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Vecinos acusan a mujer que tendría secuestrada a su hija hace 16 años - Contigo en La Mañana

Feb 27, 2020
And even us yesterday during the break, we were moved when we found out immediately because a group of neighbors assures that a woman has been locked up for 16 years, a case that impacts the entire community, all the residents of Viña del Mar, the neighbors ask for help, we have a complete report we are going to be live from there we are going to see the report the report I don't know if she and martínez and this xv continued with her she starts yelling things that someone had seen in that apartment and the lady and she already sleeps there or she doesn't sleep There, the neighbor confirmed that her daughter was always locked up there in the drug addict department, those people should worry and not get involved in the life of others who take care of her daughter if they don't have her locked up in 16 years, Mr.
vecinos acusan a mujer que tendr a secuestrada a su hija hace 16 a os   contigo en la ma ana
Cahuín in Río de la from the people down here and from the other side if you go out you get together with friends and a normal life no why why not a story that left an entire community dismayed a woman who is denounced by her neighbors s for allegedly having locked up your own daughter in her apartment for more than 16 years, a case that has an impact on the sea line and help that becomes imperative, as you find this situation normal for me, ma'am, having your daughter locked up who is not listening to me I have it closed because it doesn't let us see it without cameras, they say it didn't come out today, it didn't come out yesterday, Leyla Cortez is part of the neighbors of this community of Viña del Mar, who still can't believe what she discovered through those coincidences in life.
vecinos acusan a mujer que tendr a secuestrada a su hija hace 16 a os   contigo en la ma ana

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vecinos acusan a mujer que tendr a secuestrada a su hija hace 16 a os contigo en la ma ana...

All the learning of an alleged robbery of an authority like this, he came to this department, some glasses were stolen from councilor Rodrigo Page where a neighbor mentioned who had been to do with the place to look for the glasses at home and the person who had stolen them He was not at home when he knocked on the door and that when he felt a bad smell that expanded the apartment which I approached a policeman who was just in a meeting that we had the social headquarters and n They accompany you to the place where they verified the bad smell and began to knock on the door to see if there was a girl's voice asking who we were and the police officer tells them that they are, please, if the lady was there, sign and mention that her mother was not there because she had gone to buy the eyes and how someone who could not believe that woman who she had seen on more than one occasion in her villa would have found out about that reality would have had her own daughter locked up since she was 14 years old police officer He tells her why is there such a bad smell coming out of her apartment, she said, can she come over so she can talk to her and she says no because she was locked up and she couldn't leave the apartment but that her mother was coming because she had only gone to buy we tried to start a conversation with the girl or see her and then approach the neighbors and the neighbors comment that this girl has been locked up since she was 14 years old, so she began to find out what was happening in the apartment A worrying scenario considering that there were permanent discussions between the woman and Sweet mutually, now she is having a bigger fight with the mother, but the only voices of violence from the mother towards her daughter and from the daughter and the mother are clearly heard After consulting with her neighbors, I gave her the assurance that the woman only visited her daughter in the apartment but that according to her they did not live together as she knows that it is true that they are all this time because of the neighbors themselves and the situation that already she lives because I give it to me when I was in the place and I was in the place two more times and she no longer opens the door she doesn't have water the food she takes to her mother as she discovered and claims I don't live with her because the mother has two others visible in the naval glories sector I am on the other side lives elsewhere lives with her current partner leila one understands because if the neighbors knew that she would have been locked up they did not file the complaint the only record is from 2013 in the cesfam and others presented that it says would have come to nothing in 2013 2015 they did nothing a complaint being a fan of reñaca alto and which they as a fan made the complaint to the courts and that came to nothing there was no follow-up on back neither from justice nor from other testimonies it is difficult to find many of my neighbors in the villa nuevo horizonte one is afraid of reprisals from the woman's mother and relatives I had not seen anyone in that apartment and they already sleep there or They don't sleep there, the neighbors confirmed that the daughter was always there locked up in the apartment, Mrs.
vecinos acusan a mujer que tendr a secuestrada a su hija hace 16 a os   contigo en la ma ana
Adriana, I saw more than two decades ago in this residential sector of naval goals, as her neighbors say, she was aware of the alleged confinement due to comments, as I tell her. that people commented that the girl was there and but when I was a girl I knew her when they just arrived, the couple arrived with their logic in that department I lived to the mother with her husband and the two basic daughters and at what point in the husband's city there many years ago since he passed away later he passed away of course many years ago that he is no longer here and then he leaves the other daughter the other daughter does not live here I don't know You can do nothing with her because she insults if the children are on the scale one comes down and insults 20 because one did I denounce it sir because with her you can't per se it's called I need I'm here on my balcony she starts yelling things of course such Like her, many say they did not want to make complaints, one for fear of not interfering in their lives because that is how people are, we have many problems with many neighbors and many times when one speaks one is threatened by rage for rage and they are indignant because A complaint with the 60-year-old daughter always always fights, the two of them yell at each other.
vecinos acusan a mujer que tendr a secuestrada a su hija hace 16 a os   contigo en la ma ana
You have always had problems with her. Have you ever seen the daughter leave the apartment, which I have never, never seen her, but you feel sorry for her. I yelled at the fight, he saw her go out, now she's accompanying us to the apartment where the woman would have her daughter locked up, we want to talk with before the third floor, as you can see above, the glass where it's broken and it's always empty, yes, to the neighbor, Sandra, to the neighbor. sandra in the neighbor sandra didn't know anything either if they have knowledge of the situation and because one saw only returns that don't stop there you can ask her when you don't know you can call the neighbors to shine you used to come here frequently when it's done the operation and the dissemination of meetings is nothing more than that and it had never caught his attention not because this department stands out for the closure it has where there is no access to enter as for one to do a door-to-door dissemination there is tension there was a social leader assures she will not rest until they help the women appear we are going to enter the apartment in the next few minutes the neighbor is talking about the other one was a resident in this moment with whom I speak with him you realize that it is difficult to enter very complicated places super complicated thank you sir maybe many ignore the situation that was happening well Mrs.
Irma Mrs. Irma in this obvious society and after going up to the third floor we managed to talk with We are both from Chilevisión of the program with you in the morning. We wanted to talk for a moment. I don't know why they don't care about the intellectual elite agent who should be here in this place of drug addicts. Those people should worry and not get involved in other people's lives if they take care of themselves. to your daughter millions because it is said that you have her locked up if she is 16 years old ma'am it's good tangle of the people down here and from the other side locked up here comes my daughter alone we wanted to know if you were locked up here as some neighbors say they are lies and my years they were never closed because what if they don't say that they never see it on the street because it doesn't kill me and how long ago did they come to live in this house that is, come I go because of the storm and now I came for the national holidays around there but there are neighbors who say that you always here only made up stories that leave more questions and the testimonies that contradict what was expressed by the woman's neighbors did not have or you sleep here also and your partner also sleeps here and they tell me that you went with your boyfriend elsewhere is a lie because everything now they tell you that you have Switzerland locked up and 16 years old sir that food from those people because they have the daughter of your cohabitant of people who They are the ones who are in jail for drugs and he erased an aspect that draws attention is the smell of decomposition at the entrance of the apartment a worrying reality and here a bad smell can be perceived here in the apartment lady is living in good conditions I feel this bad smell outside if there is a smell like the society it's not the society of the dogs over there it's fine if I'm fine you have to bring the day closer you work and leave the apartment yes but now not at this time because as I told you I already lost the key but it went out with my mom but I'm a majo de harina so the identity card has it no she hasn't gotten it yet my mom also always loses it and He took it out recently, like two weeks ago, when he goes out, he meets friends in a normal life, not now, not because, as long as you don't leave the apartment, it will be a week, you've been locked up here for a week, not locked up, for example, today you left the apartment and neither did yesterday and last month in the past if it seems normal to you to be locked up here all day well my life I'm already 30 years old but the people of the 30-year-old woman go out and share with friends but for a week I don't notice no more attempts What we did to get to know the home in which you live, we were unsuccessful.
We could come in for a moment and talk to you on good terms, speak on good terms that you will show us your reality, ma'am, do you want to show us your face to clarify all of these? tuations and we face you, you cannot show your face, Mrs. is afraid that the complaint against her of the investigation that is being carried out against her, the government is investigating this case, the seremi and they investigate about it, the department can show how it is What are they going to give us here I ask you because they haven't said that everything is dirty here there is a bad smell out here that we can see here through the curtain only you also have water there is no light water because they don't have water because they haven't paid the bill water bill, how do you find this situation normal for me, ma'am, and having your daughter locked up I'm not accusing myself of having her locked up because then she won't let us see the one without cameras and she says that she hasn't left today that she didn't leave yesterday without water with broken glass with a clearly unsanitary situation, well, but they feel the smell that is there, they do not believe the version that arrives because it says that the daughter is fine, that supposedly she arrived for certain countries of course.
Obviously, no, she is not well, the girl has a story that repeats it and has repeated it constantly throughout the day, the person who confronts her is the authority who, aware of this serious scenario, wanted to be present to hear the complaint. This is a case that where unfortunately there are precedents that lead us to make the decision with the good hour of paradise to establish this complaint for a possible permanent physical abuse that we want to be investigated so that the truth is known that they seek then with taking the case to justice and today precisely where we, working with the leaders, are supporting this information in such a way as to investigate whether the body is relevant in this case, the prosecution determines the investigations to clarify the truth, it is in this regional secretary where the concern arises, taking into account complaints carried out previously, those that did not have an ex, begin to investigate the antecedents effectively There is a complaint against you in 2013 or 2015 that the family health center made it by professionals in the sector where, unfortunately, absolutely nothing happened, probably the importance was not taken among the women's neighbors, today there is only the conviction that it is necessary someone help them if a girl is 30 years old it is not the life of a person as well as it can be clear and get them out of there they move well because the gentlemen have all the authorities to take charge of this case and that they can come to see her as soon as possible so that they do a medical check-up and know that she is psychologically well, obviously she will not be well because if this young woman has been locked up there for fourteen fifteen years, but we need the authorities to be present in the last hours in this neighborhood have been tense even the partner of the mother of the woman who would be in the apartment came out in defense of her, assured that she has never been locked up against her will d we want to see how a girl is doing and we want to see why I miss gentlemen that a person leaves a house in 16 years we have options we do not have options we differ from water what things you have the option to keep through you we have options but she chose that too but she hasn't gone to a hospital anymore she hasn't gone to the doctor she hasn't gone out to get meat a new part hasn't come out in 16 years they are very strange she because she doesn't want to go out she's afraid of going locked up us too to understand why they say to each other there are many things many times there are speculations there are subtitles on wii but I tell you one thing I tell you one thing she is well done and she is her decision that she lived like this each one chooses everything is clear amid the attention among the neighbors that during the last hours they have faced the mother of the woman because she does not come out to talk to us the video your eyes do not kill or of your eyes but teaching art I feel guilty to you it is your mother what has you like this yes They don't have a sentence for me, show yourself to know that they have no way of being aware that your health is fine, and also to teach to miss this, there is wind, I do not live thisma'am, these people invented everything out of sparring and they don't know an identity when you tell me to see that doesn't concern me because you haven't gotten your card since you were 7 years old since you were 7 years old please that's why we want to know if that's not real because decide to be inside and not go out so I don't want that I'm a would you have television to the state of your bedroom the TV is spoiled but I have internet maybe now to solve all this you are the one who has decided not to go out singing autumn I'm not here For years nothing has cost us what I say and obviously I have, but the point is that what they say is not real.
Added to this is the arrival of police officers who attended the building during the night to remove the woman from the apartment by order of the prosecutor's office a complaint that necessarily needs to be investigated and verified the alleged confinement against his will or take concrete measures to never hear a complaint like this again, well a shocking story really the truth is that pacho bur gos is on the sea line he is with the neighbors he is with the people who were concerned from the beginning about this situation so that we stay with you please if we are with him and we she is one of the three people left on this blog who is Where Marion lives and where Mrs.
Irma lives, who has been there since the beginning and we heard that you live here, your tremendous concern for a long time and we heard that she says no, I'm here because I want to be and I don't live here, I live in the south, different applications how was the story here you at 14 years old stopped seeing her they stopped her she stopped going out good morning look here I am from the year 96 I arrived with my children boys who are the same age as Lalola the truth is that of Mario that she is the girl who is here that her mother leaves her to bring pure junk food you have it and the water they have is a macro way of life we ​​made many complaints some time ago they never gave us the time they never gave us a space to get to time courts never sent us one either saying that the lady did not show up but this comes a long time of the year that I saw here until about seven years old she began with all the disorders to hit each other they hit each other here the oldest neighbors of the workers know the whole situation because it is heard because she does not have a glass because they have broken it in the same situation that they fight they hit sticks she feels in the channel last is that you saw them, so to speak, the face of marion the last is that you saw her go down the stairs, walk around and that was in the year when lola was 15 years old, she was in the high school here in villa del mar, studying there, we saw her arrive and enter, then suddenly we didn't see her anymore, we were surprised because the we felt the girl up but she didn't come down but we didn't hear her always talk always when they fight when they yell when the girls say things to their mother because she's leaving marion is 30 years old today say this is 15 years ago yes that's the way it is 15 years ago we don't see the girl but every day we hear her every day the mother comes in comes out brings her water in drums in which here my neighbor on the first floor has any problem because all the points are connected and all the bad odors come out through all the ducts that we have inside our apartment, there are children here, many neighbors had to leave because of the situation because one thing that she had could not be calm in her apartment and July and to everyone, well, everyone on the panel, some information to start the conversation.
Evelyn is listening to you. Macarena Leporati, our producer spoke at length with her yesterday, just like they haven't been without water for two years, we have spoken with the authorities, no. Your card has been up-to-date for at least seven years. You do not have a health record. You do not have a social record. It does not appear in any municipal or health records. It is a worrying situation, no, not to the doctor, not to the dentist, he does not go to absolutely nothing, and the truth is that four months ago, I also went to the doctor's office and also declared that he came to the existing one and he could not speak with inclusion, I already revealed How are you?
Nice to thank you for talking to us this morning and I can't tell you if you can tell me come' the girl above has no ties because of course she doesn't have a social record she doesn't have a license she doesn't go to school or she let herself go to school she doesn't work but she doesn't Just like her mother, she has a friend who visits her, a person, a friend, or a cousin, she has no relationship with anyone, that's fine, what you're asking me, because we have an older sister who hasn't seen her for many years, and she didn't come year either. back to see her that she came with a girl daughter she she is left because here the screams are very horrible and the mother and daughter fight a lot and the daughter reproaches the mother for leaving her alone that the couple she already has is going with him and the truth the co Those are the processes that we have called, police officers have come and we had never given them the space to be able to declare how the curious situation is now, we were able to talk to that sister, her name is Claudia, they are sisters of different fathers, we talked with She and Claudia have seen her sister since 2009, that is, ten years ago, that was the last key.
Now, when was the last time you spoke with Marion, at some point, did you have that opportunity to start a conversation with her because she also I imagine she left school I don't look at years because she played with the miles of us when we were girls all the girls there that I saw her talked to the girls but from school she came until first she gave me more updates each vineyard of the sea but until That's where she came because I saw her as a chicken. My daughter also had the beauty in that high school there, but very far away and she never approached my daughter.
I rebelled to understand. a bit since we can't enter the place how many rooms does that apartment have all that has the same apartments are two rooms but she seems that apparently inside she has the cigar that came here it was a single bedroom when these social houses were delivered to us evelyn and the Social assistance is what you mention that says that you have appealed on several occasions, managed to talk to them, enter the house or as the other journalist did or see Madrid that he spoke through the window and why nothing has been done Yes, from that time when I did not go to the consultant and I spoke with the appointment, Claudia stayed in that act, the social worker was there and she came to the house, I opened the door for her, we have a condominium type, it is to protect us from everything that happens around The truth is that she came and spoke to Marion through the curtain as well and there she explained to her and from there it seems that she gave an appointment to go to the doctor's office the only time she was She went and gave up the help of doctors, what also caught her attention is hearing that they are heard where they need a fight inside, what kind of fight, what are they referring to?
There are screams, they can be heard that things are broken or blows, for example, yes, yes, it is heard. in wordpress they hear screams they hear that they have things that they hear stick noises that hit the jury and the doors and so on there is a lot of violence much less argueta violence on the part of the mother of the anemic because or vice versa yes yes of the mother towards the daughter boy if you give me a second that we have to insert Julio César because the health department is coming to people and that is important we want to listen to them too so when the mother arrives and leaves the time it is closed because it opens In other words, when the mother leaves because she goes every day, yes, when the lady leaves the apartment, she said key, I tell you why we because we find out from the neighbors that she saw As she leaves, she arrives because she closes the door on us, normal, like a human being, she throws the door so much here, she slams a loud door and it makes me shudder.
There are neighbors that I see in the other corner of the blog and yesterday I was talking to a new neighbor that he bought. He asked me what was going on, why was there so much blow and I explained to him why since I didn't come as president, I didn't see the blog and also, but obviously, it's required because it was relevant because there's a difference that door remains open, Marion can even go out at night In a case of fire emergency and another thing is that it's closed, he left it locked up. I think that subtlety is very important.
If we send Pancho talking, we're going to talk about that topic again, but it was important to put it lamentable, so the governor is there, Jimmy is also there. Torres that the director of health management here is also important to understand this with now what is being done what is the work that must be done from the point of view that he no longer has a record he is a student he has I don't know what can be done finally also good here and important that we have been on the ground for more than a week obviously supporting our leaders who are very courageous to us as a government what we have done It is a formal complaint before the Public Prosecutor's Office or simulating a record in the knowledge of the prosecutor, realizing that there is at least a reasonable doubt that something is happening with Marion.
We have records from 2013 to 2016 and of course the state of the department and I personally was there as I say of course that I cannot enter nor interview her but the deplorable state of the department does not have basic services and most importantly we call on Marion's mother to the fiber dilma the state needs to connect with you the provincial government the corporation of health is the seremi also of social development because you are absent from knowing how is marion del punto this is so healthy to receive the benefits of course this is very complex for a community that is concerned it is 5 mm and the director is complex we know something about her health she has a file she has been able to enter here there are eventually health issues Unfortunately, we were unable to access when to assess the patient's state of health.
Unfortunately, the family did not help much in this, and that is why, from the day we found out about this situation, we requested non-voluntary hospitalization, rather than a procedure that To determine the status of a person, when this person is not in a position to accept a medical evaluation, we already carried out this process and we are only waiting for the response from the base hospital, which in this case is from the El Salvador hospital or a hospital in our jurisdiction. to be able to evaluate the patient what to do if one approaches the window we will be there soon bad smell when one talks to marion obviously her story is not consistent from what the neighbors say in the relationship between them is very tense obviously she is 30 years old but it seems that she is not talking with a 14 year old girl of course they lived mainly family dynamics that they are quite mentally altered and we as health are quite busy because of this because it is evident that there is psychological damage we no longer know the dimension now we are only observing that there is an unstable dynamic but indeed it is not alone there is a family dynamic in the The mother, the stepfather, also has to account for this.
Yes, I'm sorry, the neighbors of Brickell speak. The president of the blog told us that I had already filed a complaint that I was a social worker at some point, this step towards the health system, do you have any token has an ancient history of the clear case indeed we as scale this through the complaint from the office and that is why the support of the neighbors in these processes, which are social, is so important. They report to us a strange situation for them. We immediately send a social worker from our family health center where all the facts reported by the neighbors and from that point of view when that report from that social worker does not arrive, we make the complaint to the family court because we contracted that there are violations of rights what is the right for our area is the right to health for that reason it is that the family court took cognizance of this report and also we know that there is some psychological damage to the patient, what we are requesting is that there is a non-voluntary hospitalization as a result of the fact that the context does not allow us to enter to know her state of health to find out really what is the situation that she has perfect thanks torres team manager we are the governor too Marian, the angels of peace, thank you very much, she is not with us.
We are also going here talking to the neighbors. We are going to go up, of course, to try to talk to Marion and snacks. we tried to go with evelyn and the truth is that we are with a note from madrid and bayern from el chapo to talk with mother and daughter he got to the place but for a long time he managed to get them to talk to him through a little window that can be seen there with a curtain Blanca We are going to see the whole conversation next to who with you in the morning with you in the morning and we wanted to talk for a moment all that I don't know why they don't care about the current people who live here in this place of drug addicts of those people You should worry and not get involved in other people's lives.
You take care of your daughter if I take care of her because it is said that you have locked her up for 16 years, Mrs. Cahuines, in a network of people down here and on the other side. you have never had her locked up ever since you come here my daughter already lives alone we wanted to know if you were locked up here as some neighbors say the lie was never locked up here becauseWhat if they don't say that they never see her on the street because she doesn't kill me and how long has she come to live in this house, that is, seasonally and now she comes for the national holidays around there but there are neighbors who say that you always here alone invented it But, ma'am, each one has been obtained and you sleep here too and your partner also sleeps here and they tell me with your girlfriend elsewhere because all now they say that you have had your daughter locked up for sixteen years, sir, that food because they have a daughter who are cohabiting with people who are the ones who are in prison for drugs and donkeys and here there is a bad smell here in the apartment lady is living in good conditions I feel this bad smell of flowers and there is a smell like dirt it is not the dirt of dogs from there you are fine if it is fine if you want to bring the day closer to work I don't work and you already leave the apartment but now not at this time because as I already told you I lost the key but he left with my mom per Or is it that I'm a majo de harina so he has his identity card, he hasn't gotten it yet from my mom, she also always loses it and he got it recently, like two weeks ago, when he goes out, he hangs out with friends in a normal life, no.
Now, why not? Because it won't be a week, the hill has been here for a week, don't lock us up, I don't want to go out, but for example today you left the apartment I didn't want to and yesterday I didn't want to either and last month last month if it seems normal to you being locked up here all day, well, if you could see me, I'm already 30 years old, but the people of the 30-year-old woman go out with friends, but there isn't much for a week. Actually, ma'am, they don't want to show their faces to clarify this whole situation, go out and we'll show our faces, no, they can't show their faces, ma'am, they're afraid of the complaints against them, of the investigation that is being carried out against them.
The government is investigating this case, the SEREMI should investigate the criminals, they can't show the apartment like this, it's not that I'm asking because they haven't said that everything is dirty here, there's a bad smell out here that we can see you through the curtain, only you You also have water, you don't have electricity, and because you don't have water, why not, because you haven't paid the water bill? So she won't let us see her without cameras, she's 30 years old, she already says she hasn't come out today, she didn't come out yesterday, these conditions, conditions without water, with broken glass, in a clearly unsanitary situation, she doesn't feel the smell, which is good, there she is in Madrid. yesterday he tried to communicate with Mario with his mother we are with alex droppelmann clinical psychologist with us álex thank you very much for coming to the program well he is carefully looking at the image what is calling us So there are four of us, we're going with you, Alex is out of the apartment, Pancho Pancho, yes, that's right, Marion, he's there, Marion, we're trying to talk to several people, Marion, we're distribution.
He hasn't seen you for 10 years because because you don't leave your house because you're there they have you locked up and because we can't come in to talk to you Marion yesterday we heard you argue that you're going very hard with your mom I didn't argue with my mom you saw that that people or boyfriends who wanted to force their way into each house if the neighbors were worried the neighbor told you that she wanted to see she wanted to see how much Mrs. Irma said so much we can go in and talk to you healthy we are not interested in knowing how people are from the health department or here because they are concerned that they have not had water for two years but they have not come and they were supposed to come from Monday to Wednesday but several are Two years, yes, but we go like this, they have received help from your authority.
Doesn't it seem strange to you, Mario, that it has been at least 15 years since you left this house, if I could confirm, I would see that there are no troops, we talk to your sister, stay here that for at least 10 of 2009 the neighbors listen to you here every day but they don't see you leave anything in 2009 I was in Los Castaños and that was the case when I was 14 but several neighbors listen to you here every day they listen to tubes they listen they hear themselves arguing with your mom the lady on the first floor hits her grandchildren the grandson gets on a question and they make a tremendous scandal that they have to see that I don't know if they took it from him but but the question that's good but the issue that stuck with the grandchildren does not want to go but you do not want to receive help that the water issue be solved two years ago I want the mind to lament the water because taking advantage of the fact that the shrimp authorities are the governor is the director of health only only the water and salt in the water but why not and why not allow yourself to certify other things if this has nothing to do a hot dog feeds on people ask him if the authority can the governor and the Mr. of health, come in to talk to them without cameras to solve the problem and you and you, would you allow the health director to come in or talk to you alone without a camera and only if this is perfect, we will all coordinate the investigation so that he can come in for a while longer to solve these issues because it is not normal for you to spend two years without water how do they bathe how do you cook that with the water we are going if you look how ask him because seven years ago he bathes how they cook for example if he does not have water there and also and he is also going to bring me water too and the food thing is that he bought water water for the rose bushes as a complete buyer but it's just that yes but if I a week ago you told me yesterday that he lived in the south yes t Your brother is also here, otherwise I haven't seen her, Pancho, did you finish school because it was important to finish?
I have the following: the neighbors and the authorities are concerned because deep down what they say is that you, who don't leave this house, there is an issue that, since there is no water, you feel, but why don't they don't open the door for me? without the camera but that we can talk mari even if we can because I can be a witness maybe what you say is true but not because she wants to talk to us then then everything is fine if only the water problem as it is well you feel good it has been saying if it has not gotten cold like all the people because of the weather as for going out if I go out tell me July of July well two things first if I don't know if the hydrophones can and second ask to the mother because she hasn't had a license for so long the amount is so important marion marion yes center more what we want and what more and that we talk with the authorities yes but we are only focusing on the window don't worry only the window as long as you don't open The curtain is not going to show anything, that is, it's just a curtain, the authorities tell us that you don't have meat, that you don't have a health record, that you don't have a social record, that's also important, but I'm going to accept it, but that doesn't have nothing to do but it's important when was the last time you went to the original doctor no but that's because I never get sick we always have a cold yes because I'm my dad he was a trainer your dad was a police officer so you have health it's precision but you haven't had the need to go to the dentist to check yourself, perhaps because many times he can't not be sick but he has to go to check himself up, maybe that should be a preventive check-up and he was going to take an X-ray of but in the end I didn't go, you have to take it off but that was a long time ago because as I tell you I never go to the doctor I never get sick more than cold it's like that because you didn't take that X-ray no because after better and we can talk with the rise in Irma also if things go wrong so eventually they focus and come back then Mrs.
Irma can you please come a little closer we are not showing just a curtain that listens to us from afar that's why there yes gentlemen ladies the neighbors say that you when you go out at night leave it locked that does not allow with the bars but this door is not not even bad it is that is a lie you want because it seems to you that at least what we have talked about with the people who live here who say they listen to music but don't goes out into the street that information that the authorities have has come out in all the entrance that apparently for at least 15 years there have been no records that is a lie and the lie is the lady those people Because they are drug addicts, here the merchandise is closed, the mother closes the crazy root, they get with criminals who are in jail, what do you worry about your children, because for ten years you have not spoken or seen Claudia if I leave She told my daughter that since 2009 she has not seen Mario to find us, my granddaughter and her and we have gone to see me, but we talked to Claudia and he told us that he could no longer give me information regarding the state of health or anything You guys because she hasn't seen Marion 9 years ago 10 years ago I'm not addicted she's seen me but that's nothing because I miss not seeing your sister and I don't want anything 1 Marion after all that has happened you don't have I want to go out, but if I go out with the neighbors, the neighbors don't beat you, they don't see you go out by Mariotto, they are worried because they listen to you, everything you like, they listen to you talk every night, they hear you here every night, but they don't see you go out. if they don't listen to me at all That here does not get noisy or anything and that entertains you, you have a television, you have to start the internet, if you want, I can look for a video on YouTube so that you believe it or not, it is necessary, but the internet is enough for you, yes, but yes I go out as I told you and a week ago in which part of the south I live that I am not going to give information about it 15 thicknesses of my private life and how are they here I know that they can go to any part of the country where you went 21 seconds to walk and I know where you are from if no no I don't have to give them information about my life and but but you walked here through the neighborhood and the neighbors had nothing yesterday a lady came and Girona and that's why if they had it was like 20 words yes It was my mother and the passions felt strong, but you think they threw stones at you, yes, because in the text about us, they also always do things like that, and why do you think it happened because they hurt my mother and me too, because we don't mess with anyone ie my mother responds to what they tell her because I don't know why but but they are different because they are violent they hit her yes from the first floor they hit my daughter like that but but you think that but you think that they are angry with you or with your mom why because if I don't forbid anything but when it goes beyond yes no but when you when when they go to get your card for example when it was to get your health card only when the outfit because it's supposed to They were going to come between Monday and Wednesday they called the company but they haven't come for two years, Pancho, well, we're having a conversation with Mariotto, well, they try to justify that he hasn't left. none of the neighbors blocks we have seen that there is not adversity of the neighbors against them in the entire report or previous that we have made this information that is already in the portals of the fifth region let's say neither We were the ones who discovered this case, let's say, I was investigating this case for years, it's already in the media, this case is already available to people, it's been on some portals for a couple of days, we've collected the case and we haven't worried about it, so in The previous report or we have realized that the location does not have wide animosity with her, on the contrary, she is very concerned about what is happening because apparently what Mario wants to express is that she voluntarily spends long hours in her apartment, it is not clear what what mario says is that basically she knows that the last time she went out was last week we talked with marion yesterday also and she tells us that she is a homebody that her interest is to stay in the house and not that we go out to her He likes to be at his house, he's like that, Marine, but it's been a week and I'm going out alone.
I went for a walk to showcase things like that because I'm not going to live with that anymore, of course, that's something. na personal choice movie day everton but but as I told him he has always been a wide person and why because you stopped studying Mario I know that you tell me it was because of laziness but but it did not seem important to you at least finish your fourth grade but because from there his life changes so radically that almost 10 or 11 years have passed since then from one minute to the next it changes radically but what happened in your life is there a problem at school some family problem that you didn't do follow your love well He doesn't have friends, panchos, because he doesn't have friends, friends, that is, he told me to continue studying, but I, and it's to create better development, and that's a lie, as I told him, I was in Los Castaños in 2009.
I did the math. I was born in the 89 what does it mean until the painting arrives yes but it was because I repeated but just because I was lazy because I had good grades hey you told me yesterday that you had a boyfriend too yes but no I don't want his name or anything but but that's effective what Who comes to see here, no, but because I told him he's from the south, and friends, yes, but it's very strange, Marion, a person who doesn't hang out with friends, who doesn't hang out with friends, who doesn't, doesn't go.visit people who don't, for example, who speak through a curtain that we haven't even been able to see songs or a scope is made in the same production company of their channel and this confirms it with your mother too' is with us because We don't do anything.
Look, Macarena can come in to talk to you here in the background, the concern and what we want to know is how everything is inside, that Macarena can come in to talk with your mom and that is being processed and we have already spoken with the authorities. Marion to process it with water is important but there are many other things that are also important Marion, such as, for example, being without water has not caused us major health problems, perfect if there is another channel here as well, then it does not bother how they do it with water they do it with life with with drums with with bottles drums bottles how they do it yes but that is in the place that corresponds to no it is not messy or nothing per Or how do you solve the problem of water with drums with bottles?
There are more cameras. I don't want it. Well, if you bother with the inconvenience of the presence of the cameras, and the truth is, we're already there. Several of us are leaving. The others have left. The other colleagues are asking. bottles with water and they also go there me and I also not just a second well everywhere starting with May we are going to try to get in with at least one other producer to talk to her to find out if she wants to change her life if she is really interested in place you a medical file identity card are the 948 less compact will continue to be there for us second we return immediately and attention and continue of course with this case that is clearly affecting panchos sanfurgo is currently in the sector of viña del mar In Pancho we listen to you so that he continues to compensate precisely with Mario' de Mayo, what they are denouncing is very serious, these denouncing that you have been shot by pellets to the windows inside the house because everyone is bad for my mom because my mom no no no and messing with anyone no no she doesn't hang out with anyone from here but don't you think it's strange that according to your mom they are all in against you there is no, as I told you from what, but everything, but there are many people, Mrs.
Irma, who do not smoke, do not drink and do not use drugs, but no, but they are not in a fight with the entire tourism community, I was not there or anything, only that these people in which because we can't talk so that so that we can talk there is also the curtain the curtain is saying yes because the police broke it because in room eleven my mother was in the room in the center doing the water thing and buying buying and they took advantage to go in like this breaking the curtain because they wanted to do it but they had another matter that had nothing to do with it and he even misunderstood more and they entered just like that and there was no order because they didn't show see see if there was any order since when you of you have problems with the neighbors since you remember from what time they have always been bad people in what sense do you mean that always more people but it seems little to him that they throw stones and those questions as valid if they tell us that you played with the girls when she was younger than me but when girls and they were envious they were bad and one I'm leaving and even the same mother who hit her when when she hit me discouraged her and then everything changed if that doesn't have what minute you you stopped talking with your friends here with your neighbors who were already like this we are talking with them but I think it is already important we have let it run from the commission to get an idea of ​​what Mario is like because of course in the recording we would have each other but here We are realizing that there are various inconsistencies but look what happens is that in this case there was very little precedent and that is clear but finally I find it interesting and it is necessary let's say This is that, as a public medium, we report a fact that is clearly abnormal and that report has already been made, but it is not important that we do not expose this situation beyond the limits, here is a disease, what she needs at this time that let's take care let's say the truth is that these pathologies let's take care of her to give her help let's say it's not so many put the case that I think it has already been sufficiently exposed here clearly there is an anomaly she is not aware of the disease she has been forgetting the disease for 16 years time because it always refers to an immediate temporary situation but it has been 16 years that this anomaly has been sustained here there must be something behind it, however it is already conjunctively preserved, which may be of less greater commission capacity but it has the multi-vailing capacity preserved therefore I believe that there is a health problem here that must be addressed the health problem has three problems or not that it is social that the community should have denounced this in the 16 years with much more impetus let us always say it with much more clarity and insistence the second is a cinema it is a health problem the health problem that must be addressed is that when a person de carlos is subjected to a situation of this type and there is denial of disease such as schizophrenia is that the minister does not want to attend through the ministry of health of the health seremi of the region can establish, let's say, compulsory care what is it what the good time is doing, let's say with the person in charge of health, as we have seen on camera, that has also taken too long, it must be done and we must evaluate not only her but also the mother because what she is doing already is staying in a social ostracism and is somehow living a hermit life maybe voluntarily but that is hurting her is giving all the options for the she can freely choose what to do with her life and she is somehow locked in a situation that is fed back day by day let's say that her mother and she and somehow they are not giving her the skill films the mother has not facilitate no it is true that she has access to socialize well initially with the question of studies with the question of studies a mother, let's say she has a daughter who is not yet of legal age, has to report that the daughter does not go to school because the responsibility from the mother and she has to do that but you call him more than he says if I go out as a keel in the background he says that he lives in the south he says that she has Santiago it also comes out that he even has a couple version against the one of the two and of course but well obviously let's say that her version is not secretly so let's say a version but there is a denial of what is already happening to her and this has to be evaluated because if it is evaluated she is given proper assistance respondent and a person could have the legitimate right to choose a life of a thousand years but let's say the sandpaper is not true with all the instruments at their disposal so that it is not the effect of a concurrent pathology álex excuse me but it strikes me that in the The speech that she has is clear and does not generate contradictions, she says one week I am here indeed my mother the neighbors throw stones at me, that is, both in the note and also in the conversation of more than half an hour that partizán van had, that is normal, well, it is a situation that a person who could have some type of problem but since she does not have cognitive problems she may have a personality disorder was she has other things that one cannot assess from here because she does not have the patient we can only make a conjecture but what it is clear and in that we cannot be wrong and in that sense if it has some use let's say the complaint is that there is a situation of 16 years that is sustained in time an anomalous happy situation and today in what way can we help this family what is it that really interests us as programs or how can we help I believe that we must insist on the health authorities or be the first when establishing the complaint the authorities have attended they have taken the measures they have to take and although the measures they have taken are tremendously accepted, she is going to be subjected to a health examination, she is going to be subjected to a physical and mental health examination in some way because it is also necessary to evaluate it the same as the mother and once the panorama is clear, the required social assistance will be possible and I think that is the first important step to solve this problem here are two facts that are still unknown, we talked about it before leaving on the air in relation to the classification of kidnapping clearly the mother leaves and leaves him with a key apparently not in a way and tells him of course denying all this there is a denial on indians dissociation with reality that the mother's requirements are accepted, let's say we don't know why the mother has her alone she goes home and comes back apparently not but we are not realizing that she probably gave me this chance to go out This freedom that is impossible for him is under the mandate of the genesis of this problem, that is to say, perhaps it was prevented from leaving at one time and today it is domesticated in that area.
True, she points out and I change the early morning that she no longer leaves her locked up, let's say in the apartment that the lock is free that the only key in the external gate of the building, let's say it's not here, I don't think that the figure of that position is configured, what can What to do here is that, in effect, she starts at best due to a personality disorder that tends to stay more in the apartment and the mother favors that situation by favoring that situation the world them and He dwarfs the world, as a prisoner said, let's say it's not true of Birkenau, let's say in times of war, nor is my world to have a spoon, so the world dwarfs to a very small thing that satisfies them, the internet has this, then clearly the mother favors this social ostracism so what has to be done here is to do an evaluation to give her the possibilities let's say it's not true that she can access a slightly larger world and treat the pathologies and three medical cases that's right case and finally she is already healthy in an area of ​​freedom she can choose the life she wants to lead but at this moment one supposes that life is even somehow obstructed by ease and power in some way the incentives that the mother has generated so that She remains, I need to be, this process is very interesting because when we talked at the beginning we were looking at this possibility of kidnapping and you said how economical she is.
He has an apparently normal knowledge of reality and during the entire period that we have listened to this dialogue with a Francisco and this one our man has is very correct because having no more tools than the ones we have, everything and the public, the public could be confused ignorant one in the Matter I could think that she is intelligent that she is there 'of her own accord' so that there is no possible harm that the relationship is absolutely abnormal but she had at the end of this she has concluded that if someone is sick there but I want to make a caveat I don't has diagnosed because I do not have the patient in front of me and it would be irresponsible not to say that I diagnosed her I simply pointed out that there is a problem there is an anomaly that surfaced investigated we can make conjectures that there may be a pathology behind this has to be investigated by the health authorities with a lot of responsibility very clearly and from there determine a course of action that will allow Allow her to have a wider availability of options, let's say, and from that option it is for her to exercise her legitimate freedom, that is, she needs in any case and with a degree of urgency, I say attention that finally I believe that the program is seeing a case of her as Well, Alex said that it cannot be diagnosed, but it can be concluded that her world is in that apartment in that square and she feels sorry that it is very normal for her to be there and that the neighbors are very happy and very rude to worrying about her even that they throw stones at her in circumstances that the neighbors have a finish she reported that all the videos have been broken due to their fights of the two of them internally we saw that pay attention to the different notes from the neighbors tell us that they fight and have broken the windows, no each money even later with a pellet and all that then of course it is done the diagnosis is urgent it is urgent to take it it is also urgent to evaluate it but that it already has a clinical file has an amount that she appears normally the rafael electron society also with us have physical health exams meet with a 16-year-old girl without gynecological exams without breast exams without preventive exams that is also in danger health is precarious that we arrived, they sat us in front of what the majority of Chileans are 30 years old since they were 14 years old and they don't go to the doctor rafa I also understand that if there is a psychiatric pathology it is necessary to evaluate the relationship between mother and daughter and it is not possible there is a denial of reality when you say that the windows are all broken because you expect from the neighbors of the internal enclosures they are fights brought by a denial of reality and there is a relationship between the two that is definitely not normal I am very responsible if I put on legs but obviously the clue we have is that she and her relationship with her closest relative her mother is not healthy that at least needs a diagnosis from a specialist in physical and mental terms because I also think that I do not venture too much and then if you go locking up your pathology this grass and theThe risk of having a loss of notion of reality and others associated, for example, with excesses already increase because obviously the social environment acts as a stabilizer in a case where you, because you are also losing here, Pancho, and also at 16 years of age, but there is no way out because those chains only no no it's not that they have many accesses to get out to get out of the apartment they have to base that desire big and they are not worried I was no longer there designs that we will see the face we do not know how it is as an adult I think that the severity that corresponds almost at the same level as the mother with all due respect but of course but since there is a vicious feedback loop and that has to be studied and we have to see what responsibility the wood has left in this now what this says here let's say effectively 16 years go giving feedback let's say it is not true a condition that at a given moment is going to be small for this little girl to the point that she can say how to Somehow the metaphor that I made with the concentration camp in with a prisoner in a concentration camp for the prisoner his world is so small has been that a spoon represents a great good because it allows him to eat I am called it is not true the little food that They give him let's say eat it whole sometimes we are with hooks to the fire he is in Viña del Mar he sent them to him he understood that he is with the neighbors panchos yes we are with evelyn meanwhile maca leporati that our producer is inside the apartment talking with marion and irma They didn't let us in because they obviously don't want to be in front of the cameras.
Evelyn, a lot has been said here. Marion says that this is how it turns out that she hasn't been out for just a week, but last week she went out that she went for a walk. they have been attacked by the neighbors with stones in the videos with post or nassos of the windows and yet a story that does not agree with what all the neighbors say is a very different story that looks at pancho all that they are now talking about mother and daughter and irma and marion we are neighbors for years as previously I already played with the children here on the blog with all the children who arrived here in 96 and It turns out that the windows were broken by them because they taste like a blow because it hits with a stick one feels all this is all the apartments are so basic that you feel everything is incredible the material is very thin and we all felt one foot in front last night I felt noise sorry in Actually she did not say the neighbors and a lady came and threw stones at me too to be fair I heard Mrs.
Irma because I was awake and the lady heard her screaming but I did not hear stone noises because I feel and my dogs that the truth is they they bark when they see now i lie as a person if someone passes by but last night they didn't bark at the time she says evelyn power to go asking some questions that in fairness also to say give credit to Marion's version it is possible that there is a possibility that Marion comes out and you simply don't see her because she comes out now if you don't see her or because in reality you aren't there when she comes out there is that possibility or you already have over the years more or less the certainty that it does not actually come out because you listen to it and it is never like that we always listen to marion at home who talks sometimes talks to spoke to the TV at the beginning of the year because now not even tlc was listening to music that she listened and she always sang she laughed at the soap operas she talked about them all she also commented to the comedians to all those who are on television in all the stops she always commented and we fought and this year about halfway through the year radio raises you is not so the truth is that the things that caused us strangeness because we do hear people talk about when the mother arrives that the mother leaves at any time at any time arrives at any time well to leave Giving her water at any time brings her food but junk food because one sees today how we are all at a glance I have found her in the supermarket very close to our home buying dori fries all day three liters and that's what that the girls in civilian clothes or a couple of questions that have to do with what we have seen and perhaps doctor droppelmann who can perhaps explain it much better many of the neighbors said the mother does not let her go out however when one talks with marion and listen to irma in the background the one who leads the baton is marion when the mother speaks and says mama cayese it sounds playing díaz and maybe the doctor dolor not crazy explain but it sounds strange that someone is against their will however it is the one who gives the orders inside I wondered why she is locked up by force or is she the one who doesn't want to go out well she can't go out because it turns out that most of the time she goes out she leaves with a call she goes out and closes the door even though one as long as it's a key because it didn't fit but at home it doesn't come out quietly like that or the ring the ring doesn't come out that we have several neighbors from the other building who are old and they also come and they haven't seen it for a long time in years it's not two or two Three is many years that we don't know, we don't listen, those are the glasses sliders that she gives and sticks here on the wall at the doors and all that happens here in this blog and also many neighbors have left I have come to portray the people It has sold for the same reason, the situation here is very serious in this respect, we have been certain that one day it was someone who left with a higher quality of working life, they hit each other because they hit each other, they both insult each other, so the truth is that things are worrying here.
There are many small children now there are few left, we continue to collect information and a maca leporati comes out who is going to tell us what happened to her because she was able to see him talking to her if later we ask you that the fence tell us who told her that he told her what That they can talk with Marion and Irma and we're going to stay with him and also because they told us that there was a situation with each piece of money that everyone had broken windows and she saw something. It is with dye that with you in the morning with Pancho Sanfurgo this lopera brand is talking with the family the truth is that we do not want to put a camera there and we are not going to put cameras where in that conversation that is private because we want to talk about what we are doing in dexia the authorities and the family because what interests us is that at least there is an evaluation and it is known that Marion has what happens to her mother in what situation they really live and how they can return to society having their identity card on their files and We are going to beg you, Pacho, that whatever the authority does not tell us to do as a help to build a bridge, we do it while we leave the mark with you there in that job of production if we want

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