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UK Customs Agents Bust Criminals | Border Patrol

Feb 27, 2020
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agency is at war with seeing anything happen in manchester when it detains a tricky client do you understand you can't bring them into the country ok now i hope you heard something about that ain't no use people lose their sausages we left to buy wieners now and when diesel sniffs some baseball a bootlegger's plan is left ripped in the seat the actual seams don't show very well on them you can see there an end on our faces looks like a white powder in manchester a flight from pakistan has just arrived at Terminal two flight crews are also subject to regulations and a uk


officer lives today sees a thermal camera useless for looking for the pilot is fine but you just turn around and face the wall from where the pilot takes the new security measure you can spirits i can see you cant unfortunately you can see me to try it himself yes its a thermal imager you kill to go yes and the officers You do not find anything wrong with the crew, so turn your attention to the passengers.
uk customs agents bust criminals border patrol
Seven sees a bag full of rectangular packages and tracks it to the challenge inside. Find more than the allowance of 200 cigarettes. Are you here on vacation or are you working on vacation in your only you only you one only you normally passing conveniently on Sunday that was a cigarettes were cigarettes those things there who are far away he doesn't seem to understand either so that's for you though sell you will steal who - who Will you sell them? It is a startling admission and against the law that you are nobody. The situation worsens when Kevin discovers that he works for the airline. more than a thousand good to be arrested I'm going to prosecute them for that now this guy has almost 10,000 cigarettes come to the lounge now the passenger is a staff member works in karachi and is a sour ce is on the staff ticket it costs a privileged person, which means he must be arrested and prosecuted. david just let one of them know we have a prisoner in c-23 with cigarettes almost ten thousand so let him know you have a person in progress but we are going to need a translator we are about to make the arrest just waiting for a new do immigration officer speaking school announcer facilitator Kevin's sharp eyes identified the smuggler and as he works for the airline, the man may be losing his job as well as his cigarette UK border offices at Dover face aside 24 truck and car smugglers use the high volume of traffic as a cover and it's the job of the selectors to pick the vehicles to be searched there's a selector on the loading line who's been selecting certain vehicles and this vehicle here that we've been assigned today is related to a heroin job and at the age of 50 last week with information suggesting links to a sniffer dog from previous heroin seizure Millie and handler Nikki are brought in to speed up the search Goffe my colleagues look at me look at the moment it could be about a hiding space there or even better a lot of money dating limits daily risk i don't have any rich that is my dog ​​his old my good here tell me you put that dog on her I want her to say that your morality I am seeing how it goes that is very very healthy not the government you are by law you can see do not love Jojo, I do not have Bar or no, no problem, although I know, I know, Senator, the information linked to a previous job with heroin, the drivers weren't uptight about letting mental into their truck, is raising suspicions. taxi as i get this letter then we can be on the driver if lily finds drugs dog hair on her pillow it will be the lesser of the driver's products in manchester the first interpreter has arrived with 10,000 cigarettes or someone's 49 to be arrested with another translation ch efs playing spoons I think what happened is now he's upset because he's good for the airline for three years.
uk customs agents bust criminals border patrol

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uk customs agents bust criminals border patrol...

I think you look now, maybe, and you know that she's about to lose her job or that she normally brings about 10,000 cigarettes that she admitted she's going to sell next. at the fence can't do that unfortunately as they took him to be searched the man's nerves win out not a great plan the ones in the ditch yeah just lock the door for him to go to the bathroom don't use the bathroom or because he is not searched yet, he could have evidence that he is dried and forced to go down to the bathroom, cigarette smugglers are not usually accompanied to bathrooms, but during the search, the officers find something in his jacket and the day of man goes from bad to worse.
uk customs agents bust criminals border patrol
A small package has been found in the gentleman's pocket. It looks like it could be drugs, possibly opium. I think it's possibly cannabis resin. You get a particular type of resin in Pakistan. encore, he'll see that he's gone from that red color, so even though he got


ed for cigarettes, he'll now have to get


ed again for the best cannabis. Listen, now it's 1206. you don't have to say anything so likely to move forward not to mention when questioned about something that you then trust in court do you understand suddenly the situation is very clear do you understand yes with two felonies to answer for the consequences could be severe even for amounts as small as 3.5 grams well you may lose your job if your airline is involved in the crimes committed in importing cigarettes if we decide to prosecute you could face a fine and also for the drug import. you're looking for a compound penalty, so again it could be a fine, so you could face a couple hundred pound fine and potentially lose your job too, which I think has been in this job for 33 years, so it was silly mistakes Vegas Layton truth in Dover the team is dealing with the driver who doesn't want the drunk dog in his camp but now they have found the rules that give them the power to search 27 for their part the team now you can continue with the search for the boy in the truck.
uk customs agents bust criminals border patrol
David put a little dog, now don't come and says who organizes the intelligence team selected this truck to search for it in connection with a recent heroin seizure. The sniffer dog Millie is looking for drugs. or cash which may be crime related this guy is irish in fact recently without quite a lot of irish vehicle jobs coming into the country and much of it is welfare. Searching for a huge truck like this can take hours, but sniffer dogs like Milly can do it. about Milly that's the driver ok great thanks no I didn't get any of that it wasn't in the cargo so it's frozen meat so right outside the cab I guess there's more than half, we throw the dog now, so what? they are i think the driver didn't want milly in his cab he certainly doesn't want her in his trailer full of meat and the officers decide to search it themselves they find nothing and the truck can go for now he spoke to this letter it's happy. he has the paperwork and is going to evaluate it leave maybe stop coming back but leave perfectly happy there very good sir thank you very much very good so i saw a big problem this is a good thing these are the complaints if you are not happy i said you have delivered, you haven't had any problems.
I just said you weren't happy they're not going there. you're actually allowed to ride in the vehicle, so you have to board anywhere, feet as clean as an insulted nilly, the driver happily drives off in his dog-hairless cab and pulls over as he pulls over a cheating customer . Does he understand that he can't bring them into the country? ok now i hope you figured out how to just give you the newspaper price there yup a surprisingly honest passenger gets a letter he gets any payment only you can't get any payment you know in Gatwick it's not just the passengers who they could be smuggling drugs into the cargo area, UK border officer Lorna and diesel sniffer dog are looking for packages from Jamaica.
We have just finished with the cargo liners and are going to pick up the DHL courier mail. Any one of the thousands of packages that pass through Gatwick every day could contain cocaine, so use the tracker's abilities. the dogs are vital we come here most days and there are a lot of detects found here so it's a good area for your doctor's work diesel notices Lorna watches diesel closely, waiting for any sign he's detected drugs, do you mind taking a look? in that for me please this month the santino's of a drug dog and sometimes being alerted by a few tiny particles of cocaine innocently picked up by contamination but today diesel seems unusually excited waiting in a minute session each one has come from Venezuela a known source of cocaine, which makes contamination seem like the most likely cause of the dog's involvement, it looks like we might have some personal effects, so they're a pair of sneakers, they're a couple of baseballs and Then, a couple of items of clothing that actually look good, don't appear to be anything suspicious in regards to clothing.
Now, let's take a quick review of the shoes. to see if there's anything on them doesn't look like there was take a look at a couple baseballs just looks like a hoax ok no ok notices the stitches have been tampered with the actual seams don't look great on it Looks pretty ordinary . It claims to be an official baseball, but why try to undo the seams a bit? You can see there an Indian face. It looks like a white powder that could possibly be cocaine in its powdered form, stick with it. I have a test kit. Starting to look like a cleanser that was fine.
I just have a little bit of this solution on top and you can see we've had a blue reaction on the actual filter paper and that indicates the presence of cocaine. from the white powder starts so it looks like he's pretty well doped up lorna is delighted and the diesel gets a well deserved yea very good job from the dogs good indication there's obviously a black bowman bull so you're never sure if it's actually an indicator. I just want to play with a ball. He brought misko and he has done very, very well thanks to the diesel.
Now another illegal shipment of cocaine will be destroyed. Meanwhile, in the South Terminal, a flight has just landed from kyiv this time. goods in suitcases the uk border sniffer dogs are looking for the disgusting air flight which is usually pretty good and lots of sausages and cheese and stuff and they just don't seem to understand they're not allowed you need to bring it so sometimes you kind of get around the local community pretty quickly so if you pick a flight a bit everyone can see you calm down a bit but it still looks like they're bringing you in so the food.
Here, yes, fruit and wine are within easy regulations, but ask me, that's off the menu. is it allowed to bring any meat products or any dairy products, yes you don't have any problem but you can't bring them so we have to take them away ok look in the bag so I'm really sorry. a lot of people lose their sausages she looked trapped president she's not upset that's a good sausage it's a shame she lost it but she's not upset she hasn't moaned at me yet so just remember for next time she hasn't lost any money she has left to buy a little English sausage now it's a small seizure for importing animal products there is a serious problem that is 430 grams err if you bring meeting again you can get in trouble unlimited fine or imprisonment even but I doubt that will happen with the sausage ok thanks just put this aside and let's go find the next passenger and jasper has now sniffed a queue of passengers to be checked in in manchester a morning pathos flight has just landed it is within the eu so passengers should bring as much tobacco as possible possible they like it as long as they don't get money some cigarettes scramble who it's for yeah ok they just give you the price of tea paper there , since you are surprised by the woman's honor, right?
You already explained to me that she goes to get the cost price of some of the goods which, as an EU traveler, is not allowed because those who don't travel are not entitled to a privilege, which gives you another chance to explain, do you? can you identify what? you are actually gifting your family friend is it just the gold leaf fuels? Are you giving someone some tobacco? Have you ever rolled yours up so you can't get away from them? that once you finish your cigarettes you're going to start rolling no no no I'm not going to take them just trying to understand what you're telling me a woman now says she's going to give away the tobacco it's the gifts that's fine but she's still doing the hard stuff is all your luggage yes you packed everything yourself yes june has done what you can and you can't bring into the country like yes you can't bring controlled drugs like indecent obscene terrible fire yes do you understand you can't bring them into the country?
Well, now I hope you're not okay. Well, I don't want to save them from the UK. She has again tried to help the woman kill her tobacco. Oh, I need you. to understand is that when you bring products for someone else, I made aquestion the question was were you just getting the cost price of the products yes and you said yes which is good and it's good to be direct about it however now are you listening i'm saying yes it's ok because they will not travel with you you cannot receive any payment for the goods do you understand what i am saying if money is exchanged for these goods that is not allowed i know but you'll get the cost price of the goods for yourself.
That's what you just said. Correct. I asked you a question. I know what you said. You must remember that you can only bring tobacco for yourself. if you get the cost price you paid there, that's not the message. I don't know, just remember that you can't receive any payment. down straight down there to the right and then to the left after receiving some payment for the goods and she says yes she was sitting in front of the price she was a bit nervous maybe coming back after such a long flight gave her the benefit of the doubt because after a while a story also changed she seems happier for my decision I hope she remembers not to bring products for other people who do not travel with her what food do you have in your suitcases fish and undried skin is fine any another thing just empanadas what flavor they are ok i just have to go to the official ok put some meat patties on the bone just come with me and the doctors indicated you have some meat products you have some meat patties ok ok, unfortunately you can't bring meat. products for uk no sadly no its the same as for all non eu countries its not allowed to bring in meat products looks like it did the same state before i will compete it well maybe even look for the pasties sooner but if you have the veggie etarians yes because obviously no veggie burger but anything with mates in it is not allowed so we'll win our feet he does his best to make the rules clear now you know you can bring as many fish as you like possible. your fish weighs more than 20 kilograms you can't bring it there will be a big fish oh you would have to have a very long suitcase you can't get that kind of empanadas here it's just a prefix in english it doesn't matter it's ok the woman leaves at the end of a shift busy for meeting ok people were smuggling cheese and empanadas which shouldn't have been but im taking them from members good job we have the dog because we can't always find their goods. to the 200,000 kilos of animal products sniffed out by border


each year will be added a closer examination of Venezuelan banks.
Balls found contain hidden within the pool with a fairway value of tenth thousand pounds

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