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Uncle Si's Guide to Parenting | Duck Call Room #17

Apr 09, 2022
baby fisherman he's awesome but he's a spider so i have a plan for that we're bringing him back because i'm going to put him in various places around my house and watch my wife scream. I'm going to make a video because she hates spiders, so if anyone wants to send Z-Man jackhammers to me and Goblin, I'd really appreciate it. I'm only 17 so no I'm kidding it's just kidding unless you're listening to this man z that would be awesome ok next question mainly we have a lot of questions for saturday I will try to be okay. a couple let's go yes then dina has a nine year old son named levi and levi wants to know if sweet pea the cat looks a lot like garfi campo and how much he weighs well he's no worse than garfield look if he were a human being he would have all the doctors there it's ok because the boy is schizophrenic he is you know he has more problems than any human I know well and he weighs around he did it, he was up to 40.
uncle si s guide to parenting duck call room 17
It's ok and my wife took him to the vet for a checkup and the first thing they did was put him on a diet so he's about 25 now he was so big when he was at 40 15lbs no no hey look and he's still a giant no no look i had to push him right to put him in his cat bag i had to push on the sides from him to actually make it through the door and I put some butter on it too oh no no no I don't mean it I had to squash it so check out my question for you I think y'all should know if it had to come out backwards oh no no no he is fine p Udo turn around the same way no no hey he could have left the same way he came in I had to push him back there okay?
uncle si s guide to parenting duck call room 17

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uncle si s guide to parenting duck call room 17...

Hey, I was lucky he didn't bite me because I had to push pretty hard into his side. You know he's got to get a new werecat to get in, yeah oh he's got him on a diet Next question is from Leo and I have to say every time you don't see someone from the show it doesn't mean they're dead yeah just because we haven't seen Mountain Man in a minute oh yeah it doesn't mean they're dead so they asked if the mountain man is still alive and we get all kinds of emails asking for the mountain man to come on our show. to keep this under an hour and if we bring in the mountain man we're here because it's going to have to be a three part series because it's going to be at least three hours yeah so what were you going to say mountain man mountain? it's like a tuba toothpaste you have every last bit left and you take your toothbrush by the other end and squeeze it all the way when mount mass talks.
uncle si s guide to parenting duck call room 17
I want to grab him by the neck and force him to get the words out. He's fine, but I'm not coming fast. there with us the man rides walks and he has, uh, I think some teal on his hands that Jace gave him, you know, the blind man said man, well, say man, look what Chase gave me, you know, and he fell, the man said it that fast, no. he said no no he said fight but he's telling philip about it anyway okay phil just roll up what dries and dries good at the time alicia slats phil i'm trying you're so rude and he said hey girl listen I don't have time to hear it.
uncle si s guide to parenting duck call room 17
It would take him another hour to tell us what's up with those two


s that he's holding 100 percent in his hand. Yes, he talks slow, but we love the mountain man. he is alive and well, but brevity is not his forte. Nathan sent out a question for each of us, okay, and I really have a hammer on this one, if it's been documented that you didn't wear clothes as a child, okay, look, that's true, look accordingly, I haven't seen these documents. according to phil i didn't wear clothes until i was 14 which matches the last gun he got from that power cord but that's a bit of an exaggerated look when i was young the question is why and also because i'm a free spirit . he's a free spirit but you know what he found you know what he found at 14 tommy john thank you thank you i'm sure thomas john oh that's good so you finally put your clothes on well that's true society yes society but you legitimately just didn't wear lots of clothes like i'm a free spreader you wore underwear so i failed the strip tests and i'm afraid it's right i tried it on though day one canceled he's out uh nathan also asked godwin i've been to rodeo races what trophy are you ? proudest of trophy trope did you win any bull riding trophies trailer racing i want a rodeo whats your favorite trophy you've ever won of anything he won a big he also won a big trophy in a shitty tournament yeah fishing you've won a a few things in your day, yeah what's your favorite win?
He likes them all. My wife is my favorite treasure. I heard it right. Hey, hey, my man. that you're his biggest trophy hey look i hope you're a fine figure of a man hey oh my best deal true yes guarantee what you got here martin what's the biggest fish you got oh no no no fished bass biggest bass i ever got once caught like 11.12 where in a pond off road harrell in a little torpedo which is one of my favorites what color what color baby baby baby under the one with a white belly that has green on its side a little black stripe shows enough growth and when he ate that thing he's 11lbs you think geez what a bl Oh no he came after him oh no and I said yes I've seen him I've seen him and I got right there.
I didn't get here, I got right there. What I mean is if you don't know what a tiny torpedo is, it's about maybe two inches long, maybe long, maybe like, I don't think it's like number four, inches and a half, well like number four treble hooks a little treble hook i don't know he was just a good sir he wasn't supposed to catch that fish well one should be fine is sun perch huh whats the word, fire tiger, electric chicken, is that the one you are looking for? the green and the orange and Well, orange, yes, red, yes, it's that fire tiger. he paid nothing no this is the deal he didn't i came at a little different time of time yeah we weren't all down at phil in k's yeah shut up times were nice we don't even want to hear about that, martin, well, he's a different kid, i don't even want to tell this story because i don't want to be mad at you about martin. be angry, so the goblin too.
I worked in the store for a long time. Those are the fees I paid. Yes, he is an employee. Good job. every year and your first year you were the guy who had to drive well mm-hmm oh man on twitter this is the deal jd yeah hey short man in assistant chief hey look don't defend him wait wait wait wait no timeout time wait hey i got it from the man but wait he's the assistant chief mouse how did you get the shot? in a truck with a bench seat in the parking lot of


commander here at 117 kings lane westminster louisiana and i got there with a friend jordan summit everybody knows him the little frodo he drove so you know it ain't gonna be too bad just when we're gonna go willie throws a generic extra on us that


s himself spikes three men driving shoulder to shoulder shoulder from here to las vegas in a box truck that was my first chance there that's how i got a box truck so that a moving truck didn't but it just got a bench seat in the front and a big box yeah so yeah I went to show my first year and that's the whole story yeah how did you get there ?
So I had to fly with Willie, where did you fly on the plane by the bath


? 3b or something, how did you get home? How did you come back? Did you fly on that same plane? plane and i said i'll see you so nathan my dues were a little different i came i'm the luckiest approx Eciate, bringing up old wounds, Nathan, now I'm mad at him again, look, you better have a good verse 'cause now some people skip quotas and yes they don't hunt for treasure, have a good first verse for Martin to cool off. so yeah my friends were different they sure paid your dues dummy im the luckiest man in the world besides willie and im ok with that so i got a whole chapter today but we are just going to read a couple of verses psalms 127 unless the lord builds the house in vain the builder strives unless the lord guards the city the guard watches in vain jumping a little roads children are an inheritance from the lord the offspring a reward for him uh all this chapter is about you know what we talked about children building it on the lord building it on the lord uh your children are an inheritance from the lord so raise them up uh and build your house on the lord and you will be blessed there are many verses about that they will not turn away from him, that's another one but psalm 127 go check it out read it you will be blessed and bless all the parents who are struggling to get through it we can't wait to see tuesday yes we will be back. see you next week see you again next tuesday guys wake up let's go

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