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Venom - Nostalgia Critic

Jun 08, 2021
October 2018, in which Piderman's cinematic future plays ping-pong with his copyrights, Sony decides to make a cinematic release based on one of Spider-Man's most popular villains, Greta Wall. Critics and comic book fans seemed upset by the film that many viewers found. It's a fun game that reminded you of mid to late 90's cinema, even until the end of the credits where the title of the movie is mentioned, it's like a recap of the Addams Family all over again, oh that's it again , okay, Eminem fans argue about whether they like him. This, legitimately or ironically, left many disappointed because they didn't get the deep, complex, tormented character that years of great writing have given them.
venom   nostalgia critic
Either our fans thought too much about this or it's really shit rolling in the wind. One thing is for sure, there will be a lot. by Tom Hardy hiccup perfect yes I'm a pile of


and welcome to


we hello I'm the Critic of Nostalgia I remember Wow look how don't be alarmed I've taken over your body ah this is because I'm reviewing poison es' Yes, I want you talk about how it could have been a better movie if it had simply dove into the torture persona that the source material gave us in so many words.
venom   nostalgia critic

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Well, I was going to do that anyway, so I don't need any Simpsons. Oates Symbiote: idiot taking over my body so fuck you but


you have to understand what poison could have been, sure it has some funny moments here and there but being satisfied with this movie is like being satisfied with Batman and Robin when we could have done so. Joker, there's a whole brilliant universe that's not being explored, okay, if that means that much to you, I'll let you stay. I think the correct order is that I let you stay, we can begin, this is my review, our vision of them, the movie. starts with something bad happening in space, hey, that's a new concept, a ship crashes while its owner, Carlton Drake, played by racism, Ed discovers that one of the alien substances they were bringing in is missing, one of the astronauts He's still alive, that's Jameson, tell my dad.
venom   nostalgia critic
I have pictures of Spider-Man, they put him in an ambulance, but the alien substance takes over his body and causes him to almost crash, so he actually crashes in the movie, but the shitty CGI takes over, so that we don't see how it really happens. would have crashed a doctor is possessed by an alien substance as we cut to the man I thought there would be something scary under that pillow good fake this is Eddie Brock played by Tom Hardy who lives with his lawyer fiancé and played by Michelle Williams and is not nervous to unlike the journalist who likes to tell things as they are.
venom   nostalgia critic
I'll stick with Daily Bugle net. Thank you so much. They're adopting the style of Angley's Hulk movies. Oh, they do. They only use this style once and then never. used again is not something like making a transition like this and never doing that again speaks to Eddie's character. I forgot you're a thing. That's what most people say about this movie. Now talk about Eddie's character. What about him? He is just a typical online journalist. a bit eccentric eccentric and talking like he's John Travolta from the 70s they still say keep being his son I'll do it again like most online journalists that's what Eddie Brock is not because he was raised in a home A strict Catholic with his mother dying in childbirth, leaving him with an angry and resentful father while driving drunk.
He accidentally kills a little boy and wants to go to prison to receive punishment from him, but his father refuses to let him go to prison. He believes he earns his father's approval by exposing a series. murderer, but Spider-Man brings in the real culprit, this results in him being fired, his wife getting divorced, his father cutting all ties and even considering suicide, so he once took revenge on Spider-Man while projecting all his years of anger and abuse in Wow, that all sounds incredibly interesting, like he was meant to be a complex villain. Yeah, now what's wrong with this Brock?
Well, try to expose Drake for some of his bad deeds by checking on him and sending emails to who he works for. I don't have a source for Se, I have a height, you know, you go half-cocked based on a hunch, you're sure you're not a list anyway. Drake gets him fired which also results in me leaving him and six months later I guess he's discouraged but still seems well enough to live in San Francisco gives $20 to homeless people pays rent for a giant apartment drinking high end bars he looked like he just stepped off a GQ cover again so poor, but poor 90's movie, you seem exactly, he's missing both depth of the character and the reason for his depth, so you feel Very little, come on, he challenges the bearded guys, that has to count for something, some people are trying to see who you are, are you okay?
I'm too hipster to take on Tom Hardy. I know he was thinking about growing a beard. Thanks, that's not enough of a problem. Weren't the newspapers there? How do I know this is a work of fiction. He cost you five dogs. Five. Does your favorite of his is free. Keep me friends. Other Knights of San Francisco are unlucky. As always Colton Creek is giving a very entertaining performance. Could we finish? And you should be very afraid, but it's so strange and distressing that it's like he already thinks he has the poison powers of him. We'll make you look really cool and not.
Everything is crazy when we put these effects on, so you constantly act like there's black goo flying around you and you keep making Bobcat Goldthwait sounds. There are no effects there, it looks great. He is approached by a scientist named Doris Girth who says Drake is up to no good and she can get him a story to expose him dun dun was this ship says he's not interested but accidentally runs into his ex-fiancee and suddenly he's interested again so try to find our way back you did this hello this is the doctor tell me what You changed your mind my old girlfriend reminded me I thought okay whatever gets you up in the morning luckily there are no security cameras to check in because you know she's smart, she takes him to the symbiotes they found in space as well as the human host they found.
I've been experimenting with photos of aliens. You really trust this guy to tell a believable story about what's going on in this place. I'd trust a Bruce Almighty story before believing this idiot. He sees one of the homeless people infected with the symbiote and frees her. which results in him getting infected, honestly we get a pretty decent chase scene as he escapes from security, oh yeah they have that, uh yeah, four wheelers, guns, motorcycles, but not a security camera, you know, because and he comes home where he starts acting strange. Oh, I have a lot of photographs.
You guys will post this word, but I need you to come with me. I can call me again. I'll be back, actually, what am I talking about? This is not much different from how it was before. like Willem Dafoe and Spider-Man, it's actually a little weirder before the transformation, well I heard someone say this is a good how do you know? I take it back, it's not Bobcat Goldthwait growls, it's Adam Sandler squeals, you're a baby, this monster, okay, enjoy the money, give us some credit, the doctor and he's dating legitimately wants to help him, run tests, come on, you call yourself a 90s movie, clearly he should marry her for the money or send his kids to her. to boarding school, he sends Brog home, but some men are there waiting for him and he begins to hear a voice in his head.
What are you doing? You're making us look bad. Why would you do that to him again? Maybe to Hardy for moving so convincingly. He's like Will Smith. The genie is controlling him. I'm so sorry for your friends. It's not real. You are my head. Because you are only a power. Say shit. You are the online journalist. So when I saw this movie on the big screen, this chase was kind of a disaster. but I had to skip it on a smaller screen. I can see it a lot better and it's actually quite impressive the combination of stump work and CG actually come together quite well, especially how many times they put that cinema in the background, that could have been easy. what to do, we just want to give you Amazon, yes the symbiote finally takes control, although it is revealed to be poison, the horrible monster that kills its enemies on page 13, oh yeah, scene, oh come on, that's kind of cool.
Venom has a cool design both in Brock has a menacing voice and good effects this isn't so bad if you only understood what you're missing yeah why don't you do a better job of explaining why when you have me good for You, okay, let's do this at the end? Once we are the poisonous star of Page television and the big screen oh my spider sense is tingling we don't talk about this we are an alien life form who bonded with Peter Parker but after he considered we were corrupting his soul he abandoned us and We found Eddie Brock, fed his hatred for Spider-Man, which led to him becoming angry.
At times he tried to fight us, but we always knew how to give in to the dark side of him. We are Venom, Spider-Man's ultimate villain, but weight eventually does good. you joined spider-man to fight evil and maximum carnage and brock convinces you to save people from time to time yes but what people remember him for magneto helped the x-men here and there at the end of the day would you call He's a good guy, would you be mad if he never fought the X-Men in any of his movies? Yes, it was only through years of comics that Brock rose to consciousness and that's not with the most remembered characters because they don't even understand pronouns. true, half the time changing from AI to us sometimes in the same scene you didn't find us maybe I was making the transition seriously okay, it's not the most faithful or consistent but I'm already used to movies it's like telling it gives strength and finally allows Hello everyone, proudly, you can see us at a Grand Rapids comic-con in Michigan from November 8th to 10th and you can also see us on Twitch from Monday to Friday.
Now each of those days was broadcast. We love answering chat questions. Let them in and hopefully it's a very strange lady, so the ant doctor's boyfriend, who sings so loudly, it makes me want to see him like that, says that Edie's tests are literally out of the ordinary and that she needs return to the hospital. Oh, come on, Brock. you're a new man now leave a proper message she arrives at her apartment but finds police everywhere bill has been evacuated get off the streets the house there are bodies all over the city tonight wait that's widespread panic there are bodies all over the city tonight too maybe alien creatures eating heads tell everyone you know these alien creatures eating heads poison brach throws up evidence of drink irregularities at his old job, but the police show up to stop him now the idea of ​​poison fighting in a Gas filled room is great.
You can get some creepy shots of him in silhouette or emerging from the smoke. It looks incredibly awesome, but the way it is shot is too cluttered and hard to make out. Imagine you're at a rave but you're a flea in a swinging jumpsuit. A type of shot like that, to add insult to injury, the CG takes over so much that it looks like a game of Devil May Cry the longer it goes on. I want a point meter that shows the collection of gory kills you're not racking up and fines him and Brock. try to tell her what's going on I can't go with you get in the car Eddie in the back I like to do why saying that would make her suddenly like her get in the car Eddie I like it what do you know about that I love it?
Being commanded now I say you are dirty poison oh yes, call me sir. Damon looks at the snot, don't act like we're not couples therapists, now what does he care, what am I going to see at a doctor? Phil style show, you can't count your chickens until they come out of the host and start eating brains, this is a fact, meanwhile in Drake's lab, ah cheese, a little girl snuck in, you really have the worst security , it turns out that this is the fugitive. symbiote mutiny coupons with Drake's body yeah, brach go back to doctor Eddie I'm sorry what the test says you're an idiot and it's terminal your heart has atrophied Stan tries to convince Brock to get rid of the poison yeah, what do you think ?
Now you're a dumb symbiote like Oh, first, they use a high frequency to separate the two. I still like that you call me naughty Melton licorice. It's my username on several BDSM sites. A second without abundant sweat, sweating his face covered in that seems to be a Speak: he is kidnapped by Drake, who asked them where the poison is. We have brought the planet to the brink of extinction with parasites. What I've started is a whole new world, a new species, does it even matter what the villains are planning anymore? It's always something. Humanity variation sucks, sowhich must be balanced with people dying or giving up free will.
Even though he's balanced with Hardy constantly acting like a wrench is crushing his balls, what are these creatures? Truth be told, the trick starts out as a kind of fun. "The villain has a delivery that is almost as eccentric as Hardy's, you're crazy, that hurts. Sorry, the long diary entry about that tonight, but over time he becomes just another common villain who becomes a big dumb monster to fight and, for all his genius, he still can.” I don't realize when I'm clearly being scammed they'll follow me wherever I am why we lead yeah it's like I plan on doing terrible things to your body after this review is over wait you mean we do terrible things to my body , I'm sure Eddie has.
They take him out to be shot, but he tries to steal the gun only for it to not work. Okay, I'll give him credit. I'd never seen that in a movie before. It makes the scene completely useless, but Jackie Chan movies will be much shorter. if they use that, but it seems like he was saved by someone who allows the symbiote to own her, she kisses him even though she puts the suit back on him. Hey, look, come on, that was great, we had a poisonous lady for a minute, that was pretty cool. not as neat as you okay let's do this one last time we are she aka


and salute to save my life from a gunshot wound they put the Venom symbiote on me which led to the death of several people when the symbiote was removed and she couldn't handle the pressure that she had killed so many mental scars, her crimes and the symbiote drove her to madness and made her commit suicide only added to the agony of torment said eddie brock, good god, yeah, and here she is as an excuse for some sexy fan art, practically holy smokes, Brock's war and the stories would have been intriguingly heartbreaking, yeah, now we have Eddie and Venom arguing over who's the greatest.
Loser, what can't be true, take a look at my planet. I'm kind of a loser like you, but there could be more of us here. That's the stupidest thing a character like that could say. It's like the alien Queen is like you know. I've never been invited to many parties you think they're my shoes I think they're my shoes it doesn't even make sense poison says he formed a real friendship with Eddie and that's why he wants to stay and save the world what really made you change your That's right, what? What chemistry did they have?
The constantly disagreeing fight over how to do things and every second she can and tries to get away from him, it's like she knows that in '90s buddy movies, the duo bicker and eventually find things to bond over, but. They forgot to write down the things that bring them together, so they suddenly like each other out of nowhere. I mean, because he said apologizing to his ex, that suddenly means they're partners for life, even that didn't sound right. I really am. sorry for everything i've done to you oh that's nice, sounds more like dr. claw looking at this is us oh that's cool you can take this guy right here Scott you've never seen him oh let's save the planet thanks again first class for encouraging you to turn on page 13 movies to light that f bomb that they have to use Yeah, since they did it so brilliantly, suddenly every comic book movie has to have an f-bomb because you know it's going to be just as brilliant.
Oh, see yourself, who the hell are you? It was worth it? Tell Xavier, go yourself, yes, it totally was. In the obsession of this movie, we start with a good action sequence, but each additional one becomes more and more shitty. I give it this awful climax that's so blurry, shaky, horribly CG and dark red, it's like watching the transformers through a ketchup bottle that never stops shaking, yeah, what is it? that wine from previous years God, you've never seen or bought it, I mean the peaks. I am easily impressed by spikes when I saw Bowser in Super Mario Brothers.
I thought I was your God. He is totally dead. People will not come back well. Will we do it in a world? without a Portlandia stutterer 24 hours a day, then of course I check it out that the rocket that was going to bring riots to her planet to get reinforcements explodes yeah because this is a 90s movie and she's clothes let's get it over with romantic couple on a sunny day in san francisco clumsily giving us the epilogue i'm joining the public defender's office the network asked me to bring the show back yeah, sorry for mana look at her she has no idea we're getting her back, right?
OK? This is how you thought this movie would end, we have two people straight out of a romantic comedy sitting on a street in San Francisco saying I'm sorry, I mean, God, all that's missing is my God, look at that look in that moment. I have to have something cool, so that's my story. I have no idea how the enemy is going to pull it off in this crazy world, but as long as there's still a chance for love, there's a chance for anything, hey, neither of us give up. I hope I'm the only good thing in Captain Marvel, but can we eat something now?
Yes, gently. I know a place down here and by down here I mean a three hour walk seeing how it's now clearly dark outside, they really must have done it. well i was there once again the place was robbed causing poison to save the day what day are you? We apparently eat it, but as you can see, there's no blood on the floor, so it ate the gun, the jacket that The hair alone isn't going to come out well on it, but what do you expect when You almost hope it's not made there? There's a post-credits sequence, of course, as any visits from Woody Harrelson's Ronald McDonald will now come out of here.
It's going to be a killing, okay let's do this one last time, my name is Connie, shake it up for next time, so


, now that you know what the poison could have been, what do you think about it now? Keep in mind we're hungry, well it's a terrible poison movie. which says a lot, but it's kind of funny, it's going to be awkward to ship 90s tropes whether you're aware you're doing it or not, all the clichés in this movie are ridiculous, but it's so hard to say, it's painful if you they like. cheesy '90s adventure Hardy's performance is so goofy and tries so hard that it's hard not to enjoy it It's short and relatively harmless If you're not a Spider-Man fan, if you are, then yeah, this is a big slap in the face .
Compared to what could have been, we could have had a deep, dark psychological dive into a man's hell, even a couple losing their minds fighting their literal inner demons. What we got is a clumsy little adventure, but what we deserve is so much more. When it comes to this material, maybe at some point we will have a movie that explores the possibilities of this material to the fullest, but until then we will have to keep waiting. I'm disappointed, critical, well, they were all somehow the worst. I'm not disappointed that you didn't mention that there is a good Venom movie.
Really, what is it called? I heard you had a problem with Venom, so I'm here to kick Spidey's ass and get you back into the Spider-verse. Now this is the action-packed clinic, so I feel like this deserves it. I've been. It's about your desires. What the hell do men do? You know you didn't let me finish. Why would you do that? There is a good Venom movie. You have them all. It deserves more attention. Who cares? your stupid movie you, my true friend, guide us Not only do I like God, you are not a Symbian, do you know that you are the AI ​​of the update?
This is the real Venom movie, it's dark and twisted, it has incredible action, disturbing surprises around every corner. I wanted to use your review program to let people know that a real Venom movie existed and if they want more movies like this, you better see it. Well I think you got it right, say what I'm nervous about: a reviewer and watch the update, it's the real Venom movie, will I ever regain control of my body? No, I see what you do at night, that takes a key photo. Hello everyone, this week's charity thank you is a children's place founded in 1989, a children's place that works.
To erase the impact of homelessness on children and their education, its purpose is to allow homeless children to have the same educational opportunities and advantages as other children. Most of these families are working poor and virtually all of them live well below the poverty line for them. It is not a way of life but a moment in their lives by minimizing the impact of this difficult time on children's academic progress, this charity contributes to the likelihood that they will be promoted each year, graduate from high school and, ultimately break the cycle of poverty. If you visit their website, you will not only be able to see all the good they do, but also how you can donate as a volunteer or even sponsor a child with a four-star rating on Charity Navigator.
A place for children is a good place to meet him.

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