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UFC Fighters That Almost DIED In The Octagon..

Apr 25, 2023
The UFC Ultimate Fighting Championship is a brutal sport with no holds barred. The sport has seen its share of controversies, injuries and even deaths. Although it is now one of the most popular sports in the world with millions of fans and billions of dollars at stake, it is still dangerous. in its 20 year history there have been many


who nearly


due to injuries sustained in this video we will be looking at some of the most notable ufc


who have had a brush with death in the ring number 8 cyborg santos veteran fighter Cyborg evangelist Santos came within inches of death in 2016 during his fight with Michael Venom Page in the Bellator welterweight division.
ufc fighters that almost died in the octagon
During the second round of the fight Santos suffered a devastating head injury after being struck by a flying knee in the Perfect timing, the match was called off at that point and Paige was declared the winner of the match, although flying knees are quite common in mma, this specific one was special because the force of the blow sank Carlos Santo's skull and nearly caused him a permanent brain . The damage luckily disaster was averted as Santos was immediately sent into emergency surgery and after seven long hours the doctors were able to correct the facial injury, although Santos survived the injury, it marked the end of his professional wrestling career, since he retired right after making a full recovery he returned to kiritiba where he made a name for himself as an mma trainer and now teaches amateur fighters at his gym in houston texas number 7 carlos newton famed submission artist carlos newton fought former welterweight champion matt hughes in an iconic bout in July 2002 the fight is remembered for what is considered one of the most unique punch knockouts in sports history during the second round of the fight newton managed to grab and pin hughes in a tight choke triangle and attempted to end the fight then and there, via touch in a shocking turn of events, Hughes shocked the entire stadium when he stood up and picked Newton up off the canvas and into the ground. cage wall.
ufc fighters that almost died in the octagon

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ufc fighters that almost died in the octagon...

Newton was still desperately trying to get Hughes to submit when the champion hit him square on. back to the mat after gaining momentum using the cage newton instantly fell unconscious as he was unable to catch himself from the fall and crashed right on the back of his head blows to the back of the head are exceptionally deadly in the world from mma and this case was no different luckily newton regained consciousness after a short time and was back on his feet luckily he managed to avoid a serious head injury and after a short break from the sport he was able to return and continue fighting the number one brand 6 borges one of the most dangerous blows a fighter can take is being hit after being knocked unconscious as there is no way to defend against incoming blows such was the case with mark borges in his fight against the elegant chad george in bellator 136 back in 2015 during the first round of the match george managed to land a very rare von flue choke on borges and after a heated fight on the canvas managed to knock him unconscious george was about to resume punching to make sure borges was down before realizing that the wrestler was already unconscious something even the referee hadn't noticed at the time george called out to the referee yelling that borges was out indicating that borges was unconscious prompting the referee to move closer to take a closer look after close inspection by the referee the fight was called and George was declared the winner of the match.
ufc fighters that almost died in the octagon
What makes this fight so special is that as if referee Chad George didn't realize Borges was unconscious and hit him while he was down, it could have resulted in a serious head injury that could have been fatal, thankfully. , george's keen eye managed to realize what had happened and averted a serious disaster number 5 sage northcutt super sage northcutt was an energetic newcomer to the professional world of mma however during his debut match he was paired to fight those of long running champion cosmo alexander this was an extremely controversial decision as viewers were understandably confused as to why they would pair the newcomer with a reigning champion for their first professional fight. viewers' concerns were well expressed during the first 10 seconds of the first round cosmo landed a devastating right hook to Sage's face sending him down to the canvas immediately, Cosmo didn't stop there however he continued to pummel Sage as he went down and hit him on the back of the head with a round hammer fist. he was called then and there and cosmo came out as the winner to no one's surprise, luckily sage managed to get up on his own and was able to watch the game before being taken to the medical examiner during the checkup it was discovered that sage had a shattered cheekbone from repeated blows to his chest. his face and had to undergo surgery to painstakingly remove bone fragments from his skull luckily, however he made a full recovery and is ready to return to ring number 4 maquisol costa during his fight with rafael barbossa at demolador fight 13 in 2018 Costa was a relatively unknown fighter at the time, however an incident during that bout brought him into the spotlight for all the wrong reasons, considered one of the biggest cases of referee error in mma history Costa was caught in a lock. from anaconda by Barbosa during the third minute of the third round Costa tried to escape the choke but was unable to do so and Barbosa flipped him onto the canvas before choking him hard unbeknownst to the referee and Barbosa.
ufc fighters that almost died in the octagon
However, Costa was knocked unconscious at the same time he was flipped onto the canvas and held in the chokehold for more than 90 seconds, all while he was unconscious and blood was being drained from his brain. The referee looked on without intervening and stopped the fight even as Barbosa protested that Costa was already unconscious had the referee not decided to stop the match, although extremely late than he should have been to start, Costa would have suffered a fatal lack of oxygen and would have dead in the ring Referee Emerson Pereira Ciencia later apologized for this mistake and announced his retirement following fight number 3 given during a relatively uneventful fight against Kimbo Slice at Bellator 149, both fighters ran out of energy during the second round and slowly pummeled each other. in an


comical fashion, the fight is deemed not to have been over the top. one of the worst in mma history during the third round after being hit by kimbo dada he collapsed on the canvas and did not get up he was taken to the hospital where it was discovered that he had suffered cardiac arrest kidney failure as well as dehydration after the fight, Although the bout itself was not fatal in and of itself, the cumulative damage and underlying health conditions could have proved fatal for number 2 fighter Jeff Dunbar just a minute after his fight against Rudy Bahina Dunbar was pinned.
In a standing rear end choke trying to break free of the choke, Dunbar tried to knock out Bahina by throwing him to the canvas and using the impact to break free of his hold, unfortunately however Dunbar misjudged the angle at which he threw the partner of combat and instead landing face-first on the canvas, an audible snap was heard ringside as Dunbar apparently broke a vertebra in his neck. This injury left Dunbar paralyzed from the neck down for the rest of his life and led to the end of his short career as an mma fighter. It is one of the most unfortunate incidents in mma history and just goes to show how dangerous this is. full contact sport really is number one cj hancock welterweight mma fighter clovis cj hancock is one of the few fighters in the world to have been pronounced dead inside the ring during the second round of his fight with the ufc veteran charlie antavaros was struck with a body shot that pinned him to the canvas instantly the impact of the blow had caused both of his kidneys to fail and Hancock was soon fighting for his life on the ground.
Front-line doctors had to come to his aid for emergency treatment. Hancock's heart stopped beating twice and he was even pronounced dead as doctors struggled to give him CPR and use a defibrillator twice to revive him. he when he was rushed to the hospital weighed 170lbs and after his treatment he weighed 206 due to all the saline bags the doctors had to attach him to hancock announced his retirement from mma after making a full recovery however he returned to Participate in jiu-jitsu tournaments in 2019. That's an end to this video. What do you think about the dangers of mixed martial arts?
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