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UFOs Investigating The Unknown S01E03

Mar 31, 2024
foreigner is an expert on unidentified flying objects what is your name please my name is Jay Allen heineck my name is Jay Allen heinek my name is Jay Allen heineck jail and heineck entered the UFO field with the typical scientific attitude which is that no Ultimately, there is nothing that has changed about them and that is the core of J. Ellen Heineck's story. I. Allen Heineck. I am a consultant to the United States Air Force on unidentified flying objects, like so many other key figures of that era. to lobby against the government he once worked for and defend the truth.
ufos investigating the unknown s01e03
I am also a professor of astronomy and director of a large University Observatory. He believed that science was the tool that science could help us understand what UFOs are and that is what he defended that there are many people who do not always understand the fundamental reason for the things that he did or the things that he said, but I think that Heinek's impact today is immeasurable, only one of these men is the real J. Allen Heineck, the other two were impostors. and we will try to trick this panel into telling the truth. we receive reports every night.
ufos investigating the unknown s01e03

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ufos investigating the unknown s01e03...

I don't know what the hell is funny. The US government has closed its formal study of UFOs. Project Blue Book at the end of 1969 and the government like everything says we are not interested in all the reports the air force made the decision let's get out of this business of


UFOs our business is National Security we have not seen any threats let's stop the Project Blue Book for almost 20 Actually, for years I went through it with the opposite perspective, which was that UFOs were serious and should be investigated in my association with Project Blue Book.
ufos investigating the unknown s01e03
I don't know very well that it wasn't a scientific project. I also know that never, ever. They notified the media when an interesting case came up, they did their best to keep it under control, so they definitely withheld information. Dr. Heineck realized that this was a serious problem, that the UFO reports could not all be explained, and that the military should take this further. Seriously, we now know that there were UFO cases during this period that seemed to have national security implications. I know that while I was part of the Blue Book there were a number of cases that never made it into the Blue Book.
ufos investigating the unknown s01e03
They are witnesses, this was preserving a missile base, this was observed by an Air Force pilot. Do you want to tell me that I think the CIA or the FBI and the government have not investigated this? I think the public would be surprised to realize that there were incidents going back as far as In the '60s, when our nuclear missile silos were being interfered with with production facilities, weapons facilities we had incidents at numerous missile bases. Intercontinental ballistic missiles called ICB M, were strategically located in parts of the northern United States, where they were within striking distance of the Soviet Union, there were almost identical UFO events at two of the Minuteman ICBM locations at the Base Minot Air Force in North Dakota in 1966 and at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana in 1967.
My name is Robert Salas in 1967 I was a lieutenant in the Air Force stationed at Montana Air Force Base Belts my name is David Shimley I am a retired Air Force captain at Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota in 1966 my responsibility was to launch our 10 nuclear tipped missiles through an appropriate and verified order my name is Robert Jamison I was First Lieutenant at the United States Air Force Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana, one of my jobs was if a missile goes on alert for any reason, to go out and reset it. The Air Force includes missile men here at Malmstrom Air Force Base, a strategic missile wing. controls the most modern man in his underground silo the Air Force specialists in this job continually buy Willingness to launch your bird help prevent instead of starting a nuclear war we had Minuteman missiles one and that's what an 800 kiloton weapon is and just for reference the weapons that were dropped on Hiroshima Nagasaki were 20 kilotons that capability is helping to keep the peace we have a policy of mutual assured destruction it would be suicide for us or our potential adversaries to launch a nuclear attack unless they could disable that capability In that system then they may be able to decapitate the United States, destroy the capital without fear of retaliation, and change the global balance of power.
Our location was 60 feet underground. We are very well protected. It was a concrete capsule reinforced with steel and this capsule was located underneath what we called the launch. controls facility we had six security guards on top they had the responsibility of making sure no one tried to enter I traveled to the base to attend a pre-departure crew briefing after the briefing several missile crews were They approached me and said: did you hear what? it happened during the night, sometime during the night, i get a call from the main guard upstairs, he tells me that there are strange lights flying over the facility, they are looking at a bright reddish orange pulsating light floating just above the main door and he pointed with His arms and he says it was out there floating motionless and soundless.
They thought there was a solid object inside the light with an oval shape. I kind of dismissed it. I even said you mean UFOs and uh he kind of laughed and even said well they're not airplanes sir about five minutes later he calls again and he's screaming into the phone now he's really scared he's babbling he said he's got everyone the guards out there with guns drawn, they wanted orders on what to do, I told him they make sure nothing gets into the fenced area when I hung up the phone I thought we were being attacked by who or what I had no idea and it was good bells and whistles sounding on our control panel and we could see the lights turning from green to red across the board meaning the missiles were inoperable now if the president had given the order to launch the missiles we couldn't have launched them losing 10 missiles it was a shock except in that case I never lost more than one missile at a time somehow Somehow the vehicles were able to maneuver over those ICBMs and shut them down.
We don't know why they fell and we still don't know. I can't think of any other reason that would cause an alert to go off in a matter of seconds. We knew it. It was not an ordinary man-made machine because we didn't have anything like it after the incident. They demanded that I not talk to anyone about it. I tried to question the security guard and he told me I'm sorry sir. They told me to stay quiet. and they told him that as far as you were concerned it never happened. I had to go through a space briefing.
This is where they told me that you're not supposed to ever say again that if something happened, I feel like nothing happened, of course, the first thing. I did it when I got home, hey honey, guess what happened? There was a man from the Air Force special investigations office. All he wanted him to do was sign this document stating that he would never speak of this again once we signed that document. We were released. They told me to go away and I never talked about any of this until 1994, so about 27 years later, three years after the Maelstrom incident in which 10 missiles were disabled, the Air Force released a fact sheet to the public announcing the closure of Project Blue Book and remained in the basic report investigated or evaluated by the Air Force was ever an indication of a threat to our national security, meaning that not even one has posed any type of threat to national security, which which certainly was a lie, let's use the right word.
The Blue Air Force knew very well that these were UFO-related incidents and that UFOs were responsible for the shutdown of these missiles. Later, in 1979, we discovered that a secret memo called the Bollander Memo had been circulated that said that any national security case could continue to be reported through already existing channels, so it was a complete black and white contradiction between what was said to the public and what was said behind the scenes abroad, that we just don't know what these things seem to care about. our nuclear capabilities and that is something that should concern us.
I kept a secret for 40 years. It was a long time to have this burden on my shoulders. I normally have a calm personality and I just don't want to be in The Limelight, but the public needs to know this. Robert Salas did not speak about what happened for many years and it shows how intimidated these people are to come forward. Decades will pass and they won't even talk about it. Good morning, my my name is David Schindley in 2001 I found an article that described the Robert Salas incident and when I saw that I said oh my God, the incident he had was almost identical to the one I had, I experienced a joyous freedom and I was finally able to telling my wife my secret and thanks to Robert for helping me after the guards called me and literally begged me to come out and see them because it was a very traumatic experience for the guards, but I just signed a confidentiality statement so I had to tell them on the phone that I couldn't see them, so when I talk about this I do it in part because of those airmen who begged me to come see them and I just couldn't do it, there is timidity and reluctance on their part. of many witnesses and understandably against reporting because many have been ridiculed and their lives have become somewhat miserable.
Dr. Heinek became increasingly disillusioned by the Air Force's cavalier approach to these sightings and cavalier approach to evidence. Heinek gradually realized that this was a topic that demanded serious study when Heinek was on Project Blue Book there was a case involving a father and his two sons in Idaho one day everyone saw this object just went down this ravine by Heineck found it quite convincing and ended up dismissing it as something with a natural cause, but that was Heinrich's official report to Project Blue Book. Why this is significant, years later when Heinek began to change his mind, he regretted that specific case. said with that case I should have said you know what doesn't quite add up I think there are more things happening here I'm not going to rule it out I'm going to try to find out more so that was the first in heinix façade as a denier I started to have some doubts because It was the people themselves, I told myself, well, don't give it until I'm going to call these people crazy, and when I changed my glasses, you could say a little bit, and I took a vision that made these people not crazy, and I began to realize the type of people who were, good and solid people.
I said to myself, well, the time has come to perhaps change my attitude with the United States Air Force leaving behind the role of By dedicating itself to UFO investigations, this left a large void that civilian organizations began to fill. . 74 Jay Allen Heineck founded the UFO Study Center, abbreviated k


, a civil group made up of highly qualified people ranging from the average person with enthusiasm to a highly trained person. scientist or academic and the records they provided are absolutely crucial. I'm Mark Rodiger, the scientific director of the Chicago Center for Beautiful Studies. Dr. Haddock was my mentor and appointed me as his successor.
Dr. Heineck was the classical professor who loved to teach. He really enjoyed the jokes, you know, he had a good time, he wasn't uptight, he had a little twinkle in his eye, people really warmed to him. Allen had a very open mind and that's really the background to his interest in UFOs. UFO groups, you know? They are not massive organizations, in fact, we are now sitting in the basement of my UFO office here at my house. You know, the center is really like a scientific think tank. Dr. Heineck realized that there was a need for a professional group focused on studying UFOs. that mainly involves three things being a place for people to report sightings number two is being a place to get reliable information we publish a periodical magazine with monographs and finally of course a place to do research we have stayed pretty close to that mission throughout the process.
Over the years one of the first things the K


did was set up a national hotline for UFO reports, they distributed this hotline to law enforcement agencies around the country and said to put this on your bulletin board if Do you ever get a call from someone who has seen a UFO? call us on this hotline when we will do the investigation ok but it's like nothing I know of but there was a big difference between civilian and military UFO investigations the military has access to other civilian information Stone I went to see Don Robson in the White House, well, because he is a friend of mine and he told him: look why I have this Centerof UFO studies and I wanted you to know that this issue should ever reach the presidential level of Congress, but there is a group. of scientists who are ready to work on it and I said I have some responsibility towards these scientists, are we spinning our Wheels if this work has already been done by someone else?
I said that because of my responsibility to be scientists I felt that I had a need to know and he snapped back saying that you don't have a need to know to know now you interpret that any way you want in any case you can't stop scientists from working and that It is the goal of being a scientist. They are individualists, they are going to do whatever they want anyway. In the '70s and '80s, government officials generally did not talk about UFOs, but some presidents were also interested in information about UFOs when Jimmy Carter was governor of Georgia in 1969.
I had a sighting with a group of others Witnesses and I saw a very bright light in the western sky and it came closer and closer and then it seemed to stop in its proximity to us and then its color changed from white to blue and then to Jimmy Carter red. I was very impressed by that. It really shocked him, so in 1973, he presented a written report about this to several civilian UFO groups, so it was recorded. When he became president, he approached NASA to see if they would open a new investigation that could continue what the Air Force had been doing before closing Project Blue Book, the Air Force would not have wanted this to happen seven years after shut down Project Blue Book, so the Air Force intervened in the process and said to NASA: we don't want you to do this.
After a series of exchanges, NASA rejected the president's request. Under pressure to respond by the end of the year, NASA concluded that it would be futile to mount a new research effort due to a lack of physical evidence. It was surprising that a request from the president would have been denied if there was no concrete evidence from people in the United States, how do you write an entire book about UFOs? Well, that's exactly why I called it the UFO experience instead of something that would have been sold more as UFO sex. I called it a UFO experience because that's what I was talking about the experience that people had and you can't convince a person who has had a real UFO experience that he hasn't had one.
In the early 70s, JL and Heineck released their Monumental. book called the UFO experience was not just about research, he was someone who listened to and took seriously people who had had sightings and experiences, he appeared on many television shows and radio interviews and was a public figure advocating for the official recognition. and the study of UFOs, the takeoff of the Space Program there was a surge of interest in outer space which is a complete step for the man from the Martin family, it was a national movement and so the imagination of the people, of course, she went crazy.
Hollywood was able to capture that and feed people's thirst and imagination and this led to a long-standing powerful genre May the force be with you, so UFOs became a creative and imaginative cultural area and the book of Tynak was a great success. Dr. J. Alan Heineck Steven Spielberg purchased the rights to Heineck's book and hired Dr. Heineck as a technical consultant, so Spielberg worked with Heineck to help obtain accurate data for his film Close Encounters. Yes, I was very influenced by Jay Allen Heineck because he didn't consider UFOs to be science fiction, but rather he considered them to be scientific speculation.
I met with him and used it and picked his brain and he consulted me. Dr. Heineck was the guy who coined the term Close Encounters on the other side of the counter. The first type is one that is close but nothing really happened. Close encounter. The second type includes physical contact. damage to the environment that could be footprints from the landing pad in the grass where a UFO was said to have landed and Close Encounters of the Third Kind are the most interesting of all. Close Encounter of the Third Kind is really when you know it, real, real science. data accurate information about UFOs and that's why he called J Allen Heineck, they were requesting real information from the US government on how these things operated and maneuvered.
Hypersonic speeds are fast speeds, instantaneous acceleration, even biological effects where Richard Dreyf has half his face sunburned. They were all observables that we were seeing in the US government. Actual observables that made it to the Hollywood screen and that's because Steven Spielberg received information from people from Project Blue Book along with Heineck Spielberg also spoke with Jacque Valley, a French scientist who was fine. He was well known in the UFO field and had written numerous books on the subject. I had the privilege of working with Dr. Heinek for five years. We built the first computer data catalog of UFO sightings, starting with Air Force files that covered about 20,000 cases in these years.
People have come from all over their country. The French scientists in the film Lacombe's character were loosely based on me. France has an official scientific committee for UFOs that includes physicists, military, including sociologists and psychologists, by allowing the project team leader to be a Frenchman. It immediately gave more depth to the understanding of UFOs, the whole American history, the movies, they always come from somewhere, they kill someone, so we bring in the tanks and they destroy all the tanks, that's a very American way of looking at it. extraterrestrial life. way if everything is ready you are on the dark side of the moon play the five tones the movie was the first movie where we greeted these aliens and they were coming towards us as equals and we were going to have an intelligent discussion with In our Close Encounters of Smart Currency Exchange, we have just captured the spirit of the mystery of the phenomenon, the terrifyingness of the phenomenon and the kind of impact it has on people, regardless of what the government may think about them.
Unidentified flying objects seem to be popular with people. Columbia Pictures reports that its film Close Encounters of a Third Kind has grossed $39 million in three weeks. I owe a lot to Jay Allen Heineck for instilling in me a professional point of view about this type of field reporting and he helped me make the film. more believable than it would have been without his existence, Steven Spielberg brought him to the set when they filmed the movie's big climax at the secret UFO base in Wyoming, US Navy Captain 443-431 and, of course, Close Encounters became a household term because of Steven Spielberg's film and really catapulted Heinek to celebrity status as well, therefore the real Dr.
J. Allen Heineck, please stand up, although Heineck worked for our government for almost two decades, what it was doing in the 70s and 80s seemed to have no impact. about the government and the sightings continued, there are the fantastic sightings last year and this year in the Westchester and Putnam County areas they are literally out of this world. I can't find a logical explanation for them, we were coming home from grad school and we were just babbling like We are now and suddenly Doris says what are those lights on? She was driving north on 118 and I was approaching the light here.
I looked up into the northern sky and saw what appeared to be a large plane with Landon lights flying very low. about 500 feet and stopped and turned 180 degrees and began heading west. I looked out at Interstate 84 and it was a parking lot, people were out of their cars blinking, pointing at the sky and there was a city of lights floating over in my backyard and it went from night to broad daylight and suddenly it was going to landing going to land when i got to the station the phones were ringing off the hook the object passed directly over my head less than 500 feet above me, the guy on the covered horse, it's totally silent, there's no sound, you could hear it falling a pin and I said, oh, what do I do with my family, how am I going to handle all this?
What I saw was incredible, minebox, the whole town saw this beginning. Around 1983 there was an incredibly dramatic series of sightings that took place in the Hudson Valley area of ​​upstate New York and in Connecticut, which was actually a wave because it took place for years and people were reporting these UFOs to the police. or maybe the local UFOs. The groups and many people were a little amazed and scared, it was a little creepy, how is this possible? Because it was inexplicable what Jim Brooks saw, there were many local reports, some local civil investigation, our investigators have set up a special UFO hotline in Westchester, but it was something that involved at least hundreds of witnesses, if not more, there was no nothing enough. gigantic ants navigated a part of the United States.
The Federal Aviation Administration has joined the Air Force and many astronomers in attributing most UFO sightings to man-made objects. and a natural phenomenon, believe it or not, the planet Venus is a fairly common UFO sighting, it was moving very slowly, we looked up into the sky, we saw six V-shaped lights, even after all these Witnesses had seen these objects and They had reported them to their local police yet it became kind of a joke. My school principal said, you know, some people might think you're crazy. I was the commissioner of Motor Vehicles and involved in a political race at the time, the last thing I wanted.
To be known, they were little green people or UFOs. My husband also thought I was crazy and that's why I didn't talk too much about it. What's interesting, tragic and funny at the same time is that many people are afraid to talk about it, their friends are afraid. They'll be laughed at and so on, and we should let those people feel safe and talk about it. On August 25, 1984, Heineck came to the Hudson Valley and gave a talk at the high school there. last case he was involved in before he died and it made a big impression on him.
Here's a sketch of what's happening in Rochester County. Now this is a large boomerang-shaped object moving slowly well below the stall speed of an airplane. It moves silently. Highly responsible witnesses have told me that it is as big as a football field. This speaks to the importance of the Hudson Valley wave. The fact that Jay Alan Heineck came here he thought was important enough to talk to witnesses and go to the places where he walked. a weekend with Dr. Heinek The Dr. could highly ask him a question and he would sit and listen and if one of my children came into the conversation, he would politely raise his hand and say: I will get back to you immediately. a little wink and you were the most important person at that moment that I was talking to you, that's how it made me feel that it was very important to these Witnesses who were not receiving any official recognition that someone like Jay Alan Heineck, an astronomer who had worked for The government said he came there and talked to them and took them seriously and we walked throughout the sighting.
He wanted to go everywhere and every time we made a stop, he said: What were you feeling? Do you feel something in your gut? Did you feel? connected to this object, it made a big difference to have it on site during the wave in the Westchester case in the New Yorkers we had Witnesses geographically independent of each other did not know each other and yet identically reported the same things now it cannot be called So mass hallucination Lack of scientific involvement or government recognition of UFOs encourages people's imaginations to run wild with what they're hiding We called the police when we got home and they didn't tell us that night, but a couple days later we were reading that I thought The planes were ultralight.
The chief meteorologist at the Westchester County Airport, with about 25 years of experience, told me that when he saw them he was moving very slowly, like a ship docking after being born. Now that it is not possible for them to be ultralights flying in formation. from the question, yes, flight information is a matter of art, one of the reasons cited, including an article in Discover magazine, this article that was in Discover magazine talks about the pilots who were uploading and deceiving UFOs and it implies that that's probably what all the sightings were the engines, planes fly all the time, you hear 7000 people come out and say ah, I saw planes over my head, no, they saw something different, ultralights, they make noise, so We've never had a good explanation, so these pilots did a disservice by creating this hoax situation to confuse everything and create a lack of credibility and give the government something to hang their hat on when asked what people were really seeing. , people began to doubt themselves, kept the whole wave suppressed.
Heinek, who is he? I was just surprised by the fact thatthis was not getting attention, the issue came up at the United Nations recently, we have reports from 133 different countries and the same pattern exists all over the world, it is not just localized to one particular country, it is seen while our government was telling the public that there was nothing about UFOs that all investigations had been closed document review they were in fact modern countries very similar to what was seen in the Hudson Valley this map was prepared by Dr. Jacques valet UFO reports are truly global and seem to occur in waves or fins as they are often called, but look at how the slabs have been distributed over the years and around the world, this is truly an international phenomenon, there is no doubt about it, there is a very similar pattern, very similar reports that foreign armies are also having. encounters the belgian air force had some extraordinary encounters abroad a few years after the hudson valley wave a very similar wave occurred in belgium these large black triangles again all the characteristic rays of light silent and low floating the belgian authorities stirred the planes to try to get a better look at the objects they wanted to identify what was invading the protected airspace over their country.
They felt it was their responsibility. The F-16s that the Belgian army had attracted these objects on radar so that they actually had radar images. of the


moving through Belgian airspace and the contrast between how the Belgian government handled it there and how our government did not handle the events in the Hudson Valley are truly striking: the Belgian Air Force became actively involved with a group of scientists to gather reports from The witnesses were assigned a core to lead an investigation and held a media-packed press conference where they revealed everything they knew and how they were approaching this and the public was encouraged to come forward with reports on the officers of the Air Force who came up and talked.
They did give it a legitimacy that we have yet to see here in this country. You said the government stopped


in 1969. Do these UFO watchers have any reason to expect the government to get involved again in investigating these claims right now? I'm a little disappointed that the government hasn't gotten involved more than in the last 10 years, but we do know that the CIA and the Department of Defense have been doing some digging into other sightings in other nations like the Soviet Union and Iran, but in the United States they seem very skeptical. The Belgian case was documented by US government officials.
Colonel de Brauer had approached the American officials to ask if this was ours and we had said no and we had also said that we would like to know who it was from, so there was a document presented about the Belgian wave but no document presented about a wave in our own country, at least from what we know, to me, the biggest evidence that something strange is happening is the caliber of many of the witnesses, for example, in Westchester we had meteorologists, a test pilot Navy men, IBM executives, and priests all say the same thing that cannot be explained by any conventional explanation?
You just said it, Charlie. that's exactly what they say they're seeing the same things, you know, there were so many people who saw it, it wasn't like that. I may have told my family, yes, but there were so many people who saw it that I was fine with it. you know, yeah, spreading the word, me too and everyone I told said they were sorry they didn't see it. Many people took solace in the fact that Heinek was a guy who was on your side if you witnessed the UFO. Heinek was one. The person who would take you seriously wouldn't make fun of you and would really try to get a full picture of your experience and that is so huge for someone who has seen something strange in the sky and doesn't know how to tell anyone.
I felt validated, that's how Dr. Heineck made me feel to be able to say that there is nothing wrong with me or my eyes or my intuition. They are all intact. Dr. Heineck was someone very lively, very open, he said. He once told me that the reason he became interested in UFOs was because of the challenges of do you know what this world is, if this is real, what it means for human existence, the last thing Heinek did before leaving this Earth was try to understand the nature of denial. and the disconnection between human beings when something so dramatic happens heineck wrote an essay it was a draft that was left on his computer when he died he said how is it possible that in the United States, where even trivial events are often broadcast around the world only one national radio and television network reported these absolutely astonishing sightings.
Nobody cared about the store. Everyone slept on the switch. Heinek was a different person than he was previously when he worked on Project Blue Book. Here he was saying that there are UFOs. scientific interests witnesses must be taken seriously was simply the most profoundly important moment and set a course of events that continued through the 70s, 80s and 90s, starting as a complete skeptic, I underwent a transformation and now I suppose the best way to To say it is is an itch that I just have to scratch. I feel like we have a phenomenon that could be of tremendous potential importance to the human race and I feel strongly, it's a different UFO or something, it's usually right above me, highly restricted airspace.
You don't want something up there that doesn't belong there. The culture as a whole didn't really take UFOs seriously. I stuck with it despite the level of ridicule for decades. Your response was: I want to reveal the story.

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