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UFC 248 Timeline: Israel Adesanya vs. Yoel Romero - MMA Fighting

Jul 04, 2021
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Israel Adesanya vs. Yoel Romero September 10, 2011 Strikeforce Cincinnati Ohio Heavyweight Grand Prix Semifinals at 4th no Yoel Romero makes his American broadcast debut against former Strikeforce light heavyweight champion Rafael fizzle Cavalcante the bout is contested at 205lbs straight no contest don't be surprised when this guy beats the guy Romero suffers first loss of his career losing via knockout late in the second round april 20, 2013 UFC on FOX 7 henderson vs. Melendez San Jose California after a two year hiatus Romero returns to the cage this time in the UFC and at his new weight class of 185lbs Romero is ready to take on the 8 and 1 of Clifford Starks as the pull of the undercard curtain soldier of god wins with a spectacular flying knee 90 seconds into the first round and takes home a $50,000 bonus check for knockout of the night and Yoel congratulations on this big win to you so big In your UFC debut, can you describe how you are? feeling of going out into the octagon for the first time and finishing off your opponent like that.
ufc 248 timeline israel adesanya vs yoel romero   mma fighting
I feel very very glad that you had CSU once when it feels really cool and actually being in the UFC was always his dream so this is the best way. This may be a dumb question to begin with but you got a silver medal at the 2000 Summer Olympics and wrestling you see debut here to end like this which one means more to you which one was more exciting in dermatillomania Silver is it okay to give up the mill or if they will be sitting you see out of 800 song give me more reminds Dan Xia ok great love exactly Fischer going on a pony Treasury they are both the same because it is about the love and the training he puts into it that he really realizes what es, so they both have the same effect on him, it was amazing, congratulations on the win and good luck in your UFC career, thank you, thank you very much, Romero follows up with a win over Hani at UFC Fight Night.31 fight for the 3 troops at Fort Campbell Kentucky Romero would later defeat Derek Brunson at UFC Fight Night 35 Rockhold vs.
ufc 248 timeline israel adesanya vs yoel romero   mma fighting

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ufc 248 timeline israel adesanya vs yoel romero mma fighting...

Romero faces UFC veteran Brad Tavares Romero wins unanimous decision quickly if he could for you all this was I think the best most complete performance of your career so far there was something different how you approached the fight being the man the door handle I'm going to do aiyoh coming out that he is a bass or in a more rebellious person if we are not moving you morally and in peace and I keep the ottoman head in the bombers in Pokémon and I lose my shot and then they say sorry no Gaetano there is no time to game for me I'll say say the Obama manual my name is Marsha ok we've been training all the time to develop what we wanted to do depending on the fight we had and this fight was the first fight we weren't going to do . ng do only boxing but bring a bit more mixed martial arts to the game is it just me or is he the cuban godfather?
ufc 248 timeline israel adesanya vs yoel romero   mma fighting
September 27, 2014 UFC 178 Johnson vs. Cariaso Las Vegas Nevada Yoel Romero is scheduled for his toughest fight to date against top contender Tim Kennedy What do you think a win over Tim Kennedy does for you in the division? It's an interesting time right now. 185 Do you think you would be one victory away from


for the belt at that moment? very good for me for my career you know why you have to go to win to be named in the UFC I think it's a good time for me I think it's very good how long do you want to fight until what age until God tells you its time always depends on God right you don't make no decisions I know my life forgot you were the soldier of God yeah and one of the weirder sequences Romero recovers from a late second round knockdown with controversy surrounding the amount of weather. taken during the break and comes back to take down Kennedy less than a minute into round 3, the fight would win bite of the night honors uh-oh well can you first talk about how badly hurt you were at end of the first round? you know it's the poison in the face when someone gives you the face of the weather a little bad but i can come in if i'm not so bad do you think the extra time with wiping off the vaseline and everything that happened has to sit you in the stool much longer? than you normally would have 30 35 seconds that some people were estimating do you think that helped you recover faster maybe I don't know you think then Tim Kennedy deserves to get a rematch in that situation if you know it's really a good fight than Kennedy he was in command at the end of the first round and then he loses the fight based on crazy circumstances and that's what he was saying I mean like I said everybody knows it's an old trick old dirty trick but the thing that sheds the twist and all.
ufc 248 timeline israel adesanya vs yoel romero   mma fighting
The thing is, our guy put the Vaseline on, so there was nobody you know trying to take advantage and they called their man over to clean up the Vaseline. He didn't understand what they were saying. i know it's very unfortunate and you know it's kind of weird that that absolutely never happens who knows i mean i'd have to see how he feels how i'm sure kennedy wants the rematch but you know you can't take anything from the guys it was an amazing fight June 27, 2015 UFC Fight Night 70 Machida vs. Romero Hollywood Florida Romero is booked in his first UFC main event against former champion Lyoto Machida in a breakout performance Romero knocks out Machida with devastating elbow strikes on December 12, 2015 UFC 194 Aldo vs McGregor Las Vegas Nevada Romero takes on the veteran top contender Ronaldo jacaré Souza on blockbuster pay-per-view main card Romero wins highly contentious split decision you know this looks like now you're the number one contender so I'm curious what you think about the upcoming title fight and what do you think of Luke's performance assuming you saw her, sorry, well no man, I wanted to guess you know what character.
First of all, it has been the work of many people, I don't say sir, I swallow, nothing is achieved, only a company with a bad meeting internally with 20 partners, their training partners, their team, all involved, I have handed me his wife, his daughter, I timed and then you will come back. to resume Tao all these people have to do with these results is again ok many I know and if I'm here it's because I wanted yes to keep a lobster a machining and I'm here for whatever can people come in Bob's area? Did you know if it's for a title or


for Tyrell, you're going to sell me, mother, same thing once, remember, focus on the same focus, Nami mahana and the same need, November 12, 2016, UFC 205 Alvarez vs McGregor, New York, New York, Yoel Romero is re-booked the main card for a giant pay-per-view this time facing former middleweight champion and New York native Chris Weidman belongs now y'all are still a vicious flying knee e In the third round Wyman goes for the takedown and Romero timed it perfectly and jumps over the cage starts doing this kind of soldier of God strutting thing if you will it was very interesting and then even more interesting was his post fight comments And how about that Michael Bisping you know sitting on the rafters of Madison Square Garden working for Fox? they have an amazing exchange and Joe Rogan tells the entire audience that Romero is the number one contender at 185 pounds.
Are you surprised that he made it on this stage considering everything Wyman had going for him? He is fighting in New York. This is a moment. that he's been dreaming of catching Wyman in the third round in a sequence like that considering who Wyman is in his background, were you surprised by the result? I'm surprised at how it went. down, but you can never be too surprised by anything everyone remembers because it's a wild card. I mean, the guy is so unpredictable that you just can't predict him, you just don't know what the hell the guy is. he's going to go on to win with the flying knee and a third-round melee up to that point.
It really was almost up for grabs. It could have been why right there, very easily, Wyman shoots the shoes off and Romero almost takes it. head off that was just brutal the way that woman's head turned to the side wow i mean


is just a different kind of athlete yeah and unlike tony ferguson last week he really takes advantage of his time off microphone and he starts yelling Bisping, I mean it was just brilliant and I think a lot of people were excited for him to fight for the belt as opposed to Jacques Barrere who just doesn't have a lot of momentum behind him.
Do you like that fight? That is the fight. do considering how the split now shakes up which is funny because we talked about this before we went in we said if Chris Weidman can finish it on Fatica Li that would be a blow and then we get the opposite but I think it works the same it just doesn't It fit the narrative. about this guy who comes home and doesn't get it but i still think y'all like him he distinguished himself and did it violently and it's always so interesting to watch that guy like you said he has a flair for the dramatic and the unexpected . strange or things happen but it also starts off slow it almost seems like it hesitates to do anything for a while and its a fight to say it takes a while for it to warm up but once something lands its always so devastating I feel like or such strange twists and all those things but I don't don't go these are uniform magnets Ali hey come on I'm going to fight people man Nancy this is a sport you might see as a brutal sport. like in barbarian times you know rom some times but that's not the case i guess yeah you study here you will decide on an opponent we study your opponent your weakest is thomas and i saw him fade near a crescendo and then it kept rising, yeah I know.
Cynthia comforts everyone that he really didn't feel comfortable on top of it sorry I give anything I lost it and I knew it was going to continue very medium oh yes the takedowns and I waited for my moment July 8, 2017 UFC 213 Romero vs. Whitaker Las Vegas Nevada now on an 8 fight winning streak with six stoppages Romero earns his first title shot is ready to face Robert Whittaker for the interim 185lb championship your open workout yesterday everyone is talking about it have you ever felt like that have you ever fought? in this kind of shape it feels like it's the culmination of many years for you but to everyone being so impressed by the training and the kind of shape you're in I really want to say that was yesterday's news do you have any ever felt this way before and all your years of competition - India Tom Holland Roden tournament Oriya - be never shadowy - anti-shake never shadowy Tata form never a kool Moe they so - Sonya and Rinna mean - like Colorado things Nadia cause a lot about energy is the idea day after day day after days not in a morning it's not in an evening it's day after day after day Holly Sando no joke mo okay no the woman in Pocono gram this in Judea di di di di that yeah yeah, ah ho i am a background to get to say say say say complement the kamasutra complement analysis of all the mistakes that have been made in the past and look at the mistakes of the past and go through things my new details over and over again just so that can complements rse and improve after each day Whitaker wins a very competitive decision his title fight urns UFC fight of the night honors February 10, 2018 UFC 221 Romero vs.
Rockhold Perth Australia originally booked as Whitaker vs. Roc khold for the one hundred and eighty five pound championship, interim champion Whitaker pulls out due to multiple injuries and illnesses, Yoel Romero is booked as a late replacement, however Romero misses the 185 pound championship weight limit coming to 180 7.7 pounds one minute and 48 seconds. second round Romero knocks out Rockhold also on this card and eleven enoki we train in Auckland City kickboxing makes his UFC debut in the early prelims and defeats 11 and 1 Rob Wilkinson via second round TKO April 14, 2018 UFC on Fox 29 Poirier vs. gachy Glendale Arizona Ezreal Adesanya makes his United States MMA debut facing Marvin Vittori undeniable you won it I mean exactly do you know that for me it's not about John Jones it's just I want to say I feel like it's a foul Out of respect if you try to compare me or what I've done doing my career to someone else know with Anacin Conor jail whoever I just feel like you know I'm not next blah blah blah it's the first me and the one that just means that people will get used to it and yet the comparisons are great but it's not really great in February you're making your debut you bury it on a card now just a few months later I mean you're on a main card on Fox millions of people are going to see if this happens faster than you expected, oh, actually, I wasn't expecting all this and I knew once the UFC tried it, you knew they'd be like, oh, okay, all bets on black, so i knew that It was going to happen but yeah I expected all of this and I don't want to say it's any different when I'm in that cage no matter what I'm with um first fight of the night or the main event it's just me and another guy in that. case I will yeah being a champion is like I said it's just a little trinket thatyou get in the way when you're at the level that I'm at and I feel like it's just going to happen based on how I fight you I know based on my charisma based on the way you just know how I carry myself and um yeah it's not really about the belt, it's about me being a guy that people talk about when they talk about who's the best I've ever done at this, you know, and I want to be one of those guys who gets taught three or they just can't tell you not to guarantee the no exception guarantee and that's why i go and have fun along the way you know like the nickname that comes from the tv series you know avatar the kids kids show yeah so i was watching it as a kid and I. something to do with hanging the main character a lot on his journey, his quest to realize his destiny as the avatar because he has to master all the elements, fire, water, air and earth to realize that he is a guy out of this world, you know? this game i feel life after the same you know i have to master all the elements of martial arts to realize my destiny as an avatar let me ask you everyone was very excited about


in his debut both in the cage is creativity and on the mic, his confidence, you were just as impressed as everyone else, but I knew he would come in handy, like we knew Israel Tucson, before people in the UFC introduced him because I called him, I said, are you willing to come and train with me before I fought Jones el fi Raon because I saw the similarities right away, so when we saw him preparing for a fight, we thought we may have him as a sparring partner.
What he did was not a surprise. What surprised me was his ability to stay within himself. his first UFC fight not thrilled when he heard his opponent took his time stayed the course stood up for the right takedowns would take him down he would get back up he just fought as well as you could expect from a guy making his UFC Debut you look at Israel and something like that, but the body of work that he's put together I mean his combat sports in general yeah something ridiculous 70 win something like that how do you see him as a prospect?
How do you rate it? Is it one of these? The top-tier prospect swears by the end of the year we can be talking about this guy in contention or is it something where maybe we should slow down and let him get his feet wet. He will take some time, but not a long time. It's going to take a little bit of time for him to fight for the title, but I want you to know this though, when all of you Romero in Luke Rockhold are going to fight for the interim title and remember we're going to miss waiting Israel said hey I'll fight Rocco, oh no questions I'll fight Rocco for you on some title why not that's the confidence of this young man he's a really very important prospect it seems like the UFC is putting him I mean he's on Fox in his second fight, your promotion. hopes are high that she can become a star she has everything she has everything to become a star friends who take care of a Tori Otto Sonia wins a decision for me I just carry on like I don't really care about other people's expectations, it's just the expectations of myself and my team that i place on myself so i expect a lot from my performance so tonight was like a firebrake for being generous like a four out of ten but um yeah next I heard Brad called me Brad - virus so if you want say you can g understand but leave them alone they can all look at this fight and think oh he's been exposed or whatever let them think that come see me and you'll see what happens when you're there with me well wait till later oh I'm still only my second fight in the UFC it's my second fighter and the biggest fight promotion in the world so I'm still swimming good you know with these sharks and yes you will see, Just give me time, try to beat me now. because every time stephanie i get better so if you want to try and beat me try yesterday june 9 2018 ufc 225 whitaker vs.
Romero - Chicago Illinois Yoel Romero is scheduled to face UFC middleweight champion Robert Whittaker in the main event pay-per-view checking his weight towards but they are checking his weight and he weighs 185 points - that's 185 points - at 12: 40 3:00 p.m. Central time, that means all of you Romero are up 0.2 pounds. Whittaker can't defend the belts because the belt is no longer on the line, so here we have a champion in a non-title fight that hasn't happened since Brett Anderson Silva. against Travis Looter is a really weird situation, what if Romero wins the fight tomorrow night? He is not the champion.
Whittaker is still the champion. He is coming off a loss. It is a strange situation. It is unfortunate and I also want to add them all. Romero okay fights are going to happen that's great I mean I'm glad they're going to fight I want to see this fight it's a great fight but we were like a few feet away from all of you Romero it's been just a few hours. when he had to be helped by two members of his team, he was moaning and grimacing with every step he took, he was, you know, kind of hunched over, he looks horrible a few hours ago and now he's going to fight in about 24 hours from now , so I'm not a fan of anything about this again, it's a great fight.
I hate losing fights because that's why we're here. I mean, I know I'm a broken record, but when is this going to end in a fight of the year? Whitaker narrowly defeats Romero via split decision as per MMA Decisions. He calms fifteen out of twenty-eight members of the media. Romero with just five scoring a win for Whitaker and eight scoring a draw a very close fight a very entertaining fight a fight that may have a year contender around it and maybe end up being a fight of the year contender in the end for 2018 first Right away, who wrote it down as ice water for all of you?
Romero and it was a weird fight where I hate to use the old cliché of a two-fight tale, but in a way it was because the first two rounds were clearly Whitaker Romero's. ed like I guess he was being patient to be at least he was a little lady being patient to be nice but like maybe he didn't fully recover from the awakening but then you know everyone remembers there's a third round coming he starts, you know, dropping bombs. in guys that's what happens, I thought he won Romero's last three rounds and I thought the fifth rounds very well could have been a 10-8, so why actually I guess he was in a quarter of 48: 46 for Romero in a bit?
I don't know funny twist if you want to call it funny it was almost the exact opposite of the first fight because in the first fight Romero won the first two rounds and then Whitaker won three, four and five now here we thought I think a lot of people would agree with their scorecard where we were seeing the complete opposite but in the end they gave Whitaker the nod let's just turn this off we always have to put this out this this just this warning to the audience this was. t a steal right this was a very close go or do you really think it was pretty clear I mean I mean okay so the fourth round was the question mark I thought Romero definitely won the third you really can't argue that he's definitely fifth there's no argument there I guess I could argue it wasn't a 10-8 but he definitely won fifth the argument is fourth if he won fourth I thought he did Whitaker probably won most of the round but at the end of the round Romero hit where with two huge shots he shook him up and that was the most significant point the most significant office of the round and if he's using the new rules if he's using if he's using the rules that the The guidelines of ABC are the language, it's the most, it's not the cumulative damage, it's just the most significant impact of the only thing you know, what is the most important and that was it, so I thought, I thought he won the last three rounds, so I mean, again, it's, it's not, it's No, I guess I wouldn't call it a steal, but I thought Romero was one.
I thought it wasn't quite clear, but it was like he was somewhere between a robbery and winning a car in the winter. it was close moments but i have trouble describing it because it was a bit, it was a bit of a weird fight July 6, 2018 The Ultimate Fighter 27 Finale Tavares vs. Adesanya Las Vegas Nevada in only his third appearance in the UFC Israel auto Sanya is booked in his first UFC main event in a long time you have veteran C Brad Tavares. I'm saying no. I'm just trying to say what my body of work is. I'm too far gone for the UFC.
Three fights in six months. I'm running to show who else not many if anything you enjoy wrestling yeah bro like no one ever seen it's been my secret lately we even have a guy on my team like Brad Radel he's a world champion from kickboxing you guys are acquainted or some of you might know the beast that's close he's been fighting for so long but no one knows it's the same when he enters the UFC or when he becomes it it's me fighting MMA Also, everyone will try to take him down, so same for me. I have been arrested for a long time.
I've been doing jujitsu since 2010. I've been fighting probably since 2013 well properly since 2015 like consistently so you guys see my lat see I'm not bad now for ufc fights my fighting style these guys shoot to the hip and slide , you know i pulled it i got them like a pair of pants when they go for a double leg i'm going to go for a single i choked on it ok i can do anything but y'all just ain't seen nobody hold me in one position the one that i'm comfortable with yeah well i'm comfortable with how uncomfortable i am you feel like this is the only one where you can show that you're in it at the level of this type of fight look at the guys that too has lost, you know?
The Romeros would happen those are guys who just fought for a title um recently I think in Chicago I look I feel like I'm better than those guys you know you guys can have your own opinions you know everyone in the you know say ownership but look he loses against higher quality competition and I am the cream of the crop so come Friday night it will be another outstanding performance as Adesanya puts on Tavares and takes home a dominant unanimous decision. The victory also gives Izzi his first UFC performance bonus there. Was there any talk about Atta Sonia?
This was too early to disfigure a quality opponent like Virus in the middleweight division. An opponent in the top ten. A long-lasting veteran. It didn't seem like that at practice tonight. it was a test that even i doubted he would be able to pass it seemed like it was almost too soon guy it proved to a lot of us i mean it was awesome to be able to come here in your third ufc fight you can headline a card and just put on a show. What he did to Brad Tavares tonight was completely impressive. I mean Brad Tavares, if you look at it historically, the people he fights in FCS, he only loses to one level of opponents to the mostly Israeli one son who just came out here and he blew it out of the water is his punch nice to watch man his head is never on center line there are fakes and blackouts all over the location elbows and knees i mean there was a point where tavares and wrist control on him and he liked to step in the elbow from there he was throwing good spinning elbows like a john jones style it's so impressive to see your point on Tavares only has three losses going back to 2011 and two of those losses are against a Robert Whittaker and one you're Romero which are to all intents and purposes the two best middleweights in the world another percentage i went in there smoke bomb boom ninja run cause i told you he's a real ninja and two of everyone who keeps saying my fake looking hand signs.
I've been drilling this for a long time. These are not the false hand side. These are for weaboos. I just do stupid hand signs like I pierce these things and get ideas it's for my chakra to infuse it and make sure I can channel it then and there oh yeah man I like your ninja way so for blood I'm Nigerian and I'm from the Yoruba tribe people you know so I'm talking the funny thing is I used to think we had like 60 million people in Nigeria that's a lot then my dad said no you have like 180 Millions and counting.
I realized that there are many people who do not like me. I don't like New Zealand. They know who I am now, but Nigeria doesn't really know who I am. I'm trying to like you. Guys, I'm here, I'm representing you, guys, if you look at my chest, you know, I let you know I'm here, like you don't. t take note look at me senpai but this is me i want to be a legend in this game the tickets are like another trinket i collect on the go you know um yeah so the ticket looks good on black skin anyway so i like the gold kind of sparkles lights up on black skin so the long belt will come but it's not the end goal because a lot of guys like me want to get that bill. the belt because those were the pinnacles, all of that, I'm just trying to get everyone in my mistake class in myway so when it's all said and done as you know


his role was the guy who was smoking everyone you know I mean I saw something was wrong on instagram today five or six years ago it was the end of a mistake in the middleweight division you know Anderson Silva lost his title and that was after a 12 something fight a member lost it to Chris Weidman so and I was five years ago today and yeah now as a new avatar in the world If the cycle continues I'm that guy now I'm going to do my career because he inspired me what he did yeah and still rusted so he can throw his hands that's all because I'm a fan means that you can't catch these hands November 3, 2018 UFC 230 Cormier vs.
Lewis New York New York, a master of the style is booked for his fourth fight in 2018 against his toughest competition to date, top ranked Derek Brunson, where's the bad blood between you? the guys come from you five fighting with each other like we're worried i mean the guys have been pretty heated with each other it's your insecurities that's where i'm coming from i don't have any issues you know? m chili it was his insecurities that later surfaced because he's never been in it and he sees what I'm getting all the glitter all the money all the clout I'm supposedly getting because of all the work I'm doing and he's been here for so long that it's only my first year at the company, not even a year, and I'm doing a lot more than he's done in his entire career, so yeah, I think security should come up.
Sanya defeats Brunson by KO at the end of the first. The win round also earns Izzy a back-to-back performance of the night's bonus checks. from the fence yeah and then and then she just set it on fire Honestly like always Anya is on a rocket to the stars losing John man it wasn't pretty until the moment it was pretty because it was one of those situations. Brunson was after him, he was hunting him, we knew he would do this. how hard he was taking it was pushing me onstage a little bit thinking this might be a tough night and maybe he has to get a little bit of wind out or something but as soon as he tagged them in the first half this is always you look at these guys with this kind of swagger you see it slows down for them this is not a guy who went crazy and wanted to go for the kill slowed down for him you could see him dial you could see him drop his hands and just take his time to make sure like you said, he's like a surgeon, every shot means something, he wants to touch his chin, you can see that and when you see that kind of thing it makes you see that it's a factor that we're sorry for and that's when you see it. in full about didn't you see a guy in that situation?
I think part of the reason I had this is a factor that a lot of people think you can make greatness, but yeah, say these things and to some extent you can really correct it. true the power of belief but i don't think he is trying to rise to a level he has experienced with other men yes and told him who he is in the pecking order just carry that into the next fight. I spoke to him privately here in the corner. He told me that he said that he mentioned it here briefly. I would say what your reaction was.
I couldn't believe how slow Derek Brunson was. Yes, I could see everything new in a way that no. the rest of us would and it was honestly reminiscent of the couch ly we were talking to couch crippen fight now you see the difference all of a sudden like you see it in real time and it actually calculates to your human eye as your ability to see it has discerned the speed difference where you were really mad about the short grip you know you flipped it you're yelling at it ref is cheating you're cheating any state to rip you only did it once you did it twice watch the tape literally watch the tape lo he did the first thing he did when he shot he grabbed it on my right side and I felt like our key grass didn't see I looked and then the second time it was so apparent because I was panicking I was scared I thought I needed to take this guy down.
I need and the thing is, I kind of hope he did it. I wanted him to only have half a hope so I could show him what was going on and then when he sweeps it up, show him what my best games look like because a lot of these guys are still thinking. he's just the kickboxer the smart ones some just the smart ones rtest coach the coaches would have been watching for a long time they would have been watching what i'm doing and doing me like ok this guy's game is better and he said oh i see him whisk bread i thought i could fighting is fine who is fine now who is skinny Now huh?
You have a body for a skinny. What do you mean? So you have my before the fight. I wouldn't tell many of you this. he won even in lackluster fashion, but if you want show-stopping fashion, he'd be next in line. That's how I felt good now that that didn't happen. that again come on once he knows do that again so again you see who else knows Jared Jared did well tonight I don't really watch the fight so I wasn't sure if it was a tug of war or what was an idiot. Alright, I know he did well tonight in the third round, but I finished mine in the first round, so yeah, I got over that. and then you have uol you know you didn't make it on reliable Rockhold and you also missed waiting y'all don't make waiting all the time so that's unreliable Rockhold gain weight but the same come out unreliable. we have what we have we need something new not like something that just makes sense like you know trans-tasman rivalry you have the aussies if he wins secondary weapons if he wins you know the thief if he wins against kelvin even if he doesn't have a Kelvin doing you know they still do it Makana vs. a lock with a black lock we're the night job guy but if Robert wins it makes a lot of sense to do it at Auckland Spock Arena because when I talked to Dana like after my last fight he said , you know I want to make a lot of money and I said yes so let's make some crazy money Feb 9, 2019 UFC 234 Silva vs Adesanya Melbourne Australia originally booked as the co-main event auto Sanya takes on legend Anderson Silva maybe the greatest of all time but and you know, looking at the man right there to your left, this would be, I mean, I have to imagine, you know that Rob also has a difficult test, but it's that the fight you would like the most because I imagine that especially down here, it can be a stadium. of course we're looking at sydney it may be brisbane somewhere but first first first two three four this weekend sunday we both have big tests ahead of us and i've all seen the odds this week and i'm like man you guys should have forgotten like Roy Jones you say you almost forgot you don't know who that man over there Anderson Silva you think a lot of you new fans weren't around during her reign what thought like yours could have come up in the Rousey era .
McGregor era but you don't realize who this guy is so he brought me into this game you know this guy inspired me to be able to believe that a skinny black can get in here and everyone can't so he brought me to this game and I'm honored to get him out of the game that you said you were here for a good time yesterday in open practice. You did professional wrestling training. What made you want to do that? First of all, I'm sorry, John Vokey. we practiced it it was great i was able to control the fall but in the exaggeration of everything i like oh wait wait for it and i saw it like arches back and i was like yeah this is entertainment it's still entertainment at the end of the day so a lot of these guys don't know how to play the game they know I've always been an artist through my dance through my art through my just me I've always been a very interesting entertaining person so that was just great and the Attitude Era was my era so they see me hit the Cold Stunner snow.
I'm taking people's elbow out with a bit of the Ric Flair strut and then half a spinaroonie. I made a better one on the embedded. I hope they put it in there because I went massive on that one that was like e I didn't get enough traction. I thought I will, but I fixed it with the program. Michael kicks, so he was great. Look, I'm a fan of this man, but just because I'm a fan doesn't mean. you can't catch these hands, elbows and feet and you need to tomorrow let's throw it all in the kids you're going to have a good time I'll send them out in a nice way let's go there are people Israel in a solar garden IRA Sonya navigates towards a unanimous decision, the best way The way I could describe it, it was like being in an unknown zone, so when I can vent my thoughts alone, I can say, oh, but one thing is, it was great. he even he went up and caught one of my kicks and I knew he was trying to catch it and I tripped and when I got back up he was like okay he comes and blows me off.
I've seen it many times and just slipped by. the left ah i have seen this you know he tried so many tricks i have seen even when i made him pass out and he would react like you know how to say example if r reacts with his hands and here just bring him and do hand kung fu and I'm like what man I've seen this too many times even like UFC 112 Abu Dhabi with Demian Maia he's trying to lure him into punching come on. Oh, your best chance, so he lowers his hands and I even put his back against the fence.
That was how Bisping was caught with the up kick. I'm not stupid. smarter than i look but um yeah i definitely got hit in the face with some miserable jabs and expect me to throw a big one like oh that was cool that was this was cool just a cool experience and i said after the fight everyone else plays it on EA sports and i get to play it in real life with the real dudes so i win april 13 2019 ufc 236 holloway vs poirier in atlanta georgia israel the master of the style


will face kelvin Gastelum for the sixth interim UFC middleweight championship fights in 14 months I know you wanted to come back here you always I say because of the itchy knuckles that I love that phrase but has this been physically and mentally exhausting right now ?
I can't understand how you can keep this pace right now. because you don't want to say that nobody is me honestly like me. I've done this my entire career and people just say, oh, aren't you tired? Maybe yes. I'm fine. I guess I'll rest in between. I know. how I don't know how to play hard and I know how to work hard, let's put it that way, the way your entire UFC career is unfolding, you know what has led to this, does this feel like fate in any way? 1% oh dear look at that the fight after this come on big super fight between the mazi and they're all black they in the flying kiwi yeah that's just yeah it's fate the way these movies this is the beat, the silver file was the end of my first movie leading up to this fight is the beginning of my next movie and it will end after.
Whittaker's fight in what MMA fighting called fight of the year Otto Sonia defeats Gastelum by unanimous decision to win the interim title is definitely a fight of the year favorite for me Israel Adesanya overcoming persevering through danger ends up defeating Kelvin Gastelum by decision and win this interim title, just give me your thoughts on this fight, what you take away, is this a stellar performance for Israel for Senya? I can't imagine not, how are you not a star after that? fight of the year you know just go head to head he may fight later this year so he's always at risk of taking that but it's going to be hard even for him to do this and it's one of the best fights I've ever seen it's certainly the best fight i've ever seen live you're right the crowd was so into it so loud so explosive honestly i felt like i had been in the fight at the end i just had a huge adrenaline rush but it was hard to come back ready for the main event, which was what we were all really excited to come up with, it's just that it's hard to even put into words what that was if that doesn't make israel honest anya star what are we doing here? you know i was going to be a star anyway though this just elevates him gives him a belt to wear sets i think my favorite wrestling sport right now i think they are a lot sonia vs robert what do they think it is the number one fight i want? to see now I want to ask you a little bit about that fight first Ezreal goes into this fight he ends up taking over early and then Calvin turns things around and in the middle rounds and that fourth round it really looked like he had Israel in a big danger and he ended up shooting for a takedown and that seemed to me like maybe a pivotal decision in the uphill Turning Point fight the fight because he was really on shaky legs, so he comes out in that fifth round and just puts the wood on K elvin Gastelum in those final minutes, he was probably within 10 seconds of finishing it.
I want to ask you the same question that I asked about Dustin. Did this fight teach you anything about Israel?in Ascend? You changed your opinion about him. Tommy has a great ground game apparently hell I've always been saying it but maybe I just didn't believe it but you saw that fifth round there were some transitions there you went triangle guillotine into another triangle and a couple that was really tight that guillotine just gave up Seenu , which was in trouble, that second triangle, looked dangerous, I was at the end of a long fight, they were sweaty and bloody, so I was kind of covered with an advantage there, but the guys had grip, that's what I went with everyone in the division needs to be careful. that kind of punch and lethal submission game on top of that, Robert Whittaker has his hands full anyway and you know that's the fight right?
Robert Whittaker and probably in Australia, maybe in New Zealand just had an area like that, how big do you think that fight could be? I think locally in that region it will be a monster. I think in a stadium, can you have a stadium for that? 100% I think everyone is on the same page with that just make it as big as you can blow it to the finish because Israel Sign is one of the best young stars in the sport this is a sensational fight I'm going to fill that, No problem. always interesting, especially, you know tonight was the first night of the ESPN on+ pay-per-view experience, we'll see how that plays out, but it's definitely a monster fight and I can't wait for it to be. excited how are those moments when you are inside those moments where you guys are going absolutely crazy like you say you were ready to die there what was that moment actually like when you are the one there its hard to explain just those who dare to expose themselves as we have ever experienced.
I started something like that and right around those times like I said I could see why people wither and even ujin told me you can see in the embed he's a guy you just have to take him down you ain't gonna get him out of there. with one shot, Eugene said you just had to take him down and I was, you know, the leg kicks were paying off slowing him down, my oblique kicks were working a little bit, but yeah, he blocked all my head kicks. I think I came here. I have to take a look at the fight again, but those moments there, yes, I can see why people wither, but I'm not one to give up.
I am mentally strong. I'm bulletproof in the brain. I'm in the head. a little bit so I knew they weren't going to break me because I've had eight guys ten guys once run a train but a different way on me in training and I'm like they can't break me a man can't break me and he is a tough tough guy like a big man Aug 17, 2019 UFC 241 me vs. Miocic to Anaheim California Romero returns to UF Cage C to face top contender, undefeated Paulo Costa Romero, would lose a hotly contested but highly entertaining decision. It's a wild month but he took his shirt off at the nightclub women everywhere I'm a gathering like I love this we're just talking just shooting the breeze you know just two wrestlers who love what they do you know and uh it pulls me come over here come over here let me tell you something master it's like man i know juelz you're bored listen to me that's the worst until i fight that guy my legacy won't complete us in the club so i don't know. yes he said those exact words legacy and complete but clearly he did it to me and this is the owner of this wild love isn't he?
No one in history has ever won a fight for no reason when forced to fight him. - well I asked anyone I asked one of the most difficult to do it Whittaker ask anyone if they want to fight you are an athlete you fight you see what happens you will never be safe no but he looked into my soul and told me I'm going to fight I didn't with you. It didn't matter who was out if they could offer Joe Schmoe for the belt. Did he care? I wanted to fight with you and write that there I knew the applause of the character.
He was like a man, this guy is who he says he wants. he fights the best, the baddest of the baddest. I greeted him and said God bless you on your journey. It is using the mango as a partner and friend. I'm sure you don't think he's going to defeat him by magic. I think Israel has how long he's been fighting the attack a couple of years he's only been in the UFC for a year and a half that guy's as talented as Pinky it's crazy now obviously Joe we have a relationship we're my guy and I think it's another guy that has so much i know for myself as i've been together a while so much sally wrongs pinky too so its one of those fights like wow this is a great fight you have the tools to beat him of course its him cute onions naive izzy can beat anyone and make it look easy but he can jellal so beating is him.
Hell yeah there isn't one person and it goes all the way to heavyweight that everyone can't hear in this man: The face of him man that being said I thought he won his last fight on October 5, 2019 UFC 243 Whitaker vs. Adesanya Melbourne Australia interim champion Israel Adesanya will face champion Robert Whittaker in front of over 57,000 fans at Marvel Stadium you can make a hundred million in the UFC you don't have to go boxing that's like only Mayweather can win you know only McGregor He's going to do that like when he fought me with her so that's the mayor with the effect that's going to happen in the UFC I guarantee I could be the first to do it in the UFC if my burger comes back you want me for that, but it could be the first one today in the UFC, so I'm not going to talk about money at the end.
I'm doing this for legacy so this is where I'm going to end my career, no I don't want to like fighting. the baddest in the world and then go fight some guy who dukes it but we'll just use our hands we've got a kick to the face we'll play something about your star power so john jones tweets you like it is and talks about you like that, sometimes he doesn't even mention the guys you know, no I don't really think so but just showing you how much I'm under his skin and how much I understand him that's all you definitely see for you. it will happen in the future oh you 2021 ready for stadium las vegas you know you talked to mayweather there you look up to him and i think he's gonna go what he's done man he's the money i'll be the money team for a long time. time and when he fought McGregor I was going for McGregor because we're not stuck in boxing you know my first fight they made me lose that's my only loss and I shook the guy in the first round I smoked him in a second and I slid in the third round and they gave it to him and that's because a guy with no amateur record and no professional record in boxing came in and made one of your best boxers in Australia, look, you know, when he fought Mayweather, I thought he wanted McGregor to win because I identify with that, so yes, I look at myself and look at what he did when he was Pretty Boy Floyd and look at him, as well as the money, that he knew the formula he created and that everyone followed as I did, as well as a lot of People have done it for years, what it has done best is an incredibly violent fashion style.
Bobby knuckles out three minutes and 33 seconds in the second round becoming the undisputed UFC middleweight champion folks after seeing that entry. I bet the green-eyed monsters were how I hope this guy loses. look at him Pi x is a man I hope you lose I hope he has a flat look cause that's just it's ingrained in us it's this tall poppy syndrome it's this jealousy that when you see someone shine you feel like it takes away your own shine See I can't dim my shine just because some people feel uncomfortable. Everything came full circle tonight. Jay, I still look up to him, you know, back on Rua Jessie, I taught him how to dance and now he's just taking that and moving on and having them, you know, set the tone for me and have fun like I said when I .
I am having fun. I'm the best in the world so I was having fun and when I saw him come out it was too intense. You can't pretend you can pull your hoodie over your eyes and all you want. May I smell it. pheromones you know for starters I could smell it I was like I wasn't with it and I was I was doing the right moves but there wasn't any feeling behind it so I saw everything coming it hit me a few times , but like me, I don't like any hit because nothing. but, yeah, I showed them that I can take it and give it to them too, apparently because I don't have knockout power and I have rogue hands. true I have a Shinigami with me and I just had to write their name because I knew it wasn't going to last, I just wrote their name in a death no and those who know Death Note rules know a certain period of time that after their names written in the death note shinigami will get them so yeah it is what it is and it happened the way it was supposed to so I'm a dancer I'm an entertainer like I don't have to worry about it I we we came up with that Wednesday I try to do it in the silver fight in February and the UFC said no we can't have those like oh you so and then this fight this is my show I'm headlining this so I said no I'll do it to my way or no way, like who else in this kind of scenario will make it before they scream. some idiot, you know it's, it's, it's nobody, I think James does know, he's the only one that's done it, as far as I can remember, with them, the men in black, the intro and SS Silver, they didn't pry , but it's Michael Jackson, such a boy. it's just that i showed you guys if i could sing it believe me justin bieber wouldn't even have a job but you know uh you don't want to hear me sing but yeah like you have to realize this is the man of the show. it's a big stadium i have to put on a show and set the tone and there's no one like me like no one March 7, 2020 UFC 248 Adesanya vs.
Romero Las Vegas Nevada The undefeated no 80 UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya will face Yoel Romero as the main event at the t-mobile arena in Las Vegas Nevada

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