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US vs UK Little Caesars | Food Wars | Insider Food

Apr 11, 2023
Harry: From calorie count to portion sizes, we wanted to find out all the differences between Little Caesars in the US and the UK. This is "Food Wars". Little Caesars in the US sells Hot-N-Ready pizzas in a 14-inch size. Closer to 13 ½. However, I will let it slide. In the UK, Little Caesars Hot-N-Ready pizzas only come in one size, 12-inch. That means the surface area of ​​a UK Little Caesars pizza is 113.1 square inches. The surface area of ​​a US Little Caesars pizza is 153.94 square inches. That makes the pizza 36% larger than in the UK. Now, we can get Crazy Bread in the UK, and we ordered it from Little Caesars, but unfortunately they forgot.
us vs uk little caesars food wars insider food
If you remember their Crazy Bread, it looks like you get four pieces with one order, according to the website. Too bad for the UK, but in the US we got our Crazy Bread, and an order of Crazy Bread comes with eight loaves. Eight crazy sticks. Of course, it wouldn't be an order of Crazy Bread without Crazy Sauce. To add insult to injury, we were given just the crazy sauce, but without the bread. Let's weigh it anyway to see how much we get. A Crazy Sauce garnish in the UK weighs 7 grams. Joe: It's 159 grams. Wow, he is so crazy!
us vs uk little caesars food wars insider food

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us vs uk little caesars food wars insider food...

No. It is not, of course. Alright. I wouldn't call the sauce crazy. Misunderstood, perhaps, but it seems the sauce has it under control. This is a very smooth sauce, well thought out and well measured. Another item available in both countries is cheese bread. I will say on the medium-rare side of cooked. 7.5 inches wide and 5.5 inches wide. I would like to point out that in the US, our cheese bread is called Italian cheese bread. Ooh, that's almost exactly 9 inches. 7 inches. If you want to get a small pizza at Little Caesars, just get the Italian cheese bread and a side of sauce.
us vs uk little caesars food wars insider food
Some assembly is required. Here are all the Little Caesars UK menu items you won't find in the US Here are all the Little Caesars menu items you can get in the US that you won't find in the UK. Before we talk about some of the default pizza options, we'll talk about some of the customization options you get in the UK that you can't change in the US. For example, here we can substitute sauce for the ketchup base barbecue or peri-peri sauce. I think the peri-peri sauce is kind of a nod to the UK's obsession with peri-peri.
us vs uk little caesars food wars insider food
You guys know how much we love our Nando's. I think Little Caesars is trying to get in on that as well. Nando just fell to his knees at Tesco, like, oh my god no. The peri-peri option doesn't end there, because you can also add peri-peri seasonings to your pizza crust at Little Caesars. The US customizations for the crust, round, which I assume is so-so. But we also have Thin Dough, Stuffed Dough, Detroit-Style Deep Dish, and Stuffed Dough Dish. For baking, we also do a well done. Cheese, you can get, obviously regular cheese, but no cheese or light cheese.
Sauce, the same, light, normal, extra, without sauce. Now let's talk about some of the UK pizza options you won't find on the US menu. Here we have the BBQ Chicken Pizza. If you stare at this thing for too long, you will be drawn into a hypnotic trance. The barbecue sauce is very sweet and becomes the main thing that you can taste. If that's your thing, go for it. It's not really mine. Above this, we have the spicy peri-peri. The peri-peri is quite smooth. Just, like, a


hot, maybe. But to call that a spicy peri-peri, I think they've oversold the hot, and they've also oversold the peri-peri.
Our next pizza is this. It's called four. What they have done is take a pizza and divide it into four and then cover them individually. So you have two slices of Margherita, two slices of pepperoni, two slices of chicken and mushrooms, and two slices of bell peppers, tomatoes, and sweet corn. All right, this says "SC pepperoni", stuffed pepperoni. I mean, this looks like, I mean, pretty generous with the pepperoni. It's a


more neon colored than I'd like. The crust, of course, is stuffed with mozzarella cheese. Uh yeah, not bad. Let's try. Sorry, stuffed dough. People just don't care.
Newer to the menu at Little Caesars here in the US, there's something called Slice-N-Stix, which is half pizza, half breadsticks. For the consumer who wants a bit of variety, they just don't want to get a whole pizza and a bunch of sticks. I do want to point out that Slice-N-Stix comes in what I believe to be this, also known as the classic. But you also get Slice-N-Stix bacon and Slice-N-Stix jalapeno. Put on your grass skirts, ladies and gentlemen. We're going to Hawaii. This is the Hawaiian Hula, which of course is bacon and pineapple. I think pineapple on pizza is perfectly fine.
This Hawaiian is not very good, but. The aforementioned thin crust. Thin crust pepperoni. It's pretty good, if you want to pay the exact same price for literally half the pizza. So far for Little Caesars, the pepperoni is winning across the board. Little Caesars got me through some tough financial times, so I don't want to be too hard on them. But, I mean, I'm eating it, I'm like, oh yeah, I'm 20 years old. Excellent. 5 Meat Festival. Count me in here. Pepperoni, ham, sausage, hamburger? Bacon, and yes, I think it's like seasoned beef. I don't like it when they say that ham and pork are two different meats.
I know they're two different, but it's like they're pretty close. Or it should be five meats, two animals. Ground beef or seasoned sausage looks a lot like mouse droppings, which makes it incredibly unappetizing. You're trying too hard with this one. Then we have some fancy UK options, starting with a fancy pepperoni. If you're wondering what makes this fancy compared to a standard pepperoni, they just take some extra pepperoni and add it to the pizza and then sprinkle it with Grana Padano cheese. I will say that it looks a bit more luxurious than the rest. Let's see if it tastes fancy.
It may just be a placebo effect, but it tastes like the best I've had so far. I don't know if I would extend myself to luxury as an adjective, but a little better for sure. Maybe just rename it pepperoni a bit better. Something that here in the US our Little Caesars has, I've never heard of this before, and I don't know exactly what they're doing, a series of pizzas, two pizzas, called, and this is all one. word, Extramostbestest. The Extramostbestest of cheese and pepperoni. Is this just changing the brand of the plain cheese and the plain?
What makes this Extramostbestest? Okay, let's find out together. It's an upgraded version of their classic pepperoni pizza that features 80% more pepperoni and uses 25% more cheese. Okay, so more cheese and more pepperoni. Wait a second, wait a second, wait a second. Can someone take a screenshot of that? We'll compare this to, there's a pepperoni coming up that has a lot more here, so. Next up is another fancy option. The luxury daisy. Just as a linguistic note, in the UK, if you see a cheese and tomato pizza on the menu, it's almost always referred to as a Margherita.
Everybody knows what that means. It's a slightly more traditional Italian way of saying cheese and tomato. Whereas in America it seems like all of you just have to say cheese pizza or you really don't understand what you're getting. To turn this Margherita into a fancy version, it seems all they have really done is add, I think, a few herbs and then a few bits of diced tomato. All I have to say about most of these is that they're just fine. Our ultimate signature deluxe pizza is the deluxe mushroom. Again, it looks like a pretty standard mushroom pizza, with, I think, the herbs again and the Grana Padano sprinkled around the edge.
It's also funny that they call it deluxe mushroom pizza, because there's actually no standard mushroom on the menu. So I guess if you like mushrooms on your pizza, you'll be forced to have the fancy fancy version. This is Old World Pepperoni Fanceroni. Guh-roan. Now that's pepperoni! Come on! The cups? Oh yeah! Now, do you remember the one from a minute ago that we just saw that was the Extrabestmost or whatever the hell it's called? Yes Yes! Oh, they are crunchy! This is pretty cool. I will say that the dough on all these pizzas is much fluffier.
I'm hoping that's an option to make it fluffier and not that they just haven't been cooked. I'll find out in a couple of hours. Of the regular round pizzas, the last and least important is the vegetarian one. As mentioned above, a version of pizza you can get right here in the US. We have a Detroit-style deep dish pizza at Little Caesars. You can get the best supreme, the veggie, the pepperoni, the 3 Meat, the Hawaiian, and just the regular cheese. I chose the pepperoni because I think it's the classic Detroit style. Hm. Detroit, let us know in the comments how it went.
True Detroit style puts the sauce, or a little sauce on top. They do not. So it looks like a very thick pizza. We love our bread in this country. I would suggest not selling this in Detroit. So what we have here is UK only pizza. What we've done is take all the customization options you can only find in the UK and combine them into one pizza. So what this pizza has is the peri-peri sauce base, a drizzle of barbecue sauce, peri-peri chicken, regular chicken, red onion, sweet corn, and tomatoes. Honestly, that's not terrible. Far from the worst UK exclusive creation we've ever made.
The peri sauce base seems to be just tomato sauce with some peri seasoning mixed in. So you still get a bit of the sweetness of the tomato and a very mild warmth from that. Barbecue sauce is once again the dominant flavor, but as far as UK-only pizzas go, it's not bad. A segment that, Yuelei, we haven't done this for a long time, it seems! For USA only! That's how it is! This is a pizza that you can only get in the United States of America at a Little Caesars. Of all the many unique US options, we opted for a well-done pizza with stuffed crust, extra sauce, light cheese, old world pepperoni, pineapple, and black olives.
Oh man. Wah-wah. I think the extra sauce is what really... oh, gosh. The extra sauce is what really messed this up, because now everything is falling apart. oh It's really bad. And it's very bad because it's falling apart. And we also got this separately, so it actually just came out of the oven. It's really hot. So we are on the sides. We have two exclusives in the UK. Now, even though we didn't get the Crazy Bread, at least we did get the Crazy Puffs. They take the dough, shape it into a sort of cupcake, muffin shape, which is then filled with a little bit of tomato sauce and cheese and pepperoni.
You can see the fat, like, dripping off of it as soon as I bit into it. They are not bad. They are in the middle of the crazy scale. And we can also get vegetarian Crazy Puff. It's the same cheese and sauce base, but then instead of the pepperoni they added corn, bell peppers and onion. We also have Stuffed Crazy Bread. Remember that Crazy Bread from before? Now it's stuffed. That? This is like a giant mozzarella stick. It's not really melted. Oh man, remarkably bland. Avoid. Caesars has wings. Roast in the oven, barbecue and buffalo. I'm starting to have a headache.
I can't for the life of me pin down what suddenly makes me so nauseous. We've got a couple of UK-exclusive sauces, which means it's time for: Sauce Talk. We have three sauces in the UK that you won't find on an American menu, which is garlic and herb. When you order from Domino's, it comes by default with a UK garlic and herb dressing. People go crazy for that dip. People really love it. So a few other places have tried to jump on that bandwagon, and this is their version. Then we have a peri-peri sauce, and finally we have a ketchup on the menu.
I'm questioning anyone who eats pizza with ketchup. I'll be honest. And we don't actually even have sides on the menu that go with ketchup, so. Garlic and herb are defeating me. Leon, help. It has a pretty strong flavor, actually. Surprisingly hard. Try the peri-peri. So the thing is, peri-peri has a very distinct flavor. It is a specific type of chili. All I get out of this is, like, spicy hot. No. You have ketchup. I can't put my finger on it. I'm literally going to put my finger on it. It has almost more of a tomato soup flavor, which I don't hate.
After my rant about how much ketchup shouldn't go with any of these pizzas, it actually ended up being my favorite of these three sauces. I think it's more of a comment about the other two not being very nice rather than the ketchup being good. You have a choice of four delicious signature dipping sauces. Garlic Butter Flavor, Buffalo Ranch, Cheesy Jalapeno, and Regular Ranch. Little Caesars in the UK also has a dessert option you won't find in the US, chocolate chip cookies. So, we have desserts. Cookie Dough Brownies. One has Twix pieces, the other has M&M minis.
Very very sweet. Kind of weird, actually. Lastly, let's talk about the drinks. In the UK, Little CaesarsIt offers Coca-Cola brand drinks, including, obviously, Coke, but also things like Monster Energy and Oasis, which is a British classic. It comes in citrus punch or summer fruit. It's like a diluted fruit juice. Refreshing. Finally, I can get something to drink. They had Coca-Cola products. We have Pepsi products. Oh, you know, the classic Pepsi. Mug of root beer, Mountain Dew and Starry. It's the new one. It's what replaced Sierra Mist. RIP Sierra Mist, thank goodness. Yes, that's exactly what 7Up knows.
They invented 7Up. Good job guys. Unfortunately, Little Caesars in the UK doesn't give us a full nutritional breakdown, just calories. A Hot-N-Ready cheese pizza in the UK is 1,700 calories. That's 85% of your recommended daily allowance. An American Hot-N-Ready cheese pizza has 1,950 calories. That's 97.5% of the recommended daily intake. Also, sodium. Good sir. 160% of the recommended daily intake. The most caloric pizza in the UK is this, 3 Meat Treat. A whole one of these contains 1,910 calories, or 95.5% of the recommended daily allowance. We also have the 3 Meat Treat, but ours is 2,870 calories. That's 960 calories more than the UK version. And ours is 143.5% of your daily calories.
You will not believe this. The 3 Meat Treat is not our highest calorie pie. That award goes to, oddly enough, this: the pizza with pepperoni and cheese stuffed crust. All this, 3,340 calories. That's 167% of your daily caloric intake. And, of course, sodium. The sodium! 380% of the recommended daily intake of sodium. So, the pizza is cut into eight slices. So one serving contains 1,094 milligrams of sodium, which is almost half your daily allowance in a single serving. RIP my kidneys. A Hot-N-Ready Margherita or pepperoni in the UK will set you back £5, which at the time of recording is $6.04. A Little Caesars Hot-N-Ready pizza has become a contentious issue in the United States in recent years.
Forever, this was only $5. But in 2022, they raised the price for the first time in almost 25 years. Pricing may vary based on your location, but where I'm here in Southern California, a Hot-N-Ready cheese pizza is now $6.49 or £5.40. Our most expensive pizzas are the Supreme Supreme, Spicy Peri-Peri, BBQ Chicken and 3 Meat Treat, which will set you back £10. This was my first time trying Little Caesars pizza, because there is currently only one in the whole the United Kingdom. It's in Chellaston, near Derby. Having tried it, and also with the context of the price, I think I'm pretty safe in saying that this is pretty low end pizza.
It's very rare to find something this size for £5 in the UK when it comes to pizzas. But in exchange for that, you don't get the best quality. I think in terms of my taste in pizza power ratings for the UK this would be pretty low. But at £5, it's hard to complain, because it's pretty cheap. I don't know. How do you feel about that, Joe? When I was doing research for this video, I looked it up and was surprised to find out, and you may be surprised to learn this too, Little Caesars is the third largest pizza chain in the United States.
Totally surprised. Little Caesars recently became the Official Pizza of the NFL. That? I always thought, this is just me talking here, Little Caesars was always the cheapest option. Plus, quality has never been this good. So I was surprised to learn that this pizza A is still around, B is very popular and C after this video it's not that bad. I stuck with Little Caesars for a while, but, I mean, I've had worse. My producer has asked me to clean up the crumbs. One thing Little Caesars did not provide was napkins. Alright. Let me wipe my mouth real quick.
Hmm! This video, sponsored by Domino's. Oh! Cease! Is your Brute?

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