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Unhappy Henry | Horrid Henry | Cartoons for Children

Jun 06, 2021
It's a doll what am I going to do with a dog take it or leave it thanks Henry now I don't want any of you to go to the living room for a while I have to make the treasure map for the pirate prize everyone making the treasure map here well someone has to do it she is making the treasure map here in our house that top trench coat is mine bingo number 42 yes mission accomplished boys you will have to keep an eye on each other your father and I helping with the games oh, what will we do first?
unhappy henry horrid henry cartoons for children
Get lost, worm, I have to buy my ticket before someone else gets my number. oh, just keep an eye on myself, buddy, where's the pirate prize booth on the other side of this tent? I think it was a fight, yes, thank you. bye, come back, stop it, no, who wants to be next to play? oh,


, you're an eager volunteer, no, I can't, I've got to get there, don't be shy now, just do your best, oh, come back,


, I'm sorry, Mr. Bond, uh. hello hello I want to buy a ticket hello we're not open yet henry come back later there he is he has to go who's next sit there probably enough let's do this properly once and for all what is this? ballot box for you to put your votes in if you have any face, henry peter is better at this than you no he's not he's just better at this than me so what do you get me if I vote for you henry? cheat ralph and I can't cheat, no no, but what if I find one of your candy on the floor and you say save it and then I vote for you when you asked me to?
unhappy henry horrid henry cartoons for children

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unhappy henry horrid henry cartoons for children...

Oh, I see what you mean. If me and then you and then yes, we behave, I'll go and tell the others, then why should we vote for you, Henry? Yeah, if we vote for you, someone dropped some candy, oh yeah, three for me and one for me, can I count on you? your vote ladies uh see you later henry yes see you later henry or should it be faster we're starting the cat oh well henry you're ahead yes peter go ahead yes hey margaret margaret are you talking to me buster you owe me margaret? Me whatever oh look Margaret it's raining candy revenge time Margaret oh silly me I almost forgot to vote for you henry here you go why peter what are you doing here miss hot board Can I ask you a question of course you can, Peter, what name?
unhappy henry horrid henry cartoons for children
Do you like best tidles or buster? Easy being me, all about interglycogenetics. It would be a pleasure for me. Margaret Interglycogenetics is an innovative new area of ​​research that began just 20 years ago. Can you believe I'm doing this? He's not the leader of the purple group for nothing. You know, and here's something else that no one else knows. Scientists have discovered that if you multiply the number of genes by the number of times you sneeze in a millisecond, you can fascinate. Would you like to have more sprouts? Yes, oh no, thank you. So I blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, and that's where we have you so far.
unhappy henry horrid henry cartoons for children
Mission accomplished. I think I have enough to please old Butlax. So, would you like me to tell you what our plans are for the future? Look, everyone has done their homework, including you, Henry, yes, miss, and here's something else that no one else knows. Scientists have discovered that if you multiply the number of genes by the number of times you sneeze in a millisecond, you can uh, well. It's hard to be impressed after all this time, Henry, but what I will say is that it looks like you've avoided a triple detention for once. Oh, Margaret, let's see what you came up with and here's something else that no one else knows.
Scientists have discovered. that if you multiply margaret what do you have to save yourself you seem to have copied henry's homework quite incredible given the circumstances there are no butts margaret everything is here in black and white it seems that it is a triple detention for your ghost brain however I have decided not to give you a triple detention margaret oh instead you will attend a three hour talk you what three hours will the director of the institute of interglycogenetics give you this afternoon no please give me detention instead of the result you and henry yes mrs butlax as it seems be an expert on the topic, you will attend the talk too.
I'm sure you'll both find it fascinating. What are we going to do? Thank God you're here. Oh, I don't think even exclusive tutors can solve this mystery. let's go in henry henry peter I'm going with you no peter it could be dangerous the thieves may still be there but I can help you henry I don't think you can peter this is scoot-tooter's job but I know everything there is to know about worms such maybe I can find some clues for you, then peter we'll go in together oh thanks henry sculptor scooches it's very dark in here don't worry little brother we just have to find something light oh thanks brian his name isn't brady brian for nothing now let's find out what happened to this worm hmm where do they keep the worms?
I don't know, yeah, follow me, what was that? Sorry, it's not called food for nothing. those here yes, the common articus wormicus no the world we are looking for what we are all looking for then we are looking for the extra specialist wormicus great what is extra specialist extremely rare and very valuable yes, yes, we know that that already likes to eat the leaves from extra specialist free look at extra specialist tree no leaves no leaves you're right ralph yes sometimes I am maybe you should call me a certain ralph come on come on we have to find out We have stolen the word of God otherwise scum tutor reputation will be ruined.
I wonder, there's no time to wonder, Peter, look at this and yeah, that makes me feel better. Stupid bike. Stupid stupid bag. Who are you calling stupid bag? Well, that's another fire. In the mess you've gotten yourself into, Henry, what's that supposed to mean? Another good mess doesn't even make sense, maybe not to a ghost brain like yours. I can't stay here all day talking to people like you. I'm leaving too. right, you're stupid, stupid bag, don't be in a hurry, Henry, oh, what's going on here? The bug is broken, yes I can see it, take this and clean up this mess, no, but Henry, just do it and when you're done, you can go and tidy up your room, but why? because great aunt greta is coming to lunch.
Why do I have to tidy up my room? Because Henry, we're not going to have lunch in my room. Isn't it fair that today is not a good day? Good job Henry, not a good day at all. Let's try again. Wow, that's great. Henry Dad didn't think it was cool. He thought it was my fault. Well, I guess he was. I think I'll stay here to stay out of trouble. henry henry there you are henry yeah then come down and say hello to great aunt greta hello great heavenly hustler greta how nice to see you still thinks I'm a girl henry come down and take care of great aunt greta and uh donald uh donald donald I told you so to Donald Donald, I already did it.
I haven't said it yet, but yes, she's right. I mean, I'm right. Life is not fair. This notice will supersede all other notices that may have been in effect prior to this notice. Basically, the girls are right. I can't help but think we're missing something, yes, but why don't you ask them what I mean? Why don't you ask them? Yeah, maybe I'll go up to them and ask, no, why did you do that? do what I don't know go over there and talk to them well you wanted to know what you're missing and what they said I don't know they said everything in due time you what I don't know yes that's what they said everything in due time yet I think we're missing something yeah, Ryan said you think you're missing something it could work well so look at this, what are we doing here?
We're lining up to see zombie zero, yes, zombie zero, well, that's it. Shouldn't my band be in there playing, yeah, but you shouldn't because you're here with us? I'm confused watch and learn henry watch and learn tickets please so I said do you think that's what life is about. so you've got another thing coming up, yeah, another thing coming up, okay Vicky, he's friendly anyway, like I was saying, wait a minute, excuse me, I'm talking, I'm sorry, that won't work, which seems to be The problem, you have three. tickets, but there are more than three of you here, oh well, it's me, that's one and there's you, which is one, two, she's half, actually, maybe even a quarter, so that's two and medium, yes, whatever you do, calculations expected, this hair belongs to an animal hello wow, yes, have one of my special cookies here's something else to keep you company Mr.
Kill is my map to the right they'll take care of you night Night knocker what are you doing Henry out of my white worm face I'm looking at? You get weirder every day I'll find out Yes Henry I'll find out quickly Are you Henry? Don't you have some stamps to collect or something? You are hiding something and that something is here. Who is Basha? Lost one? little dog found a big reward a reward and a lost dog is that what you were looking for henry is my friend but he doesn't belong to you henry i will tell mom no don't do it oh okay then if you help me find him you can keep him some of the reward, what do you want, heart for the 1913 seahorse five shilling stamp, it's a masterpiece, okay pea brain, help me and my bacon is yours, where's my bacon gum ?
Oh there you are basha, basha my friend it's time for you to go home I'll miss you too now let's get you out of here henry it's ralph what should I do just get rid of him uh good morning ralph hey peter uh henry out here henry uh no oh oh your mom said it was Here, Ruff, what was that? I didn't hear anything abrupt. Someone is calling me. He's just a dog barking somewhere. Oh, he's fine, see you later.

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