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Jun 27, 2021
wakey-wakey stand up and shine what it would be like to put in our mouths today shut up so I'd love to give you an explanation why Benny stresses out Mickey Mouse from Fantasia but I don't have one that no one told him to do It's the Valentine's outfit. Hey guys, it's Valentine's Day. We have a lovely girl. mozzarella on the inside and then wrapped in Parma ham with crispy breadcrumbs on top on top of tomato sauce and spaghetti here I have some marinated chicken that's been in buttermilk for 24 hours I'll take that butterfly cut it into strips I'm going to make a bouquet of roses with champagne cupcakes yes I know and it's also very very easy to start off we are going to make a cupcake base cream your butter and your sugar together make sure there is plenty of air in there are you the girl who m from mike aking chicken nuggets not ok chicken nuggie my dad always taught me you have to impress women with the size of your meat so i go for the puff pastry wrapped philips take with mushroom pate the pancakes are a beef wellington classic and it starts with searing our meat in a very hot skillet yes a butterfly my chicken breast i have now divided them into sections.
ultimate valentine s day recipe battle sortedfood
I'm going to hit them with a rolling pin, soften them up and also flatten them out to make them a bit thinner. it got stuck in my hand that was a cry for help was that a crack? your


solution ya now add your eggs feed them and just tuck in your flour to finish your batter add a little vanilla and a little milk stir that add the inside stuffing back and squeeze it into your tribe now my steak is seared well i'm going to let it sit I'm going to put it in the fridge to chill for a few minutes so it can be nice and cold when I put it in our dough in a few nutes minutes so I have my chicken strips here now I'm having buffalo mozzarella putting a quantity pretty decent about 1/3 and then rolling the chicken over the top like so once you've done all your strips that thing gets wrapped in Parma ham and covered in breadcrumbs while the meat is in the fridge I peeled and chopped my potatoes I put them in cold water ready to mash later Now I'm getting ready to make the rest of the Weddington beef um but really why would you do that?
ultimate valentine s day recipe battle sortedfood

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ultimate valentine s day recipe battle sortedfood...

I'm going to change then to the oven at 160 20 minutes it's so disturbing it's one of the worst feeling all oh oh I hate it when that happens now we're nice and snug I can actually keep making the rest of the beef wellington. I am using pre-made pancakes, pre-made pate and also pre-made cakes. There was a lot of prefab mention there. on top of the pate and then add another pancake on top and wrap it and then put it r steak on the dough wrap it with egg wash it and put it in the oven at 200 degrees celsius for 20 minutes and 20 minutes at 200 degrees celsius for 20 minutes to make your syrup champagne have two glasses of champagne or prosecco with a splash of rose water and two teaspoons of sugar while it bubbles i think i'm going to switch now i have my standard flour eggs and breadcrumbs here but i'm going to add some parmesan and some Italian herb mix in the breadcrumbs to bring out a lovely flavor good syrup good I need to be fair it's five drops now we might be really trying to land Wow I'm ready I'm bet back take me I see you absolute banker Cox shit welcome to the serum turn it up mate oh I do that was good we did what all the good friends were doing. nice and packed so it's fully covered now while my rup system doesn't burn.
ultimate valentine s day recipe battle sortedfood
I'm going to make a very simple buttercream frosting by taking the butter and iced sugar can by your toe and keep mixing until just comes together, then add lots of food coloring. Why is a guy sitting out? I will definitely be a mistake. Don't panic. All right, cupcakes. A hard job. if they start to burn, don't worry, cover them with foil and leave them for the remaining minutes, so I'm going to start my spaghetti in about 10 minutes, which gives me plenty of time to switch to Jamie. date she ever oh you're on this day now that doesn't make any more sense once your champagne syrup has reduced now it's time to put them on top of your warm cupcakes.
ultimate valentine s day recipe battle sortedfood
I have already printed some holes in it for them to leak through. that soap on the cupcake and hopefully not just t The bottom of the beef wellington has come out of the oven, it needs a good five minutes to rest, giving me the perfect amount of time to make mashed potatoes Blanch my broccoli of tender stem and also warm my shoe or on top this is an infection oh no I just stood on a pate pancake Oh Oh this is Mike's pasta sauce he's serving but it's dinner whoa whoa whoa pancakes you made them pate did you make up cow you did it those things are not elements that add flavor to the dish that's the whole dish i'm ready we're ready very ready definitely ready where do you think our date is ok we can tell who she is because she's dressed in pink ah ok we better have the finishing touches done delicious this is Buff Speckled Parmigiana Chicken Nugs.
I don't know if you can actually test the blood work by passing the sauce because you didn't do them. I made the pasta. They do not. I made the pasta. things that Pasha's chicken daggers once upon a time Cheese Uzis and smoked bacon. I love that this is the


beef for lovers. Well, you know how I like it. given better marshmallows well you know its a good cupcake


it will peel off the gold foil all over its squid and i can taste a champagne like always very complex they look good and sometimes the rest is still there.
Come on three incredible dishes, but it is not. actually it's up to me to decide you guys can do that so comment below or head over to food categorized and get each of their recipes on your profiles a big thumbs up one of my favorites wins whose dish you want to be your Valentine, you will surely choose my partner. I'm so glad you took off. It was getting a little warm and I was kitty, oh so we still don't know who won that


. We need you to comment below or whoever. ranked foods and vote for your favorite and while you're the why don't you check out the lemon drizzle cake we made Tuesday?
I need help with that. Go to the video, even if you've already seen it. Go to the video and between 50 seconds and a minute. There is a question. I need help. yo, i need it, the proper answers to that question once you've answered Ben's question why don't you check out Peach Melba something else sweet freeform rustic peachy and also if you're picky with food, we have everything you need to know about quiet ordered food? I J what you think the fridge cam had almost everyone for almost everything because I didn't have James and I didn't have a comment of the week we should probably fix but I had a really sweet recipe I also had my really big beef wedding and lots of Valentine's love until next Sunday at 10:00 a.m. another fridge can eat spread the love fight spam

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