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Undertale reacts to Dont Have To Hide (Undertale Comic Dub) The Misfits/bad child part 3

May 30, 2021
sin, we're at home, I'm sorry it was so late, it was late at night in the lab, the sands, are you here? That's strange, I should


been here hours ago and bang, I'll be back in a moment, come on sands, don't do it I'm looking for the horn and I'm looking for you again you can't keep doing this I can't get during this sun why don't you answer me Sanjo oh thank God why something is wrong here oh my sands what's wrong wake up you're not hot you don't


a fever come on ah I guess friend are you at home your visual on my son why are you like this are you sick how are you feeling yes I'm fine dad that's nice no really just tired you know HP is low but you don't seem to think straight I guess that helps so show me where it hurts no no dad it's okay to just be lazy then you shouldn't have any opposition against me marking just cold assault you can't have fun coldly you have no skin well a little self-conscious, you know it at all.
undertale reacts to dont have to hide undertale comic dub the misfits bad child part 3
I am your father, show me what it is. I'm kidding, dad, actually, just leave me alone. I'm a good fan. Why are you bleeding? Why do not you tell me? Why would you do it? Hide it, yeah, let me see it looks like a painful fracture, we're going to need to reset it sooner. Hey, calm down, don't turn on like that, it will hurt him more, please don't do it, please don't touch him. It hurts rather just breathe for me okay Sanz I'm not going to hurt you so relax and calm down sir everything is okay oh yes breathe I'm not going to hurt you just lie down okay you're okay without please understand that I'm trying to act ridiculous my daughter I'm just telling you you are hurting, relax, breathe and close your eyes, I am going to examine, don't panic, I sent you a mail if you fight me, that's all, close your eyes and focus on my voice, please don't.
undertale reacts to dont have to hide undertale comic dub the misfits bad child part 3

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undertale reacts to dont have to hide undertale comic dub the misfits bad child part 3...

Don't go, what did I just say? Don't flinch and what are you doing now. I'm using healing magic. It'll take some work, but it's not going to heal that fracture, which is always suspicious anyway, if you don't mind. explain what, tell me what happened, you have an impact fraction, so you filmed and fell at a terrible angle to receive such nasty obliques, you split the ulnar like this, where did you fall, why did you fall and why were you trying to


such an injury? I'm in trouble, huh, that depends entirely on how quickly and sincerely you can explain yourself.
undertale reacts to dont have to hide undertale comic dub the misfits bad child part 3
I'm not going to hurt you without, I would never hurt you, I promise, I promise, it's okay, I fell. Hey, I felt myself going up the stairs. I'm a clumsy fan. Okay, I fell from a very big tree before climbing, stay, no, you say not to climb. I see, Therese will have a truth. the only place in the entire underground that I have forbidden you from visiting I knew you would be angry if you found out I was too scared to tell you too scared to say anything I was curious because he said it was dangerous I thought you were being harsh but you were right I should have listened I'm sorry I wanted to know I wanted to be brave and I wanted to see the stars in the sky real stars get the old stories your main habit I just want to see the surface even if it's for a moment Second assumption I will never wait, please promise me, but if you want to talk like this, then promise me that your practice of lying, yeah, I probably could have made you a better liar with a walk.
undertale reacts to dont have to hide undertale comic dub the misfits bad child part 3
I know you better than you think, Sands, but keep in mind that you couldn't do something that drastic on your own, you need motivation from an outside source, you know, I just have to tell you if you want my personal opinion. Jacques' silence is a pretty poor choice of last words, but to be fair, it's far from the best choice. The worst decision you have made today. Let another human fall. Let it happen. That's why you're in the ruins. You're waiting for a human to fall. I was going to kill him. You will not do it?
You're too young to do it. to be assuming a responsibility like that. I am sorry and sorry for what you had to see and I am sorry that you were ever involved, no


should have to see that but please hear me, it was my carelessness that did this to me and you must understand that you cannot blame yourself. Please do not put yourself between a human and the underground, now or ever, you are not responsible for the protection of the monsters, your son, for the love of God, no, no, I'm not asking you for excuses, do you know what I would do if Will they kill them?
How would that affect the papyrus? Oh, that would affect me. I just want to protect you guys, that's very polite of you dog, protecting the family, it's not your job, it's mine, so let me. Worry about the humans coming, I can handle them, I promise, yes, dad, oh my Papyrus, I'm so sorry, I forgot, I left you down and up with that nerve. Santa is here, no need to worry, perfect girl, I've been waiting long enough. you were busy like that, yeah, boo boo, bunkie, he's completely distracted from the song, it's all good, disgusting, it's not going to happen again.
I need to accept it, but after all that I gained his trust and I promised him that I wouldn't do it, but if I do. t who will hate no really Pam is going to hell for them okay okay one two three no okay it's over you did great he's okay - he just passed out that's all yeah but we can fix it make it better Lee yeah that's yeah Do you want to be my help? I could use someone, would you like that? You want to tell me? Okay, soldier, your first task is to get the medical kit from the laboratory.
You already know where it is kept. Yes, it should say doctor, not first aid. Okay, yeah. not slip hurt you too this is not what I expected I'm sorry sans I'm sorry but the humans that fell and I'm sorry that you were in the wrong place that you were ever involved in I'm sorry that you had to see what you had to do but the most important, I'm sorry I assumed you were okay, you're difficult, sighs, that's for sure, I'll never be able to tell how you really feel,


that, I guess we'll never break up unless you get physically hurt.
At that moment I am too close not to see the scars. Remembering that scars can last forever has always been a difficult concept for me to understand. Scott piled on top of me, but he outwardly always watched what he wanted to see, except me. Your questions for later I guess now where is that brother of yours? He should be back with supplies by now, but now, the sooner we heal you, the sooner we can all turn in for the night. It's been a long night for both of us. I shouldn't make this about myself, but healing magic is quite exhausting.
I need to call in sick tomorrow. Thanks Papyrus, you're a pretty fast paramedic. Would you like to come here and pitch? Remember to be careful, the brother needs to heal. I'll let you help where you can, but dealing with broken bones is a lot different than dealing with scratches or loose teeth. It's too hard for me to let you help directly, for now you could help me by passing things backwards when I need it. them, you could handle that I'm sure, great now with that out of the way we can start to see the promises tonight we will never change we are where I am why is everything confusing why I feel confused bad where is dad thank you sand are you awake dad, I am here, they feel weird, it's just Ben Jealous, you okay, how are you?
They don't worry about it dad, yes you look like me, I hope you don't use that language at school, it's the best description of what It seems like you must have grown quite a bit since your last measurement too. What do you mean the drugs didn't last long enough? You have a pain? What's that? It's not that feasible, dad, no, I didn't think about it, so it's medicine, huh? for your HP, like for painkillers, theirs give you more when it starts to hurt again, is it connected to my soul? Yeah, just try not to think about it.
I know we had the time. It's late? You should be sleeping. You should? I'm not leaving, so you can't hand me a book, sorry, a book, you wanted me to order it, oh no, the opposite, actually, he leaned towards me exactly, okay, so what would you like? fiction, age class, intermediate, general theme, science fiction, okay. I think I found one, yeah this one is good. I think humans have landed on the moon yet, if not yet, nearby I found some Cascade aerospace engineering books, it looks like they may be able to do it, so they've never seen the moon before it's cool mediocre at best it's a floating rock or just a person silikal I prefer the literal term how much do you think it would cost to go to the moon?
Well, having to plan the design and build the ship along with packing supplies, equipment and fuel I'd say the price would be astronomical Wow, that was pretty cool and he would make space jokes like that, well I guess for the time being you'll know right now, you just plan it papyrus, you sleep curled up as we speak, space is the place of unfathomable unfathomable sighs suddenly the truster ceased in the ship was suspended in orbit you mean it just floats I guess and in the end I like how it ends? What about you, yeah, okay, good night to you two, I love you dead, I love you too, but are you slow and round? you

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