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Using a Jailbroken Amazon Fire TV Stick for the first time

Jul 01, 2023
Hey guys, it's Mike, I'm putting together a really quick and dirty primer on how to use the


Amazon Fire Stick. I'll have a much better version with much clearer screenshots later, but I want to at least get something. get it ready quickly so you can follow along, so all we have to do is unpack the Fire Stick and you will need to plug the HDMI into one of the HDMI ports on your TV, it may not fit. and if not, it's okay, you can use the attached HDMI extender cable, you can connect it to the larger end and then connect the HDMI to your TV.
using a jailbroken amazon fire tv stick for the first time
You'll also want to make sure you plug the power supply into the wall


the power adapter, then the USB cable which is also included, so it has to have power. With the remote you will use the red one or excuse me, the big circle near the top, right under the microphone. You'll use the outer circle to navigate and the inner button to select. I also installed the batteries in your remote and paired the remote with the ignition device so it is ready to go. You're going to light your Amazon


. Continue pressing the home button, the home button is the one that looks like a small house once you do that you will be taken to the settings of Amazon Fire Stick and you will need to choose the language you want.
using a jailbroken amazon fire tv stick for the first time

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using a jailbroken amazon fire tv stick for the first time...

You will be asked to enter your Amazon username and password and you will also need to enter your Wi-Fi information once you have done everything you will be taken to the Amazon home screen which will look similar to what you have here , in this case, we will use the Kodi companion app. It should be below the most recently used apps; Otherwise, you can go down to your apps and games and it will scroll to the bottom. On the right side there is a place to say "show all apps", another screen will appear and then you can select Kodi from there once you have used it for the



, if it doesn't appear in recent, from then on this is what that your Kodi home screen will look like this, in this case we will navigate to videos and then go down to add-ons and select and from there we will access your Kodi ad on the screen.
using a jailbroken amazon fire tv stick for the first time
Using here I am showing all the different apps that I currently have set up on my device. Oh, there's a good handful of them I'm going to get rid of. I've just been playing with them to see what works. and what it really doesn't mean is that the main two we'll be


for movies and TV will be Exodus and Phoenix. I'll make a few more updates in the future to let you know about live TV, but enough for now. Almost every movie and TV show you want to watch can be found between one of those two, so you'll select either Exodus or Phoenix here.
using a jailbroken amazon fire tv stick for the first time
I prefer Exodus and that's the one I use the most. most of the


from there you will get to the search screen and you have a lot of different options here. As far as searching goes you can just click under movies, if you click on movies you will end up being taken to a screen and I know the resolution on this is horrible but a screen that looks like this and from here you can choose movies sorted by year, languages, the most popular movies that are still in theaters, the newest movies, the movies you've seen.
It will appear here once you go to your search, so I assume you've gone ahead, done a search, and put in the movie you want. It's going to pop up this screen right here and it's going to give you a couple of different options typically for the movie, so just scroll down and navigate to the one you want, you're going to select it with your remote and you're going to get this little popup here that says and look for the different locations where that movie or TV show will be available, the next screen you'll see, assuming that movie is available, is something that looks like this, basically this is just a list of all the copies of the movie that is available, so You'll usually see it in descending order of quality, so the best quality will be 1080p, then you'll see HD, then SD, and finally you'll see some that say camera or C.
I'm the camera version, probably what you'd expect, is someone who He took a video camera to a movie theater and recorded it. The quality is generally very poor, so I wouldn't even recommend watching one that has a camera. There are times when you won't. you will be able to find anything except chamber search and Exodus, if you don't find it there you can always use the back button and try searching for it in Phoenix, if you can't find it in either of those two give it a couple of days check again at worst In most cases, it will take a couple of weeks before it appears more recently.
I have seen that happen with ro1 so keep an eye out for that and that's it, from there you will choose, you will simply scroll or navigate to the movie you want to watch, select it with your remote and it will take just a moment to store it in the buffer in advance and then your movie will appear from there, you can use your Amazon Fire


remote to play to pause to fast forward to rewind the one thing you'll want to avoid every time you've entered the main Kodi app, you won't want to use the home button on the remote because that will take you back to the original Amazon screen, which is where you had to select Kodi to start, so if that happens, it's not the worst thing in the world, but you just have to go back to following all of these steps again and it saves where I've been in a movie, so you know you're watching it, you have to pause it or stop it, pick it up later, it can remember where you are and it'll ask you if you want to, you know, want to continue. from where you were or if you want to start over when you're done, just hit the back button and you can do it all over again, so I appreciate you watching this.
Hopefully this gives you a quick introduction on how to use it. I'm still new to this so I'm learning a lot of new things about plugins and different things that are available and I'll try to make some updates about it in the future as I learn more about it. and I can share more tips and tricks so if you appreciate this video or even if you don't feel free to comment and let me know what you think positive or negative, thanks for checking out, I'm Mike. I'm out.

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