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UNSEEN MOMENTS (we usually wouldn't record)

May 05, 2020
is that the best way to do it team coat this is the mother's face thank you this monster that ever worked the cutest and best hearted angel monster yes who has forgotten that he is anything but a monster tell them where you are going tomorrow I have two? weddings this weekend, one morning and another the next day, so this takes a bit of a toll on us, we really took on more than we could handle with this huge wedding schedule and it's been good for us financially, but it's very difficult, but We're actually having our last hurray before the big breakup and no, no, we're just going to follow our hearts here, do some happy things, just be together and try not to let Luna poop in everyone's yard.
unseen moments we usually wouldn t record
She's been having some problems, hasn't she. My fault maybe yesterday he ate a donut from George's hand and then there could have been another donut or cookie that I don't know about from another kid's hand. All you know is that last night I woke up to the most terrible smell in the world. big time under our bed, he couldn't smell anything because he has allergic congestion and she was blaming me. No, I got up, this is what happened. I got out of bed and said, "enough, I'll take her to the bathroom." something has to come out of her or something because there's too much smell and claws, but what are you actually doing?
unseen moments we usually wouldn t record

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unseen moments we usually wouldn t record...

And I was like Bruna knocking under her bed constantly, like she's so bad here, how are you not mad because Dallin


is? the one who says get her out of here and I was he said that was I said I said maybe I had a small one ten minutes ago it's you two and he couldn't smell anything because he can't like he has allergies and he's congested well you know , this was like eight times, she pooped today, it's a long story, fart, I mean, short blue nerves really stinking up the place these last few days, tummy ache and Alan.
unseen moments we usually wouldn t record
Oh, gross, George is not happy, he is not happy. George, are we going to do it? bike ride today, did you like it? I'm going to take another bike ride I'm going to eat you for my dinner no no dinner new plants change the plants continuation of old plans to find happy things to do continue you go to the food truck party it's food truck night every Thursday here where we live and we've never been to food truck night yet, have you been? Yeah, but I'm not, so we're going to food truck day. you push the stroller over there, it's something Utah is known for, it's legit food trucks, we have pretty high expectations for food truck night last time I was here, about an $8 lemonade you bought, yeah It is the most expensive drink I have ever bought, but it was also very good, the lines are so long that you want to know something.
unseen moments we usually wouldn t record
These are all expensive food for trucks going to the door; It's a little expensive. Fast food. The same price. Oh, you can probably get moisture, literally, like everyone has her food on the floor and she's sniffing. Everyone's food is fine, well, what should we order for delivery? New chicken fil-a again or we can try something new, there's that rice place, like our local newspaper says every week, like all the restaurants that have closed, everything healthy. read it in KL, they're like these restaurants have been closed, just tired, never a chick-fil-a, never a chick-fil-a, we've ordered chicken-fil-a, it's done, oh are you going eat my phone? you're on the screen you got me are you happy now?
Well, they're not happy, you're not happy, whoa, yeah, he's quitting, okay, jumping, how big are you?, how big are you?, stop, stop, stop, oh no, what, oh no , no, oh, which one is he? baby okay yeah good job oh how gross oh yeah oh yeah hello plane by plane hello good morning it's the next day. We ate so much chicken-fil-a and passed out so quickly that we didn't finish the vlog last night, so I'm here right now, that one is preparing well, it's not really preparing. Ellen isn't quite ready for her wedding. This one just woke up.
Are you starving? It's probably turning. Stay down. Miss Piggy's voice, oh, that's my lady. Doubtfire, right, George, I'm sorry I left you, are you coloring your drawings? Remember how we got that envelope to write love letters and put it in our room. Well, George saw that and if any of you watch our vlogs, you know what he calls big pens. balls naturally because he draws big balls with his pens, but this is what he does all day now, what is that, what color is that look, free friend, oh, it's not purple on yellow, it also says purple for each color , no one shows it, yeah, Becky, no puppy here?
I know the Rory show, honey, yeah, not the baby show, either, we're doing something new where we just like his favorite shows, like Blue Show or Daniel Tiger, after 7:00, like after dinner, just to relax, so we all like beauty during 7:00 to get there quickly, but during the day, if there is a time when we need television, we will do the ABC Kids show 1 to 3 on YouTube basically like a thousand different ABC songs or we'll put on like Mister Rogers' Neighborhood or I'm trying to like this show called Mighty Machines on YouTube, you know, those shows that aren't that fun to watch, those are the shows that I go to We have invitations, they are good learning programs and they are not like candy. and he was starting to enjoy all day, every day, like what you just saw, like Marshall's blue show, and if he didn't get it, he would cry hysterically and wake up, so we've taken a lot of good steps in the right direction , so instead of Watching TV we just painted dots all over the rug, except he's really good about not including it in my favorites so far, remember what we talked about with the covers, try to put the cover, oh, I have to put to that man, oh, I wanted him to start real quick.
We're going to school with George again, this is like a year's curriculum, right, you'll crush the curriculum. I'm fainting right now. I got up real quick, it's the one year curriculum we bought when he was 1 year old and he said it was like that. very little for that, but now he is very cute because he can color and he likes to talk, so we are doing that and we did the first one yesterday and it came out very well, he loves it, he told you what color it is, yes, well, maybe the purple be near, James. just hang out mourning my hand hurts she's in you yeah oh I got a little bit of Bedhead baby I got a little bit of Bed Head I'm so excited because next week is the weird week that Ellen and I are going clothes shopping for he we have a few like our favorite Instagram boutiques and then we'll probably top them off with Costco and Target, but we're going to make this epic like all of our kids are into clothes like Haul and I'm so excited because bearded.
I have some things that come in the mail, the ones we have, I guess they're so cute and I'm like, Why have we waited? But we did, but he's a good friend we can make. I won't do it. Andy, can you? do it right, okay, white, blue, skidoo, we can here too. Hunger is that the best way to do it, pick it up, optimistic, no, no, we left it out last night, but they were empty, so he bought him a fresh new one, he is our son. frisk is the best hmm ok so we like to put lotion on it every morning it gets very dry here in Utah and your skin is very soft ok ready baby get ready there are no people y'all work coloring ok , turns out George needed a bath so he's really grumpy yeah it's time for you to go I gotta go film the wedding okay tell everyone bye bye everyone thanks for watching take care of Ashley, James and George, I'll be back tonight, okay, look, baby, and no, oh.

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