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Two Painting Techniques Explained

Jan 07, 2022
welcome to the pop pod workshop many of you have been asking me to make a video on how i paint the project and more recently the little christmas decorations so today i thought i would show you how to make the christmas decorations and another project i am working on and this one goes to be made of cedar, so let's get started before we start today's video. I have a big favor. Recently, YouTube changed its algorithms. What does that mean? That means my videos aren't being recommended as often as before. How do we change? I need your help in the most urgent way to be able to like this video.
two painting techniques explained
Share it with as many people as you can and subscribe by making these three simple changes. those algorithms to be able to give the recommendation back to everyone in the woodworking community and the cnc world, so if you like the videos I'm producing, you like my teaching methods, please subscribe, like and share now, let's get back to today. video to start this project this is just a small piece of cedar now this is cedar fin batten so you know it's a very rough material and what I did was take it to the planer and go through it a few times and I already I don't have most of the actual raw material and for my purpose on this little project this is going to work well now before I carve I like to be able to seal the wood because when you carve on this it's going to get all kinds of little frays and little chips that show up when sealing this wood first it really helps reduce it won't remove it but it will help reduce it and what I'm going to seal is the clear shellac and I'm going to use this for several different coats because it dries very very fast and i want it to be able to get into this wood as much as it can the nice thing about it is it cleans up some denatured alcohol and it cleans that brush right now i'm using a much smaller brush than i don't normally probably I would do it for two reasons, one, I don't want to have to clean a big big brush, and two, this is a very small project now when you put it in it doesn't really matter as far as being clean as much as you want. to be able to do it is to get really good coverage and as I said this dries very very fast now don't laugh I know some of you are going to comment on me using this little brush because it takes so much longer but for the amount of denatured alcohol to clean it up and the fact that I'm going to use this for a number of different coats it actually works pretty well and frankly it still doesn't take a lot of time so that's the first coat I'm going to go ahead and put that on here on my little stand I'm going to take some denatured alcohol rinse the brush now I'm going to let this soak in here because once it dries I'm going to go back and put a second coat on it now let's turn our attention to the second project.
two painting techniques explained

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two painting techniques explained...

Not being able to go ahead and laser engrave the Christmas ornament so I can paint it now. This is one of the blanks that I had used before that was not laser engraved, so this is what I am going to use today. since we're just doing what i need to mark the center of this and to be able to do that the easiest way is to be able to use this little center marker i made and guys it works great all i need to do is just slide that put a line rotate put a line and that gives me the exact center I went ahead and opened up the light recording software and I'm going to come over here and go to recent projects and I'm going to pull this one out here so this is the layout it will be a Christmas wreath let me mention it so you can see that's what I'm going to carve and paint and just as a reminder if you didn't watch the previous video this is a 4 inch circle which is black and that means no it's going to come out I've dialed it in and then I have the blue and this is all that's going to be recorded and that's all I want now that it's going to be recorded at 70 inches per minute with my power 100 and this will be the center point here for the project now I have already marked in the um in white my point c intral, so all I have to do is align the laser with this very point.
two painting techniques explained
Now you won't be able to see the x very clearly, but now it's centered. now i can go ahead and engrave this now i'm back on the workbench and i've already put a second coat on and it's actually starting to look really good and it's kind of sticky but i can still touch it and it feels almost dry to the touch so I'm going to put this aside and we're going to go ahead and continue with the


of the Christmas ornament now so I can paint this it's actually easier than you think but what I have is a great selection of markers that I use and they work great so all you need to do is get some goo d pick the different colors and you're ready to paint now what I'm going to do is start with the red and I have a fine point and this allows me to get in really into some of these little details because I don't want to cover up the engraved part and it's that easy all we're doing is staining the wood now I can also go ahead and take care of all the little berries and this is a perfect marker for that now as for the larger areas i can switch and use the other pen and be able to do the same thing you'll just be able to paint that on there and the nice thing about it is when you're done it's done you don't have to worry about a thing more now every once in a while it will bleed a bit but that's pretty rare the laser stops probably 99 of that now can you use the big marker for the berries sure you can? you have to be a little more careful but it works well and the cool thing about it is With the different colors I can change the colors of the stars and make a variety of different colors so I'm using yellow right now I'm using the orange and it's creating beautiful stars so there you have it after about 15 minutes. the decoration is finished and ready to hang on the tree, not bad, the good thing is that I don't have to worry about it drying out and with these markers I can do a lot of very fine details that I will try to get as close to the camera as possible so that can see all the details again.
two painting techniques explained
I love working with the laser and I love working with these markers. The next thing I want to do is bring this back in and now it's really dry. I can go ahead and put this on the cnc machine and carve out the next project so we can paint this. The project I'm going to carve today is this vintage truck with the Christmas tree and it says Merry Christmas now that I didn't design it. this was a project i had been able to get from the inventables forum and this is probably a year or so i've had this and never carved it so today i want to take the opportunity to be able to carve this and i just wish i remembered who actually designed it this and i shared it on the inventables forum so if you are still out there and see this video please leave me a comment so i can give you credit for this wonderful design i went ahead and secured the wood to the cnc board i am going to use the bottom left corner today as the x y zero start position.
I'm using my stoppers so I can hold it in place, but on these they were actually used as a clamp because when I designed them I actually put a little groove in here. that makes it perfect for being able to clamp material down so these stops are really multifunctional and I really like having them so I can hold this down and it won't move at all okay I'm going to go ahead and bring the jog down I'm going to change this to one inch y I'm going to go ahead and move this down so I can get it very close to my x y zero position and that should be it.
I'm going to lower this in slightly smaller increments and yes, I'm going to have to move it. just a little bit to the right go down and my x y zero position is now set because it has a cup and it's further down the center. I'm actually going to go ahead and do my z-probe in this area instead of the edge confirm my thickness I'm really not too concerned about this it's not three quarters of an inch but we're not carving all the way so which really isn't a big factor we're using the 60 degree v bit and I'm going to plumb so what I'm going to do is set this again for one inch and I'm going to move three inches up and then I'm going to move a couple inches and let me pull this up now and I'm going to go ahead and do the z-probe ok I've completed the z-probe and I'm ready to carve so I moved the spindle back to the x position and zero tion and I've hit carbs now I also wanted to zoom in and show you guys that I decided to speed this up because 50 inches per minute was too slow so what I'm doing now is ramping the speed up to 100 inches per minute and that will make this go a little faster so I want to get closer p To show you where I've been able to increase speed and this is a really cool tool to have as an easel, okay, the project is now wrapping up. it's carved and it's turning out very nice keep in mind it's designed to be a rustic design with the rustic paint project right off the cnc machine now i have to tell you probably cedar especially a fence is probably one of the worst possible woods to use to try to carve and i wanted to have something that was pretty hard to see how good or bad we could make it look so here it is right off the cnc machine so i'm going to go ahead now and set it up so we can paint some i'm just using the acrylic paints you can buy at michael's or hobby lobby even walmart and what i'm going to do is just flood these areas with the black paint to start with i'm going to have everything in these areas and i want to be able to work it into the grooves as much as you can because that will help pick up some of the detail and this part doesn't have to be neat but you do want to have it covered as much as you can.
The cool thing about this is that it actually gets real. quick ok im finishing up the black now and looking to see if i missed any of the little details i want to be able to make sure i catch it looks like i have all the details i want colored in so im going to leave this brush to a side now and we're going to switch to another color and I think what I'm going to do is go ahead and finish the tree okay I'm finishing the tree now so it's two colors done so we'll put this brush aside the The next color I want to do is red and all I want to do right now as far as red is this edge so I'm g I'm going to do this completely and flood this little V-groove.
Now I'm taking white and flooding this area around the letters because what I want to happen is when I'm done. i want to go back and be able to paint the surface lettering red but i want the white to actually be on the edge ok i'm finishing up the white now and i think everything looks great but i had a big drop right on the black so I'm going to take the brush that I was using for the black take it out of the water give it a little wipe and I'm going to put the black back in there so this is really not a catastrophe when something like this happens and there we go , the blob of white paint is already fixed, so what I'm going to do is go ahead and let it dry for a few minutes, okay, now that it's dry or should I say almost dry because I really started sanding a little premature, but what the heck I'm going to go ahead and go ahead and let's s and all this surface down and clean all the excess paint that was on the surface and this is actually a 60 grit sandpaper that I'm using so it's actually quite rough and again that's in keeping with the whole theme that i want to be able to have a rustic project now i'm taking the air compressor and just spraying all the excess sawdust so i can clean it up and now we can see how it looks good now that's all done, actually i think it looks pretty good now let's move on to the next step now i hurried a little bit the paint wasn't completely dry but still not bad now i'm going to go back and paint the truck and paint these letters and i'm going to use the paint tip marker felt again.
Now this is the same technique that I used in the Christmas decoration. The nice thing about this is that you can do a lot of very detailed work without having the normal mess that you would get with paint. it dries instantly unlike paint and like i said i rushed it well here's a look at it all finished not bad i'm pleased with it i'm going to go ahead and put a clear coat on this now and get ready to hang it , hi everyone, thanks for watching my video today, if you like it. the video please go ahead and hit the subscribe button below and the little bell next to it to be notified about the different videos I upload also please watch the videos here so you can stay up to date on happenings in my shop so again thanks for watching my videos

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