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Unforgettable Win By Pakistan | Pakistan vs New Zealand | 2nd T20I Highlights | MA2E

Jun 07, 2021
Dubai International Cricket Stadium here in the United Arab Emirates and, uh, the coin toss, if you just tuned in, went the tourist way and, uh, the game Williamson didn't hesitate and wanted to bat first, oh, There's your viewfinder and it went to the end, the first ball at most. What a start from the point of view of manners. Wow, you've had enough of this. Yes, I might have been a little witchy on the shot, but it's a rebound for four. Well, he's already decided that he won't spare her anything. Anything, even good, will be gone after it rings. pretty good too and there are consecutive limits here for monroe, well who says it's important to play with all the bad guys face, just play nice and direct, oh yeah, stand up and comply, it's an easy game and that's the fat that is gone. the way monroe again wow wow really wow using his feet against the weight he's been playing very well and toning it halfway look at the weight that goes into the shot that's the beauty of that shot and length on his back oh , you're kidding me, a fee, wow, I saw a shutout with the fielding error, now we got his fees with a change of pace and lovely timing once again from Colin Monroe, another drum for him, yeah, he's finding the gap very, very good, once again, the Monroe room. if you give him space he won't leave you right in the middle of the two defenders, although the boundary is big on that side, but that was hit hard, inside edge, inside edge, good sound, good sound, yes, I thought so , is on the way, so Pakistan.
unforgettable win by pakistan pakistan vs new zealand 2nd t20i highlights ma2e
He has got a good spot from Shine Shafridhy and was just trying to turn it towards the left side, inside the boundary, two welcome surfaces, bad for Pakistan, but the pace tried to divert him to the side, but he was chained to Afridi who trapped his man and ran away. The goalkeeper removes the bullets and Monroe will leave and once again Hafiz dismisses the left-hander. He is absolutely brilliant against lefties. Andrew tries to force the pace if he shortens the length again. He smartly throws from a feast to the ground. Is he big enough or not?
unforgettable win by pakistan pakistan vs new zealand 2nd t20i highlights ma2e

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unforgettable win by pakistan pakistan vs new zealand 2nd t20i highlights ma2e...

No, he hasn't and that's fine, Shaw Malik, I think he's crossed a long time ago, not at the right time and he holds on to it, hits hard once again, it doesn't work. , offers a twist on a model team. holding that one back and forth you've gone home right on the bottom of the bat back spinning in his hand the ball doesn't come trev malik he's brilliant tall catcher you want that man under them all the time guess man and smooth get a hustle Through a little single here no, they'll have two coming back. I think it's all Red Rover.
unforgettable win by pakistan pakistan vs new zealand 2nd t20i highlights ma2e
Back up top for you gentlemen, a wonderful shot and a very good catch by the bowler because he had to pick it up and then take out the bullets. the time it was ross taylor who suffered it was always going to be a dangerous second it was us with a shot it was flat it was difficult it was on target just over the stumps and beautifully taken in the pull shut up well just talked about a bit of confusion in the running of the new


camp throughout this innings and unfortunately for new


they lost a wicket that way which went up in the air to the space for four, i think he picked up the slow ball very At the beginning, there is an example of it, Corey Anderson, there might have been a slight change in pace, Ashraf's big shot once again came into the gap and four hundred went up for New Zealand, which was costly and turned out to be in the end even though we saw. some lovely peep over the top pranksters by williamson might have picked another one here he will have a lovely position well he looks great when looking to go over the top especially towards the offside he gets it and gets it right anderson that's the one the power it has. missed his mark by the tiniest amount Hassan Ali, yeah he was looking for that fish, that short space Yorker, four consecutive boundaries, well things are moving for the kiwis, slow jumpers, I think Corey Anderson is finding his groove now who is reaching the base of the pitch he found the gap oh four more look for the yorker he tried to charge anderson was at the height of the mark and he must take the air he takes it comfortably he takes the catch and williamson's innings comes to an end hit away for offside by tim seifert picks up to a boundary, yes, he is struggling especially with the left hand, the right hand there in the middle, he was trying to get the ball in once again, he made a mistake and seifin saving it, hit it very strong, oh dear, that's gone, gone, gone for six big hits, they need few of those New Zealand ones to last over the goalie, that's what Tim Cipher can do and he's gone all the way as well as the Typical little goalkeeper, he will find a way and power, furthermore, is not enough, although not enough.
unforgettable win by pakistan pakistan vs new zealand 2nd t20i highlights ma2e
Yeah, shut up Khan, too high, not enough, another slower ball I think from Shaheen and she gets a little revenge, steals one and sally will be left without, so they will be left with nothing, desperate for Corey Anderson to come back to the strike. on the leg side that will be another two and that will be the end monroe once again 44 off 28 deliveries batted very very well williamson steady as always 37 off 34 but anderson 44 could be very useful they won the toss selected to go back first so Pakistan had pole first and Hasan Ali had a rare day off for him.
He was brilliant in the last match in Abu Dhabi, but got 14.3 humad good from him, one for twenty-five, pretty tidy tahi mushroom on Zapie, couple of tidy overs too. but the standout performance was shaheen shah afridi three out of 20 from his four there is another one just like the other one a cut on the front foot which was the only difference this time but two balls two fours


wanted to get off to a good start well they have done it one within four he came out cutting the ball in the first innings of the first barbaric game and this time he was lucky in space and four who are at the right time and in the end well positioned managed to adjust to the fast players, it is a slow pitch, oh, that's huge. muscular bloodline is the top tier oh yes please yes please colin monroe take a look at that take note just the length raised he was able to get under and just spun beautifully here that's what it was all about no It was neither here nor there, as far as the throw was concerned, it wasn't short enough or full enough and it made its way into space and four should have been stopped.
Could he have wonderfully stopped it at the moment indicated by Bower? He is so good offside, very fluid, easy on the eyes and elegant in attack. the air and the brilliant williamson, you've got to be kidding me, it's a blinder, he can't believe his luck, he came flying off the stick and caught one hand with a fantastic effort. It's not the first time if you are a New Zealand cricket fan this has been seen before kane williamson diving with one hand in the gully I usually see him in the white clothes this time in the colored clothes he is often found in the medium bright bright it's time for uh colin from gronholm to burst center stage and disappear gone immediately through extra cover basic car good night can't bowl because that's what happens you disappear good start to Pakistan to the 9th too short just got up and Arsenal hit it on the left side yes, off the pitch, I could hit it anyway a rubbish in the gap that is well placed and superbly timed, that's the release shot and it's a four, absolutely kills you as a fielding unit, particularly after the start of the missed chance, run our chance, a bit of pressure on the batsman, but it doesn't take anything away from you.
Barbara's arm is a wonderful shot up and over cover for four runs that went up in the air and is a solid connection for six she picked up the slow ball and kept it over mid-wicket a wonderful shot from us. It is known for its limits. He has hit. Too many tonight, but he got that one, now the screws, there they have Tim Southey's severed leg. Ali climbs all over the place, over the short, deep boundary of the middle of that side on his leg side and comfortably clears the rope in the air and is going to admit that it is Ferguson. the substitute who does a tidy job and therefore leaves the barber tied up a little, perhaps also tiring a little 40 or 41, but it is a crucial Wigan and it is a huge, huge blow for New Zealand, that's why it was Tim Saudi. brought back into the attack by kane williamson, he has a breakthrough over his arm, a relatively easy catch and that for Lockheed Ferguson and decides to turn this into Fat City now I don't worry about Dubai, hello and bye, oh when I hit it. he's going big he should have smashed this maybe in the middle for six more he missed on his lowest full toss monroe is there a little twist at the end of this guy that sounded pretty sweet? oh yes, there are six other notables, well, appease, he won't stop, he a changed man, he's a changed batsman in the last few months, he doesn't hold back, he likes to go big and that's a big hit, that's the way to do it, the crowd amplifies more now one more and also his face, please, wow, that's right. a flat head, love it, quick delivery, was nowhere near hitting the ball, good balance, great balance, timing in the middle of the bat was excellent, friday night party here, there's a lot more people interested in it, oh, just Phillips's shy doorman, of course. most of the time, good effort, well, Hafiz wants to finish this game quickly.
I never carried that. He did well to keep his body back and stop the boundary. Guess what, that's what went all the way this time. Malik the six, well Pakistan dealing. sixes this time around israel malik slow delivery but too full in phillips throat area there's the wicket get one you get two maybe eunice well that's the turn you were talking about danny just threw it straight into the hands of the normal degraw waiting for his delivery to arrive, yes, easy catch, no problem, but can this wicket make a difference? Can they pick up another wicket?
Can you receive your rates? The wicket money gone for 10 is 148 for poor Pakistan. Oh, super flashy 11 series in a row for the green machine, yes, just too good here for the black caps in Dubai, as they were in Abu Dhabi a couple of nights ago, all the experience comes into play, just given themselves a little space and just pushed through that region of coverage is in such a muhammad a fee was also told 16 this year in good form, so it's a world record in the calendar year and the green team's t20 international cricket is absolutely phenomenal from Pakistan, particularly in this format.

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