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Unboxing 12 Unique Pet Reptiles! Big, Neglected Animals and Aquatics

Apr 09, 2020
we are in the middle of a global crisis the world around us is falling apart as we know it nothing will ever be the same again which means everything has to change everything has to evolve and you have to agree if you want to survive in boxes that they have to get out of the boxes no one is here to do it except me to continue my work i have to make sure i survive but everything at target is sold out and i couldn't get gloves or a mask or anything so i had to use what i got to do something .
unboxing 12 unique pet reptiles big neglected animals and aquatics
I wanted to be inspired by Asian culture and now unfortunately a katana doesn't adequately protect me from contaminants so I decided to go to a different part of the world and be inspired by medieval culture. times i know in the past i said what i said i know in the past i said cardboard and boxes are breathable but i was lying i made all that up just to make you think


are safe actually nothing is breathable at all and this doesn't allow 99.999% of contaminants end because you use it it's so airtight for that reason for that reason for that reason I have this to stop the point 0 1% anyway let's start you can listen to me so all the boxes behind me even the


believe it or not even that pick one it's a it's the biggest animal i've ever unpacked you better watch out or i'll run over you do you also understand for the first time that we're unpacking aquatic animals but i don't know how it's going to go that i don't know i want to jump straight to the big stuff, so let's start small, okay, let's start you too, in case you didn't know it was me.
unboxing 12 unique pet reptiles big neglected animals and aquatics

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unboxing 12 unique pet reptiles big neglected animals and aquatics...

It's very hot down here. If you're new to the channel, sorry, you found me. stopovers where we take in animals from all over the United States, they are sent to us by people who cannot keep them for whatever reason, and although we are not veterinarians, we have a very good track record of helping animals, both healthy and not, either they recover from those issues or if they are already healthy we help them find new homes by listing them on the site and selling them to any responsible keeper, we work with each keeper one on one to make sure they are ready for the animal and this is the series where i find out what becomes sentient and this one has a new general owner of scales and staff yes me Sincerely thank you all for helping me relocate Daisy and mesmerize.
unboxing 12 unique pet reptiles big neglected animals and aquatics
I appreciate the quick responses with helpful instructions from the staff and the YouTube channel showing how rehab works. I look forward to the growth and development of your company's channel and better opportunities for my lizards. you that was such a good note it looks like it was just faked for publicity pinkie i swear i didn't write that note and look they're unpacking good i mean box they're boxing good yeah oh yeah two really healthy animals , this is a good start you know I just cleaned this room real good and I'm going to ruin it this is two leopard geckos we have hypnosis which is a male and Daisy which is a female I will check that work and see if you're okay it seems like the hypnosis is in the middle of molting sometimes they start molting or they're sending me and he has a prolapse he's a man I'm not going to touch him yet because I don't I don't know what it is I want to take him a photo and something could have been up.
unboxing 12 unique pet reptiles big neglected animals and aquatics
I got stuck or he has a cloacal prolapse. Would it be an interesting start? But I haven't seen that in a leopard gecko before this. a very pretty female but the male looks a bit average but this female is super cool i think its a tempura no bullet else and its female and this cloaca looks good the cleric is the three in a hole where they do all sorts of things that and with that hole I really like this leopard gecko sometimes it's hard to c It really interests me when there are so many going in but it's definitely memorable and that's great.
I'm proud to say that this is an owner who cares about my latest video. I think it was my last video. He was talking about how few owners really. watch out I hope today's homeowners really care and yes this is a good example of that although Clorox wipes may be out of stock everywhere I stopped so we're hygienic today but I'll leave them in the Deli right there, I think they'll all be fine. I'll put my mask back on because these boxes came from FedEx all over the country. one that I'm honestly nervous about unpacking ok look look serious this time in this box there are some xll aquatic animals as a matter of fact it's a beautiful 55 gallon X bottle aquarium we have for our breeders and this one has two in them now when they win this person asked he said they are perfectly Healthy no problem they asked us for pictures and all of a sudden our answer changed no the other thing about this the bottom of the box is completely soaked when you ship aquatic products , you're supposed to double or triple bag them to make sure. nothing leaks but this bag this box has been leaking ever since I left FedEx so let's see how this goes and this person I know is watching the video because he said he'd keep an eye out if they show up in an


so hey good these come from tennessee so not far and i'm really scared something might be wrong with this one.
This is episode 5 of


and in total. I think we've unpacked a deceased animal and all of them. I hope it stays in one. It's okay, it's alive. I don't know much about axolotls. I'm not even in charge of caring for axolotls because I'm not very good at water sports, so I'll leave the official opinion up to someone else and not me. a lot went into shipping you are not supposed to feed aquatic animals for a good number of days before shipping to make sure they don't do that because the amount of good they are both alive the amount of toxins that will create in the water can probably kill the animal that doesn't I don't know why it's leaking so much it's so dirty you can't actually see the axolotl but they oh it's not full of air either you want it to be completely full of air to make sure it have enough oxygen.
I'm going to go ahead and get these out and come back usually I just wait until the end the side animals get up but we want the bees to get cleaned up ASAP because this is kind of gross and I'll show you. later i came back and they are in the tub now i just mixed the water and they will get really fresh water later but this is just fresh cold water with Prime and the water they were already in they were already in the house together and they look a bit slow in general, probably because that was not a fun adventure now what they did was double bag the axolotls but they tied them together we can send we always send instructions on how to send everything so what you have to do is take the first bag fill it with water put the X record we'll fill it with air and then tie it off and then put it in a second bag and tie the second bag but what they did was put two bags together and fill it with water and use a rubber band and try to close it so it wasn't really a tight seal , so all the air leaked out and the water slowly poured out over the night before. they can get cold and they'll hit fresh water later in the next box oh wait I can finally cut to myself from being connected look at that protection I can't make it ok so here's a note for the stickers and just a huge hole. and the heat pack I don't know why it has a hole but let's see how the note says this is a line hello my name is something and these are my baby dinosaurs it breaks my heart to part with them however I'm doing it that way without However I'm doing it that way I'm not even a good reader that kind of summer reading didn't help me I'm doing it so that they can have a better life with new people I'm 20 and married to someone in another country I travel kept leaving the life of my


and my mother's hands they seldom eat for her this summer i have rarely ever seen someone make typos while typing they seldom eat for her this summer i would be gone for more than two months and i'm sure they won't last without me i love them so much please let me know how it's going.
I also sent stickers that they had on their tanks cool ok and then there's the second page but it's like a different writing and a different thing ok his health is not good he was my first reptile it's so It's hard for me to part with them. I hate to get emotional, but I just can't help it. I shouldn't be reading these notes while I'm in a literal box. Really sorry for the huge hole in the top of the insulation. I was an idiot and put a heat lamp on it. I'm sure it's small. Grado I'm going to put this aside and grab the stickers and they use puppy pads for padding there's always new stuff ok here's the first one it's a leopard gecko and the second one is in a bag and it's zip tied , so I have to use my practice sword.
I have a pair of scissors on the floor, but I can't bend down. He maintains a good posture. That's the benefit of this, yes, apart from the fact that there was a gaping hole in the top of the packaging. the best till today so go wait. I just realized that this animal might be infected. It's okay, is it infected? I don't think it's infected but it doesn't show or sometimes it's not coughing. their first reptile looks like they didn't have the lighting right hi look oh all this ngs thought it looks very healthy today it looks like they corrected their mistakes and did the best they could from then on the shed looks perfect feet and claws are they look perfect it looks like they are even cropped which is not something i see very often and she looks very lively very energetic it is he she looks very lively very energetic and so perfect wait but look at her face this is another example with metabolic bone disease we have a handful of these and you've heard me say that term more than I'd like to ever have to say it so interesting this person isn't out of the woods just because it's their first reptile many people get their first reptile and they do it wonderfully but then there are the other dead ones but nevertheless i have to say the ship is really good because they even close this deli cup and this is a small or pretty cool leopard gecko that looks great this was his second animal and they sort things out but also leopard geckos don't need specific charging so he probably did better.
I'm curious to see that your movement around her channel has this big bulge and I want to see her. Randy will. a bit of army crawling style so there's some beautiful marking though that's the silver lining I guess it's that she's healthy today even if she's never going to be a normal bearded due to severe bone failure . I think we do big. box below, what do you think I shouldn't have put there? It's so heavy this is a nice miniature ok usually big boxes but it's actually a good exercise they normally have a lot of animals in them but this is one animal and apparently it takes up the whole box.
I'm breathless. This is a list of species we've unpacked, but the larger period is fine. There are many curls stuck on the tape. a good lock of hair I do not know the t Emper method of this animal and I am a little afraid. moment of truth I usually put my head in the bags. Will I do it this time? Yes, hi, just kidding, it turns out it's in another bag. don't know why they double bagged it ironically they did a better job of double bagging than the person who sent water accidents and bag number two hello so head is on my side. im going to do this this is a boa constrictor a ghost a boa constrictor its a morph that its not too cheap but its super healthy i have a bull of mine named rizzi i got him from my old high school because they dont know how to do anything at that school she was rosy she was not very healthy because she was


for over two decades this is younger i think she is a decade old so she has many years left and she looks very healthy and actually quite docile ironically the largest animal is about a gentle giant because sometimes and box things and they are not so happy despite the size of my little finger how are we going to do this?
Wait, this is not going to work out. She's definitely heavier than Rosie and bigger actually, but she's still a very reasonable size and something that's easy to handle, she's a female, which you can obviously gather from the science that we have a male as well and they're not that big, honestly if you want a boa just for the size and something of a good size don't get a man yeah like i said. this is a ghost, it's not normal, so the works don't seem as popular with animals like this, but they still exist. My phone is at 1%, but let's see why they relocated her name is Venus and she was actually rescued. you're a college student with little funds she came from a reptile frontier that was getting rid of all their


for a reason she wasn't cold so it's a very long email but it looks like they took a lot of work to get to this animal to where it is today, so it turns out it's a second rescue boa.
I am happy to report that they did a wonderful job. The box is big. I'm curious where she came fromfrom California so I'm in North Carolina she flew across the country overnight I don't know where to put her while I finish unpacking we came back and we have four more boxes and I think for the animals maybe five or six if there are multiples in any of them and I am satisfied with my swordsmanship skills. This one comes from Nebraska. Nebraska, the state. Literally never ever in my week, my month, or my year. in abrasca no I'm not sorry but I would never think about your state and I'm sure it's the same for North Carolina for other people and well reptile why does it look like our healthy animal streak? de came to an end i mean the other beard wasn't very healthy but this beard makes the other er one look wonderful if i can really get it out the back ok he has great stuff mmm he doesn't they smell great, you know the texture of your skin when you accidentally grind it between your fingers, isn't that fun with Brady? droppings this one is pretty slow and extremely underweight but it's also quite a dragon breed he's a bit of a hiccup and he's not very happy he's a little swollen I don't know if that's the term for bearded but he's got a nice black beard in our favor why not he's happy and he's a man, but he also has clogged pores, that's funny.
I wonder how we unclog pores and a video called how not to take care of it. just a very underweight bearded dragon now my phone went dead so i can't actually look up email but i'll see if he was having trouble eating or was eating and still losing weight if he eats a ton and isn't going up weight is very likely parasite and we can treat him for that he has a little bit of energy though oh he's still energized and if there's just one case where he doesn't eat that's common people might not be trying the right foods , you could be in a stressful environment trying to eat maybe it wasn't a good mix of foods, maybe you were just eating fruit or something that wasn't giving you adequate protein, fat and calories, but I'll check that email to see what's going on. happening and that's how we started diagnosing it. otherwise it seems to have developed well, the end of its tail has a little curve to it which is very common and not that important.
I don't really care about that as the rest looks good once there is no metabolic bone disease like From what I can tell only a super skinny animal will need special attention based on how much energy it has. I would say hopes are high. Next, we have a snake. The second and last snake in this unboxing. Usually there are more. snakes but not today I like this one too because the Lacey Act label that has to list the quantity in the species says standard ball python not a premium ball python not even the limited ball python but the standard ball python I lost my sword just kidding that you weren't.
I'm not prepared, they also use duct tape, which is a bit annoying, but yeah, standard. I'm guessing they're just referring to a normal, wilder kind of, whatever you want to call it, heat tech glitch, but luckily they wrapped it up nicely so it most likely won't burn. the animal did a good job, although you may not even be able to untie it, this is by far the best packaging. FS ApS. not just harassing people for no reason im harassing people for no reason while helping others this is weird so its ok this standard ball python has some of the biggest wrinkles i have ever seen usually this means that the animal was overweight at some point a He lost a lot of weight the same as a person, he gained 500 pounds, he loses it all, he had these huge flaps of skin and he has these little flaps of skin because his weight actually looks good, all of him has such loose skin that it feels one way.
I wish they could feel this. I wish all the thousands of you could come and just do this. I'm sorry, it's ok, just feel the skin if it feels weird, it's ok. a snake. I don't know what's really in this, but it's okay. I'm noticing something suspicious. Standard ball piton. It's like they're trying to make it sound too simple. standard ball python that can't get out and then Steady gets trapped in this skin that's my conspiracy this is a standard ball python and it has some flab but that's ok there are two more boxes left in unboxing episode five I'm a bit nervous something is going to go wrong with these last few animals just because things are going a little too well so far let's see if i'm right i hope i'm wrong just kidding i'm never wrong okay here we go from the reason i got a coupon 10% discount for Josh's Frogs I'm not affiliated with Josh's Frogs In fact, I was going to work with them once they agreed and then decided against it.
I'm not crying anyway, yeah we got a coupon for 10% off. a beautiful pink wrapper smells bad why is this smell so bad that it makes my stomach hurt? Oh someone did it boys in the turmoil that's the worst smelling box I've ever smelled a dead animal smells better than this all of a sudden I'm wishing it had a real mass it's the worst I've smelled in a long time I'm gonna break it i'm so sorry you had to be at it for a day how he survived he had every right to be dead he had every right to be dead after he smelled he's fine though he looked very healthy it was an oral it's a normal move it was j It's bad for some reason and I still smell it.
He's going to take a bath right now. He is looking into my eyes like please have mercy on me. End everything. I can't breathe. No, don't do anything with this. one only to raise a dragon that didn't have a good time on the trail here normally it's the snakes that are important to make sure they don't eat right before it's not that big of a problem with bearded ones other than the fact that it's disgusting and it's time for the final box as we get into the last movie the video doesn't end yeah omg and i let you guys know check out the description just a bunch of random stuff on this one on my channel that might help you, there's a link to my patreon go to the support videos i linked to the merchandise you can eat a shirt or something i linked to the supplies i use if you want something on amazon and if you buy stuff with those links i get a little commission like that which is ok and if you want to buy nana we can visit the site so yeah the final animal here as i finish my plugs there is a little uromastyx that doesn't smell too good either it's actually a healthier putty we have like three right now and did you see some of e them in previous videos and they just don't look great and are slowly healing slowly getting better this one actually has no shed first time stuck in ear messick we've gotten is a cute bright yellow super small he has nice chubby cheeks you hope he doesn't likes to touch her chubby cheeks they are literally squishy.
I have never felt them before, but they are actually soft. a repeat of that i caught it this time my reflexes are getting better ok don't mess with me and i don't plan on keeping one but i still appreciate them so that's about it i don't know how many animals it was. but today we just have mostly g lizards with our first aquatic animals a big snake a little bit smaller snake with a lot of weird skin and a handful of wattles so this is ending unboxing episode 5 look at the places you want to see the Thank you very much for enjoying them because they are you are my favorite to film that is my favorite series and I always hope to do it even if it makes the biggest mess ever thank you very much for trusting us with your animals even if I use the word again see the description for all kinds of great stuff but until then alex and thanks for watching

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