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Tubbo Makes Minecraft Awkward..

Feb 19, 2022
near him just me or just in the middle his type is middle aged british men i tell him i fit the description quick i mean how are you last time i saw we were glyph jumping together Remember guys? I'm talking in my chat because I'm actually streaming. Hello chat. Do not want you? They just won't greet you. not like you they're gone you know who we hate is dantdm i don't think so come on chat help me ok chat i feel like everything we do now won't be as exciting as jumping off a crane have we reached the top?
tubbo makes minecraft awkward
No, we'll do something great, I promise, well, what can we do? I admit this is an abstract conversation that I wasn't preparing to have with you today we're getting a little uh existential and that's not what I want hey th that's a word I don't understand damn yeah I have a couple of questions for you because there have been some, there have been some rumors that have come up, okay, oh god, ya yeah, no, I need to, I have some things that I need. to know about you and i need to know frankly yesterday so yeah um so how do i start this? okay dan you're family friendly right you would never drop a bomb in front of me for example it depends on the situation I'm being questioned this feels very intimidating what's going on he's after that guy behind he's going with me so i need to get an electron fast ok what do i do with this good ok do you want to stay rotting? or do you want to come with us kids okay jesus guys ok they interrupted us a bit ok dan yeah so you consider yourself family yeah yeah and you know you're not one you're not one to swear I would often say no not in front of the camera no I'm not an avid swearer ok no you too would go too far to say possibly kid friendly for kids my videos are yes okay okay okay okay but dan how can you be kid friendly while you have a kid? sorry sorry think about it ok i think im serious right now how can you be kid friendly while having a kid? conversation dantdm.tdf ok think about it it just doesn't add up you're kid friendly and you have a kid and how can you have a kid while still being kid friendly I just hope no one notices you know?
tubbo makes minecraft awkward

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tubbo makes minecraft awkward...

It's been almost two years for anyone to ask me this very holy dan I'm so sorry you've been left in the dark for so long did you know kids are spreading like an epidemic right now frankly they are spreading ? like an epidemic okay okay you have one no no thank god I've been isolating I haven't I had to see them, did you know that most people who have children are actually asymptomatic? Oh ok but I don't know this, lucky for you you have symptoms so you know keep the rest of the world safe. I'm so sorry you had to know this had to happen to you but this isn't that bad you should try it sometime I mean it's an epidemic and where your protection will be good yeah but how am I? meant to protect me from my own child i thought you didn't have one no hypothetically if i had a child how can i protect myself from my own child?
tubbo makes minecraft awkward
How to use the right protection? Okay, what are we talking about? Fire Aspect Support What do I need? You need protection five Protection five I didn't even know it went up that much I didn't even know it went up exactly that much You're new to this I'm so new to this just for god's sake I don't want I don't want to catch kids 19. that's the last thing I want, so hey find protection five it's ok you're fine it's well protected we need to find protection five dantdm we have to go tell the others we found the cure for the children 19 we've done we're going to be famous hello hello hello i'm back i'm having some problems sorry the revelation we had was too powerful for the tdm you know what i think we might need to start a kids 19 um curing clinic ok so how about we set that up for when they arrive home and okay yeah yeah yeah we can do that oh and I got some of this too so you know if we got some fighters how did you get that? he came up to me and said dubo i'm god and then you know he did his milk thing yum ok yeah we can use that so ok i have a couple questions because obviously you're not asymptomatic with kids 19 so no no we don't see each other we need we need you to know we need to get a set of knowledge so we know what to look for so first thing to do is d bod would you rather like daddy's border?
tubbo makes minecraft awkward
Do you prefer as a father figure? let's say uh father figure definitely sounds better what do you think? Do you think I have the father figure? okay, we need to figure out where we want to build our clinic. I'm thinking of building it right there. no what happened ok we're going to need you to have a seat yeah yeah sit down ok jerome ok how do I say this lightly ok this is not the time to celebrate what's wrong with you I'm just a Serious man, are you familiar? the kids of the epidemic 19. what he doesn't seem to know he doesn't seem to like it i have no idea if you would consider yourself family friendly yes yes definitely oh lets suppose wait what's ok ok ok drive keep calm i'm going needing you to be okay i'm panicking i'm panicking i'm actually succeeding downstairs come back jerome these questions can get a little personal will you maybe dare to suggest a child or a child of my own no no me no me no no you no you're not good okay ok, it's not advanced it's not advanced ok ok never dare to know we need another test another another test ah ok one more test yes I need you to take off your uh your armor please yes please it looks like you're going to me murder no no, that's exactly what it sounds like if the guns are out this is very important, okay I took off, took off my arm, give us a twelve, give us a twelve, give us a twelve, okay, okay, what do you think?
Do you think that is it? do you think he's more of a father or father figure what are you thinking oh god um deadpool ok it seems we caught it in the early stages so ok but it sounds like you may have early symptoms of kids 19 so no no I don't have it no oh my god it works I'm cured no no no no no who's got my fire someone wants some sweaters we got a problem here stop why don't we have a roof? I feel like we need an isolation chamber for this guy, yeah you know what drone.
I'm going to make you a camera. be real good oh yeah here we go yeah that's it he's secured is secured for the moment oh god can i go please absolutely not now um we can't until we have a fear cure the cure anytime any day now forgive me no , don't block a glass, yeah we can't hear it, now it's ok, I know you can hear me out there, sorry you're a little muffled, sorry, yeah I love eggs, no no no no. Listen, listen, guys, so if you want to be in on this whole world-saving operation, you know what it's like, we're going to need to see some identification.
You don't have any identification. Could you guys go back to your houses take some ID look at me we're not implying we're kids it's you because we hate kids we're men hey guys i still have to go to the bathroom oom hey you're doing great you're doing great , guys seriously I don't feel sick I think I'm fine that's what a sick person would say hang in there dan you're literally the only one with kids ok? is he the only father why am I the one in the cage ok ok ok guys please no please don't point fingers down right now this is the thing to take a bow just because me and aaron could be uh kids dan


kids that's worse the distraction come on come on that was close hey dan ah your boat can't come through here someone has kids ok what day what day tomorrow what day

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