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Mar 30, 2024
what's happening on YouTube my name is Jamie this is officially gasps and this is my Mercedes a45 AMG chewed up by MSL performance now boy it's Benihana so welcome guys while I was saying the intro today we're going to take a look at mine Mercedes a45 no it's going to be too in depth and again not too technical just my point of view on the car if you have some details and yeah basically we're going to have a little chat so I thought we'll start by talking about the engine which is up to the turbocharged engine dual intake these cars come with 355 brake horsepower 450 new media to talk this is actually being


by MSL performance which is a world renowned Mercedes performance junuh they are located in Birmingham actually possibly the best in the UK, so they've made the map on this one, it runs a family map and also a custom hypercross input that is four inches larger in diameter than the original 2.6 inch diameter, which is a very restrictive input, so which is basically Bend, I note that 421 brake horsepower is 643 new to me as talk and the difference with stock is night and day.
tuned mercedes a45 amg review
In fact, when I first bought this car, it was completely like it was stock, like the engine was completely intact and what I found. The power was almost phased, so you had a lot of discharge and almost like a flexible midrange and then most of the power like in the high rev range, which is fine, but it felt like I always wanted it. something else and then do that tune and with the admission it's completely, it just becomes a different animal and it really is a beast that kicks hard from start to finish, basically, so yeah, it's got the dual clutch transmission of 7 speeds and this is I'm not mad or anything.
tuned mercedes a45 amg review

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tuned mercedes a45 amg review...

I don't think there is a certain event for these gearboxes. I may be wrong, but as far as I know, I don't think you can adjust the parameters a bit and play with it. but I don't know, who knows, like a pimp, the gearbox changes are lightning, like the gear changes are ultra-fast and obviously if you do sports to get that nice pop, I can't complain at all about the gearbox, understand this card. no 216 would be about a month of 4.6 seconds with a limited speed of 155 miles per hour, so with the map what you get is an estimated zero to 60 time of about 3.8 seconds limited, so go whatever it goes to, who knows 170 plus a problem like, honestly, if you catch certain God supercars, we're really going to piss them off, trust me, I've done it, honestly I've done it, it's just a nice little weapon, it's got a four wheel drive system, so you have tons of grip, in fact, you have a mr. quite mysterious and endless.
tuned mercedes a45 amg review
It is very well weighted; let you experience it well. It is a very well balanced car. Some people say they allow you to push the capsule up a little. I really haven't felt bad. I used to point out that he's not that direct. e92 m3 now, for me, that was perfection like an army, such a well balanced car, but this is not far away, as you know, I mean, it goes where you point it, lying in a huge in a respective hand, Lily , the correct configuration. You have a suspension that you have to sit down, it is quite difficult, otherwise the suspension from the doctor.
tuned mercedes a45 amg review
I think you can get it with adaptive suspension on the facelift model. I'm not sure if you can do a pre-facelift. This is a late pre-facelift. The 2014 model is pretty rough, but I don't ride like that every day. I'm out to have fun. The hardness of the suspension allows you to fill the road. I've been connected with the police, so I have no problem with that. Can? show you a granny, you bad back then, yes my baby should be, but anyone really only cares about the engine that's in them and the fun factor of these cars, called a little tougher, wider than a man , and again, it's not a -partisan, it's definitely bearable, so one thing you notice when you're in this car is that you feel very connected, it's got a lot of drama, like I said, the ride is a little rough, only the engine works very good, gearbox bumps and balls and stuff.
So they always put you in a kind of state of mind where you feel like you're in a racing car, it's just a hot hatch, but hot hatches lately are on a different level, they're hyperactive. hatches now that there are, they've really upped the game in terms of power, performance, even fuel economy, stuff like that, I mean in a race, no joke, you drive like a grandma, 70 miles an hour, 7750, I can go a little over 4 miles to the gal says matt no i mean think of the power of his talk go for the cute little gal it's crazy obviously you got a bit of a fat lady you'll probably get that kind of mpg, but luckily I don't, so I'm good to go. well if you upgrade it below twenties maybe it's never seen under 20 which is amazing and like i said coming from an m3 that struggled to get into the twenties if it feels like it's in the hood, it's like running on diesel, you know, I mean. the mpg feels great to me Plus this is smoking in the freezer, making them free owners.
I've had one and this one, smoking them for free, in fact I've smoked a couple and frozen them as far as running costs go. I mean what you are looking for. looking at you looking at black rims I mean since I've had this car so let's talk about this I've had it until Spence so this bad never refuses so yeah I mean as far as money goes what I have . I wore it out and put the car in about six months, now it's been in for a major service so I actually did a major service on it and that consisted of spark plugs, power cover, floor, some other types of crazy sags, 1200 quid to get the full service done, surprised it will be fine, all very safe, Sadie service said our Herod and they have done everything with OEM parts and oil for £600 so it wasn't too bad, we often come out with a couple of mosaics. in the front, but you will see that it is made of bullaiah so that everyone can see that the front tires wear out faster than the rear ones.
It actually had some tires, if I'm honest with you, in the front, it has Mitchell ins on the In the back, they actually weren't very worn, but like I say, because about some Mickey Mouse tires, I wanted to take it off and Having had a Toyota boxey, I am free to find the best in them for grip. I only want a pair and yeah, great, no complaints. about man-otaur, so the tires are not too expensive, let's say Angela for handling the teeth of obvious tires or a little cheaper, mid-range premium, I would say spend money apart from the odds if you are like me and This is like my weekend call.
I want to refresh it, so I really see that 40 mpg, but it's good to know that's from the 40 mpg that this flat has and everything related to that, I mean, that's one of the main reasons I actually bought This car, its appearance is aggressive. You know, I'm going to say it has drama. This whole car. Once you see this car, it does it. It really has tons of drama. And that's what I don't like about a car. a lot, but it's got the right amount for me, you know, it's with the front guns that if you're cool, you'd think it was like one of the first ones had years to do that kind of style and you see quite a bit. from hot hatch Eden, other cars do that now but it was the first one that came out and it really attracted me to the car, besides that it has a big spoiler on the back which I think looks evil, it's a rally arrow pack . in my personal opinion it's as easy as one blown out to somewhere like three on the call because these two blend in pretty well with normal traffic, if you ever go into the app they are recycling, other than that you get 19 tires inches and In fact, the 90s were actually slightly improved once a team like a fight in Calgary look really cool, they suit Clark very well.
The reason I did it for this one is because they are black and have never been fans. of black rules, they just grabbed the cable, so I actually have this kind of remade supply linked together, so many gloss black style cues around a part of you know why they ever put my rear wheels in the first place. I don't drop my The thing could be other people in this class, very personal line breaks, not only do they look incredible, at three less than their six-month-old forehead, they are round and big, like the brake calipers of childhood, but they don't really look good at the base of the spine.
Well, soon he will have children, he just stood in front of the front camera that we prepared together, he really stops, it is if he says that you know me, which is very important, but you cannot call this kind of power that I have given to this car. I have upgraded the rear diffuser to the facelifted model which is late 2050 onwards, it just gives you that style to stop you in. It looks a bit and looks good, but it's not very prominent. I like my cars to stand out. a little bit, so I've done it, but other than that, on an interior style, that's it, we're talking about the specs of this car, this action part, I wouldn't say they're the highest spec cars, nor the lowest ones, I mean, like I said.
It has an arrow package it has the AMG sports exhaust which is a must if you want cracks and bumps, lots of pops and creaks it has the adaptive cruise control it's what Park Assist so this car will really explode on its own. In fact, I have the receipt for this car when I bought it new. I did not buy it. I've only had this car about six months, but it was a one-owner car in front of people and it was 42, okay. I mean if you specify this you can I didn't get them until that 53 54K so it's crazy the price of necessities now is pretty good.
In fact, part free of externalities that I had before this, which was an 84 sedan version of this car and overall I paid just under 26.K for this at that price range, what else can you get? You're looking at the Golf R. It's fine from Drive. Good adjustability. A little boring. I've only been recording today for about 10 to 15 minutes and I've seen about thirty of them already, Salima guns and like I say, it's free. I've had a nice, good quality cabin, you know. Car, all the right styling cues, but not much drama and a bit unresponsive to drive if someone is going to be in charge of our Honda. writing our front wheel drive is not really my thing and designing them is too much if I were 17, maybe that will lead us to the excellent m135i or m14 TI engines, actually excellent engines, but all that is not paying us. boring to watch I mean you wouldn't even know if you saw one myself and just played there's nothing setting them apart for the stat1 series here one plus 64 you know how much it leaves us or is free now when it comes to the


from RS look at the price difference between ours it's free and I'll talk about knowing all those and Louis Treize from montreuil dollars Free Tibet the lowest price say cheerfully fire there's almost a 10 thousand dollar difference I've seen most of the specs are free for under 30k then he said the president had the same conversation when it comes to price the price even if you did there is a lot of speculation to walk back on if mine or liquidation agent Logan that rs3 lacks drama, so anyway surround it personally for me, this is the most common.
I didn't have everyone, but I have lived in forestry. If I had that kind of money, I'd know who the art would be. An audience went looking for a place, their version of these, so why? For me the good thing about this car is the launch control, in fact it's their party trick, it's a bit tricky to put it in launch control but once it doesn't happen, you've done it a few times, you can't get into My cookie. I compare the feeling of this when I launched it to those of you in the UK who have ever been to Four Park with that right stealth.
It has aspects that feel like that meat you glued to the chair, literally, certain times that I'm trying to hold. in the steering or I mean it really is that man fast as G force, applause is bananas but not like in fact it's one of the main reasons why I love this car so how does it feel to drive? Why is acceleration vital? and my personal meal is this way and he flies, the handcuffs are in his car, he just falls. I don't know if you can hear this, my dissertation gets squeezed with enough clucking when he changes kids, like I say, just because I. should pack the drama, it feels like the Train, I mean look, so what I wanted to talk about was this is a real energy, but it was their speculation to AMG or other AMG owners that this is not a real angel that They don't like to call him. immediately because apparently only milk comes in two liters and just like an army that people usually say that I heard the sixth way of AMGs I have the situation insigniafree inside insensible, but if you look at the details the finger joins an AMG AMG is an engine.
The thing about AMG engines is that they are manufactured from start to finish by one person and I am referring to the factor of whether that person is manufacturing an engine because of an illness because the production of those agents stopped and if that The person was going to manufacture their engine they actually found in Hawaii and this engine is a number and built the same way so in my opinion it's an INT all day and it should be fair, usually the guys with the big 6.3 leaders were mad at these Angie. because they won one by one, let me, this was my good angel of life.
Sixpoint free website. Lee, uh, here taking advantage of the property. If you are thinking of purchasing one of these other two, say "go ahead", don't hesitate, you won't regret it. I want to see the one I wanted to cover for a long time, I am still public twice, he is decent, most are upset about Sushma because he has much better angels. Oh, that's really it people, I hope you enjoy today. I hope you enjoyed the


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