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Unofficial Pokémon Relationships - Pokémon Fact of The Day

Jun 10, 2021
Hello Pokémon fans, I'm J Wits and today we're going to talk about some interesting Pokémon


. No, no, not that guy. Different types of


between the Pokémon themselves. Now there are a lot of different fan theories about the Pokémon universe among fans, but today. We'll focus on a few of them that talk about some of the


relationships between some of the different creatures. Let's look at it, just a disclaimer. Today is another one of those days where we'll leave gratitude territory and delve into fan theories. They're a lot of fun and I like to cover fan theories from time to time, but keep in mind that nothing has been officially confirmed by Pokémon or Game Freak today.
unofficial pok mon relationships   pok mon fact of the day
The first strange connection is the idea that the ik site and Golduck accidentally changed their names after all. Why name the blue duck golden duck when it falls out of a well? However, a quick look at Japanese names disproves this theory fairly quickly, while Golduck is still called Golduck and the Japanese name Scitex is duck ko, a portmanteau of the words boy and duck. there is very little chance that the names will change, they are so white Golduck, the only real thing we can point out is that gold is associated with psychic properties a couple of times more than the language of the game, the golden gummy is the one most liked by psychic pokemon and pokemon mystery dungeons and Jim Marsh's psychic badge is called a gold badge in Japan, it's not a theory, but it's more of a visual relationship: the normal Rotom and Shuppet, both are ghost type and have an almost identical body shape with oval bodies and a point at the top. some people like to joke that all you have to do is throw a Reaper cloth on top aronia man tada buy it instantly Another interesting visual relationship is the one between carvanha Sharpedo and Garchomp, while the evolution lines of garchomps are described as terrestrial sharks and Carvalho's is clearly that of a marine shark, there remain many similarities between the two that could make these separate sharks distant relatives.
unofficial pok mon relationships   pok mon fact of the day

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unofficial pok mon relationships pok mon fact of the day...

For starters, both Carvanha and Garchomp use almost identical color schemes of dark blue, red, and yellow. All three also feature a distinctive yellow star on their body and eventually both. Sharpedo and Garchomp both have ripped fins on their backs Given the striking similarities, it's possible the game fan is hinting at a distant relationship between the two sharks or it's possible that Garchomp was originally part of that line but was reworked in the fourth. generation; Many have noted that the orb Inside a Cloister has an extremely similar design to the Ghost Pokémon. The similarity is even more striking when you realize that these two Pokémon are next to each other in the Pokédex.
unofficial pok mon relationships   pok mon fact of the day
There's actually no other evidence to prove this theory, but it's an interesting observation: another ghostly fan theory notes that Ken Sugimori's artwork gives Haunter and Voltorb the same eyes, suggesting that Voltorb in They are actually possessed pokeballs that constantly explode out of anger because they are trapped, while simply observing that these two Pokémon with similar eye designs are not really compelling on their own, it is interesting to note that the power plant, the place where they are created the modern Pokeball and Voltorb, and the lavender city, the police are chasers, the Pokémon tower, they are very close together on the Kanto map, it is not far away.
unofficial pok mon relationships   pok mon fact of the day
It is a stretch to suggest that some spirits could have strayed from the Pokémon tower and possessed a newly created pokeball to bring it to life and the last of the original ghost trio theories is Gengar and clefable, this theory posits that the two characters having very similar designs They embody years. Fingers and toes are antithetical to each other. The money suggests that Gengar, the shadow Pokémon, is Clefable's shadow. It's interesting to note that because clefable is a normal type and gang cars are a ghost type, neither of them could damage each other using the main types of attacks blocked on some. kind of eternal struggle here's a fun theory that's sure to make you look twice some people argued that Butterfree and Venomoth were swapped at some point during the games' initial development.
Let's look at the most compelling argument first. Venna and Butterfree's debt are purple. large red eyes with the capacity for compound eyes, they have antennae, three-fingered hands and rounded feet. Also, when comparing the sprites from the first games, the Pokémon seemed to have the exact same pose with its legs raised in the same games and a more centered pose than others, well the physiology of a mosquito turning into a butterfly is a bit questionable, so a network becomes a moth. Now let's look at Caterpie Metapod and then both Caterpie and venema have shield dust since their ability all three characters also share a similar style of eye. a large pupil, all three have slits on the lower part of their body and all three share some type of decoration on their heads.
There are also interesting notes that Ken Sugimori's early artwork of Venomoth from Pokémon Red and Green featured yellow spots on its wings similar to the yellow rings found on caterpie bodies. Well, none of this is concrete evidence that it used to. There may be a relationship between these different lines of evolution, I'm sure there's plenty of visual evidence to make them fun fan speculation, many cite magmar antics and electabuzz is some form of trio within the Well, in the early games, I've seen a lot of rumors suggesting that these three Pokémon were originally going to be legendary.
I found no evidence that it existed. All three Pokémon appear in the same area as a legendary bird at some point, although Electabuzz is in the power plant in the original Zapdos games. Jinx can be found on the seafoam islands in the blue version of Japan with Articuno and Magmar can be found in Mount Amber with Moltres and Greenleaf all three can learn a variation of an elemental strike move and in the second generation, all three receive a baby Pokémon that evolves at level 30 beyond this, However, the similarities with Jinx disappear while the relationship between Electabuzz and Magmar continues in the generation, as both Pokémon received a new evolution, which involves evolution through trading while holding an item they both had.
Items with similar names in both English and Japan are called magma riser and Iser reader or magma booster and aleko booster both with artwork featuring a cube with three slots in a circle that features that item in generation for moves learned from both magma like electrabuzz. at the same levels for a while culminating in the same level for fire and thunder and finally both characters have names that are phonetically inverted in Japan bubele for magma and Ella boo for electabuzz despite a major Scyther electabuzz war in the anime, it is safer to say. that the true rivals are Electabuzz and Magma Cube is, as I mentioned before, one of the most depressing creatures in Pokémon's existence, with each of its Pokedex entries noting that the skull it carries is that of its dead mother, the question remains who.
Is that dead mother a popular relationship, but as said the mother is coupon Kangaskhan constantly cries for his dead mother, but in the first generation there was no reproduction and the only true mother Pokémon that exists is Kangaskhan, the one who carries a child inside his bag while King Khan's son is clearly blue, it is interesting to note that Kangas Khan's coloration is very close to the reference bones and the boy's design is not that far from the simple q-bomb design. Kangaskhan also has several similarities to marowak, including a pointed stomach and tail line and crossed eyes, there are many variations on how exactly Cuban and Kangaskhan could have been connected, but most theories agree that King is a weapon as mother of the Cubans and it is a very real possibility.
This next one is pretty common in terms of spread lately, but it's still worth sharing with anyone who hasn't heard it before. The theory is that the same is a failed clone of MU 1 that has been circulating since the early 2000s. The creation is a brilliant Pokémon and has been very popular lately. Let's see what we have. We have that Mew and Ditto are the only Pokémon that can naturally learn to transform. They both weigh the same weight, 8.8 pounds. Both Pokémon have an even distribution of all their stats and both Pokémon share the same color scheme, being pink by default and blue. shiny, but there's a bit more you can examine by looking at where ditto is found in some of the first-generation remake games in Pokémon Yellow, specifically the only places you can catch a wild ditto is the Pokémon Mansion, the site where Mew was crowned and used to create Mewtwo and the cerulean cave where our own Mewtwo is found at the end of the first generation games with all the connections to the properties of Mews in its origins.
Many believe that the same is a failed clone of MU or at least related to the mysterious legendary Pokémon. somehow and last but not least, it's a connection that jumps the entire gap from the first generation to the fifth generation and it blew my mind. There is evidence to suggest that Genesect, the modified Pokémon created by Team Plasma, is actually a Kabutops, let's start with Genesect, which is described in the X entries as originally a Pokémon that was 300 million years old, feared as the strongest of hunters and altered by Team Plasma, enhanced with a cannon attached to his back, there is now no doubt that Kabutops was the strongest of the hunters in the past.
Today we have explored that in my creepy Pokedex entry posts, he does, yes, cut, pray, open and then suck the bodily fluids out of him. Salwa, yes, decent Connor. Then when he looks at Kabuto, his Pokedex entry mentions that he is over 300 million years old. Sounds familiar, it's definitely peculiar that both. Genesect and Kabutops mentioned these same 300 million years old. I checked all the pokedex entries for other fossil pokeman and the only ones that list an age are Lilly Khurana DOS shield on intertube, all of which listed only 100 million years old with that many fossils. Nowadays, many of the Pokémon in Pokémon age.
It's interesting to note that only one specifically mentions 300 million years and just looking at Kabutops and genesect side by side definitely makes some physical comparisons. There are definitely holes in this theory, like how Kabutops would suddenly become like this. a thin waist and how a water and land Pokémon could be genetically altered to become bug and steel, but the similarities are definitely interesting. One of the most interesting parts of Pokémon is the way its long and complicated history leads to all kinds of fans. analysis and speculation and I can't wait to see what new theories emerge when the sixth generation arrives later this year.
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