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TWISTED Cuban LECHON in Cuba!!! Pork Hammock!!

Feb 17, 2020
I have a question for you now, do you want to eat? So oh yeah, why not? I thought you would be like Ora during this whole trip. the west in a town known as Vinny Alice Vinny Alice is a region dominated by agriculture fruits vegetables coffee and the infamous tobacco of his country here we are the first day VIN Gálvez my first morning in Cuba today it is a classic dish of this country i think so anyway its a classic dish in the philippines we are talking about displaying well look its like a puddle of oil oh this place has a special way of doing it because they do it like in a hammer they are like you Norman I call this old friend in Cuba, a native oral patron, will join me as we take on the classics from Cuba.
twisted cuban lechon in cuba pork hammock
This area is famous for tobacco. smoking wise no yo ne See so, grab a horse, grab a friend, and get ready to soak up the traditional flavors of Cuba. Automatic listening in general. We have our coffee here. This amazing man from Mazal smells like coffee. hosting five families Oro and I are the lucky guests of the local community here and there is no better way to welcome guests than with the pride of Cuba ok let's try this cafe this is the rotisserie on the throne it is like a


n plane oh man this is one of the strongest coffee in the region in all of Cuba normally to prefer the coffee first you get the powder then you put in hot water and filter it well they make it different they make the coffee with the water in this moment makes it even stronger it's kind of soft for being so intense but man, I feel this immediately, I'm super alert and a little nervous, yes, it gave me anxiety, Aurel, you're a man without vices, you don't drink, no You smoke, no, not even.
twisted cuban lechon in cuba pork hammock

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twisted cuban lechon in cuba pork hammock...

I don't eat coffee so what is your advice my advice is to dance brother I don't get ready I haven't told you yet but my family's rules are from this area they have a culture of acceptance this region is famous for that right people are too kind, too naive to be shy like today. I just found out that my way of being has a lot to do with this region. This is where this was not done right. of years by Spain during that time African slaves were brought to the island to work the fields now hundreds of years later Cuba is a diverse melting pot of ethnicities this person this person this person although they may have different origins they are all Cuban and they all share the distinctive culture that makes this place what it is.
twisted cuban lechon in cuba pork hammock
You grew up in Cuba. How old were you when you left? My 20, almost 13 years. How do your parents feel about it? t find here they are sad that you're gone it's hard for me to tell if they're sad or not they always like that they're happy for you i'm like no but tell me we're hurting so i can do something for you so oh yes it's your your ride for life I tried the pitch in the Philippines not once but four times Dinah is like a work of art man oh my gosh it's the same dish inspired in Spain but here in Cuba they duel a little differently is this a old door? it looks like a medieval torture device, i love it, yes it looks like that, yes that's why you call Hamas first in every crevice of the rose they rub a mixture of garlic, onion, cumin, lime and calamansi juice, then they rub with salt they finally prepare the pig for roasting on a wire hem why do they do it this way he says this is how it is to make sure how far they put it do you know if they need more heat they can put it on low and if they need less heat they can put it on up and they can flip it if you want rather than adjusting the fire necessarily t Hey you can move this around to make it easier.
twisted cuban lechon in cuba pork hammock
You'll look like me in an hour. This pig is going to hang out here for four hours. Aurel shows me the most addictive vice in Cuba and what is still a forbidden pleasure that is difficult to achieve in us. enter first of all thank you what is your name jose luis jose luis nice to meet you


is a bit famous for its tobacco not only as this area is like the most famous tobacco area in cuba and in the world what makes the tobacco here so different from any other part of the world Paco needs a climate anywhere like here they are a little hot but it's not too much and I get cold but it doesn't freeze you know me so that's why the air dry here is very special I'm the Treacher for the shiny tobacco he can here possess to us is like dry tobacco leaves and he's going to turn that into drugs all I know is growing up you know that there is this embargo with Cuba and there was the like these prized cigars that were illegal to have in the U.S. but if you had them it was like a secret you can't tell anyone how you got them but nowadays I think people can get Cuban cigars in the U.S. so it's kinda lost .
A little bit of the mystique oh wow Oh on the


leg twi sted, oh yeah look at this confident guy right there what's cooler than me yeah oh what's that? Aren't you going to do that or are you next? By the way, yes, you have to do it, friend, actually the taste is not bad, it's interesting because it's like eating spicy food, ah, the pain goes away, and after the pain, the flavors come back, like it cinches the inside of your mouth, that's the so coveted


cigar that here in cuba standing in a tobacco field next to two oxen that has nothing to do with it but that's cool huh hey stop it ok cool roasting has been going for a few hours, now you can see it's almost done for now, they're going to do a somersault, they're going to take it apart and then flip it. i've seen so many flips in my day egg flip pancake clips but i've never seen a


flip there's so much hot juice instead of clumping here oh ho that buy is amazing oh that's pretty crunchy it's like a cookie like a pea cookie you can ask? he if it's about language not made up t they're copying i mean they usually don't need this part here the device sounds good now they're going to put it back how much longer is it going to be here another hour this will roast for another hour and then dinner time.
I wonder if I can talk to your father on one level the whole time you left Cuba until now. More than ten years have passed. It's a good amount of time. Any city, any country would change in more than ten years. What changes did you notice? Some of the changes like how the country feels deteriorated and doesn't feel advanced technology mentally, the country feels like it doesn't have a clear direction of where it's going, but on the other hand I'm very happy when I came here because it's very interesting how in the background the roots of Cuba the culture is so pure and the education is so well preserved and they don't do it because they want to show something to the war, it's like we love who we are, we love becoming a reality of this kind of being a little emotional because I'm like them this is like boom Letran my man is that he looks beautiful as one of the cooks you are the first to grab the pig there is a big section that you break and scurry for yourself he said he loved the little bit of skin because they get so facial oh this one really bubbles this one almost thinks I'm like a


rind that's crispy but almost fried in it's own oil it's like a teacher okay I'm going to cut this nose for you.
I want you to dry it I don't want it but it has a different texture It's a little mushy They're dry Yeah no girls but it's hard It's like you have to fight for it It's like a bacon nose I wish my nose tastes like bacon tastes like bacon no i don't know your nose well i know your nose well but i don't know how it tastes it's hard not to know he walks over and greets you when i show you my most favorite part here. Wow get this some crispy bits some juicy bits you just cut this under me what's it called? ed sorry let's try ok that's a ten this is different yeah leave that side better cause they were cooking this lower belly side it's been like bubbling in your juices all day so juicy and season you really topped sir thank you very much juicy succulent the tone is just the beginning join our country feast fried treats made from plantains and taro root then boiled cassava known locally as yuca and hungry a staple of this region made with a base of black beans and rice then garlic katusha pepper cilantro onion and


I would like to take a moment to thank all of you. It is my first day in Cuba. The fact that I can meet all of you. Meet them and be greeted with such kindness and hospitality. mind, so i just want to say thank you when you grow up. Is this a typical dinner? Very typical in a place like this. This is something you eat three times a week, especially in the country. One day it is noisy as if you were going to look at a group of you: it is the stomach. I'm going to try some of this rice.
Lots of good rice and beans. Tasty. great texture. the main course that's a little porky the rise of the reds our difference but he's a star hmm that's like dancing the salsa dance that's so fun mmm okay this big juicy bite in this choice whoo it's unreal you know I've just eaten lasagna in the Philippines. They take great care of the skin and the way they put soy sauce and other things on it. Oil to make it crisp. I can say I appreciate that warm skin, but the meat here, especially like that pork tenderloin. undeniably some of the best meat i've ever had how long have you been in a band is that water in your cup oh oh it makes me warm inside feels like christmas morning hmm you guys live in the country like that more or do you Do you prefer the Havana lifestyle?
Do they like v I was in Havana but no, they like the tranquility, the city is not healthy for them, too much rum, my first contact with Cuba, the food, I had no doubt, but the reception, the time that the people it was to make me feel at home, it was even better, our cross. Cuba food tour is just starting next time or as I started our journey east, stopping first in the country's capital, Havana, where we will seek out Cuba's unique street for snakeskin. how long and be sure to check out our second best ever channel to check out the show for raw clips and deleted scenes that didn't make it to the show thanks for joining me on this journey today we have so many more adventures to come. to come but hey today is a pretty good start this is just the beginning guys check out Aurel on Instagram or else not just my friend he's also an artist he's a dancer he's a musician he's all those things wrapped up in a unique and interesting person, that's all. for this thank you very much for watching i will see you next time a piece that means that bass piece in spanish spanish i tell you before oh i don't know spanish

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