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Jun 10, 2021
You don't want to anymore, I don't understand how he competes in front of so many people who can't compete in front of eight people. Hello Rambam and welcome to a new look at my wife's tits. They look very big right now. that's why no one will do it so you need them I do need men when your Camrys because you didn't need it she looks beautiful oh that's something she wears a push-up bra she feeds the baby cells with a mini montage now she He's with him, I need him to take care of me you know next month because you have to be six months so you know I need to quit smoking there are so many women here talking about tits and stuff where's my beautiful man with my buckle?
trying to persuade a rich older man goes horribly wrong
We're talking about it with him, you know? There are men's parties today we decided to take all the kids out to get some fresh air we decided to take my mom out - well, are you sure about that guy, you really have to pick me well okay, we took out all the kids, it was a fight but we're here now and here's a tax that looks like a cutie, a little cupcake, kind of like he's angry about something and here's Penelope Penelope, you haven't done your pose in a long time but you haven't done anything daring in a long time. time during the day nothing gives the brand family what they want oh oh she's going to get there oh oh who is it that's in a garden Konami who taught you to pose like that oh well oh so I think it's our first time in a restaurant with the babies right let me relax let us see your food you know there's even peace thank you so let me tell you the story on the way here we're walking and there's these three guys who are probably like They are 20 years old and when we pass by them, they walk in the opposite direction, they look at me like cardboard stairs, they look at me, they sigh as if they want me to get up, at that moment they wanted real men, we will not pass them.
trying to persuade a rich older man goes horribly wrong

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trying to persuade a rich older man goes horribly wrong...

I'm like a voice, you see that and then you think what my mom is like. I saw that and it's like they just look at me, they feel like they hit me with your eyes, let me tell you they took everything from you the way your wig breaks everything so that's about you like you took you away from me I took you away that's not what I mean, I mean when you say like your taking away the destroyed it means like you look good, yeah baby, it looks good, you look great and guys I have a little thing when you have nothing to worry about You're doing very well and Gaby is looking at you, I mean what's


with you, that's what you want, that's me too, that's what you want, you want.
trying to persuade a rich older man goes horribly wrong
You have to fight with someone in the end, inner core, shall we give you another fight? Skype online so you can record it or you need to get sexy so there's a train there and there's a stage here so Penelope. If you want me to get you tickets to go on the train, you have to go up on stage and pretend you're in a beauty pageant. Contestant number 57 pnom peju, yes, quick, show them, come on, don't look at us. Good job. it happened okay P okay no, but they're not talking about it, they're not talking about you, can I be the camera?, they're not talking about you, oh, but they're not talking, but they're just saying good things. about you like wow, she's so cute, she's beautiful, she's smart, that's what they say, no, but she's learning what it's like to be agitated, you know, she's like at that stage, okay, P, even the people stare at you, they mean that, like you, okay, we.
trying to persuade a rich older man goes horribly wrong
She turned around so they wouldn't look at her, she's fine, guys, we have contestant number 15, Penelope Juliet. Oh, oh, snap, she's fine, oh network, that seems to work, who's laughing at you, no, they're not laughing at you, Penelope, you see, she said. they think you're adorable they can cheer you up they say you can cheer me up they say they'll cheer you up look they're not cheering you up oh hi oh i think so, you're familiar with where we are oh yes, remember yes, yes, that wasn't my mom, right, the contestant number 15 can't be Julieta, come on, girlfriend, show them no, don't let me say anything, okay, I won't say anything, okay, go, go, I don't understand how you compete in front of There are so many people that we can't compete in front of eight people .
You don't have to be preparing. What are you saying? You see, they love you and want to see you compete on stage. You don't want to do it anymore. Not well. You don't have to, why don't one of you show that you're competing for contestant number one, number three? Yes, these are the boss of the mall. I need to show you my number of subscribers. They have this together. Okay, the setting is. out of bounds is fine, so do you know about YouTube? Do you know grandpa? We have around two million subscribers. Can we go to the stadium?
How about you look at all the fans or all the people jumping? We can't stay here now. I don't understand. why do these people keep the card we offer money we offer everything cumberland fries they came to the party and all the funds have to go so you know they have so much what's the problem there's no one there no no not even that like the thing on stage I understand because there is a sign that says don't continue but he said you can't even stay there like you can't have a group there and made everyone leave.
I don't understand why you can't. just being in a group some days because you're mad at the content you think you're a good contact those beautiful people who were your friends let me tell you I was trolling the whole time do you know how much money? I do 5 ms, we end up at the mall, the party is ruined, manager, he ruined everything for us, so we are leaving, the baby will be hungry soon, so we will see about that at home, guys, look at this nonsense, this is something simple. Nonsense, what are you doing? Do you think it's a scooter or something?
It's not a poor Balcom scooter, are you okay? Welcome, huh, are you okay? Are you traumatized? Oh, I think he likes it, he doesn't complain, so come here guys, he's only five months old, his ankles. I like subscribers I liked Lovey, see if you would like to walk with Levy if he sees her, oh you can't keep pushing him because he just threw up or threw up. Okay, he threw up the reputation of everything and that's for the babies Penelope finds. a way to make it their own, which I don't mind, I think it's funny, I think it's cute.
I love you sister I love you brother we like that you are not fighting for the first time Oh how beautiful we are going to bed thank you very much guys for watching until next time bring llama

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