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Tyra Banks Talks ModelLand, Being Rejected Early On, Kobe Bryant, Naomi Campbell + More

Feb 27, 2020
tomorrow everyone is leaving envy Angela yes everyone I mean the guy we are The Breakfast Club we have a special guest in the building quite the legend Tyra Banks broke up good morning im so excited this is the first time i've been here. i know it's crazy i've been watching you ok he's not in the room we appreciate you you hate to talk about modeling i'm here to talk about modeling a job you have your own theme park it's not a theme park he's 21 thousand square feet and it's inside so that's a lot of square feet but it's not like we're outside with roller coasters at Six Flags exactly so what's model and model and it's a place you can come and experience the latest modeling fantasy for everyone, but in person?
tyra banks talks modelland being rejected early on kobe bryant naomi campbell more
Can you imagine yourself living and walking through this wonderful attraction and experience where you get professionally lit photo shoots? In fact, yes, professional lighting and tips and tricks from me. there is a wig shop called snatched yes where you can buy the craziest and funniest wigs to enhance your yes but you can like different wigs and the wig shop is called snatched if there are some girls in the room they would laugh about it because thats like if it was anyone's worth he didn't have that hairline about three months ago oh well it's plugs it looks real and if it's not it fits real it doesn't look like plugs ok yeah whatever that makes you feel good, yeah, yeah, I do, but yeah, just so you know, I compare Model Land to America's Next Top Model, so with America's Next Top Model it was a TV show that people could watch, you know, watching tv, watching it on his phone, but he couldn't live it well and in model and you're entering this world where you're taking the most amazing photos throughout this story as if you were a student in model and academy and you need to like your exams while shopping and t and have fun - what is the b The main purpose of modeling is how it will help someone, like fashion or beauty or even their self-esteem, yes, so first of all, I talk about this self-esteem. that as my purpose when i created this.
tyra banks talks modelland being rejected early on kobe bryant naomi campbell more

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tyra banks talks modelland being rejected early on kobe bryant naomi campbell more...

I've been working on it for 12 years. Yes, it's doing what I call the vitamin Flintstone effect, where you eat the vitamin and chew it and it tastes sweet, but it's all so good. there's stuff in there for you so there's all these messages about fighting beauty like when you come to model and it represents this place that tells us we're not good enough if you know you need to be skinny you need to be this you must Being that, however, there is a revolution, an uprising, I almost caught like a net. that but with that


said how do you feel about a lot of these internet models and a lot of internet people people in general get fake butts boob jobs liposuction a lot of people are dying from these surgeries because they are trying to be, between quotes, perfect, yes, what is perfect?
tyra banks talks modelland being rejected early on kobe bryant naomi campbell more
You know, the crazy thing is that there are these trends that go in and out of fashion. then they weren't boobs in the '70s and they were big, kind of big boobs in the '80s, huge boobs in the '90s, so it just goes on and on and there's a lot of pressure to look a certain way, even when I was a model. It used to be like the day before it was normal to tell the truth it would be like this wheel in my head and then show me without makeup 20 years ago it's important for people who are putting a picture to tell the truth and show that and that's what I like and I live that they didn't used to tell you that you were too tall too thick too thick and too black to black and it's so strange to me because I would feel that someone like you have read would have reinvigorated everything just late yes because you have so much success you would think they would go for


towers, but I don't know if it was interesting.
tyra banks talks modelland being rejected early on kobe bryant naomi campbell more
I did a really good job of breaking into the


commercial side of modeling like Victoria's Secret and Sports Illustrated and there really haven't been black girls like that really been like a big household name, you know, and I've tried to mentor a couple girls and stuff, but it's not just about


a mentor, it's about the industry helping make that happen too, so there's still time, it's supermodel day, there were people I don't know, today there's supermodels like Ashley Graham, which is what we call curvy, thicker, luscious, gorgeous, and then there's Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid and you know, there are girls out there today who are doing it, but Jourdan Dunn, right, she did exactly that, but right before them, there was nothing like nobody really showed up, maybe some, but not really, so there's a revival, but what I like about the revival. it's that it's so much more diverse and that you're looking at girls who are, I mean Ashley, which probably couldn't have happened that she was a thicker model being a supermodel ten years ago, but now she's killing it for you.
Did you transition from modeling? business effortless or has always been business was always good i was always very strategic like there were models i would see when i was like a model in paris and i was like oh god she is so beautiful she looked so much better than me she is he's going to do his thing and outdo me but I realized it was really about strategy and I feel like a lot of very successful people including the people in this room we have talent however there is a business and we understand how differentiate ourselves and be different to stand out and that is a lot of strategy and a lot of business, so it was always there. did you have an end game?
Back then my mom used to tell me to get out before they let me Wow yeah she was look at that model she was cool and sexy where is she now today? That was literally a year ago and that will happen to you one day, yes it's nice, everyone wants tires on their fashion show, but it won't be forever. after fashion, what's the game after? So I was always like ten steps ahead, almost scared, a little bit like I had to make sure I had a plan. of the future that you have to control as a plan that you know is to maintain their sustainability plan can i still call you and i want you to do fashion shows and you turn them down about it?
I literally just came out of retirement yeah last year I came out of retirement actually from the model and because Here I am saying that I am creating this place where everyone can come, families, kids of all ages, moms, grandparents, they can come to model and live out her own fantasy, but here she was. I retired from modeling because I was getting old. I needed to go, so I was like I'm going to come out of retirement and go out big, like I was a boxer, I would go out and, you know, I'd come and fight like the greatest, so there was out there and I decided to go back to doing Sports Illustrated. , so I was on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition last year.
You act like you don't see that in me. You act like we don't have a full report. It was the first time that the sport fully showed a broken website for the first time. I can see why it's different, like black beauty standards are different than white beauty standards. I think because the aging process is different. this morning and i was going ady she's like you know tricks with my cousin make up and jeans you talk about getting old like what is what i guess we don't have for a lot of people of color it's not that much getting old cause you look so much older in the industry fashion is alright it's time we've had enough and it's time to move on everyone seems like everyone wants to be a model now what do you tell these young girls they want to be or what should they try to do? do it because modeling is not for everyone yeah ok a lot of people in my generation don't like the internet and social media how it gives everyone access i love it this is what i've been fighting for so long .
I remember doing interviews like 15 years ago in rooms like this and telling myself when we get to a place where everyone has access to see some version or vision of themselves when diversity starts to become normal I want it to be boring I don't want it to be Ashley Graham like this curvy model i want her to be i know oh yeah ashley graham she's a model yeah like whatever she should be normal and i feel like because of social media and that access to everyone who has some version of being a model in It's actually helping on the downside with social media, you know, with a lot of the stern and extreme kind of staring a lot of people don't understand that it's surgery a lot of people don't understand that it's a touch up and a lot and it can make you feel bad you know even people on vacation how many times have you not felt good and then you see friends and people on vacation and they show up and do this and just for a hot second it makes you feel like just for a second you know so imagine being like a Vulcan oh that's 16 in high school and she's seeing that kind of stuff so what I'm telling them is to unfollow those people that make them feel like that like scrolling through their Instagram, scrolling through media platforms social in which they are.
Go ahead and pay attention to what the stomach is doing, the heart is doing and if it works, if it works like that, just unfollow and not even forever, maybe you can come back to that person later, but just don't follow and keep putting people on your feed who cheer you up I mean jealousy and envy our interesting thing right? Because you don't know that you are envious or something like that. Oh my gosh, and why do I want that? Yes, and some jealousy and envy could be good and positive. because it pushes us to do our best like oh I see what they're doing I wish I could have that I'm going to work really hard that's the silver lining and then there's an ugly side that just makes you feel bad and that's not Well, what do you say to the parents?
Because you know a lot of parents, first of all they all think that you are the right role model for their kids and then when you walk to the mall there is always someone with him headshot in the mall saying I can do. you're a role model so if a parent is out there first of all People are creepy sometimes oh I mean I mean even though that's scary I always tell parents and girls you know not to trust everyone who comes up to you and says: here's my number, I can get your son to come see me, that's scary, I remember. when I had my talk show, the Tyra show, I used to do this, almost like catching a predator, stuff like that, yeah, except it was a setup where we had a fake photographer, a fake makeup artist, a fake casting call like in Craigslist or something it claimed to be. a model and girls would appear and in 30 seconds they had taken off their clothes because the photographer told them that I work for Vogue and I do this and I do that and then he would come out and say I don't want you to do this is what you are doing and they say well I have heard you say that i shouldn't do this i've heard you say that on tv before i'm like what she's still doing you know you're still doing it because there's something about connecting with people who want to feel validated and want something Someone else to tell them they are beautiful and that's something inherently natural within us and I'm constantly trying to train people to say look in the mirror and I'll give you tips and tricks to find it. in yourself or you don't need that validation from someone else and again but with a flintstone vitamin and that's why i created the model and it's her place where you'll feel validated your beauty will be celebrated we're going to get wigs i'm going to take sessions photos there is a live posing class in model and there is this whole story actually the story of model land is through the eyes of a girl named Chucky de la créme who is a black girl from Inglewood California by which is almost like Madeline's Harry Potter, you know, she's leading this revolution of people to say, come on, you don't have to look a certain way to be beautiful, it means so many things and we've been brainwashed into thinking we have to look a certain way. and i'm trying to b rain wash another way i know not many women would look at you and say well that's easy for you to say


because you're beautiful that's how when a person who has money tells you that you don't have money and all well i hate it when people with money say that money isn't everything.
I am not saying that duty is not everything. I say that it is important to look in the mirror and feel beautiful. I am going to give you the tips and tricks to do it. that because I don't like it when a person who is a model or an actress says oh my gosh it's just about the inside and yes it's about the inside however all this research shows that if you like this and you wear it colorize a photo on LinkedIn more people will ask you to go to a job interview and it's not necessarily about beauty all the time but there are certain things you can do to cheer yourself up and there's nothing wrong with it and you don't have to apologize for it , but when it gets too far, when it gets to this place of sadness and depression, that's when we have a problem.
In fact, I have been trained by crisis counselors and how to deal. With that I have trained with crisis counselors many years ago I had a t-zone camp for young girls to enrich their self-esteem and not go to the mountains Sharleen I would go to the mountains for seven days and I did not shower because I did not want to be in the shower of thecamp it's disgusting so i took a shower in the sink if you know what i mean but i was trained in crisis counseling and how to deal with young girls and self esteem issues so i took all that training and model it and understand the triggers and things that happen when people don't feel good about themselves and how to change that but then again vitamin flintstone i don't need this negative reinforcement carmex oh my god you just gave them a commercial that he's putting g like on his tongue your mouth was like your finger entered you must your tongue must be on fire right now now i know what my lips are looking at what are you the first thing you said to me no one told you the first thing i did I'd tell you it's a Sixer jury.
I would tell you why what makes you feel that way, yes, because many times it is not necessarily what we are seeing about ourselves but about someone else and a lot of the pain that we have been through is based on someone, a loved one, a father, a brother, a teacher, someone who tells us that we are not good enough, we all have those people in your life that, whether you want to say it or not, told you that you will never make it. blah blah blah ever happens to a lot of people, but I know that comes from when I was eight years old and the woman who used to touch me when I was eight years old when she made me stop doing it told me that I was ugly and had the big nose oh wow yeah yeah because she was wanting you t Make her feel disgusting with yourself that you would absolutely continue to serve the crap she was doing to you absolutely yes do you understand yes oh you see you got a therapy so many people he doesn't go to therapy so you would start with asking them who made you feel like you didn't feel good enough, what is that in your life and then you go from there and take it step by step.
I also do this with young women in large groups where I told you to close your eyes and you imagine yourself naked in a mirror and you find the one thing you hate about yourself that you just wish would go away and that you hate and then we all open our eyes and everyone everyone they cry in the room when we walk around and share and talk about it and then we love and support each other while we talk about it then i ask them to close their eyes again if you do we haven't closed our naked eyes in the mirror again go round and round and find one thing you think is beautiful physically beautiful beautiful and we open our eyes and there's like a light that lifts some people say my lashes some people say my brows are on point like i just got them done and they're they look so good some people say my booty is thick i don't like my waist but i love my butt and it just turns and then what i tell people is when you go s from here I want you to do this and every week I want you to be naked but for real this time and find something else that can be as small as your toenails just something to make you proud and then go get those nails done every week or every month or whatever you can afford and dress that up so it's something you start off slowly you can't just look beautiful you know what that helps you?
If anything, oh my gosh, I have cellulite. I'm always happy since I was super skinny. My thighs are not in what is that called. a lot of things just that i'm a master at knowing how to c review it and how to dress and how to pose so you don't see it as much and that's what i'll teach you as a model and what i teach him and top model and everywhere there's that model on I do sometimes want to see you until... yeah, and then we have something called the Model and Discovery Society where, for people who are literally buying tickets right now, when they're there every day, there will be models looking for four different types. of people to be Scouts there yes no but not necessarily to sign an actual modeling contract that could happen sometimes but I also want to give everyone a chance so this first promo that we are doing is what We are looking for. a dad we are looking for a mom we are looking for a teenager between the ages of 16 and 18 and we are looking for what we call getting old nothing more than a number so like any age it doesn't matter 30s 20s whatever to star in a cosmetics campaign someone who has never modeled before so she can ima Imagine you take your daughter modeling and someone walks up to you and says ding-ding-ding your dad did it uh what's your name, well you just got discovered by the model in the Discovery Society and stuff is important for you. me to give everyone these kinds of opportunities to shine the question has often been dismissed in his younger years shaped his career and work ethic that's a good question um yes me um I like to say my pain led to a passion and pain started with you know they told me you know I go into a modeling agency at 15 and they say oh I'm so sorry we already have a black girl and then you look at the wall and there are 200 models and there's like a speck of brunette on that wall and being told that many times and then becoming a model and hearing that even more so even as a supermodel you can't be on the cover of this magazine because they don't want a black girl like me but my cover sold more than no one in this magazine last month more than this other girl, so why can't I and in the past, fashion and decisions weren't just financial decisions that killed me. today it's a bit more about money back then it was like my company image and this and then it didn't matter so that was parallel but company image doesn't translate money i guess it does but i don't .
It was weird, I didn't understand why I was selling more than my agency had, but I couldn't book the next cover and I couldn't do this, and the girls selling maybe 60% of what I was selling. getting the covers so it was kind of weird then they told me you know your booty is getting too big you can't do these fashion shows so constant pain pain pain but then the pain led to the passion passion to like you know what i have to do something about this what can i do and not just help myself but help other people like what can i do and so i started my t-zone camps for girls and then i started America's Next Top Model and a lot of people think i started Top Model just to say 'oh this is fashion and i'll show you how to smile and walk down a runway and be fierce that's the Flintstone' vitamin that's the sweet part but the vitamin and medicine in their interior they were really expanding the beauty, so what I would do and my partner Ken Mach, who is Chinese-American and also has a passion for diversity, we would also look at the landscape of women everywhere. and say who is disenfranchised, who doesn't feel beautiful, so the first season of Top Model almost twenty years ago, had what we call at the time a plus size model, people looked at me like I was crazy, she would go to different photo shoots for top model. and we couldn't even find clothes for her because the designer didn't have clothes for her and she's crying and dealing with all this pain and more seasons and seasons of these girls dealing with pain because the industry wasn't ready for them.
But that was still the passion that I wanted to do to open the doors to the chocolate-skinned black girl with the short hair, now we have our beautiful Miss Universe. Today, 20 years ago, you know that wasn't necessarily what mainstream America was saying. beautiful so i made sure time and time again i had my beautiful chocolate sisters on america's next top model and i would strategically tell her you're beautiful your picture gave me the creeps look at you congratulations you're still in the running to become america's next top model and i wasn't talking to her i was talking to the millions of girls that look like her so it's super strategic so with model and it's the next phase it's the next phase of saying no it's a competition you don't have to do. la Tyra pick me pick me you can get a ticket and come and feel so beautiful you might get discovered you might not but who cares you'll go home with these amazing pics and if you want you can get a membership and Come back again and again and again and save some money with the membership too, but come back again and again to fill that one need we all have to fill. that was a black model thing, yeah, little thing, yeah, it was very difficult, you know, it's really difficult, it was difficult for her, you know, and when she was young it was very painful and she didn't understand what was happening and why. she was being like this to me but my adult self sees that she was a victim and she was a victim of people saying you better watch out Tyra is on the scene she won't take every job and I don't know what is going. she maybe she was reserving things and she wasn't reserving them.
I don't know, she had a strong reaction, but the adult in me like more sins loves her because she was a victim of tokenism and she only says that there can only be one. have you ever talked since then or um yeah i had on my talk show many years and i talked about pain again there was a bit of an audience just the two of us on stage and i was still a bit like a little girl and didn't understand so much this system this was over ten years ago and i say kinda girl i mean in my head i was a mentally grown woman and i was like why did you do this to me?
Oh and I still didn't get it and I don't know like two years ago I was like you know what she was a victim and just trying to keep her job and she had a strong reaction and crazy reactions and but you know she was just trying to do the best he could. I remember you told Vanity Fair that she scared you. a lot of yes there were a lot of things that I wasn't very comfortable with why what kept Tyra Banks grounded in her blackness because a lot of people getting your position that way is something I would like but to work with a model and black girl from Arkansas or something and I would know you but I didn't know where she was like from and I met her and she's like Hi Tyra nice to meet you no and I'm like where are you from Arkansas and I'm like but why are you talking like that? oh you know i travel the world it's how i understand what that is um i don't know i think it's my mom um my mom is everything to me um i'm going home there's no way to model pictures of me on the walls she still tells me to pick up your ass and they clean that bed and you know i feel so connected to home i'm from inglewood california lately i'm really trying to spend my money in inglewood california that's really new to me to be honest how to come home i don't mean literally how to go eating is fine, like really spending money, but for businesses, yeah, it's a passion of mine right now, just to continue to go to my community and be told I'm from Inglewood.
I think it's very important. I say I'm from LA from LA I'm from LA because I went to high school in LA and stuff, but I'm from Inglewood and I think that's very important for them to remember that and know that and our Harry Potter is fine and my manicure is here I got something cheap for you. You know Aveeno is good. Now yes, have you ever turned down something because you didn't like the designer or the outfit they made you wear as a model? No, a job is to put dirty ugly clothes on them and make them look amazing and on America's Next Top Model, I would tell people no, it's not about you liking it, it's about making someone else like it because someone is going to like it, so no, as a model, I would never turn it down. seen the model with the big lips you know yeah i haven't seen it recently i had it like the model wears it is different yeah no i didn't model cigarettes i didn't model fur i was actually saying that it was racist it was actually like masks like that last year great i did it i haven't seen that live action yet oh yeah i got it.
I just don't have nudity, fur, cigarettes, not even alcohol. I really didn't. not constantly but in terms of ugly clothes I just wear them you think shows like America's Next Top Model Emily bought her back a couple of years ago with the Rita Ora t go show still healthy to help people mentally, i think reality tv on tape is really hard i mean you're removed from phones and tv and you know and the reason you do that is because if they have that there's no show you really want the people interact and talk or else can you imagine? a show where you're like the people on their phone and you like not only what just doesn't make sense but there's a lot of pressure so many people want to be on it so many people want to be on America's Next time I don't want to do this I'm going to do this or they see it on TV and they're like, oh, this is so easy, I could do this and then they get there and realize that this is hard, this is hard and all we did on America's Next Top Model is that we had and this is low behind- In the scenes, two psychiatrists clarified that every model that appeared went through multitudes and multitudes of psychiatric checks before they appeared on the show because there is a lot of pressure and even after all those psychological checks, some Girls still couldn't take it and it was like I'm gone and there have been girls where like off camera it's up to camera I'll go and talk to them I'll tell them it's okay it's just a competition ofmodels if you want to go that's fine sometimes it would be like I think you should stay I think she's having a hard day and we'd try to gauge that with the psychiatrists off camera to see if it's a mental thing that they should go or is it like they were used to being


all the time. time and i don't know how i like to get up again that's big about his old self to be on america's next top model you had to talk to a psychiatrist to buy a gun and that psychiatrist had to agree so if you don't I agreed, the girl did not come to the program, what did the psychiatrist say? to the young lady you yelled at and told her i don't really remember but tiffany oh my gosh that girl is my heart oh yeah yeah that emotional thing she had was like i was so invested in it, he actually thought she was going to win one of the things I used to see in the fashion industry is the fashion industry would take girls out of the trailer park, dust them off, and turn them into a supermodel, but they wouldn't do that from the hood like you.
You didn't see the girl with the knocker earrings, you know, with the ones in the front and, you know, like some purple and green streaks in her hair, and you know, she


the way I talk and I'm in England, you didn't see her. getting discovered and then they like to remake her and make her a star and that was part of my thing, one of the many things that I was really passionate about for Topmodel, so when I saw my urban girls from the neighborhood and saw her quit, I just led somewhere but after that me and scituate edited a bunch of stuff to protect his personal life and stuff but after that i realized let me back up a bit you know you can let the horse drink water but you can't make them drink and maybe it wasn't for her.
You know, so I had to respect that and I've seen interviews where she talked about that crazy moment and I really respect how she


about it to this day. I think she's very wholesome about it. what the hell was I doing but yeah I gave up and maybe I shouldn't have but she overreacted but I know she gave up too soon so I think that was a very fair assessment talking about giving up too soon. TV during the day too so oh gosh I mean I was so stressed oh my gosh it's so hard It's very stressful because I was producing it and I was starring in it and I was a real producer so it's really not just my name do that and then I was doing two major models a year and working on other projects.
There were certain days. when I was doing the Tyra show where I was in bed and I felt like, oh my gosh, I had to get up and go and then there were moments where I would get ready with my crew and I was in my dressing room and I was doing all the work and I was walking down the aisle towards the stage and I heard the crowd and I felt like there was a meat hook in my back pulling me towards my dressing room and saying you can't do this anymore so it was a lot a lot of stress but what would it do to me moving forward every day is if there's a girl or a guy sitting on that couch with me and having a moment like oh my gosh I'm transgender and that's okay.
I'm gay and that's okay. I'm thinking okay I am this and okay it kept me going but I don't know if I would have continued to be able to continue because to hold that I saw the line of questions hit Beyonce look at that and say I'm crazy but I would do it again if I ever interviewed Beyonce we would we rhyme with Knowles she was running it was how she used her name and it rhymed with her name like say on say when was the last time you know you believed in the hidden promised which one it's the day jay-z asked you to marry him you know he was cool with her like my producers i do yeah but cool producers because we're talking about it 10 years later would you do it again?
I mean it seemed so much like she said no like you have a lot to say I have a lot to say no I could do a podcast or something but it has to have a podcast booth and a model lot that we're going to build as TRL where it's in a window, you can see it happen but, um, talk, I just don't know how you do it. making modern milestones fit for everyone and not just people interested in modeling so many p People are interested in modeling because it's not just about being a model it's so much deeper it's about self esteem it's about looking yourself in the mirror and wanting to express how beautiful you are and it's all about having fun I mean don't you want to come over and try on some wigs and buy some wigs and be fierce and work and go to our posing education class and you know you have the best light ever as the best light technologist in the world that I'm working with and then we have something called the fantasy n-- which is like a master package where you really come to the art we call it our great room and you get ready the hair and you do your makeup and you like crazy couture fashion Met Ball beautiful and you get a photo shoot so it's almost like the fanciest spa in Vegas except you don't come away relaxing empty handed after a massage, you walk away with the most amazing pictures of yourself, yes i'm a girl dad so i usually end up there exactly what you've been with a family for.
I love you my boo or omg you know I am a working mom and as a very focused and highly motivated working mom that she is doing something that I felt was bigger than me. I make sure I take my son to school every day Wow so we go to school every day I drop him I drop him in his classroom every day it's for you and he knows model and he comes he knows model and there's a thing we taught about neckless monsters in model land and how how to show your neck in different ways and he did the interactive but now he thinks neckless monsters are a real thing he's like mommy i want to go see neckless monsters and model and me I'm like baby no it's figurative it's not literally you know what you know?
What is mommy doing? He kind of, so he came to this life-size set. I did a movie called Life Size on Lindsay Lohan many years ago and then we did a remix. Remix. We made a sequel thanks a sequel and then I would come on set there was one day we were filming a remix music video of the life size theme song the life size theme song is called um shine bright shine bright shine away don't be so it's called being a star but then the lyrics say shine bright so he was on the set of that so now whenever mommy's doing something with lights and camera he'd come here and say oh mommy you're doing a job shiny, he calls it shiny shiny, you know eventually you won't have to talk to you. he's the one talking about eventually someone will come up to him son and say hey your mom's a MILF but around ten to nine you're going to drop your son off at school some kid has to tell you yes and he'll be like I don't know what you're talking about I want to throw up I never doubted an idea you pitched America's Next Top Model I really did have this idea and my agent at the time told me that models are bland and unsympathetic characters and that no one wants to see that that was the exact quote and this was my third d column and this was my third television idea because I was going to go to college to produce film and television this was my third idea that I had to produce a show and i was tired of him telling you that so i was complaining to my friend kenya you know kenia in blackish so we have been friends since we were six.
I was complaining to Kenya about it and Kenya was enough because your ideas are good. He took my idea to his agent. Totally different agency and I fixed everything and found a partner apart from my agent and sold top model cut two now today we are in one hundred and eighty countries Wow from a person who told me that it is a tasteless thing and no and that they are unfriendly and nobody wants to see that you see that person now not, but he received commissions for a couple of years from Top Model. He earned money on top modeling for the first three years.
Wow, what was your relationship with Kobe Bryant? We know you did, yeah yeah Justin talks, right? oh yeah, you know he wouldn't date like in the last, I don't know, 10 years. I used to do Winfrey's open show it's like a correspondent like Dr. I kind of feel like that but for teenage girls or young women I should say and I used to do a special once a month and I did this whole thing about brothers and having famous siblings and how the fate of non-famous siblings feels and the Kobe sisters and my brother came and they all talked so open and honest and Kobe was on that show and then of course I remember doing the song with him and then doing the music video with him and I remember he met his wife in the music video I remember her in the music video and I saw a little spark between them on the set of the music video so all those moments there were more moments that I remembered I remember when he first came to LA there's a mutual friend of ours and I can't remember who called me and said there's a little boy and he's a sweet sweet boy and I know you don't go to parties you don't do anything you can just come to se t or your house or something and you just sit and talk to him because he's about to be huge he just got drafted and he's about to be huge on this guy and Kobe Bryant comes over to my house and he said to my couch and i just taught him about los angeles what to look for and here's my number if you ever need anything so for me whenever i saw him i always saw that 17 year old in him and in my eyes and i know you have a The guy who wondered when you did the song with Kobe was at that point where you were trying to figure out what the next thing was a little bit before that I think, or maybe in the process, but maybe a little bit before, so


and i were at the teen choice awards and he was sitting behind me and i was in front of him and we were talking and he was winning and he won sports star of the year and i won first supermodel of the year or something like that and then I was like what are you going to do this summer and I was like I don't know anything modeling and he was like what are you doing?
He's like he's recording an album. I'm like you. Are you serious? he laughed and I was like, I'll do it for free, he's free and then a couple of days later I'm literally in the studio with him singing that song. me one chance i promise to love you and be with you forever more they told me more baby more baby talk because first i was like ok i will be no they said no i will never forget it but actually i think the song is good but i should have had another shouldn't have me what we're gonna play now oh please yeah we're gonna play it right now let's play it I think it's love but if they don't I don't remember the record I just remember Colby's verse on the record and I said nah I mean Could you guys Shaq Shaq was a really good rapper as a basketball player? people like Damian Lillard even back then yeah like me and al we thought those guys were good


was like that i think its the right thing to join us thank you more information on modeling oh yeah you can go to model - landcom and you can check it you can get your tickets and I can't wait and I've actually been calling people who have been buying tickets.
I've been FaceTiming so I might FaceTime you that's cool ok here's Kobe Bryant retired breaks are called kobe k lb k lb it's the Breakfast Club good morning

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