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UConn at Minnesota - 11/19/2023

May 25, 2024
in front of more than 10,000 fans in the barn, the eighth ring fangs looking to build momentum on defense face a Minnesota Golden Gopher Squad eager to showcase a new era on their home court, welcome to Williams Stadium in Minneapolis SLO Martin Christy Winter Scott with you I'm very excited for this early season matchup and we immediately look at Paige Becker, she grew up watching these Golden Gophers, the Minnesota links, imagining herself as those players and she comes back to compete. What I like most about what you just said is that she is now multiplied by ten.
uconn at minnesota   11 19 2023
Looking back at her with little eyes in this building where she won a state title, it's really beautiful to see this play out, but look what Paige Beckers was able to do in high school three times, she was named high school player of the year at Hopkins High School won a state title in 2019, but it's the nine assists they gave me. She is a team player. You could talk about her points, 21 and five steals from her, but those nine assists are what she brings to the table for Yukon. This is a homecoming. Not just for Paige, the entire Twin Cities community, including her former teammate, there is a lot of excitement at play here in Minneapolis, Williams Stadium is packed here to watch number eight Connecticut take on Minnesota, a team with a new head coach entering a new era as the Huskies gain momentum even with a couple of injuries in their lineup as we look at our starting lineups for Yukon, it's not easy to come out with a knee injury right now, but in his place is Aubrey Griffin and Aubrey Griffin is coming off a stellar performance against Maryland where he had four blocks and added 13 rebounds to his stat line, but all of that was much needed and he was tremendously consistent and the keys for Yukon in this game will be catching and rotate and be really disruptive on the defensive end and move around. that great energy from the Maryland game where they were able to make stops and scores in transition and for Minnesota's transition defense they are going to have to come back, but to do that you have to stay prepared on the offensive end and preserve possessions and don't give it to Yukon easy outs from their stops Yukon is coming off an 80-48 win over a 20th ranked team Maryland Minnesota knows what awaits them in this man-to-man defense matchup it looks like this is the start for Minnesota and Mara Braon getting the job in the page Bakers faced each other many times in high school Hopkins High School and wetta Braun never beat the Hopkins Royals when he was in high school played together for two seasons won a state title together in 2019 Beckers gets first look out of bounds it'll be Minnesota basketball, we'll see if Yukon applies any pressure, they're going up one for a soft coverage with Paige Beckers, that's something Minnesota was preparing to feel a lot of pressure for.
uconn at minnesota   11 19 2023

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uconn at minnesota 11 19 2023...

Yukon wants to force Minnesota to turn the ball over early, well, you. I just don't know when it's going to happen, according to the rules, maybe it's after a made free throw, maybe it's after a made basket where you'll see that full-court pressure, the defense of Paige Becker, who she calls her Sister Amaya, Battle Leap and The Arrow of Possession will keep you here. There is nothing like playing with one of your best friends, although I will say that and you will be best friends before and after the game, but during the game there is fierce fire and competitiveness from start to finish. players who used to share pregame meals together spaghetti made by Amaya's mom and she says we're going to be enemies for a while after that we'll go back there, see Mar braon, nice step back, but he fell short graholski.
uconn at minnesota   11 19 2023
The freshman gets it. Back to Braun feeling the envy and it will be Paige Becker, she is dangerous in the transition battle and he is already picking her up. Yukon loves to push Pace after his saves, even after making buckets, aah, Edwards is too strong, but yeah, it looks like he lost his balance. what she was trying to do and get to the opposite side there and avoid that second line of defense that was very good at trying to take it off here's Edwards putting it on cover and then there's the extra step one two three Sophie Hardt, another Minnesota native . a transfer from NC State who holds her own in that game with solid discipline on the defensive end and that's what Jorma told us he expects from this Minnesota Ball Club Rolski, she has a great shot that time Miss shoots and we're still no goals here in the barn good defensive turnaround by Minnesota there and a turnover Edward isn't quite ready for that pass and Becker is the type of player he grew up loving players like Rachel banam lindsy whe and even the Chelsea gr whom he saw in the WNBA finals in this building. he always has to be ready, yeah, and Paige Becker told us that after practice today she said, you know, I sat there and I was wondering how this building full of fans would feel with me playing and now here's Battle, stop getting . in the lane protected by Griffin they tend to shoot for Minnesota Bron has to go to work flies to the rim can't get the touch and calls for a trip on the rebound well, what Yukon is doing defensively almost seems like a showdown zone and they are changing and hitting first-year head coach Don pitte made it to a sweet 16 with South Dakota, has been to the CAA tournament four straight seasons and coach Orma said good things happen wherever she goes, she has disciplined teams, yeah, and she's been on defensive end and you see every team she's coached has been in the top three offensively and defensively there's the first bucket of the game Mallerie H petting it between three Mallerie contract coaches Blitz White said hey we want it to stick deliberate.
uconn at minnesota   11 19 2023
I want him to have some intentionality with his offensive attack and that was nice that he got that first bucket for the team instead of two longs up as he extends his game. He is practicing with the shooting guards today around 10 on the clock for Edwards. a twist, what a finish, yes you have to catch his attention from the beginning, maybe with a double team because his footwork is immaculate when he places the ball on the block down, there the battle looks higher, he gets the advantage on the baseline and it's on the reverse and that's what you want to do against that type of defense, that matchup zone, get behind that last line of defense where the help can't get there to recover and contest a play.
Paige Beckers and one that Paige Beckers is very familiar with. this court and Aaliyah Edwards received that pass down low, right under the defense and puts on her little jacket, tells them it's a little cold here and it's a tough cycle move. Inside by Edwards on the previous possession for Yukon and the paint. It will be an area where Minnesota can't afford to give up too many buckets in a strong finish for Paige Beckers, who had trouble benching an empty 45-pound bar when she arrived and worked hard on her rehab recovery. to gain muscle. I thought it was just me who couldn't lift the bar as a freshman because that thing was crooked, that left arm was low, slow, keep the collars off so I could take the weight off the case, no, it wasn't a good deal, Here's Sophie, tough. she goes to work and she kisses it perfectly to GL, good body control on the inside and that's what you want to do, stay connected with the defender and keep that window open to get to that baseline bucket.
See a lot of backdoor cuts by Connecticut that time, Braun. stay with Paige and put the steel in exactly the right place, yes, Braun was there on the high side, stay loose and that's the key to interior defense, you don't want to give that body contact, Mara Braw goes that short, He's still trying. to find her shot right now she's 0 for five to start we'll take a look inside and you'll see what Minnesota is trying to do they pick up the defense and then turn on them keep the body contact slow so now that door is open at that baseline. side, there's no help with a shot to the ear or sight Nehemiah Holloway entering the game KK Arnolds, a freshman from Wisconsin, so it's a bit of a homecoming for her too.
I love these young Yukon players and they really had solid performances in their win in their last contest against Maryland, they played fearlessly and Gino said, "I'll take that 10 out of 10 times from your young guys and a mule to Edwards in the high post. “That’s a nice long effort from Griffin, but Nehemiah Hollow snatched it away.” He was trying to take advantage of that second chance, but it was thrown out and that's what Minnesota needs to do. Maintain that contact on the glass. Braun attracted a lot of attention. Graholski's hand to his face is very short and torn away by Edwards.
Minnesota is getting some good looks. from the outside, but they can also put him on the deck and T-toe into the paint and then feel some pain, three 3-pointers, another ball through Edwards' hands that can't be coralized, and a turnover for Connecticut, a one-point lead for Minnesota near the start. here at the bar well Amaya battle was the first person Paige Becker called when they saw that this game was scheduled between the Gophers and the Connecticut Huskies Paige says she's my little sister two years apart they both play point C and Amaya He says she really took me under her own wing. "She used to avoid going to the dance, she put it in my hands and that gave me absolute confidence," she said.
Paige told me you can do this, we need you to play that role for us and she said, "I'm going to do it" and she just accepted that role for the team and got a ring too. What a state championship on this course in 2019 perhaps could have been in 2020 before the tournament was canceled. A clean look towards the top can be demolished. down three and the ball goes to the Connecticut bench as Christy Yukon's offense tries to find its flow just two of four but five turnovers to start, yeah, and Minnesota have only been able to score two points than Minnesota has now.
He didn't make any of his threes even though they came into this game shooting 34% from distance, but they haven't been able to make up for those turnovers. Edwards, angry with herself, missed that layup and then fouled out. Yes, that's a frustrating situation, but here are some. The whole court puts pressure on the man, but all you do is put the ball in and clear everyone else to clear the traffic so you can navigate and Survey coach Orma said KK Arnold is someone who gets after it defensively and she receives the task in the battle of shipowners. yes, you don't have to tell him to block and play tough defense, to sit in position and move his feet, to have active hands in spaces and passing lanes, to have time to run towards Bron against another great defender that she is. in trouble they will have to dig deep and that has no chance of turning the ball over for the Gophers.
Oh, that was just fantastic defense by Yukon, pushing Minnesota further and further away from any viable scoring area and that's what they were working on today, so that was one of the keys to catch and rotate a lot of coaches call that ice. when you raise a second body so that there are two with the ball, two people, a pass and someone in the back line as a safety now Paige said that the defense cannot be conditional, it cannot be just because we lost, we have to have that advantage all the time. A great example of that difficult possession shot from the sponsors and Mallerie H got it from Minnesota, going back to what you said about Paige, I mean, against NC State.
In their first game of the year, which was a loss, they scored 82 points, but the sponsors who saved the day from behind by blocking the 6'5 heart were not enough, so P Beckers does well with great anticipation from behind by putting all the ball on the block. I don't even know what's coming, but I'm telling you what you feel. The presence of him when that ball is hit out of bounds. Defense should be as synonymous with Paige Beckers as scoring passes and being a good teammate. Well, she wore her numbers in high school. where she averaged five steals a game, so she's not new to this, she's true to it, but braon misses once again and the ball goes back to Yukon Minnesota 0 for seven from Three G orama, the Hall of Fame head coach Fame in his 38th season for the first time as a coach. here, although I didn't have the chance to ask him, he seems to go with the stool next to him, sometimes it can be a little uncomfortable for trainers for the first time on the racetrack, no doubt, but 11 championships started for Gino AR here in Yukon. his collegiate coaching career at UVA with Debbie Ryan, who was the head coach there and she said during those four years I think it was 81 to 885, she said those were the most formative years of my coaching career and it changed the trajectory of his understanding of the game and, wow, what he's been able to do since 1985 on the sidelines here has been tremendous.
The mulehe throws Edwards and she coughs on him. Minnesota generates pressure inside. Braun finds a lane. Still no whistle. aggressive and now Beckers will push into Arnold beautiful transition basketball, well there's that rim rush attacking the bucket after a stop now that you're here for Minnesota and you can get your two hands on the basketball on the offensive glass that you have. You have to put your elbows up because there's a crowd down there trying to take that basketball away from you, so you better be strong with the ball. You have an excellent position. Now come down with the ball and The Possession.
Five on the clock for Brawn. by three and still not falling for last year's leading score for this team among the Big 10 freshmen who locked in an excellent interior defense, stays here with Minnesota Yukon staying strong, look how far Minnesota has to start their offensive again. breaks free throws the three and Yukon can finally regain possession there has to be a way for Minnesota to try to go downhill those three aren't falling, don't you want to Continue that whistled battle for the foul while Paige Falling Away on that check, well, ha been a defensive offense for the Yukon Huskies.
Paige Becker is moving on her horse and is pushing him towards Arnold as she was able to finish the transition and that's what Yukon loves. do, they love to get it and go and KK Arnold, I mean she is very fast and also possesses the fire in the belly, just a freshman and said before G RMA says you can get one or the other from the freshman or are withheld. and they're afraid of making a mistake or they try their best and make the mistake anyway, either way you have to trust your instincts and go for it, that's exactly right, he said, I want her to play like there's a unlimited amount of mistakes she makes.
I can do because I can't train every little thing if you are afraid of making mistakes, yes you have to play your best. I mean, this is coloring outside the line of the season if you're a freshman and we've seen some outstanding freshmen. all across the board in women's basketball on the doors here comes another one entering the game Ashlin Shade coming off a 10 point outing against a ranked Maryland team she was solid in that game made the open shot also made the extra passes but again no fear in that freshman, whether it's Minnesota shooting three of 18, they've missed 10 in a row, two long for Braun and she's still held scoreless 0 of 10 to start, she's someone you want to keep shooting well but still figuring it out okay and Minnesota is 0 for nine from three, so now let's go down the hill and try the second and third level instead of just the three right now. ice braids entering the game for the first time for Connecticut here it's high for three she drains it that's the first one today or you can make your threes however you can you can go downhill or you can pull them up but it was timely because it was an extra pass, the defense turned too slow to get up and get a hand into the shooting pocket.
H has seven from Minnesota and Brady. from the top spot he loves the midrange and I love his name Ice Brady oh we with that Lefty, the goose neck for emphasis right there on the solid nail, he's got a great motor too and he gets all over the glass. I'll see her get to the offensive boards so Yukon preserves their possessions on the other side as well, there's that jumper, Quick pass outside of Graholski and knocked down by Arnold, looking like a post, keeping his eyes up, pushing the ball, the shadow can't express it. when the buzzer rings the scoring is low but close here at the bar Yukon leads 11-9 after the first quarter paig beckers big shout out from the Twin Cities Community offensive defense she is doing everything she can to get the huskies started when this sophomore top-10 Minnesota recruiting class decided to come here and stay through a coaching change.
This is how they wanted to see the barn. They know everyone is excited to see Paige Beckers, but we just want to get people in the building. We want people to see us and this new program. under their first-year head coach, Dom F White, who had great success in his second-year career at the Power Five level, spent one year at West Virginia, but took them to the tournament, but it's really their connection with South Dakota and this whole region that he grew up on a farm in Wisconsin, which made him really want to stay here in Minnesota.
Edwards took him to the hole. Yes, and Blanca, she has been fantastic. I had it when I was in South Dakota during the NCAA tournament and his team was like this wrestler played hard, the big shots from defenders continue for Minnesota, one of 12 from three, under 20%. You have to give Yukon's defense credit for that, but wow, for them to have taken 22 shots right now, that's four of 22 overall and then Yukon on the other one. On the other hand, they are five of 10, so they haven't even had the attempts that Minnesota has had, so I think Coach Plitz must like that they have more opportunities and possessions, they just have to get some shots to fall.
Bron has yet to find goals. At the bottom of the nck we still have Edwards in the mid range, two from the front of the iron and bronze, it looked like a zone there by Minnesota, we'll check it out on the next possession, there were only two passes out of there. I don't see a cutter pass but it looked like a zone in the post it's a battle against the shadow she runs into traffic dealing too hard she will also put the midrange look I would have liked to see her throw the ball into the cover and then put it back in at the basket and got to the rim KK Arnold right at the rim Edwards can't finish either and Yukon is also having a hard time scoring rolski looking for her to drop something but it's not happening for him The three coach gophers quit they just turned around and they walked the other way on that one it's like we're getting good looks we just can't find the back of the net yet Yukon hasn't made a three either they're just 0 for two though graholski clearly with the green lights and she's got it there is there and that's what you want to see Amnesia, you missed that shot before, you don't want to shy away from the next one, it's the next play.
Keep accumulating plays. for Holi in the top 100 he will be the first to sign with plit white here in Minnesota. This also does a great job on the defensive glass and is behind Yukon in that regard, but it limits those offensive putback opportunities. Graholski had just missed a three-point shot. on the previous possession, but here is a transition three, the Yukon defense leaks into the paint and that allows the space, the time and the great pace for that three to fall and if Minnesota can get some of those transition threes where they don't really have to compete. late in the shot clock and make those shots alone, that's what they need.
The battle finds Holi coming out of the first bucket of hers. She was knocked down by the shadow. Evans' big point has to shoot today. That defense on ball pressure. Absolutely rolski tied by Beckers and. the possession arrow will keep it here, well this is what gin ARA was talking about, removing spaces and rotating, you see the swarm of Yukon Huskies right there, next to the ball, like a honey b, and that's what you want , you want to close the spaces. especially there on the elbows and spot on, allowing 92 points to NC States, there was really little fire under this team and they watched film before the Maryland game for almost two hours, rosi, three threes in a row by her trying to keep this momentum going offensive. a six, nothing runs through her shot, sometimes you just need to see a drop, here comes basketball our way.
I always trust you, Christ, I have some good minutes here, great hands, but look at this three-pointer that is all up, now Minnesota finds a Groove and they have the advantage right now because they have a high volume of opportunities with their shots and you see that Yukon doesn't have as many shots as it has taken and now that these shots are falling from Minnesota, Yukon needs to stay on its toes. nearly doubling the Huskies in attempts and nine to 2 in offensive rebounds for those extra possessions. An offensive foul called when intervening is Ayanna Johnson, a freshman from Wisconsin, another freshman, Ayanna Johnson, she lines up her body with the ball handler and takes one right on the collarbone. for the team that is a burden going the other way defensive position completely established there by the young man you would love to see that it is actually a player blocking that is Jan Sanders intervening one of the most experienced members of this team sander in trouble in pain floats it in his first action in this game Beckers looks for Edwards and finds the board for two and this zone spreads because of the way Yukon plays offense and now there's single coverage inside and you have to nullify a bunt. and stay loose with Edwards and get to the high side of her and get some deflections Sanders misses it Beckers goes all the way for an easy two something this Yukon offense absolutely needs the steel and the scoring mentality is in full effect for Yukon and that It's something Gino said he wanted Yukon to stay, he said we want that defensive energy and get back to who we are on that end of the court.
Sanders' first season at the power level five fouls off the beers and takes a hit, well here's Paige Beckers who at 61 can inspect and see over defenders on the perimeter and Edwards just smothering with his Play Down in the trenches, a nice kiss from the window to make that one fall, cutting to the rim and a whistle and shooting two up, a nice hard cut. In that, she is off limits during the game and sometimes it is that simple. Usually you think you have to set up a couple of screens to free up your teammates, but if you just take a hard Dash towards the ball like H did, you can get a big touch on the second one.
Personally, another member of this team is looking to start this season. 4.3 points per game, shooting about 30%, yes she can hit it from the outside, another floor spacer, especially absent a problem she still seems to be. re-evaluated with that right knee injury she suffered in practice before the Maryland game, it happened Tuesday, she'll have an MRI soon once the swelling goes down Beckers from one foot, beautiful, oh, that floater game from Paige Beckers and his homecoming game here. in Minnesota, a candy, attended by at least 100 family friends, said yes, there are many distant relatives, great, great, second third, once eliminated, they are all here in the building dressed in husky blue and their companion high school team just missed that shot. on the other side Beckers lining it up from three Minnesota again controlling the glass on the defensive end Edwards slow to recover Griffin comes in and takes away Dua's touchdown pass and score and that's what Yukon will do to you, they were just down 165 and now they've had an increase with his ability to stop and score Becker showing his arm on that shot yes High straight from three that bounces Minnesota remains cold three of 16 from the back door of Beyond The Ark the connection no There is a great effort from Brawn to keep that in play higher up, a person beats and can't take it away.
BLS just looks like his footwork was out of rhythm there before trying to take that shot, he thought he was going to pass it to the weaklings. side because it seemed out of control and unbalanced high screen here by Edwards love this two man game sponsors fall and travel Paige Beckers is back home in Minneapolis and then right here she's going to take that dribbling hand away and then the float floats in the situation right there filters through the Nets and then I know the Vikings play later, but this pass was pretty tough, great connection there for the Huskies rer Jun Guard from Hopkins missa number five Hog Beers number 10 the crowd loves to see Paige Beckers announced here her first time playing in this building since she was in high school, this is where the state tournament is held and she has a huge cheering section behind the Yukon vent.
You can see her mom Amy, her dad Bob, her little brother Drew right there. on the right of the screen as we approach her parents and they have been nothing but supportive, even Bob Becker's Maya told us that he was even involved with that Hopkins team and that he was helping me too, is what She told us, yes, and that's it. what community is all about when it comes to high school sports and he loves hearing that and seeing that support continues at the collegiate level, besides the heavy pressure of a mule, she is a pest in the best way possible , opens wide for three. first bucket that's what I'm talking about penetrate get a great pass after committing the defense to the basketball and the dribble Drive Minnesota had its biggest deficit of five now one possession Beckers Rising hitting three defenders that was too cold Paige Beckers no are afraid whenit's about finding his sweet spots on the court he's everywhere and there isn't a shot he can't finish and he knows Griffin's tough R defense tends to shoot from the heart of Minnesota working hard in the post instead of Braun with this step back. there's no going back and a whistle timeout called by Gino Ora 23 to 9 is Yukon's lead as the Huskies will huddle in this time now leading by four battle of Amaya check out these handles right here look up , although it's okay, but she still has great body control, little to overcome that screen, she doesn't go there, she rejects, she returns to the ball, she finds Brawn in the corner who hits her with a rope musical triple from the corner and then hey, don't you left behind as Battle and Beckers were a high school teammate, she was like my turn on the other side to be r R and fire midi who was sweet as honey, she's on it and this game will play out this way and that's what Gino ARA said, hey, our offense was failing in the first quarter. against Maryland, but in that second quarter we had 28 points and we had a good flow in the open court, which they also have here today, but in that quarter of the court we had to be better.
Beckers can't make him fall and again Minnesota controls the defense. glass the top trailer graholski Beckers looks to take command in this second quarter making his shot, he has 11 points, four for n shots, but I like how Paige prepared for that last shot graholski finding his team, he has eight, he has been solid 42% entering this game from the floor for her right here, her season average too, as Mule makes that happen. Nik Mule and Paige Beckers have been trying to read and react to each other in that NC State game that Nik Mule didn't get. a lot of touches and Paige Beckers was very dominant on the ball and not in a negative way, but against Maryland they tried to rearrange Beckers on one foot and will shoot two while she stands up.
Grace Graholski has been lighting it up. For Minnesota, the defense gets stuck on the screen and then no one steps up to close that gap. You see you drop the hedge, then you drop a bucket and right there that high hand holding that. Moving on was just what the doctor ordered if you see drop the hedge, drop a bucket, yeah that's a hashtag, yeah, drop a bucket, see, dropping coverage is disrespectful, shoot, shoot the ball, right? Paige Beckers, this is her first, she is the leading scorer in this game so far. Along with her five rebounds and three assists, Maggie Sano enters the game for the first time since Minnesota and looks to keep this within a couple of possessions.
The biggest lead is only two, but they have stayed close with the number eight team in the country. Wobbly double action here offensively by Minnesota trying to get something to the rim, but they're trapping too far away with a three-point line and now they're down 10 again on the shot clock. Maya struggles trying to free herself from up and down. that's difficult and she ends up, oh yes ma'am, battle, battle, that one came out and picked her up and under the counter, move to the counterattack, very well executed, they want her to be more of an offensive threat to open up those passing lanes and she sanction a foul. that lob inside the battle of Edwards am Maya right here she's going to try to make a read defense is swarming Arnold is right there, but then that step and then the still contested shot was able to get that one to reach the degree of difficulty in a thousand, but She told us today after practice.
Hey, when I get in the logo area, that's when I make big decisions, whether it's passing or scoring the ball. Edwards stuck in trouble getting through, Arnold is a beautiful moment, but he's coming back to Minnesota, da pit white. She told us hey, we're three and 0 right now because we've been playing until we drop. I'm going to say she said it, but she said, hey, we're playing hard and that makes up for a lot of things when you just go hard and almost what we were talking about with Gino ARA just instill confidence in your team and just go all out color. lines is what we like to say, but it's that kind of bravery that has Ina inside a possession here rolski not there that time everyone away skiing for that board knew the time but it doesn't fall an excellently executed first half by Minnesota has them down three against the number eight team in the country, a ferocious, feisty defense has Minnesota right there and they've won the Possession battle against Yukon, but they haven't shot the ball particularly well so far, so maybe that will change after halftime.
Many more are coming here from Minneapolis. It's a complicated situation here at the barn. Yukon leads 26-23 in Paige Becker's homecoming. game, but it's the Gophers who want to ruin this party by looking good so far, a low score in the first half Paige Beckers on her return to her home here in Minneapolis. Beautiful finish, she has a maximum of 12 points to lead the Huskies. Welcome inside the barns. The lonely Martin W Christy. Winter Scott, along with you, we have a close fight here between the number eight team in the country and the unranked Gophers who despite shooting 24% are within three because they won the possession battle, they have taken 38 shots, Yukon, they have only taken 25 slow so far maybe Yukon has shot the ball better but Minnesota has had more opportunities if you look at what they have been able to do in the paint Yukon has won that battle 20-6 in that area but if the shots start to fall for Minnesota Yukon needs to be careful because Yukon is also being outrebounded in this game but we are looking at Paige Beckers they are throwing the touchdown pass to Caroline because she is stepping up her game in the second quarter she took six shots and they are involved in absolutely every part of this offense, when you look at Yukon's last game against Maryland, they scored 28 points in the second quarter alone, this game only 15 points in that second quarter, so they have to do a better job in fourth.
Yukon hasn't relied on the three-point shot, just three attempts for them, but if you look at the turnovers, I think that's another big reason why Minnesota has been able to stay so close and both teams have. They only scored five points thanks to their respected turnovers, but Yukon also needs to take good care of the basketball. You see them trying to get space, but when you lack a fud that spaces the court, things change, Nik. The mule starts with a failure, but we will see how both teams respond. Mara Braw had a tough shot attempt in the first half, but Harts in traffic tries to keep it alive.
It will be a jumping possession arrow that will keep him here much sooner. In the game, Minnesota was breaking down the offensive boards, but they were coughing up that type of possession in the crowd, but that time you saw Hart Corral and keep it, they got The Possession here, rolski, a couple of threes in that first half, double stagger . that play inside the field for F drawn on the clock for the battle the midrange is not higher a great rebounder in the Big 10 last season can't tie it because they are attacking that glass with some Strength rebounding the Huskies offensively and defensively as Well, great appearance for Duch and she will perform two Yukon good actions that float to the weak side.
Dharm will make a nice determined cut along the lane line to get that touch which will be his second on Broli, who has received almost the same amount. many shots as one brought that's what I like to say when you're at the airport and you see someone running you pay attention to that person so I mean she took that hard cut hey you gotta be on your horse to Come to her. and deflect it before you're out of position trying to contest the blitzway coach talked to us about keeping your stance defensively balanced, especially for this team, always cutting the backdoor to the right and you have to have your head on the turn , she said that's what you should do.
They put you to sleep and then they backdoor you and that's why they lined up on that last possession? My battle called its own number. She completely retired the shot this summer she started with 500 shots a day, she knew she had to do it. be better at her game absolutely her and she said she's been playing one on one with Rachel bam. I mean, they allow you to play with a WNBA player day in and day out and also work on your form with someone who has that kind of wisdom. and also experience one of the great scores one of the great players in the history of the Big 10 Rachel banam on this staff helping her in that process Leah Edwards Long Range two she has can knock them down she can spread the floor and that's what Paige Becker said in the absence of a fun that's 10 or 20 more shot opportunities for everyone else so we have to stay aggressive and you like Edwards takes that one from range and the battle is not there, back to the Huskies, watch the game of two men. here for Yukon switch to defense but then no help Edwards just flying that's what we expected to see her use her speed in this game especially from the high post yes, going downhill attack Edwards up to 10 points second player and double figures in this game that they both play for Connecticut there's that action on the ice that Yukon double team forol ski can't find it Beckers forward again du charm can't finish it with the glass, he took it to the opposite side and had no elevator to take it to the glass Yukon keeps shooting above 40% graholski finds his defender asleep picks him up can't make him pick up the pullup in mule looks good There are a lot of different starters for Yukon, you get a steal or a board, anyone can take it up the court and that time no one stopped it so you have to stop the ball and direct it 6 nothing runs for Yukon and their biggest advantage of the game since a timeout is called, sometimes you don't need to prepare a play You are survey See, you have numbers and the defense is retreating, you you retire and I'm like, I just held on to win yesterday in College Park Maryland against the turps, so that's what football comes down to, a lot of intrigue, yeah, on the field.
Ukon sets a record for most consecutive weeks ranked. Let me mention this to Christie because it feels like this moment that happens every Yukon game where they decide we're pulling away right now, how can they execute down the stretch and how can Minnesota also make sure they keep this within their reach? I just touched my tongue with my finger and put my finger in the air to see what the momentum was and you're right, it feels like the momentum is swinging, the pendulum is swinging towards Yukon because they've been able to stop. and fast break buckets right now there's a nine to 3 advantage on fast breaks and here's another steal Minnesota had five turnovers in the first half one right there this is a great moment for these Gophers Edwards working hard in the paint no can come off that glass and Yukon was back on defense so the single coverage down there on Edwards just faded off that shot if she goes right at the defender that may be a viable opportunity for her to finish Five of 10 in this one game against which you have 10 battle points. her former high school teammate Paige Beckers shot thrown by Har and it went short we see Amaya Battle didn't make that shot I thought she had the momentum and the position Advantage there offensive foul called by Edwards remember Chrisy, we're not looking at that The restricted area is already strictly around the circle, we no longer look at anyone, or where their heels are, but that time, a deep post on an offensive foul absolutely and you can lean from right to left and backwards, you just can't lean forward as a defender. and that was a perfectly executed defense by Minnesota drawing that blitz aiyah Edwards has two looking for a two man game here understand how you read it Yukon originally got the switch five to shoot for Minnesota rolski finds higher and won't go Minnesota shooting at their 20% Coming into this game, we said in the first half that they're shooting 34% in their first three games of the season since rang ni mule against Targets in Minnesota, continues to limit any second chances.
Minnesota is sitting there, they just have to do it. finish Hearts looking higher just bad timing otherwise it could have been two easy 33-25 is Minnesota's deficit right now will be stepped aside here in the barn, they are pretty recognizable names in women's college basketball in the WNBA, as well as including Rachel Banam. one of the best scorers in the history of women's college basketball and continues her role on the bench with the new rule changes this year in which she was able to elevate two assistant coaches, but with more than 3,000 career points, to the 2016 Big 10 Player of the Year and for a couple of years I held that all-time single-game scoring record and you saw that game, the 60 points against Northwestern that I was in that one, the Michigan State passing powers had 42 on that one, so my neck certainly hurt turning from right to left. like a tennis match, but she was a phenomenal talent and Minnesota's Alam and Kobe Bryant, the late great Kobe Bryant, tweeted about thatperformance and that's her current screensaver on her phone, a photo of the two of them together and she continued to be part of that Mamba family throughout her career just wrapped up her eighth season with the Minnesota Links right here where she's from and Cheryl Reev was at practice today at shootarounds for both teams and you know I love that continuity between college basketball and the WNBA and then there are so many girls in the building and little boys too who aspire to be pros Arnold starts it Brady , this time the midrange has been working well for her, just a nice touch again on that midrange BR, I mean she's just very good at finding areas to attack well, there's some great ball movement here, a great facing and then just a step towards the sideline, a great pass and then a girl who is not active on the court, but is active as a teammate, applauds the great activity of her teammates and this is an 8 nothing takes Minnesota in a significant drop right now, they're shooting only 21%, it's catching up to them right now, they were able to keep it in a one possession game in the half, they're still not shooting well and now it's slowing down, yeah and on the shift.
The turnovers pile up here in the second half, very good work by Ash and Shade to close down the painted area and create space, and that's the talk we heard all over practice today from Yukon, closing space and rotating Arnold trying to take Graholski one by one. and a travel violation and good work by Minnesota to close the gap right there at the basket. L Pitte applauded his team's defensive effort, but they simply couldn't come here and pay for that effort by 10 points less. The biggest deficit and Arnold gets whistled for the foul while protecting the ball.
You see Minnesota there, they put them on their horn. Some people call it a double drag or an Iverson action that they were trying to do with the two post players on the elbows and then two shooters in the corner to space the floor which is two at Arnolds here it is right here they are trying to execute it again they use the screen and then they like to separate and try to isolate inside Mara braon has been quiet in this second half but she will shoot from long range and she just hasn't been there today one of 15 from the floor and at times when she hasn't been falling for you, i saw some body language after the last one didn't touch the rim again you have to have amnesia if you are a good scorer not just a shooter everyone can shoot well if you are a scorer you can't think about mistakes you have to think on the next play It's the next shot you're going in you can't put your head down and feel sorry for yourself you have another chance coming up open mule and the first three of the game for Yukon and that's an incredible statistic 110 run now by the Huskies We said we felt the momentum is building for them to take control of the game and they're pulling away right here and another stop that's three turnovers in the second half after having five in the first.
That's what you want to get. , you want to get consecutive stops and scores which we used to do when I coached, we ran a shell drill, get four consecutive stops, four scores, but the scores have to be in the paint, so everyone is being challenged. Ice Brady, she feels. good teammates cheer her on and Yukon continues to pull away due to her ability to make the necessary stops. She steals and rebounds while being guarded by the two-time Big East Defensive Player of the Year, she crashes and will shoot too, but Yukon is great here. spacing out here and then the Lefty oh, looking like a basketball lover with the empathy in the follow up of teammates loving him, the Cheers coming from the fans that are here for the Huskies and again over a hundred people in the building celebrating the back to Paige Beckers' house who lived 10 minutes from here, you're a native here, how close is it?
Actually, it's about 25 minutes or so. Her mother watches her whole family. There you see Bob Beckers, her little brother, Drew, stay tuned to look too. Yeah, Bob there was that white hat there and he loves to see that continued support there's the family everyone's in the building he's got snacks I need to know what that is what that is is that a ring pop or something push pop push pop I don't know I know it's blue , that's enjoying the game, watching it, his sister's team walks away. Mule, the mid-range, is missing. Minnesota gets out scored here in the third 15-4 with another offensive possession, there's Braun flipping it up and on his second bucket today, yeah, those.
The outside shots haven't been falling, but Braun with his clever footwork got that one to fall in the lane, yes, Edwards trying to direct some traffic, wanted the ball at the top of the paint to get that lob in with the way it was being sealed. Minnesota just two of 11 in this quarter so far, but this is one of the points here, it stops at one point, stops and then comes back with the long stride and drop on Mara Bron playing against USA 3v3 last season while Edwards stays. With this, two easy persistence paid off on the inside for Connecticut, no one checked Edwards and boxed her out, gave her another chance, so Minnesota is trying to get into the space, it looks like a five out fight, a difficult shot and then taken down by Edwards. that's a tough shot, that's a tough shot and they've done well when they get some protection action on and off the ball.
KK Arnolds, if you had blinked, you wouldn't have seen her fly across the court. Hey, listen, she plays with it. a lot of fire and intensity, she's fierce with it and you love seeing young players have that level of confidence, but it's the work ethic that rewards that striker, you're not going to have confidence if you don't put in the effort, she's put in In fact, working for the Huskies in the preseason this year, Big E's first-year coach of the year Orma says she's not shy, someone who just isn't worried, she'll just make plays and you can see the poise. what he has, he doesn't say freshman, no, who he plays with. a high motor and when players have high motors you just put them on, you just wind them up and put them on the ground, you let them go to work and that's what Gino RM and his staff have been able to do from the beginning.
Gates this season with Arnold Minnesota hoping for a solid shot here, but things got out of hand in the third quarter. It was just a one-possession game in the middle of the battle. St. just Arnold looking at the clock. Wow, that's not a freshman. playing Yukon increasing his lead in the third looking great doing well, this is what the second half has been about so far for Yukon. The clock is running out. KK Arnold says let me make this shot and as he raises that hand for emphasis, that's a floater from the field people our teammate loves it couldn't you write this freshman KK Arnold raising his steel eyes looking at the watch that's a three runner going to end the third quarter come on oh my god feet behind the line the officials came up to us and said it was a three ball that counts for three paig giving love to the Young Buck the class Freshman has been phenomenal for the Huskies look at this group we know the freshmen coming to this program are the most highly touted recruits around the country and they are playing above their solid and fearless performances in these young people, they come here to show what they have and that Arnold was a lot, she has a Alright, we have two freshmen on the court right now in the shadow of Ashlin and Kaden Samuels also and Q Samuels, she He's rocking hard and hard with the afro and right there, number four, Gina ARA, recruited me back in the day and he was like, hey, that's it.
There's a Mini U and she does about two of the 10 things basketball players are supposed to do and I was like, oh, I don't know if I like that anymore, but he said she can shoot the skin of the ball and she doesn't have fear. So I said, Well, look, she's fine, Minnie, I, I see it, I see it now, Christe, no, Minnie, me. I thought we didn't need the other eight things that you know we have against, so we'll take the two out of 10. We'll take those Minnesota looking to answer Tristy in a quarter where they were outscored 21-6 by just three at the half, but they only hit 22% shooting and that hasn't changed, but Braun you can make them. types of shots, yeah, you can almost see the relief on his face after that shot fell to him because he messed up in this game here at home for the Gophers' third shot today as Edwards gets that downhill speed, no There is a lot you can do. at his size he comes downhill full steam ahead to stop him timeout called by Minnesota grew to a 20 point lead for Yukon well look at my mini me doing the job gin ARA said no me look at the persistence and resilience inside Q Samuels, You better go to Yukon marking their defense here in Minnesota.
It was that NC State lost 92 points, the most allowed in the regulation in 22 years. They really lit a fire for this team to establish its defensive identity and for back-to-back games. They have absolutely delivered, yeah, and that's the carryover, that's what Paige Beckers told us after practice today, that's what Gino ARA also told us after practice today, he said we have to carry that type of effort and energy to the defensive side that we have. to have good Gap help, the lateral rotation needs to be there and look to catch and force tough shots on higher pitches, the three Aaliyah Edwards has really stepped things up in this third quarter, look how big she was near the line half court as Yukon continues to drain, yes Paige Beckers is on the bench just cheering on her teammates because they have had an effective impact on the game.
Rolski has been a bright spot for Minnesota's shooting. He has scored more baskets than anyone he has ever known since the beginning he knew he was ready to shoot. Yes he missed his first handful of shots, but he didn't let that stop his first gopher from reaching double figures. 11 points for her, as she has been a step slow on the offensive end. Griffin forces it and a rebound for gski Griffin started instead of ouch. Fud coming off a game where he had 13 rebounds and four blocks, so his activity has been fantastic, but here's the push with a pass down the court and there's Q Samuels on Q hitting that one on that page that made you do it . follow him and break the doll Paige talked about how much confidence Q has, she says I don't think a lot of things shake her and we're seeing that here on the floor, that's why Gino said mini Christie, oh look if she's okay, just I say if she does that too, I don't know how Christy, although no, that's all.
Q on that, Edwards in the passing lane and Off to the Races is Griffin attacking Brawn, but it will be a block. a loud bang Blitz White shakes his head in disbelief, let's take a look. You see Braon trying to settle but she doesn't get there oh oh, she didn't like it, she's not happy with that call, super close, like you have to be completely settled. and square with the handle of the ball and I thought his left shoulder wasn't fully turned to face Griffin on that drive he rushed back, but it takes that kind of pre-precision to cut him, yeah, you have to go beyond the ball and then face Samuels fighting for it, but there's still plenty of time for Minnesota to get things going, but they have to go with quick scoring opportunities here in the quarter court like that, so Braun has found his touch from the distance, that's your second three in this quarter and if you get hot now you can go unconscious and just let it fly and I think about the missed shots like I said, I think about the next shots to the well and a whistle will blow to look for that loose ball. against Yukon paig Beckers returned to the Huskies Paige Beckers had over 500 days before the start of the season.
Rash was not an active player for this team and she said that it gave her a lot of perspective and that she has been much hungrier here. On the court playing with her he already played with joy and energy, but now it is a thousand times in that absence that he had to face, he said that it was actually this game that gave him something to look forward to to work on his rehabilitation, that little of Spark and energy to get back on the court here in Minneapolis in our hometown, that's all you have to do to challenge a competitor.
Give him some incentives. Five to shoot for Samuel's beautiful fake, but she can't make the jump shot. Good idea. to the nail, but she could have made that bomb and taken those long LMS straight to the cup approaching the midway point of the fourth quarter. A lot of work ahead for Minnesota was reduced by just three in the middle brother knows they have to work. Quick that time three doesn't fall and that was a deep three attempt in that deep water area at least 2 feet behind the line, but you can't be that desperate, can you? You have to make sure you work the defense you need.
I can still work on defense and make a nice quick shot, that looks better, maybe toes toward the three point line instead of two feet behind the line and maybe alsoget to the free throw line, plus we stop that clock, you absolutely have to do it. to the rack to do that Edwards at full steam there is no rotation available at the line, like if you were that Minnesota weak side defense, you have to be right there at the basket line if you were going to take a marker and pass from under the rim and take it to the spike that's right there in the middle of the foul line, that's where you need to be for the help side to be ready and no one was there, she wants it against Edwards and she drains it right in the middle of the nice touch over there. on the changeup fader over Edwards' outstretched arms, a shot blocker to the stomach and Minnesota forgot about the mule Naik.
She's not just the defense, she can't do that and the mule stays aggressive and that's what Paige Becker said, we all have to pick up the slack, right? to stay aggressive and take a couple more shots each to make up for shots that would normally make a fool in Brawn's hands, you can't hit those three battling hearts on the offensive fls and she'll head to the free throw line. ah, she's tough in there and she's talking to her teammates like, come on, we gotta go deep here, fight for possessions and you can see her being our tremendous leader right now in the Huddle, she's talking to him, that's right. how do you do it. the only player on this team, as Edwards picks his third, who has NCAA tournament experience when she was with NC State and transferred after the first half of last season, but it's a significant experience when you've been in the big dance as you get to this new and fresh. program, yeah, there's no doubt about it, I mean, it makes a difference when you've felt what it's like to be in an NCAA tournament and you know what it takes to not only be in it but to prepare to be in it and That's why his leadership qualities and that right crowding. before she shoots these free throws, that's a great moment, it's as impactful as her stat line and her double figure scoring, that verb of leadership goes a long way and not just for this fourth game that will be played here in the barn and Gina Ora will call. one timeout their team was leading by 18 at this point after they flipped a switch in the third quarter and chrisy I think was key because of Aaliyah Edwards she has 16 points right now eight of 15 shooting seven rebounds but doing the job she's supposed to what to do and executing well Leah Edwards has been spectacular in this game today returning to the third team preseason All American in the entire Big East, she is on Wade's watch list, Nay Smith's watch list and Katrina mlan as well as 22 points per game coming into this one and they've just been very consistent on both ends of the floor and they're going to need that presence inside because what Yukon has is a lot of depth on the perimeter, but what they don't have is a lot of depth on the interior, so with her ability to stay consistent with what she brings to the court it is very necessary and they need her to stay aggressive with her offense, as well as with her drives, kicks, drives and finishes, and last year she was helped a lot by the dumb UAS who now play here in Minnesota had a fantastic freshman season, freshman rookie season with Cheryl Ree, same as St Yukon Basketball 10 on the shot clock, no, but it makes a difference when you have different players around you and you know schematically that you want to go out and do the same type of things, but it's different when the personnel changes and that's a Yukon team that's still finding its footing this season since Paig can't make those three fall, but if you're in progress to have wins like this, yeah, things are in good shape, great.
Boxing by Edwards but kept in by Groholski, she finds higher for two, yeah, nice hard cut on the weak side, the ball will find you if you take it hard. Cuts like that at the edge of the ice Brady, someone who could be fulfilling that role in the front court as we talked about his first full season after missing his freshman Big Seal, but we'll be back in Minnesota for a good close. weak Side to back that came up to deflect it and hit it out of bounds of the body, there's that high screen again and then look at Yukon, they guard it hard and recover.
Pattle was able to get to his spot in the high post kicks graholski trying to use his power under the rim Brawn up she faces off and Edwards will take it adding to his rebound count that's eight solid solid performance from Edwards and those possessions right where in that first half Minnesota had won the possession battle and now it feels like Yukon has maximized it because of the effort Edwards just put in on the glass. KK Arnolds from the corner misses everything and there's Edwards once again, she's also under pressure to have this kind of performance because we don't know what the schedule is.
AC fud is yet to be determined, but having this kind of performance without so much pain puts it into the gravity she brings to the game, yeah, no doubt about it, I mean, it changes things. We were talking about how the dynamic changes with the dor uhas graduating and everything but oh, I mean, she came out of the gates, scored 18 points in one of her preseason games and she's just a player you have to honor, mind you. the ball or not on offense because she is a spacer, you have to respect her abilities. she also has some connections in Exoda and her family has a cabin here in the United States, a frequent place where they go to relax and recreate at the lake, yes, yes, my daughter played with a fud on the same team and there is the family the one you see in the merchandising. for an f, that's his grandmother standing with her glasses on and that's his mom there Katie and his dad sitting right there Tim F where they drive the GTS Fusion Paige Becker is taking a seat on the bench feeling the appreciation of the crowd that loves the women's basketball in this city we just looked at last year's Big 10 tournament here in Minneapolis setting an attendance record the crowd at the Minnesota Links games this is a special event for both that player and this community there is no doubt about it, I mean, it's all tied in I.
I mean you see the little elementary school aged kids here standing in awe, not even blinking, watching these players play hard and play smart and then you see Paige Becker on E fud going to these links and to the Mystics games and watching the WNBA players and in all of them they wanted to aspire to be that too and of course she wore a Dorka uas jersey for her close friend, she even offered to eat home cooked food whenever she wanted, she took him on the boat and gave him the whole Minnesota experience, but you're right.
That connection with the WNBA is very important for these players who want to go to the next level, without a doubt, and that is where there is a tangible goal to achieve when you see your teammates, you know the work that is necessary to get to the next level and like Bon Court Amari back in the game for Yukon as they looked to make a bow in a very strong second half, they shot well throughout, but just couldn't get that separation that happened in the third, fast break points all 13. to3 Advantage from Yukon and they were able to do it by getting the Steals and the scorers from this game out for Minnesota, including several rental and battle Minnesota natives who were so fired up for this game, as well as KK Arnold pushing. out and she gets called with 45 to play well, you still want to maintain your focus and execution, it doesn't matter the time on the clock, you still want to go out and do your job and do it well, it's like a timeout call.
Minnesota here, trailing by 18 P by 30 seconds, Beckers heads back to the tents feeling pretty good about this one as he was really looking forward to having at least 100 family and friends in the stands as well as getting a really solid win. the belts as a team, yes, and I think if you put all those things on the list, which one would you circle as the most important? The dove, right? She wanted to come here, play and compete in front of her family and friends. High school teammates are fine, but she wanted to win, she wanted the team to win.
You see her mom there with the Yukon Huskies with the red one there and it's been really fun to see her get back into that. floor because Kaden Samuels has been very hungry with the rebound and Yukon can finish this off and improve to three and one this season, that stain after they started number two in the country in NC States and now they get some wins against ranked Maryland and then against this Minnesota team that seeks to show the Big 10 that it is on the rise and is coming hard. Inside Sanders, which is the final 62-44, is Yukon's victory, they outscored Minnesota 21-6 in the third quarter, which was the complete shot that made the difference about 44%. throughout the game, but another precise and well-executed defensive game plan that held Minnesota to 26% shooting, including six of 34 from three, so Paige Beckers had 12 points in this one, eight rebounds, four assists and continues his remarkable comeback season.
She really has lost, better. of the last two years, but her start to the season has been outstanding and you can see why head coach Gina Ora said that to start this season, Paige is a better basketball player now than when she was the national player of the year, the first freshman to win. North AP and Wooden Player of the Year awards and is off to a great start which is great not only for Yukon but also for the women's basketball period to be able to see her back on the Yukon court today as well by Allah Edwards the senior, the returning leader scored 16 points for her on 8 of 15 shooting, had nine rebounds, was outstanding in this one, in this 62-44 win for the Yukon Huskies boys, for these ladies, their tails in Christy Winter Scott, waiting with Minnesota.
Native Paige Beckers we got married, we're here with Paige Beckers, welcome home. You had this game marked on your calendar for many days. How did it feel to not only play in this game but also enter and win it? It felt great, I mean obviously the atmosphere. It was amazing, the atmosphere is amazing, just for me to embrace it and enjoy the moment, especially after a year where I didn't even get to play basketball, it was just a great environment and a great atmosphere, and me. I'm glad we won, we had Maya on the other side, someone you're very familiar with, what's it like to go up against a best friend and former high school teammate like that in this environment, yeah, it's really cool, I'm saying that. oh really.
It goes back to my high school days in the Hopkins open gyms and Hopkins practices just competing with each other, but it was really cool for us to be in this environment together and enjoy that moment in the first game of the season you allowed 92 points at NC State, but the last two games the defense has been steady, what has been the difference on that end of the court for you? I think just our mentality knows that we want the defense to dictate how much and how well we win obviously today was a very ugly game offensively but our defense helped us and helped us win and lastly what is it like to see these girls waiting to greet you here and how was it? that gave you the energy, the effort and the fire to keep competing, yes that's why you play basketball, so I was once those little kids, I just looked up to my role models and I looked up to a lot of other people who just wanted to fill their shoes. for me being like that for a lot of younger girls is the reason you play and it really inspires you to be great, fantastic, thank you Paige, thank you honey, the final score here at Williams Arena as a crowd surrounds Paige Beckers right next to this elevated floor to get a look at someone who has already become engrained in Minnesota basketball lore.
She leaves the court victorious 62-44 here in her homecoming scoring 12 points. You heard from our interview with Christy Winter Scott how important this moment was to her and her personal connections. her former high school teammate Amaya gave her a warm hug as she got things started early for Yukon, a three-point play over three white jerseys and, of course, the consummate teammate cheering on the rest of the Huskies. From the bench, it was an all-around effort. by Pagee and the Huskies and something for this audience to enjoy and remember submit to Studio. More basketball will come at the end of the hour.

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