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Un PAVO muy JUGOSO!! + Relleno, Gravy & Puré | TOQUE Y SAZÓN

May 10, 2020
a turkey doesn't have to stay with it, it's not difficult to cook, get that out of your head, let me explain to you how to prepare a very tasty, juicy turkey with its exquisite stuffing and good mashed potatoes, here I have a seven-carat raw turkey that's buy a pre-cooked smoked turkey, just to reheat it, don't leave lazy people alone, usually inside it comes the neck and its little bag of precautions and most of them sell them to you with this button when the turkey is well cooked and this boot That's the sign now that if the one you bought doesn't have it, don't worry, just follow the cooking steps that I'm going to give you and you'll have a perfect turkey.
un pavo muy jugoso relleno gravy pur toque y saz n
Next, here for the cauliflower, we're going to stick our fingers in it without something. Now we'll just try to Peel off the skin without breaking it down. With that, you can still help yourself with a spoon to get to the bottom. Ready, this step will be done inside and out simply with salt and pepper, in case you have some flavored salt, either with epazote flor de jamaica I know free etcetera go ahead you can use it and there the pepper comes out left over and only you put your own touch and seasoning like it they blame you right away in a small pot let's go it has about 180 grams of butter this ingredient is going to solidify again inside the turkey during its rest and it will redistribute the juices inside, so what can I tell you about making a very, very juicy turkey?
un pavo muy jugoso relleno gravy pur toque y saz n

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un pavo muy jugoso relleno gravy pur toque y saz n...

Be careful, it won't just be the butter, we will also add orange juice and of course white wine, don't go out of your way to buy an expensive bottle, use an inexpensive wine. to cook, also adding apple cider vinegar and that's it. This is what we will inject into the payment with a special syringe, one of those that they sell you in the supermarket in November-December. syringe that you use as a hand to inject amikacin fabric when you are sick from walking barefoot in cold weather that never happens to me if this luksic bossio hurts with nothing else I ask you to inject at an angle for better distribution and in strategic points so that these juices are everywhere, there are a lot of sauces by voice to marinate the turkey, here I have already prepared some so that you can see how I want them.
un pavo muy jugoso relleno gravy pur toque y saz n
In the end I am going to leave you some links so that you have more options, but this one I'm going to prepare it for you. It has already become one of my favorites. It is very delicious and too simple. In a bowl we add parsley and chopped in the same way a little fresh tarragon as well as five cloves of garlic, finely chopped as well, and ginger, the equivalent of about five cloves of garlic we add about three tablespoons of celery powder and four to five tablespoons of paprika a touch of mustard about two tablespoons or so and honey here yes let yourself drop with about six or eight teaspoons and 300 grams of butter that Yes, and make sure it is at room temperature so that you can mash it without any problem.
un pavo muy jugoso relleno gravy pur toque y saz n
We are going to give this butter an extra touch of flavor with orange and lemon zest. Believe me, it is a bomb of flavor. Ready, the flavored butter is going to be introduced in under the skin because if it doesn't reach the bottom, simply slide it little by little, spreading the butter. It is very good on the outside, on the skin, being very careful since it is somewhat slippery, be patient and try to erase it little by little calmly, having seen the turkey only We want some ingredients in the container where we are going to bake it, such as carrot, celery, onion, an orange, some sprigs of rosemary to enhance the flavor and aroma, orange juice, also apple cider vinegar and obviously white wine, you will have enough for about two or three glasses, don't worry.
Don't let it hurt you to pour the wine here, we place the neck and the bag of giblets here too and then we place the turkey to later introduce some good whole potatoes there where it was discussed. I don't feel like waiting for the turkey. I don't think I can feel it anymore and Finally, add a few splashes of olive oil on top of the cdu payment, it is a scene since without wanting to delete life I thought that a photo and now simply cover it very well with double layer aluminum if possible and refrigerate for about four hours, we just didn't put it any marinade or a marinade for the style so it doesn't need more time after resting in the refrigerator we are going to bake it at 200 degrees how long 35 to 40 minutes for each kilo your turkey offers take note look buddy I don't know how many types of filling you have tried, you have surely realized that there is a great variety of them but with similarities but this filling that I am going to prepare for you has been the fusion of my father's recipe with some three or four whims of mine and believe me it is delicious in In a pot or frying pan with high sides, we add chopped bacon and let it release its own fat.
This is what will help us cook the rest. As you noticed, do not add oil at the beginning and simply halfway through cooking, we add three cloves of chopped garlic along with half onion into small cubes and fry like that for about two minutes. Immediately we add the ham cubes and cook for two more minutes. Remember, we are doing this over medium heat. We immediately add the raisins, the almonds, the peanuts and the pieces of walnut, which if one of These ingredients are of a different grade, simply omit what is not water or you have to put it because the world does not close to you after two or three minutes we add the ground beef.
In this case I am using pure ground beef now that yes If you like to combine half beef and half pork, go ahead, you are free to fulfill your craving, remember that I simply give you the recipe and you add your touch and seasoning, but don't forget your touch of salt to enhance the flavors. The meat is almost ready, we add it. an apple, a peach and a pear and this in cubes and we cook for 2 more minutes then we add about 5 or 6 sliced ​​mushrooms and olives to taste I put the ones that come stuffed with pepper I love them there are some that come with anchovies others with cheese or simply remove them if you don't like them, but believe it or not, they do add a good flavor and we stir this very well and after two or three minutes or when you see the meat is already golden brown, it is ready for friends so that It's ready, it takes 30 minutes to take it out of the oven to remove the aluminum, check the little color that I get, but don't worry, this is still missing with the juices from the container.
We're going to baste our turkey, there's a lot of flavor that was concentrated during cooking, and we simply baste it. the turkey with a ladle on all sides to put it back in the oven but this time without aluminum, don't worry about it, we are going to put it in for the remaining 30 minutes trying to give it another bath of juices every 10 minutes this for a more golden layer and ready the turkey we remove a good amount of juice and here we are going to take out our driving although you can drain it all if you like, on this occasion I am simply going to use a liter or so with this it is more than enough also removing the potatoes from here friends it will come out a delicious and creamy puree we simply break them to help the masher then we add about 45 grams or so of butter and its salt and we start to mash it very well now if you want to add a little more butter just taste it don't think twice times and continue mashing, taking advantage of the fact that the potato is still hot, we add grated cheddar and chihuahua cheese, this so that it melts very well, it doesn't exactly have to be one of these cheeses, so if you don't have them, don't worry, I'll just look for a cheese that you like and It melts very well and you decide how much is to taste.
We are also going to add a touch of chopped dry parsley. This will not only give it flavor but will also add a good aroma to the puree and when it is all crushed we add a little bit of the juices that the turkey released during cooking, this to give texture to our mash and of course more flavor and you leave it to your liking. You know how much juice you can put in the potatoes, as you saw, they do not fight, I mash them with everything and the skin does not bother you. Don't worry, there's absolutely nothing wrong, the French fries with the skin on taste delicious, the gajon potatoes are called delicious, there are even restaurants that sell potato skins with bacon and melted cheese in their appetizer menu, so the mashed potatoes with skin on don't It has to be a problem, cheer up, it's a real delight now, if you don't like it, then you remove the fat from the chair and place the juices in a small pot so as not to leave any imperfections and let it boil when it reaches about 2 tablespoons of corn starch, that is, cornstarch, we add a little water and mix very, very well, this friends is the one and it will help us express the sauce.
It is very simple to prepare, as you have just realized, we only add it to the juices that are serving and we mix very, very well until the greim is ready, it is a matter of minutes, just let it boil and continue mixing, it is not complicated at all, when it is to your liking, it is done, we simply serve if we have the little color of this beauty And its juiciness, not to mention, is perfect, as you realized, it is not complicated at all, nothing about buying it pre-cooked or going to a bakery to order it, none of that, follow these steps and believe me, you will have a 10-pound turkey.
I guarantee for my part it was all friends until next time

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