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TYT - Extended Clip July 27, 2011

May 30, 2021
applied sai, I have a lot of tents prepared for you, but let's have fun first, patrick derrek, you know, the repairs, but the other is that your prayer is fast enough in this, of which you are gathering in prayer, pray and pray so kindly for them, Alice, has defended Rick Perry. Because he was great, right? I'm Governor Rick Perry. Someone who will join his fellow Americans in a day of prayer and fasting on behalf of our nation. As an elected leader, I am very aware of the limitations of governments when it comes to fixing things that our spiritual nature as far as prayer comes in and we need more than ever with the economy in trouble, communities in crisis, people were dressed in a sea ​​of ​​moral relativism, we need God's help if I am calling Americans to pray fasting like Jesus did. and his god called the irs depends on doing in joel's book i don't know man i enjoy watching agar every time josh brolin plays with i mean he seems like such a dumb ball but that's me a big part of what i see . he, I think that guy must live in villages because he knows that we are doing things right there, that uh...
tyt   extended clip july 27 2011
I really take care of them, by the way, I would love you, crazy, I wish he did, the uses seem to have room. for me, but it would be a good start, imagine that he becomes president, he arrives, he is a resident, I am a good sight, he is less in all the money checks, okay, let's give everything to the poor, I don't think that that is the way of reparation you are going to know that this is certainly not how we govern taxes, that's for sure, you know that probably in Wednesday's government it takes enough to say that our spiritual who said that might agree with you that spoke and imagine, so those are their strategies like I don't I don't know, I don't think they probably do it at all when I continue with our internal group ah no pop pop in medisave texas size group uh... now, on to the passes tax people don't like this until I'm gone and no I don't want religion and state to mix and that was really cool, Leslie, uh... here, from one of them, we feel that when you're the governor of the state and You host a public event, you're supposed to invite everyone. garrett halverson unitarian universalist church where many different religious beliefs run very deep with the governors christian be invented supporter of the american family fifty seven a and stop it now uh... very very playing against gays and lesbians in particular, but they are not too I am terribly fond of Muslim politics.
tyt   extended clip july 27 2011

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tyt extended clip july 27 2011...

You know it's often a complicated matter, which is why it's best to keep religion at arm's length. That particular plot by the Muslim leader is very true, but you know where something is happening on the other side. of things is a wonderful idea, it lets us know that any religion would be welcome and there will be an overwhelming majority Christian, it will simply be at a time when I have a green mechanic on a budget, proudly, Grove Baptist Church leaders feel that Jackson gets hot and The opportunity to have clarity is important because God gives Kolkata the situation in political power and then hits the experts who are right and the cores of work and God is no big deal.
tyt   extended clip july 27 2011
Are you so worried about Governor Perry Copland this issue is that we think the same about all my God, don't do it, if you call the prayer meeting, all your prayers will not come true and I will have added arson and I will go to Nazism, except As long as you don't get the government involved in everyone we want to get together and in the lives of millions, I'm sober and a lot of people like you can get together with Frank, we're going to have a great time and I think I don't know if I wouldn't want our government to do that. because one they are wasting their time and two, it depends on who prayed too and we have a country that is not supposed to bring a virginia oregon who is a spokesperson for a pretty girl religion, but apparently these people completely missed the constitution, but I love that the first pastor Willy said that ideas from other religions can come, it will be great, you know, the birthday leases, of course, the other press wasn't so clear, there was a bit of a murmur there, Jack, can you clarify what we had? achievement, but if you can be the fact that apla is another of the development that is loaded on the settlers and was a separate direct flash that took him down, talked to you, infected with which he never did not join, disappeared monthly in Islam . so it's ready, you know, when yes, it lasted five minutes ago, that's all the deacons, most of the ministers in the world, Mufassa softens the fact that now that he is very not the meat and a month because I think what do you want. have a great ear to start a hand, he believed it would be a little easier, but I did not notice the same effect in life that he said that God has answered all the little Russians, it is like that when I asked Jesus wiki Haitian bombing Libya knitting Jesus any change you know, I call where Gaddafi's settlers are in the shit of probably won't last now a repair every time I have to repair think uh... in this error prone to a very long question, but well I respect the rent It was amazing and always follow me on Twitter quotes waiter hook rights that's repair uh... now ambassador business mascot uh... no matter how much you give them, they just aren't satisfied, so I told them they are The million things that Obama he's going to hit them and they stay when he's so angry even though he has the highest quarterly profits uh... that he's ever had in his entire life uh... yesterday we told you how b_p_ earned five point six. billion dollars in just one quarter, you know what I forgot to tell you, they consider those results disappointing, they want to make more than five or six billion profits so that they are like the original loan or the Home Depot, huh... .they were putting together a new business team that will be even more war-right and easier on other people, including the director of whole foods, john mackey and john mackey is apparently a bit of a lunatic, huh... who got in trouble before that it was anti-environmental, another Like the center of the family, I have no idea who shops at Wholefoods because you keep talking like that.
tyt   extended clip july 27 2011
I don't know how many people will want to go through your storm. It's okay, it's okay. He says about other businesses. Their concern is that they don't want to be audited, they don't want to have any pushback, that's why they are not really buying baga sobha, but even though I was so harsh in reinstating the i_r_s_ and the audit businessmen who disagree with them, The team names an example. I guess if anyone would be the opposite, he is a total Obama, this businessman is resting, we should meet door to door. I don't really touch it, but Mackey goes on and says, uh...
Iris is going to do it. Be aware that these are dating stances, she's going to be one of them, the s_e_c_ and the i_r_s_, can they be the best critics without bomb, your business pen on what planet, uh... now I've never seen That before in all the years I've been in this? The country is hiding in a country like fascist when you're afraid it's someone and it's becoming more and more evident, yeah, Obama's ruined note to himself, uh... go to Trader Joes, it's kind of angry. of all foods, Cosco, a kind of Home Depot. true, even a real cosco, by the way, totally lives, so bless them and, by the way, it's totally profitable. laser cuts no big deal right yellow flowers roisin centers where are you the republicans are coming to discover everything my god they are going to cut things like the imminent multipurpose pierre went well the budget made his accusation related to the massive cuts that are Those that are coming and they are affected this week will be a lot of the actual cuts anyway uh... it turns out that the part of the indoor zinnia cut by seven percent, the US special wildlife service, will come by twenty-one percent percent of the environmental protection agencies in the complex eighteen percent who is the republic proposes his head if in the e_p_a_ regulation on coal ash, as well as mercury and other toxic air pollutants, lovely side, we run out money, all those toxic air pollutants know what's going to end them however we can, uh. .. regulate them more uh... they're going to block e_v_a_ from moving forward with the implementation of greenhouse gas emissions walls, of course, they're going to provide the p information for the next round of fuel economy standards for automobiles and trucks, continues the analyst. and now, lone democrats alike, really, gosh, I know they were on the new thing, yes, of course, that's willing to do it in the meantime, the bomber president, the president, did he ever cut, was he fighting back?
Yes, this was not the approval of all those cuts the way it is. a great example of the cuts and how they affect real people, the campus f_a_a_ dot on the table operates uh... the small moral airports across the country deserve all this they refused to fund them and look at them and set it up or close them but they will have enough money for those airports they detect now, of course, no, ami sapphire might or might not just read in case the details of one of those airports is worth it or not, uh... but of course they don't do that instead.
They say, well, you know we would, yes, but you have to give us something else in your plan, also assignments and uh... meanwhile, biblical images that we have no money on the weekend in those airports, so now all Those people are trapped everywhere. the country, however, it turns out that the government does some things, you know it had come flying but suddenly you can't respond to that flight that left Alabama if they had to leave, but it has become so ridiculous, okay, they closed the smaller airports eventually argue that day sorry we would love to be able to regulate your traffic but if that's too much joy for the government the planes are on their own good luck the government does some things and it's an important birthday but now let's go for the media are many of the fox microsites first of all the hill had a report uh... about apollo in the uh... the media c_c_h_ we are we consider the media to be biased uh... well, practical, partly correct uh... when uh... you look uh... where they think they are as they begin to lead Laurent towards the elections, a huge mistake in my opinion, forty-six percent believe that the Democrats media jellyfish, while twenty-two percent said that they believe Republicans are favored, twenty-eight percent say then the media is reasonably strict, but you know it's a big power, probably in a company that provides the same service for thirty years.
Ali had a liberal bias, a liberal bias, a liberal bias now, really, whatever the bias is towards him. power that caused the so-called liberal media to challenge the assassination of the Bush administration before they cited a disastrous war in Iraq without basis in any evidence or a peep, but people play games with the liberal media like that because that's what rushes Limaugh five to seven out of a billion times without any counterattack if the media is biased they are biased towards power and power is usually conservative uh... now, but they are right on one side and they have a feeling that there is something wrong with the media, right uh... the audit is immediate too friendly to politicians or are it appropriate coverage by a margin of two to one, they say it's too friendly, forty-four percent of engines say uh. .. the media is too friendly and only twenty-four percent believe the latter, so it's okay, right there, on that and they get a message saying there's something wrong but uh... but I think they're a little wrong in what they think is wrong uh... but we'll try to fix that, that's what we're trying to do on the boat. about the Fox Palace walking scandal involving Newscorp, I agree in Britain, right, and everyone knows about this and a lot of people have already gone to jail and Antigone, you know she could face trial etc. ., another Murdoch said if there was tracking everywhere or in corporations with you know the walkers of biology james murdoch of rupert murdoch's son says everything I signed on invoices for payments of hundreds of thousands of dollars that we know the people who We've been duke I didn't know what I was signing happy to know that was happening well live another question is if what happens in the United States will start sooner which will start a story about how Roger Ailes sees you in the security co-star of Corning, Cooper broke the buffer zone of the private newspaper that was old enough and that had people following it and They thought that he, he, was reading the emails and they could even tap their phones.
Iran Trails is doing that in its own newspapers, Union Fox News. Turns out there's a new story in the telegraph of uh... people using the word of In fact, there's a guy named Anne Cooper who helps out of the station in 1996. One of these that they set up was what they called the room of the brain where they directed counterintelligence and who they used to tell the eldest son what they perceived. channel enemies, that's really interesting,Cooper then says he believes his emails or he read them, he believes all the staff emails were reading his twenty five percent of the operation, uh... he said the spy network, but down south he read the emails. and everyone thought. quarter were being observed here is a very interesting quote from Cooper, he said that uh... the brain room was staffed by fifteen researchers and had a guard at the door, no work there would strike up a conversation and uh... people come in and out of this ruling artifice uh... weird and that's something called that uh... the black room and but then uh... lady, those actions, I guess, or read them in it, image not only Cooper , here is another former executive as a quote There is a paranoid atmosphere and they feel like they are being watched.
I have no doubt that they are spying on the emails to make sure no one leaks them to outside media. Now these guys emphasize that they are deadly spying on their own staff and that they are trying to keep an eye on their supposed enemies, whoever they may be, when asked if similar deals had been made. As they did in Britain, they answer yes or no, They think that those who thought that was stupid and that he would not have gotten involved in that and would not have led more before were not bloody as reporters. The nation that is Iniki seems much more credible to me, but they say: look, we told you what As far as we know, we tell you what one of them sent to the doors, they are your thoughts and they do not believe it will extend to journalists. do it, but apparently there is a brain room inside the fox headquarters where they do it to some extent, okay, so it shouldn't be investigated as part of this hacking scandal, summer accused that the nine eleven families of the victims could also have been hacked. to prove it that hasn't been proven yet but it should be investigated given all this information totally professional arts of course it should be investigated mark that's your fox news i think a reprieve when we come back by force a bit of the stories more interesting, why? unfortunate and devastating fax about income disparities we will talk about why and show you the change return Gantt chart somalia this day we have been joined by fears about the event sex stories but there are many that I enjoy and that I am learning for two lines one where I'll be an idiot, I think you should be a NASA story, well you know what you want okay, but first we have some serious stories, we were actually going to start with a very serious story, so uh . ... that health care and that's why it was passed like nine eleven first aid if you can remember, of course, Republicans and they want to pass those Democrats, why put the baby down, they really fight in the end, finally because the jobs, uh..
Jon Stewart? uh... shedding light on the issue nine eleven first responders did get medical coverage uh... for the health problems they had while clearing the rubble looking for survivors that kind of thing k I hope they also come forward to remember what I had a story because This shows you how and where the radicals were throwing bombs. What are the cursors? Because they call nine eleven nine eleven because they are sick cleaning my love, the notorious boyfriend with all your money. Tennis elbow will give you the money to give us access to the rich dan eldon iowa hostage to the first responders and I was in the big wins to bomb a god uh... to get in when he negotiated tax cuts for the rich and even that wouldn't happen, there was a bridge over the store standing out and even the biggest credit, our talks with Fox are actually a great job and then the third guy, plus the politician who bought more for once, Anthony Wiener, so no longer is with us and others, but what does much of our series and the author's perspective mean?
Otherwise this will leave a nap, so I passed, which is good. However, we are now finding out that these nine eleven first responders will not receive treatment if they develop cancer. Now this was the main reason this kind of legislation was passed in the first place or at least I thought now of course nine eleven first responders are clearing up the debris that they weren't given uh... protective masks so they can breed. and all of this is harmful to bring in all of these toxins and as a result some of them develop lung cancer, so the cancer cells in Bob's bone marrow are now coming out, what they're saying is look, we're not going to treat them with a racket cover.
I told them if they had cancer because there is no causal link, we still haven't found a causal link, you know I have the skills and I spent three hours because on the one hand I saved look hindiii I need evidence so what if they said about baldness? and that is, and I don't want to minimize the electrical responses, he says incredibly and in many cases in Spanish, with a really very serious illness, brown, I love it, but he, he, he can't understand why they would want to finance it. Over four billion dollars has already been next to these four point two billion, so it's not like they're going to spend less money, the money is already allocated at this point.
Having said that, when you read some of the cases that you like, okay, it's not really connected, yes, public interest, how much do I care about the scientific evidence in this case, zero, honestly, all these people risk their lives, these are agents police, these are firefighters. There are people who were there their whole lives to help the victims of Nine Eleven. Well, some of them died due to bell cancer. Some of them have other health problems. I don't care about scientific data in this case. Well, these are American heroes in my case. eyes and our federal government should take care of them, this is how I see it, okay, the cancer they are developing is extremely rare, these bone marrow cancers are still rare, what the doctors say, without a doubt, this is something that happens all time.
It's the time when a lot of these people who are nine eleven first responders develop this bone marrow cancer, so when I got there, there wasn't a big studio that showed the cars in a very clear and concise way, it didn't matter to their own audiences, worry so eloquently. separate so number one in the doctors says these guys have this panic answered this young man is very buncombe right seat use anecdotal evidence like that and what anna says is she doesn't care about the size of the evidence no in general, but within the time frame we have.
That's right, should we do a ten-year study and twenty years of financial aid in the wilderness? That's right, and this is my general point in saying that, according to my general conclusion, it is a book, even if we were a little wrong and paid for something. of the cancer treatment that we focus on, that shouldn't be paid for, what's the big heart in having these guys step up and get cancer? This decent evidence, you know, even if the only doctor who led the study is not convinced by this evidence. that they realized because of this and if we mess up and treat a couple of cancer patients by mistake saying there are some worthless things we spend our tax money on annually, okay this is the last thing I'm worried about even if there's no scientific data, etc., even if there's evidence that suggests that you know nine eleven first responders didn't get cancer because of the cleanup efforts, I still wouldn't care, I really wouldn't have made it. that makes me convey in this case in an offer for something other than yours, but I don't know, that's how I feel about it, I have absolutely no problem knowing that some of my taxes went to that right, remember the old government they don't care about the match you don't need the maps we just go and then they will be fine remember everything will be fine and I remember I have friends who live in the area and they told me you don't have to move cox is not with us and we already know which is causing a lot of diseases and as I said, I am with you in a picture so that we treat some diseases that have been caused by these heroes, which is the big heart. sorry capital gains sorry we actually do something good for someone uh...hope you can live with a republic it was great we fifteen years that is and I have always been found guilty of murdering four men and kidnap three others in connection with stragglers.
The drug cartels in Mexico have been sentenced. You need three years of medals that you've outgrown and now you're almost back, but if you're dying to do it, smile because, first of all, I love that statement that I'm not going out. that, but anyway there's the killer and the reporters asked him how he killed the four men and he said that he cut their throats and apparently started killing people at the age of eleven and before long we know that you could have been much more. Look, it's a tough situation because what do you do with these little kids? uh... you know, some of them, like him, started at eleven years old, the summer, even when he was less than twelve years old, they are a useful spy cell for the rest of the life of this was sixty-two still He's paying for the crimes they committed fifty years ago.
Look, that's a very important question. On the other hand, if you don't punish him for three years for cutting guys' throats, I guarantee you the drug cartels will be there. he finds more fifteen year olds to make those products, you know when he sang that he was a murderer from the age of eleven, so he admits that he gets killed more than just poor people. A brilliant idea let him out three years later. Axis uh. ... and these are the author's times since he was waiting, you know, for the trial in everything uh ... I am selling because the time he has already served will be released probably on the twenty-thirteenth of December and here is the twist of the story that in He was actually born in the United States, so he is an American citizen, which means that when he gets out of prison he could easily return to San Diego, where his mother lives and when... since the crimes he committed were when he was a minor . actually, for the most part, white voters would register anyway, so he would come here and live in an incorporated society and uh... and you would know anything about it and I would be, etc.
Now look at maybe his reform agenda, he's a young kid, that's all. For the other side of the quality, you know that you commit crimes in eleven or fifteen, are you the same person? forty-five thirty-five forty-five it's probably not Ryan, that's part of the reason for inflating them you know if they're minors that was the opacity in the other hand he killed four guys three years ne'matt adds to me uh... interested or are you with your correspondent yes, sincerely obnoxious athlete no, no, I have no idea to ask you what you think you put on Nakai, you agree with him, everything is fine.
That said, I went to the story, I just want to go see our correspondent, we have a bummer, he's in town, but he's fine, half of his head is not in the nickname and groups of him, what? what does that mean? I didn't know it in twenty years. to make me alluded to colin because they gave him his phone number in spanish annual c_m_a_ herrmann the voters are from larry but they could be everest they gave in question hey what does this mean life what is he going to tell you true uh... no one doesn't know and it's as if That was a question, but he's a geologist, Rick Urso, every guy from St.
Louis or every year will pass by there. Mobley gave which of the elements of the rocks that the united auto workers hit, I think the caller, but instead the art was It wasn't when the Chinese parents joined my knees, the couple has been selling things to their three children to pay for their video game addiction uh... they sold their daughter and Michelly for five hundred dollars the Chinese season uh... and then, when you realize that the plan worked and they moved on, they sold their first child, uh... for forty-six hundred dollars. You know children are much more expensive in China and then they sold their second child for the same amount of money as Se just working with a plan uh...
I don't think they were playing, they're just playing a video game in a video cafe, but It was a good video game if you make a convincing argument and let the Australian give it credit. There were five hundred other little ones, you know we were very low, we actually had more and this, so let's go back and our first son asked for more money and they were afraid and then another boy sold it and in total they made more. ten thousand dollars, you know well, not all ten thousand dollars, then no map would be involved in this huh... it's so unusual to criticize them, precious girl yes, think about it finally, I don't think your daughter was sold for five hundred more of five hundred dollars, but I'm out, if you're headed by a child, you're going to buy a child, although it's a market rate, it's different for girls who have abortions, apparently it's okay to state the case about this horrible story, uh. .. you know what you say, you know when people are in this madness, the Illinois sanitation, Anna and Ido seem to call for reinstatement, but not least, Leah's story there, so I hope they can stop and give their children always irene.
I have never seen better evidencethat it's an addiction uh... but I think the answer uh... with a solution to this problem is simple he uses video games everything he said no, I still don't know ransom for drugs, I was a great exactly in his war on video games, all participating in ah... we're just kind of Warren Maryam, I'm sure you know twenty thirty years and I know, but he'll play, let's hire private contractors to enforce the right of stretch analysts who love our prisons with video game addicts baptist in Plainview yeah and then everyone wins birthdays uh... don't sell your kids for anything let alone billions uh... uh... look at part of me like I don't get it very good, so I don't know what to say because I can't understand that a father would be like that.
My son. My daughter. Lying about it seems so inhumane to me. I can't understand it, I think a very quick break, let's do it and come back, we have a political thriller for you, thriller.

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