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Trying the WEIRDEST Vending Machines in Japan

Jun 10, 2024
Aggressive guy who's excited to give you the bread, oh, just like the picture, just like the picture, he'll have a story about some guys sucking someone in the back alley of uh, I hope so.


machine station baby boy be boy wow wait oh that's bees that's boys bees it smells like a bag of moldy butt B boys be grubs oh that's what a boy is b I'm going to have a beam up it's not so bad here in a Us guys love to keep our cameramen fed, dude, he's ready, he'll put 'em in my mouth, he's that gay, it's good to be kids, I need kids, yeah, let me get some of those kids, that's awesome, still There are cameramen who have done it.
trying the weirdest vending machines in japan
I haven't been fed Alana, that's a lot, okay, let's do it, okay, it tastes good, it tastes like honey, oh, drop the B on the lens, bro, it's delicious, yeah, try this, bro , wait, you have to eat more. I missed it, that's good, actually, yeah. Do you weigh more? No, I'm fine, no, I'm fine, can I hit this, make it juicy, I'll show you Masa, the camera, just, oh, look at me, feel free. I regret my decision right now. Everything I have eaten today. bugs like really legit I haven't eaten anything but bugs and popcorn we all have the nutty taste it stank in our mouth I'm like Oogie Boogie yeah I need a palette cleanser guys let me try this is the chocolate I don't I don't know , try something to see the children of The Bee, with all the boys, what you have there ready.
trying the weirdest vending machines in japan

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trying the weirdest vending machines in japan...

I have, uh, you have something to suffocate them.basil, yes, that's the brand, they are all bread, delicious, long-lasting and safe, it's like me in bed, there is something like perfect cylinders of bread that is actually as expected, Wait, wait, wait, wait before removing the shell. It's a delicacy just Eddie. the foreigners take the shell off the can really really one of these one of these days you're going to implode you didn't eat the real shell juicy like a billy goat you'll stop eating that's good oh that's what chocolate is I don't don't I don't I know Juicy had their


machine we had our vending machine now we have you your own vending machine it's my turn it's your turn it's your vending machine come here don't stop okay chili It's the spiciest vending machine it's like a sudden death sauce oh no, I love it, that just says the pain of the school that is brewed and that is the sauce in the Indian army for the suppression of civil wars and riots by preparing Chili Pepper weapons identified as the hottest chili in the world as an alternative to tear gas or stuck in level gas canisters are you telling me that this goes against the Geneva conviction?
trying the weirdest vending machines in japan
They use it in tear gas canisters. You and I have developed poor resistance to anything spicy at this point we could probably eat everything in this vending machine. machine and be fine it looks very spicy please be careful you have to bow this is actually like adult warning signs all over the machine here we go oh man that didn't sound good oh it came up god we're going to die now we've had it spicy but We've never been to an Asian country and eaten spicy, which is apparently next level, dude, this will make you see your ancestors, it's got the Grim Reaper, it's gotta be good, we're assuming this.
trying the weirdest vending machines in japan
It's the action, can you translate that we have to know what it says? super spicy, it's going to die, the spicy is very strong, so people and people who don't like spicy should be careful, it's called Shinigami, oh, what is the death card? Yeah, listen, we don't. I don't speak Japanese, true narrator, but we've seen it, we've seen enough anime, we've seen Death Note, oh that looks scary. Shelly greets my friend mmm, it's very soft Fern, it's getting hotter, that's a mess, no, oh man, it's not, it's not that. hot it's not I don't know if we've just burned all our taste buds it's very, very tingly, lots of mouthfeel, that's all, but it got stuck in my nose, yeah, I think I might go for another one. one, yeah, it's good to have the right side of my tongue because the left side is screaming right now.
I just ate a can of bees and barely tasted anything, so there's one thing, although a whole bowl of ramen in a vending machine right there, no way what. It's your ramen vending machine, why is it staring at us? Yeah, why do you have a camera to study the kind of people who eat soup out of a vending machine? Okay, let's buy some noodles. Oh yeah, we wasted our budget on B. The kids can't. wait until they are like where is the bee population going? They are just customers, wait, it's ready friend, what's happening? What are you doing?
It's frozen. Oh, you're supposed to heat it at home. It gives us all the ingredients to make it at home. a complete meal, although ready to go. I expected a big bowl of soup to fall out of there, very good, I mean, technically I got a meal from a proper machine, yes, technically we have to eat, that's rude not to eat it all. right, he's going to suck these oysters don't look, we did good, we got all the things we did, okay, we know. I feel like you're more likely to get food poisoning from that frozen oyster than he is from the fugo last night in the rules we all have to try it I hate oysters, I don't know why man.
I love eating cockroaches. I hate oysters. Can? You really handed out frozen oysters right now, man, to anyone who wants one. What I don't want. everyone has stock, it's just one quick one, okay, ready, three, two, one, ready now here at the guys channel, we like to keep our camera people fed. I need to get some liquid from a vending machine to get that out of my mouth, okay? we're just going to a normal vending machine, wait, I want to return this oyster to its house, yes, here you go, I'm sick, I'm going to that normal vending machine and I'm going to buy something normal, yes, I would like an ice cream. chicken look at that here wait this for a second okay, I'm not going to fall for that one, here we go, we have something, we have whatever looks like the Hulk, very juicy sperm, bro, you have to try this canned ice cream.
Okay, hello. Wait a second I thought Japan didn't have grape culture Yeah, yeah, try this ice cream, what does that ice cream taste? It's like a float, okay gentlemen, we've had canned bread and crickets, all kinds of wacky shenanigans I'm up to. these oysters at home man I think the takeaway is you can literally find anything in a vending machine. Here's the used panties vending machine. Yes, some people say it's a legend, but I've seen it. I have seen it. Where is? I'm stuck uh I don't know where the canned bread is it was pretty interesting uh uh I liked the colon cream that sweet milk was pretty good technically we got oysters out of a vending machine which is pretty weird and we put them in our mouths and most importantly , we stopped AIDS, we stopped it, I forgot about that, sweetie, the world is a better place now because of us, I don't know if I have one more act of kindness I want to do, yeah, you have to wait. until the end of the video oh this is the end of the video oh cut to the act of kindness goodbye little one be free oh no no what does she want?
She will be my son. I have found the elusive 18+ vending


. It looks close, come here. I don't know what that says, but the black balls are definitely very heavy.

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