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Unsung 2022 🎡 Johnnie Taylor ~ Last Two Dollars 🎡 Unsung Episodes 2022

Dec 09, 2022


was one of the greatest soul singers to ever pick up a mic and grace the stage when you heard a johnny tale song you didn't have to say who that is johnny


could do it all a singer ranging from gospel to soul to disco on a career that spanned five decades and spawned 15 top 10 hits when he stepped out on stage, it was like he just lit up the place, he could deliver a lyric in a way that made him relatable to the common man. Taylor did it all off stage as well. He was an ordained minister who loved the highlights and whose songs reflected those experiences from the sacred to the profane.
unsung 2022 johnnie taylor last two dollars unsung episodes 2022
He was a pimp at one point and he was a hustler at one point and became a pop singer. he gave a lot of advice in his songs, he warned men what they should and shouldn't do with their women and he did the same with women too if he felt he would say it and if he said it he would but in the end johnny taylor vote of setting his own rules for success because his downfall undermining his career his relationships and ultimately his life was torn between knowing what's right and then knowing what's wrong and doing the latter has spent over $300,000 on three months on drugs a lot of bad habits will make you leave this earth faster than you should leave it he could have been bigger he had the talent a little bit stopped that's all johnny taylor grew up in arkansas farm country the youngest of three children his parents they separated early but his grandmother was devoted to the church where johnny began to sing at the age of six he sang in the field and my aunt wondered why she didn't have to pick cotton it was because she was swinging she just said this is going to get me out of having to pick cotton when he realized he had a voice that people responded to was some kind of ticket to a better life at age 10 johnny had moved with his grandmother to kansas city when he was a teenager he performed with the gospel group called the Melody Kings sometimes opens for the Soul Stirrers led by Sam Cook, it led to him growing up faster than I think he obviously would have because he was so much more surrounded by adults and was on tour I think that affects the rest. your life in a myriad of ways in 1953, taylor moved to chicago, where he made his first recordings with the doo-wop group called the five echoes, then joined a gospel group called the highway qcs and when sam cook became it was, soul stirs in 1957 taylor was brought in to take his place to try to replace someone who is really the biggest artist in the genre at the time it was a huge task but he was able to pull it off and he was really able to create an identity for himself himself even within the gospel, but In 1960, Taylor's life took a dark turn when he fatally injured a young boy running in front of the group's car while driving, though it was ruled an accident. the gr oup split up johnny got fired from soul stories because he hit a girl and they got him out of it but the soldier said you know this is too much he chased him for a long time and he was some kind of seed of his uh addiction when he left the soldiers johnny went into the ministry was ordained a minister and wandered from church to church preaching in the early 60's taylor had gone to los angeles while still struggling to make it as a preacher reenter sam cook now, a full fledged pop star, said you know this preaching just don't make money and sam said use your voice use your voice don't back down the gospel come to the pop camp and make more money it was a matter of money he admired sam sam With his idol So Go So Taylor began releasing singles for Cook's Sar label in 1962, including a country 10 song called Rome, It Wasn't Built In A Day. in such a way but not in a mann er that knocked you out but just gently penetrated into your being but i fled into a little seat in your heart and it just needs time to go now don't you hear me?
unsung 2022 johnnie taylor last two dollars unsung episodes 2022

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unsung 2022 johnnie taylor last two dollars unsung episodes 2022...

Rome wasn't built back in the day it was a perfect example of the sam cook influenced the johnny taylor sound you can even hear johnny taylor doing the same kind of runs sam cook was known for in his song it was the real deal of a young johnny taylor, it illustrated his general ability to really deliver a song, baby don't you leave me alone no one else just pretended and jenna always said it was one of her favorite songs johnny taylor had finally had his chance and was ready to take it by max we never had a johnny taylor release that wasn't a hit record all these early 60's johnny taylor had found a foothold in the music industry and even though none of his songs had hit the charts charts he carried himself like a star johnny taylor even in high school he was an immaculate dresser that tradition just continued throughout his ca side career whatever you want to say it johnny would be so smart sometimes we just go out to maybe one of our friend's birthday parties something you think he's getting ready to act johnny taylor was always good always wore the feminine styles of the biggest cars the limousines you know he had it all and if his record sales were modest johnny found other ways to maintain that lifestyle you know there was a side to johnny that had nothing to do with the record business but it was making money if you can read between the lines he was on the ladies side too he was a pimp and they were the ladies of the night going out with him to night clubs while he was performing they went around the club earning extra income i found out how he made that extra money what i met maybe in march of '64. my brother otis was working in kansas city and that was a car coming slowly down the street and there was a lady driving it i laid him down on the side of the aisle jero a lady in the back to the left a lady in fact to the right and jonathan in the back in the middle but in december '64 taylor's mentor sam cook was shot and killed in a los hotel room angels rocking johnny's world we always take it so hard you Imagine this our idol and all our hopes and all our dreams that was a huge blow to him personally and business wise because he didn't know where to go after Sam was all he he really said he thought. just going back to the ministry because it hurt so bad taylor still didn't have any exclusive songs to call his own so he started performing a number one hit called part time love which was recorded by another singer named little johnny taylor as if he was the singer he had been successful johnny knew he had to survive one way or another so he started building his little johnny taylor and at that time guys weren't on tv much so no one knew their faces and he became very popular. with that guy's song and he toured all over the country on different tours and everyone was singing that song but it wasn't his song originally but the strategy worked so Taylor got a record deal in 1966 with stacks whose roster included singer otis redding, he wanted to be the number one artist on stacks after odin says for sure and i think he had accepted the fact that otis was going to be number one living there but in december '67 otis redding died in a plane crash and his tax history moved on without his downfall. star they turned to johnny taylor to fill the void they needed someone to step in and be the main male artist there and they looked at johnny they said you know this guy has the right charisma he has the right look he definitely has a style let's focus on building his career for That bunch, turned producer-songwriter Don Davis, a veteran of Motown hit making a studio machine in Detroit, Al Bell, wanted to create a sort of mash-up of the Memphis sound. and detroit sound by bringing don davis into the picture he was able to create a whole new sound for stacks that johnny taylor was able to tap into when he started producing johnny i just want to say it was like magic the two of them together it was like magic the result was a innovative song and theme called who's making love when i first heard who's making love it was like this song wasn't supposed to play on the air while the woman there's something you never thought every damn gluten love your old lady but then once you hear it, it's life, it's everyday life, I like to write songs that people relate to and it wasn't really a song about sex or anything, it was about reaping what dresses. who's making love to your old lady why aren't you making love maybe you should be home who's making love jumped to number one on the rb charts and became a top 10 pop hit sometimes we make it alright and whos making love was one of those j only right songs and after that it exploded like bubblegum in the late 60s the crossover success of whos making love had propelled johnny taylor to stardom and became the first of several hit songs dispensing music with a message that was sort of the beginning of him being the only philosopher who could give people advice on how they should lead their daily lives and relationships.
unsung 2022 johnnie taylor last two dollars unsung episodes 2022
I always felt like all the songs were being written for me and johnny liked the idea because women then were even more in love with him and he loved being loved oh yeah taylor's career hit a bump in 1970 when he was arrested while he was vacationing in the Bahamas for possession of marijuana along with a pair of brass knuckles and a revolver. He spent three months in a nassau jail that didn't affect us stack that was johnny taylor that was one of us and whatever he was in the bahamas didn't matter and didn't stop taylor's parade of hits including another warning e co-written by don davis titled jody's got your girl and gone tryna that's basically telling the guys they better hurry up because someone else is wearing their pajamas you know a lot of guys got off work and went home and went through the house to make sure they jody wasn't that when that record came out when you came home and when johnny sang it the audience got excited no matter if jody was next jody got your girl and she left became johnny taylor's second number one r b hit the name jody became something of a mythical figure in the early 70s, even other artists started doing songs where they talked about jody, you know, he probably meant that johnny got you and left, but But it probably wasn't the best. to use his own name there so he has kept the j there for all his wild ways in the early seventies taylor had a more stable home life after fathering four children from previous relationships he married his longtime partner jerlene time in 1970 and set out to work raising her two children jonathan and latasha in the dallas suburbs she was a homebody a lot of the time especially in the early years you know she would come home and read a lot the first thing she did was come home and rest and then read for about three days he loved cleaning the pool he loved it it was like a quiet thing for him to clean the pool and we had a great backyard and we had big birthday parties and a big Fourth of July and when he was around he was at that barbecue hooking it up we'd take the winnebago to the lake we could go fishing we'd go on family vacations we could be kind of normal people without uh and est ar so crazy all the time he loved his home he loved his kids you know he had his thoughts but he had a good heart and in 1973 johnny poured out those tender sentiments in a ballot called i believe in you on the people of the world today i see you with something good they want to take it away but i believe in you you believe in yourself the personal side of him and his personal relationship with his wife regardless of what happened or happened along the way he believed in her and she believed in him that was a song of pure love and a beautiful melody, people are talking trying to tear us apart. every time you go again that um makes me cry and that's me to me that's my favorite song of all time i love it i believe in you you became another number one hit that's one of his all time classics and i think which carries over because any relationship can relate to the writers that johnny had, they pretty much tailored the material for him and were surrounded by things that happened in his life and just made the song look and feel like he wrote the song. matt rice who wrote mustang sally said i've been watching john and listening to johnny i have a song johnny needs to record and sing so he wrote the song and of course when johnny heard it the rest is history when your girl do you get mad and you take an attitude and pack your face five liters you're leaving behind son you're gonna pay some poplar sometime that fight is cheaper to keep up it's a real song to most men they know if they're married it's cheaper to keep her if you let her you're going to have to give up at least half of it you didn't pay two bucks to pay that girl home now you're about to pay 2000 trystay together if you can because bro you are getting ready to pay child support and some money if i were you.
unsung 2022 johnnie taylor last two dollars unsung episodes 2022
I try to figure it out and keep here how many people have had to face that reality in life. You know I'm on my third marriage, so believe it. i learned it would have been cheap for people in many cases released in the fall of 73 cheaper the archer jumped to number two on the charts life lessons from johnny taylor archer in the early 70s johnny taylor had become the foremost of stax record reliable hitmaker who scored 17 consecutive top 20 singles for the label and demanded to be treated that way, even refusing to perform at the historic Wat Stacks concert in Los Angeles after Isaac Hayes was announced as the headliner of poster.
I guess i wanted to close the show and at that point isaac hayes closed the show so johnny taylor wasn't on i remember he told me one time your brother was gone the only two people i let close the show behind me they are aretha franklin and bobby bland and when it came to leading his own group taylor ruled with iron Fist demanded respect from his man and he didn't ask for it, he demanded it, he always wanted us to have shiny shoes. in a minute and he used to keep a band on hold because I mean he would pull up and take the guys out to the curb he wanted it to be where he wanted it to make sure everyone did their part because he was going to do his taylor kept control of his business off stage and also booked and promoted his shows from a production office in dallas called label companies that represented taylor and god i think he gave him a sanctuary gave him a place to do his business i think it was a home away from home for him i mean you know he had managers from time to time and stuff like that but he ran his own show johnny knew how to handle his benny he's a good businessman because you know you get taken advantage of when you don't know the that kind of business, my dad, would you know to go to the office and walk out with his briefcase as if you were a singer?
What are you doing? What's in that briefcase? Who could it be? Know? It will slow you down because of the turbulence of it when doing it yourself. Taylor's promise to do things his way came in handy when Stack's records were abruptly closed in the mid-1970s. Without missing a beat, he signed with Colombia and went to work. a song co-written by harvey scales albert vance and don davis that was inspired by the rise of disco when i first wrote the song it was called shake it up shake it down with johnny eric said ok but i dont know about that shake it up shake it up stuff man give me something to say the result was a single marrying a silky melody with a funk beat titled disco lady even though it's called disco lady it's not a disco song the disco lyrics are closer to funk than to disco music that was disco lady. that catchy song where you could actually dance to and suppose you let your hair down have fun for a guy like johnny to make a disco lady at that particular time with the beat and stuff man that's why I was a hit he Fitting perfectly, this Golden Lady became a number one RB and pop hit, sold two million copies, and was the first single in music history to be officially certified platinum during the disco era.
The records were selling so much so fast that they had to create a whole new program that was called platinum and we got the first platinum in history johnny taylor was the king of the world or so it seemed when you bring a monster hit like that the record company comes to where they expect you to do it over and over and over again disco la dy was kind of the high point and the beginning of the end for johnny taylor with the sensational disco hit lady in 1976 johnny taylor became that rare singer who bridged the gap between 60's soul and 70's dance fever was blessed because most studios were selling singers most of them just faded away after disco came along which kept him working for a lot of other artists who couldn't work so he became part of the discotheque movement i think that was one of johnny's best songs but you know what he didn't like the song he didn't like the pe Period of the song whether Taylor likes it or not followed Disco Lady with three more top 20 hits, including a sultry beat called Your Love Is X-Rated I Love It Based On Physical Things It Weakens In The Seas And Crumbles Your Lovers Are X-Rated it was one that nailed the johnny taylor that we love that was johnny's style i don't think daddy ever wanted to be too explicit but your love is qualified you know x that means you're an extra special girl so we give you, the double meaning, what where do you know, we're telling you, but we're not telling you, that's the advantage he had, that was great, he kind of pushed that envelope and said we're going to talk about this and we're going to talk about it in a very funky, fun and upbeat jam song x rated peaked at number 17 on the charts a respectable performance but far from disco heights lady your love is x rating began to cause something of a downward spiral p Because the late '70s was all about selling albums in particular, he couldn't really do that with those songs, so Columbia started to lose interest because he wasn't reaching the pop audience, those guys who have that instant hit, the monster hit record, koreas are really in trouble. because people in colombia probably started expecting the same thing to happen over and over and over again, it just wasn't in the cards, you know, and when taylor record sales started, um horizontally, um, they kind of crashed at the end of the 70s, his use of another substance.
Then it started to go up johnny uh he loved to smoke he loved to drink and uh he also enjoyed a little huff here and there i said johnny you don't need all that to get a hat no coke none of it i said may i want to get you high enough oh well, I like this and I like that he spent over 300,000 in three months on drugs and it was easy to hide things by doing drugs, you know you stay hot all the time, man, right? I didn't care about anything now, he never used drugs around me, I mean, and I respected him for it, but drugs hit in 1979, Taylor was arrested for cocaine possession and sentenced to five years probation.
A year later, he was charged with driving under the influence while in possession of cocaine. but he beat the drug ramp when the court ruled the search of his car was illegal well you know what johnny told me he said i'll see if you get posted ok so that's the way danny got felt about whether it was good or bad. he was on the news he said my name so they would know who i am in 198 0 taylor made his


album for colombia which soon dropped him off the label maybe not coincidentally he went to hospital at the same time after suffering a heart attack , I just told him he needs to slow down, he knows he just can't do it all. you can't try to have fun during your shows and think nothing is going to happen to you had this famous saying well you have to die of something you just didn't care in the early 80's after a spectacular career that included 15 top 10 singles The johnny taylor's reign as rb hitmaker was over but taylor didn't walk away signing to a small indie malac label in 1984 he just reinvented himself once again this time as a blues singer malac was truly the best in the south home label at the time in the '80s for artists that weren't considered necessarily mainstream anymore so johnny taylor was able to go to malaco and create some songs that got him going again in the first place i'd like to say goodnight ladies and gene tlemen soul sisters and soul brothers taylor would release 10 malaco albums over the next two decades while keeping his show on the road where johnny was always in his comfort zone onfort when he walked out on stage it was like he just lit up the place it was the way his stage presence just drew you in and it was amazing he was truly amazing wow it was like nothing else mattered he was the artist you paid for a show I was going to give you a show.

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