actually ranked 119th in the world and gained entry to the main draw. as a lucky loser, but he took advantage of Felix's lack of play and his general fitness and health. The Australian team did not play any grass court matches before this Grand Slam because he was suffering from a knee injury that clearly affected him today. He was also dealing with physical issues at Roland Garros where he lost in the first round there too, honestly I need Felix to take a page out of Nick Kiros' book and retire from the Slams, if he's not at 100 he's lost the first round of the last Grand Slams and everything for Why do you know that the control of the first round is not worth it?
Felix, take some time off and get better, come back for the US Open, get healthy and finish the season like you finished it last season. You know there is still hope for you. Felix, but you must return when you are alone when you are completely healthy. Now we can't keep having these first-round starts because it doesn't look good for our brand. Now Mo and Alicia Parks are the only blacks who make us relatively happy today. While Parks earned her first major victory in singles by beating Anna's leading trio in straight sets, Parks actually has a very good chance of making it to the second week here at Wimbledon as the two C's in their little section, ching minjang and Luke Miller, Samsonova fell.
American Jessica Pagula is also still alive there fighting off a strong push from her compatriot Lauren Davis, while title favorites Eagles Fontech and Novak Djokovic navigate their first round matches. Eco defeated Lin Zhu in an impressive 6-1-6-3 victory. obtains span status tomorrow in the second round Djokovic, meanwhile, did double duty and preferred to help the field men dry the courts after claiming the first set while Pedro cashed. The Argentine pushed the four-time defending champion towards the end before Noli won six three six three seven six Novak now faces Jordan Thompson, who will postpone a comeback over América and Brandon Nakashima, apart from Félix and Coco, there were no other greats surprises on the first day of play. 4C Casper rude was pushed to four sets by qualifa Laurent licoli, while Senator rublev musetti and herkosh Cruz and Straits' game was suspended due to Darkness at one point when Seas for the notorious Taylor Fritz and the donut shop Olaf's were in a bit of trouble on the women's side Carolyn GarciaAdvanced preparing a class with 2021 US Open finalist Layla Fernández Daniel Collins was up by a set in his opening match before play was suspended.
If he wins, he will face 14c Belinda Benchers who won her first tour match since April with a victory over Katie Swann Sloane Stephens Donavekitch and Annette Conservite are other stars. who did not enter the court due to darkness looking ahead to day 2, defending champion Atlanta Rebecca now opens play on center court while Arena Sabalenka finishes proceedings there Andy Murray is also on center court while top seed Carlos begins his campaign on court one jaburra and Noy also joined Carlitos on court one Spotlight but I honestly think the best ticket would be for court 2 where the CC POS team match is and then the controls.kavitova and kachikova also come out to the court and then I know that mevita will close things out by meeting the British wild card author fetty, other important players who will take the court on the second day include hokorune Francis tiafo Carolina bukova Maria sakuri and Madison Keys that's it for my first day , what would I do? in summary and let me know in the comments what you think about the fall and loss of Venus and then Coco in Felix's departures plus any other actions.
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. Thank you. For watching, see you next time here on today's Grand Slam Tennis news, thanks.

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