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VAULT OF GLASS But Only The Funny Parts

Nov 22, 2021
I've been here all the time. I'm not going to have this raid clear. start like this The disco where we are. I hate this so much. I just like to say that it was a non-consensual part. After this raid is over, Danielle, what were you saying about your nipples? raiders welcome thank you for meeting us given take us where you are on the plane oh here you are this is unrelated but we have someone in the clan right now called a dollar 95 for guacamole question mark cerberus and then a sniper and literally whatever you want because we're going to fight our way through this place what's up with my ass? well that's an important side note we'll get to danielle where is venus in the director how do i launch this foray into the upper middle?
vault of glass but only the funny parts
Venus? gray circle. It's great. It's like a spicy mustard. I am not going to lie. d be out and even then my position is tumultuous because e as soon as dom gets a class myth i know im out the door i know jazz dont know the meaning of the word tumultuous ok how do you spell t-u-m-u-l-t-o-u-s are you blowing from stupid down equip stuff danielle you're good we have two doms on top this is cannon the doms on top are always the best oh yeah that's right very aggressive power down what i mean this is so nostalgic and cute but not for me because i


vlog like once because i had no friends in d1 so i hope you guys are enjoying this i feel really good are we done no we ain't done yeah and i cringe , sir, wow. why yeah oh


going good how many waves cause i'm kinda snoozing here no waves it's just protecting the front of your board we gotta get the stuff for the shader the chattawater it's actually called bitter pearl, it's very different, they changed its name it's oh no no it's not chaturanga they named it I can't believe they changed its name.
vault of glass but only the funny parts

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vault of glass but only the funny parts...

Look how they massacred my son. Did they bring back all the venuses? weapons don't get weapons until they've already gotten loot from the main raid. I want for free ok yeah oh my god I mean I did it yeah I'm proud of you I'm not gonna lie I would have bet a lot of money you were going to fall right there now we're heading towards the templars except don't jump to the templars because we need to get one more shard the instructions aren't clear i'm already in the templars don't go to the templars don't compromise with the templars the guys can waste time but nothing too serious. e video the rise and fall of blue west blue titan is stuck so bad how y'all play this class can you make it big 3rd time is sweet i believe in you i dont think i can i think i need to get on be honest just give up its an absolute vibe do a little blind jump around the left corner here and then pick up the shard just a little bit no someone push me oh my god who's the fat blue titan that was you i saw you yes me jess we watched your smg auto rifle video and it made me tickles all the time and mr travel was especially tickled at the end when you said please subscribe to the channel i'm eating my own diarrhea in the next video so you don't miss i wasn't ready for that.
vault of glass but only the funny parts
I just took note that the diarrhea genre could be an unused gold mine. on a thing making fun of it if you're sitting on any of that just let it fly i already said ge If you have a huge penis that's all i got. I have it blocked here. Does anyone else need help? Danielle. I've been here the whole time just so we're clear. go to the middle oh i'm being dumped it's ok because that's the end of the match when i'm done we're done now it's time please don't shoot the cube i beg you blue i would also like you to know that 25 percent of the reason why I look forward to these raids.
vault of glass but only the funny parts
Are you making those death sounds? I use it to deflect my crippling insecurity from failing in the face of my blue trauma. You are a valuable member of any fight. What do you need? You are a valued member of this path. yeah let's tag him don't hesitate no sorry he doesn't even know your name I know uh okay. you did it wrong don't jump on it danielle sorry you said it and i was already there maybe if you would have told me ahead of time dad that's on you should have been quick about when it's over danielle we're over but not in a good way everyone is like dissatisfied afterwards if my wife is seeing this in the post i would just like to say it wasn't a consensual blue started started started he finished dmt was not the strategy here wait did you take dmt before this i said it out loud yes i am hello finally some acknowledgment wait i need to hear a bed two three steps we see four i think it's one hidden this is on it's relevant one is dead two is dead three is dead four is on five it's good six dead so strong i felt the seriousness in everyone on that last round and i'm so proud of you all remember tanix the boy of the house yeah what if i told you he's the boss right now? shut the fuck up double slug slug shotguns really in this economy who would want to be the teleport blocker ok i will do that there are going to be oracles that spawn and it works exactly the same way as oracles i'm going to go around a lot no lots of shots on the teleport let's vibe the rest here we go tannix you look good oh there are oracles just sorry i logged out ok y'all get ready to dps three two one put on a healer riff release me turv alright look so here's the thing this is not my fault danielle that's an airtight case you're completely innocent i'm not going to have this raid clear start like this i thought you were going to drop a well and i didn't expect so many people to die joseph also dropped the fact that blue just referred to me as a name is something i'll take i'm getting yes witch so guys good luck with dps danielle feeling a lot of hostility i'll remind you this is a team effort ipo that we should leave well established. rep dps i saw someone else do it and they were doing it just f Did you survive this raid?
You know? I thought you were my new dad. Tell us what to do. I did not prepare for this at all. I don't have the income for this, but I want to say that I will. do your best someone pull out a real guide please he's the guy i thought was a bit of a templar and he's not the little one now me if that's what you were implying y'all used my right banner why is that the


one? i didn't use it thanks i tried to spread myself out as far as i can read my leg sorry you said no jazz it's not friday yet oh no welcome to a little segment i like to call please describe your pinches with a reasonably safe analogy for the brand i'll go first, my pinches are like two little pan lids from a budget utensils section of the kitchen aisle, we're not talking edge-to-edge premium handles, like the slippery little knob in the middle that overheats when you're cooking because it's attached to the cap you get what you pay for mine is like two cents you left in a hot car for eight weeks they melted no they didn't melt but they have a little film around them like they've been in the sun but they also hold a little bit of value like its still a penny you can still buy something with it but are you really going my dad just walked in he was looking at my pinch s you can't remember what they look like he just walked in while you were doing it he's just like you too just encountered this for the first time ask him how he would describe his pinches with a brand reasonably confident analogy dog ​​no sorry danielle what what was he saying about his pinches?
I described my pinches on the Internet. Worried you'll get fan art that's a bit too realistic? I don't have to take another look at them like we do. We are going to wait for this gorgon to pass us by as in life. Look, it's my full potential after college. Jump high. Surprise, you can get so high with those huge balls. and then he says, oh, what's going on here and I'm trying to be nice and cautious and he says, oh, what did I need you to keep up with? I'm fine, it's a lot harder when you're the person in the back, isn't it?
Get on the rock, go behind the rock, do it, do whatever you want, yeah it feels like a pretty sub-optimal route, do you want to throw? above like a cactus rick video or something like my nipples if you take a gorgon then squash it upside down and it's looking at you they're blue too bye bye heresy video type now we talk about feeding selections for a closeup sub jazz how much per foot does he pick up uh how much an amazon prime subscription that's all fi five bucks although i personally am not interested in potential resale value as a businessman i can't pass up that opportunity what are those pants? because leveling up was so much easier because you didn't have to do literally 1300, which you were already at.
I don't know if he really said you're fine exactly amazing landing you're welcome wait thank you that was a roller coaster I have a good flight you too enjoy your food thank you youtube moment right there I don't know where to go it wasn't good my mom does this super thing great in that whenever it gets too dark on the screen the monitor will automatically dim making it even darker has no practical application do you consent to describe your pinches with a reasonably confident brand analogy yes of course so i like compare my nips to digiorno you think it's delivery but it's homemade so watch this well so you know when you're leaving like a digiorno pizza in too long the pepperonis that come out are a little bubbly but they're really dark brown those are my nipples with some cheese around them considering how many digiorno pizzas i eat regularly i've never been on you that was amazing so now just take the norman route my idiot dog this sucks you really prayed oh i did too non aggressive free this made me pre wait i get it so much i got gloves i just got my third coat in a row you should see a snippet like maybe here i dont know its up there on somewhere, I just can't even pretend to care anymore.
Imagine not having Huckleberry on standby Huckleberry Gang, baby, better please recognize Huckleberry Gang. shooting me st we fight all the ricochet rounds we are dead why because we took too long we took too specifically we started the match early with ricochet rounds well dad he wouldn't admit he also had hawker very on and we were going to have a moment but he kept ignoring me and I did our junior and you didn't say anything about my name, I was mentally going over in my head how I'm going to explain the mechanics and you say how I'm going to communicate to these fucking idiots in a language that they'll understand that you love it because it's true I didn't want them to that off you laughing say something the relic person can enter i logged out a long time ago i kill the minotaur what minotaur is in the portal be more specific all good kill him ok i did it what happened to she, jess, you're going to take the relic and then you're going to go into this portal and do what and do what, kill him now, you have to prepare him to kill him.
That cat, am I right? Sorry, that made everyone cringe. go in the middle there's no door i didn't kill anything oh we did sometimes chaos is our love language and we perform better i noticed there was a point where you had been monologueing for what seemed like 45 minutes and me and danielle were just in the corner packing each other on top of them but we did we got there yes we did saving a salvo or a shotgun oh i wouldn't do either i would sniper anarchy i hate anarchy i'm out not a i don't i don't have deathbringer why should i have that?
How do you not have Deathbringer? Literally how do you get it? Imagine not having your first instinct to go to it's like i shouldn't use this on that's a god roll im just a dumb girl she got a rabbit hit firefly hung sworn on her first man what the first in the last was a self loading vorpal i didnt get a god bring the real destiny so no pit carrier i just say no i don't care and poop when i fart. Now imagine a clock, but instead of 12 numbers, there are only six like an analog clock. some kind of diagram, ok that's a very crude interpretation, it will work, it's the lowest quality pdf, why did you put everything on the top left?
I have to know what the dimensions of the project are because they have done too much. I don't know, dance the disco we're at, oh my gosh it's alright bro what do I do with this I hear? We're going to pretend this is where you're teleported to and then turn around. That is the orientation. I hate this. So why can't we make the guidance clearer? like what? how much clearer? i can tell turn around once in a while you get a little lonely halfway through revenge someone is going to be flagged for imminent arrest and you need to jump too far ahead just leave us here this man is trying to pump my b it's raining so much i don't need currently five five and then four is right here and then three is right there by the way danielle when you walk in and they'recalling the numbers you're going to get really mad because let me tell you that's all no I remember from his broadcast and I thought I couldn't wait not to do this I don't know how to interpret it here but what's killing you oh hello I like where you went with that, I have to. pee so good on your hand pee on your hand that's the most energetic you've ever been all raid blue i bring the relic clean clean clean clean I can't see anything damn I'm completely blind right now y'all ain't cleaning what I was wondering when to always hold on be cleaning ok that was info i didn't have let's have a talk after this raid is over i would like to enter that competition too but sometimes when a guy doesn't i'm literally holding my piss so we can finish with blue so if we could yeah um this is my last tire too so oh big extra pressure just what i need i love it i'll need a clean just come in the middle you should clean no wipe my screen is black wipe oh we're dead ok guys it's been good it's been fun but i'm young i'm dumb and i'm full of so i gotta go to jesus christ blue was my favorite part ta of this team here is everyone's favorite part sun your dad replied yes lemme see who actually remembers the exact shape of your nipples i couldn't create a realistic picture from memory but if you asked me to describe them i could give you the ballpark of baseball yeah he said buttons i want to interpret saying gucci buttons so that's more procedural gucci buttons i love to see it My dad was on a business call when I started yelling that, so oh, that's just typical Gucci nibbles.
Great, what are we doing here? This is my first time. outside is that big dps um i said no how bad w could you take that? oh dammit i had a feeling then i was ok start dbs august watch out for atheon he will hurt who has him whats his name We are fine? I was not in it. there's been a target right there 100 that should have been what one two five one two five five five six two sixty 64. go on go on go on and we're done who has a beef token i didn't just ask who has it that's what My favorite thing about asking that question is that no matter what I ask, someone who has or doesn't have what I'm looking for will always answer, dammit, that's how the final dps is correct. to dps sorry dps early ok we love a good parade kill kill kill kill whoo pogba i did gotta check this out oh and i'm 55 imagine giving a 55 chess piece stat roll from a raid all good except for the fact that it's not dear dad please don't watch this video

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