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ULTIMATE V8 MUSCLE -- 2019 Chevy Camaro SS vs. 2019 Ford Mustang GT: Comparison

Feb 27, 2020
Few automotive rivalries are as intense and close as Mustang versus Camaro. These two have been trading blows almost continuously for over 50 years straight and after all that fighting, the question of which is superior is still up in the air. So today, while it probably won't change any Mustang or Camaro fan's mind. For the rest of you, hopefully we'll provide some insight into this question. So, with all that said, let's see which American


car is more deserving of your hard-earned money. Now no


car is really in its prime until it's got a giant V8 under the hood, so that's exactly what we've got Starting with the Mustang We've got the premium GT loaded up, giving you some of the luxury features on top of the performance.
ultimate v8 muscle    2019 chevy camaro ss vs 2019 ford mustang gt comparison
It starts at 39,000 $355 and from there we have the 10-speed automatic safety package, spare tire and navigation system, all said with fate, the ring total ends at $44,145. We even have several additional options on board, including 10-speed automatic transmission navigation and the white interior accent package. In addition, we have the performance exhaust system that the Mustang lacks. counting There, for all said and done, the total comes to forty-five thousand two hundred and eighty dollars destination That place is our price difference, just a touch above a large So, to make up for that small price difference, the Mustang will start at one point per $1,000 or one point.
ultimate v8 muscle    2019 chevy camaro ss vs 2019 ford mustang gt comparison

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ultimate v8 muscle 2019 chevy camaro ss vs 2019 ford mustang gt comparison...

So now that we've established the base, let's get into the heart of the


. When it comes to these two, by far the most important part is Under the Hood Both still have the same massive 6.2-liter V8 in the Camaro and 5-liter in the Mustang despite the displacement difference. Power output is nearly identical at 455 versus 460 horsepower. However, the torque gap is more significant at 455 pound-feet for Camaro at 420 for now. As for transmissions, the updated Camaro now has the exact same GM Ford Co-developed automatic in speed as in the Mustang. Of course, you still can't get a six-speed manual in both if you prefer, but most people will continue to opt for the automatic.
ultimate v8 muscle    2019 chevy camaro ss vs 2019 ford mustang gt comparison
Now let's go ahead and listen to those awesome starts and exhaust. Driving impressions let me start by saying I know we are close to testing the limits of these two vehicles They are extremely capable and really need a race track to get a full sense of their full potential However both are extremely enjoyable at legal speeds The steering is a laser. Quick acceleration is instant and the exhaust sounds are out of this world. Both look more like sports cars than ever before and that's definitely a good thing. Allied end to your fuel economy. The result is a bit surprising: the smaller displacement engine in the Mustang still delivers worse Mpg at 19 combined vs. 20 combined in the Camaro, which is likely due to cylinder deactivation.
ultimate v8 muscle    2019 chevy camaro ss vs 2019 ford mustang gt comparison
Anyway, now let's compare the exterior styling and features. In part, I try to keep subjectivity out of these


s, but I'll look at overall front and rear styling. Starting with the Mustang, its styling hasn't changed since its update last year. So it continues to have a nice mix of classic and modern design cues. The grill is wide and aggressive, filled with a black mesh. The Camaro, on the other hand, has changed. Well, much of last year, Chevy has moved on to a new Transformers theme for the face, and while controversial, I will say that he looks better in person than in photos.
They combine that new face with new LED headlights that extend into the grille for a really cool look. Going back to the Mustang, it also gets cool looking full LED headlights. In addition, it also has LED fog lights where the Camaro only has an accent light. So generally Mustangs will take the front point in the rear, not really a huge advantage though. In one way or another, both have attractive designs highlighted by LED taillights and quad exhaust. However, I'll give the Camaro a middle ground as it has a standard large wing compared to the small one on the Stang.
Another place where the Camaro gives you more standard equipment is the wheels. This 18-inch alloy is the standard wheel on every GT while this 20-inch alloy is the standard wheel on every SS and then as far as its brakes go, the Camaro has its back too. The ard wing leans as opposed to the Mustang, where you have to opt for the performance package to get them. Heading Mirrors Camaro again wins by giving the owner auto-dimming and blind-spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert. falling apart a bit for Camaro when it comes to the rest of the safety systems Our Mustang has the safe in the smart package that includes automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection adaptive cruise control Lane-keeping assist and automatic high beams By comparison, all the Camaro has is passive forward collision warning No matter how you equip it AND when it comes to warranties, they're exactly the same, except the Chevy gives you a courtesy service call.
Wrapping things up on the fuel tank There is a big difference between the two in that the Camaro has a nineteen gallon fuel tank while the Mustang only has 16 gallons and that means with its higher mileage the Camaro has 380 miles of fuel. Range vs. just 304 in the Ford Well, that wraps up all the exterior talk, so now let's go ahead and see if the interiors are as close. Going inside, both have smart entry, as well as fobs including remote start. After opening up the doors, the cabins look very different from each other. Our Camaro has ceramic white leather interior and the Mustang a plain black leather interior.
But obviously there are other colors available regarding the seats. The Mustang has six-way power seats with lumbar which lacks any type of electric backrest adjustment. While the Camaro has eight power wave seats, but lacks any type of lumbar adjustment. Both are also heated and ventilated. So the tiebreaker is the memory of two people in the Chevy. Once inside, although the designs are very different, the materials are quite similar. the top is actually a hard touch. But the entire central part is rat leather with contrasting stitching. The knees and armrests are also padded in leather. However, there is one major difference with the door trims.
The Camaro simply has more leather and, best of all, a very large piece of real aluminum. Overall, I got the more premium cabin. Press the button to start both models After you do, you'll see the eight-inch high-res displays come on. But then looking at the gauges, only the Camaro comes standard with reconfigurable digital gauges. They're also available on the Mustang, but that would have required an additional $2,200 package. And also, the Camaro has a head-up display that isn't available on the Mustang no matter what. Getting back to the flyers, they both have a pleasantly heavy electric power. attractive leather-wrapped wheels and steering.
Only the Camaro has heating. Next we have storage space which of course neither of these two have much of but between them. The Mustang is better Its center console is wider and deeper, plus it has another small area in the front. The Chevy doesn't. Both models have Powell paddle shifters. Backup cameras with parking and trajectory sensors. As for the weather, our dual-zone auto setup. The Camaro setup definitely looks cooler. But at the same time, the edge can get hot enough to burn you. So the Mustang is more practical. Now let's compare the Mustang's new Bang & Olufsen sound system to the Camaro.
I know the audio samples don't necessarily reflect that but the Mustang system has a bit more punch and Now that brings us to the infotainment systems Starting with the Ford we have the latest version of sync 3 This is still a very good system easy to use with shortcuts at the bottom and a home screen. They also have built-in navigation, but if you don't want to pay for that Android auto and apple carplay our standard move to the Camaro. This year it was updated with the newer Chevy 3 infotainment system. The new design is similar to the Sync 3, but I found this system to have faster overall performance.
The optional navigation system has attractive graphics, but again Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. They're standard. Honestly, both are great systems, and there really isn't enough of a difference to award points. On top, both have auto-dimming mirrors and universal remotes, but the Camaro has an added trick to make up for poor visibility. It has a rear camera mirror that completely eliminates all obstructions. Finally, neither model has a sunroof. Optionally you can Camaro if you want. Now, looking at the rear seats, the actual measurements aren't really significant, since they are measured as if we were driving a midget.
But as far as my 5'8" frame goes, the Mustang is definitely more accommodating. My hair barely brushes the glass instead of being pressed against it and the Mustang seats are buckets. Moving on to cargo capacity, the Ford has a significant advantage Comes in 13 1/2 cubic feet versus just a nine point three in the Camaro Plus with 50/50 split full seats versus all in one piece Well, that's it in this very close comparison video, as you can probably see by now They're more similar than different, so it's really going to come down to your personal preference. We strongly suggest you do yourself a favor and check them out in person.
Anyway, thanks for joining us for another head-to-head car candy comparison. be sure to subscribe to help us reach 50,000 subscribers and beyond Take care everyone

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