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Twitter Is Dying...

Jul 02, 2023
Hello guys and girls, I moodahar and Twitter is


, ladies and gentlemen. I know some people are already bursting bottles as soon as I said that, but ladies and gentlemen, to understand what's been going on all day today, Twitter seems to have the speed limit exceeded. The limit has been reached. There are some people who cannot access one of the largest social media platforms in the world. Normally, I would say go out and touch the grass, but mostly I touch the grass while I get my information and news. This source is okay, in general, when things happen in the world, like nuclear weapons could cause a war, okay, riots, uh, Doom, scrolling for that is pretty much the site for that and scrolling, you know , cute little memes and watching a cool little video game.
twitter is dying
Esthetic. It's okay, it is what it is and since Elon took over Twitter, I think this platform has been going through a rollercoaster of pure hell, ladies and gentlemen. Today there were increases or excesses in rate limits because we are about to read the most disconcerting thing. change imaginable, okay ladies and gentlemen fresh from the CEO, it's okay to address extreme levels of data mining and system manipulation Bots, we have applied the following time limits, verified accounts are limited to reading six thousand posts per day, no verified, like me, 600 a day, new. unverified account 300 a day now you might say, well damn Buddha, that's a lot of posts that include answers and everything imaginable.
twitter is dying

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twitter is dying...

Well, I could upload a picture of Sonic and that counts as a post, so you can imagine it after a few minutes. your ability to use Twitter no longer exists. I want to explain how bafflingly stupid this is for most social media services. Actually, the goal is to be able to use it for hours and hours. Okay, you don't want people to use other services that you want them to use. yours watching ads consuming content creating content and that's how it works effectively paying and stopping them from consuming your content is like playing the most disgusting mobile game and having to deal with a stamina system that you know when you play a mobile game and it's like If you did 10 battles, please wait six hours, okay, that's pretty much what you have to deal with.
twitter is dying
It gets so annoying to the point that people just log off and call it a day, which is not what they want to do right now, ladies and gentlemen, on the last couple. There have been situations for days where Twitter has blocked content behind logging into accounts, which is crazy, imagine if to use YouTube you actually needed to log in to a YouTube account. I 100 guarantee that YouTubers would lose over half their audience if people had to suddenly log into accounts if you think that's disconcerting to hear, I'm serious. I can guarantee you that a large majority of the users on this website probably don't even log in, actually look at how many views a video has you'll see how many comments it'll get, see how much engagement it'll get, imagine if a video gets half a million views and I'm just likes 30 40 50,000 likes, that's a lot of people who have simply never logged in. a quick like in the process, they were just downloading the app from the app store or going to and watching any video they wanted, that's why this website uses cookies and all that to create effective recommendations for people who don't even have accounts logged in on their system seriously try using YouTube on an unlocked account, a new browser for about a month and see how Taylor made her recommendations for a different browser of your choice, it's crazy, but back to Twitter, ladies and gentlemen, Elon Musk and his Infinite Wisdom decided to increase the limit to 8,000 for verified people, 800 for unverified and 400 for new unverified, effectively allowing people to use Twitter for more than five minutes.
twitter is dying
Gosh, why would they now, ladies and gentlemen, data scraping is a real problem? and if you're wondering why Elon is doing this, you should ask why Reddit is looking for API changes and why many tech companies are actually restricting access to their APIs or at least raising the price to Oblivion, it's because of tools real ones like mid-travel tools like GPT AI chat tools that are actually collecting so much data that they are causing massive problems for these Services. Now there are real tools where you can extract data from any website, for example this is a tool called AI navigation which extracts data effectively. any website in the form of spreadsheets that are constantly filling up what it does is constantly request data from a website, which causes stress and causes your bandwidth to decrease, plus it can extract data and sell it or use it in any other tool imaginable.
Have you ever wondered how well GPT chat and stuff works, ladies and gentlemen? A couple of days ago I showed you an extension, uh, GPT chat. Basically, they can summarize any video they want on YouTube via the GPT chat to explain how it works. Let me show you here. video of a YouTuber known as Charlotte with amazement. I like this guy, they cover, you know, video games, sometimes older video games and, you know, they review them in overly long 46 minute videos, not overly long ones, which are actually pretty short for me now, the way that the extension works if you see here with a transcript, basically every YouTube video has a subtitle, a transcript so to speak, and all you have to do is basically copy all this information and drag it into a GPT chat message that you're about to See here, so, for example, I basically copied and pasted all that information and summarized it in five points.
Now this extension can augment it so that you can say instead of five short bullet points, maybe give me 15, maybe give me 20. Tell me about the core just ask any questions about that data set. Now, ladies and gentlemen, what I did was I went on YouTube. I clicked on a video, looked at its transcript, and converted it on its own. That's not costing YouTube much, but imagine if a robot came in and did this a hundred times, a thousand times, a hundred thousand times, a million times. This would cost YouTube a lot of money each month to basically feed services that don't actually feed them, so I really get sympathy from Elon.
In fact, I sympathize with them when it comes to properly limiting Twitter. I also understand why Reddit does it, why a lot of these services do it, why GitHub probably does it too. I'm not entirely sure, but that's how these programs work. look at GitHub Reddit Twitter news websites on the internet and just combine that information and send it in a consumable way; actually, it's one of the reasons why GPT open AI chat is being sued for theft of private data, to understand that open AI has violated privacy laws by secretly mining 300 billion words from the Internet by touching books , articles, websites and posts that include personal information obtained without consent, yes, ladies and gentlemen, all this AI, this cool GPT chat that you see like, hey, I don't have to Google anything.
I have to ask the computer my question, it will give me an answer, that's because the computer is literally Googling for you and selecting the best possible answers. Sometimes they aren't even good answers, they just exist because the computer gives you an answer, ladies. Gentlemen, Twitter is one of the many websites that is experiencing this abuse on its platform now again, although I understand Elon Musk and I understand why Twitter would implement this. In reality, I would probably try to do the same thing if I had run this company, but doing it. The way Elon Musk has done it has effectively killed his own platform, it's one thing to deal with Bots, okay, and another thing is that he killed all use of his platform.
First of all, I will try to stop the bots, ladies and gentlemen, there is a reason why there are so many captchas and so many different things. There's a reason anti-bot internet technology has been around for so long is because if you decide to get rid of all the safeguards, all of a sudden, a lot of this data. Scrapers will get upset with your content and that's pretty much how it works, but yes, ladies and gentlemen, Twitter is literally


, it's dying in front of your eyes, uh, because it's not just Elon trying to fight the bots on his Uh Quest. it actually prevented the site from being usable in any capacity.
I'm sure engineers are coming and going, but it begs and begs the question of what the future of the Internet is when AI is so prevalent and much of this data collection is happening when it costs so much for these services that we use to express ourselves and share our content effectively they have to close their doors because they can't cover the cost of dealing not only with humans but also robots, ladies and gentlemen, that's a question. I propose to you that the future of the Internet is very, very strange in a very strange place. I'll be real right now, but yeah, if you like what you saw, like, comment, and subscribe.
I felt like I wanted to go a little deeper. On this topic because I have some experience in this, I wanted to talk about it in a broader scope and I hope you learn something anyway, ladies and gentlemen. If you like what you saw, like, comment and subscribe, don't like it if you don't like it. I'm out

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