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Upchurch “Side Road Fresh” (OFFICIAL AUDIO) #upchurch #rhec #sideroadfresh Reaction

May 10, 2020
The content on this channel has been created for adults. If you are not at least 13 years of age or older, do not watch this content. Sorry buddy, come back when you're 13. Yeah, maybe, what's up, family? Welcome to another video. your fake homie chase aka cross effects aka chosen effect back on set decorators straight and don't forget now my search for homie up is back again suddenly another clue. I didn't think he was going to have another fall so quickly, but he. Did it appear suddenly and I was late for the hit? I hate that because I like to go crazy with money went up dropped something because you know how I feel about church ah anyway we're here now better late than never this is It's called Side Road Fresh apparently I was looking at the description of the thing there and I think he said this is from an album coming out in 20 21 20 21.
upchurch side road fresh official audio upchurch rhec sideroadfresh reaction
He has music ready for 20 21. It's already 20 20. It's still early 2020. it's like March, he already has music ready to go 20 21; That's what I'm talking about, man, church plan, he told you he planned, he's working, he's hustling, doing his thing, man, let's see what it's about, by the way, period, channel. 4 series that describe and we join the family, we would love to have you, yes, the red button, just click on that red, what do you think the reds are there or is it not decoration? You're supposed to press it, yeah, go ahead, I'll wait, okay? So that's how long I'm waiting because I want to hear this song.
upchurch side road fresh official audio upchurch rhec sideroadfresh reaction

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upchurch side road fresh official audio upchurch rhec sideroadfresh reaction...

I watch, but if I didn't want to hear this, I would wait a long time. Don't think about what, yes, let's continue, here we go. I walk next to the church, your emails


Oh, champagne, our world like tattoos in 300, lots of wildlife, oh my goodness. The girls' blacksmith is like a man. Now I'm so


. I don't drive anymore, man. I'm going in the back, oh. that's kind of the bar of soap on Upchurch, something about the Upchurch man, just the way he crazy energy, attitude, confidence and most importantly just talking things that are so real to him, you know, I say it like I don't mince words, you know what? what he says is incredibly right because he keeps you in check when he says it respect ah come on man ah I'm Church this is a cool vibe come on a lot of wildlife can't do it so life tattoos o next of a new beginning, a plane. a lot of wildlife tattoos, that's right, who do you think of when they talk about country rap when you think of a country representative, who do you think of, man, if you don't say Upchurch, ah, no man, because seriously, he's directing I play my plate and I have to throw my legs on the floor just to see the Hey of all time, oh my God, man, this is an example of what's coming in 2021 on the album of 2021.
upchurch side road fresh official audio upchurch rhec sideroadfresh reaction
I don't know, man, oh My God, oh my God, that hope. They're going to fire them, he already did, it seems like that, so he's got the 2020 albums like the country full of country, you know, singing vibe one and then twenty twenty one he'll go back to like that rap vibe two minutes, so man , it's just covering. all the bases is making sure you know it's as real as it gets and I can spin it, men, I can spit it, I can make a damn country out of it, you know, I'm sayin' that's how the damn Upchurch rolls come, man, go there. subscribe to the church channel, click the subscribe button on his channel, like this video on his channel if you want to watch the whole thing, the link is in the description, always go and show him some love, give him a comment and tell him that.
upchurch side road fresh official audio upchurch rhec sideroadfresh reaction
You came from this channel and you are showing him love because damn I said send him some love by the way I see honey where is the HEC team? Where are you guys coming to the Creek squad, what's up, what's okay, come on, come on? finish this, let's end every damn label flame because it's dumb because they know it and they're in love, I love it, I don't think I can ever get it, man, this is just how it is, it's out of their reach, you know, I'm saying it's like this. Hot girl, you know, and like you know, that guy is like a man.
I wish I was destined to stop wishing because you can't get it. That's up. Church man, he is here. I mean, you have you. You're not in the same league. He ain't knockin', he don't need you, he don't need you, come on man, Church, tell 'em, tell 'em, Church, keep telling 'em. Wow, oh, it's just that the end of these songs comes so fast like it's just a reel and I just lose track of time, hey guys, that was fucking Upchurch with the fucking


street, a new song from the future, he was to the future and brought it back to the present for us and did what only a church can do with Church by the flow, the damn reality style. fucking based on his truths, fucking dope, fucking country, hip-hop, rap fusion, don't do vibes, stuff he'd be pulling, you know how he do it, oh man, shout out to Upchurch, man, it should be looking at this yard, no, no, no, you know. man I love what you're doing keep doing what you're doing because what you're doing is so good and as a music lover I appreciate it 100 minutes oh and this guy is like I said please go there subscribe to his channel give him a like and a comment show him some love man please do that because the church man complains a lot about churches about the music man he is about this so can we show him a little love anyway, love you guys, remember the beach for me to the fullest and keep it out of the tap. and stay safe

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