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Trying TJ MAXX Makeup For The First Time

Mar 01, 2020
Anasazi Beverly Hills. I use it on my channel when it


came out a while back. I love it and it's 1699 so this was the most expensive item on there as you know it retails for over 27 bucks so you definitely got a bargain. I already know this formula very well. I love it. I would always use this. Shading this under the eye is so pretty, but right here, we're going to outline these cheeks bitch, let's give it a twist. I like this formula because it blends so easy you see it took like a second and just applies on the skin so girl if you find this on t.j.


that's a good find alright bitch we sculpting this face and if something's too harsh I'm just taking a little brush here and we're just going to this top left and I'm just smoothing it out I lift it up I contour it right now if you see this here those are my glasses the brand of glasses might ask a lot how do you fix thats cool if you put


on after the dents you fuck like i did but hey had to check this out now not much highlighting on t.j.


today so we took the Queen of Hearts


revolution candy on the blush triple baked which I know has some standout it looked like it was kind of already open let's investigate Oh no ok it might be a little too dark for me let's give it a pinkie taste ok I really thought I was going There's going to be some highlighting in there but it looks a bit ashy and we also have the Physicians Formula Ultra Nourishing Argan Oil Powder which is supposedly giving me a luxurious radiant glow mm-hmm I'll see that I've never tried this before but I don't know what to expect maybe a makeup from a doctors side oh whoa whoa wow wow there's a fingerprint on this my hands don't have makeup right?
trying tj maxx makeup for the first time
We could all dispute that bitch what the hell is that I opened that and that already seemed like people warned me online. Jeffery, people try this, okay, there's another one here. open it well, it looks new, let's see the dust, has it been crushed with a finger, no, it looks perfect. that center center now evaporated how's the shimmer be honest i don't want to look are you happy what's not blinding lemme try again the brush is covered different brush kate got it that it's coated ok it has to look like something this foundation is disgusting on reality like it was you know up close this looks a little rough like i really thought the foundation was sickening the house but really zooming in on my look that oh my gosh and that's not the brush or the sponge.
trying tj maxx makeup for the first time

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trying tj maxx makeup for the first time...

I'm so sorry, it's ok. I want to get a little closer here. This is how you can usually take the sponge to handle the product. I think it's the base how you look at that as a girl that's rude right there oh my gosh Zuma I'm insecure ok it looks like I went out for like five hours with some sunglasses on this side and then I took them off and it's like, what the hell, why me


of all? This is all too dark for me. I know there are lighter shades in this formula but I like it I really shook myself for that ok so let's go do eyes eye shadow we have a few moments we have this guy and we have a few others but this is like The main thing, the main thing, so let's prep our eyes like we do in every single review on this channel with the Mac Painterly Paint-pot eye primer, we're just going to cover all of our lids and brow bone area guys, I really want to make a video growing my eyebrows but that would take weeks and I don't know if I could last that long but I can try because it's been, I don't know, 15 years since I've had real eyebrows.
trying tj maxx makeup for the first time
I am very afraid that I can look, but I want to try. let me know hold on just feel good these lids are set up this eyeshadow palette is gonna do the trick there wasn't a lot of choice there so let's hit the world let's dive in to be a pretty bright eyeshadow palette ok let's see what's going to happen now it says shimmer palette even though there are a lot of matte shades here so that's a little weird but we're going to give it a twist right now so let's go in with the J brush s6 plus feet jeffrey and we're just going to touch this shade up here smells like bad baby palette not bad but let's see what happens.
trying tj maxx makeup for the first time
I feel like they are playing me. going with a coochie brush this is t.j.maxx ok let's bring it let's bring a nice cheap eyeshadow brush out of the mix here miss I'm going to go in with this a little bit those do this color a beautiful little orange and let's see what happens. hmm, you know what's crazy, not the worst shade in the world. I've seen worse, wear it like it really does evaporate into thin air. It has a bit of color. I wish it was a little richer. the formula from you know, i do eyeshadows, this is the kind of shadow that can fade after about 30 minutes.
I don't know officially but as I see it applied it doesn't stick to the skin as well but it's not looking worse so let me even out the other side and let's get on with it now let's go with the js5 blend brush and go a little deeper little bit in this eye, let's go up here to the right and see what we're doing. over here ok the brush looks coated let's see how it applies on the eye not bad idk what to expect yeah it's pretty light actually im looking in the mirror like a girl gotta stop Of lying to myself like a bitch. this is kinda sheer ok idk whats going on im so confused i used my own primer and then foundation maybe thats it but this side itches right here where its separating so im like It should be Panic, should I be worried like I really don't know?
I have to balance on this, I like shit too and it's not oh guys I've been doing my makeup for so long when you pick up a sponge and barely do it. that shouldn't happen. I am horrified. I am going to take this foundation brush again so you do not have any product. Drop it or I must keep moving. I mean, this looks horrible. I'll take a little. I'm afraid it's the eggs. This could be expired. Honestly, the foundation might be expired. Oh my God. I have a great greed like that morning. We can all agree, let's take a setting powder like this Charlotte Tilbury and press on because, bitch, something weird is going on now.
I've been doing this for a long


, but it still looks weird. What's going on? keep moving forward because who knows what's going on under the skin mm-hmm okay so off camera real quick we were kind of shocked and Kris just said that in the three years almost three and a half years of filming , what did you say? yeah listen we're going to keep going so let's try another shade let's go in here let's smoke under the eye so it doesn't look like I don't know let's try to finish this look real quick I mean it's really clear so if you need it , i took a palette that barely sticks on ok let's try a shimmer shade it says shimmer eyeshadow palette so let's give it a whirl btw i just realized this great packaging is definitely a rip off Kylie. because she did something very similar last year ok so let's go with the bottom right this is a shimmery shade we're going to get into the morphe 166 brush oh wow that's so dusty for a metallic here we go Christophe um and for it's next trick this eyeshadow fades instantly where the hello bucket is barely there oh my god bitch i'm like i really wanna give us a fair chance but some days it just happens they shine on my fucking butt, alright, let me take a finger to another pitch, what's up? this frosty white i mean it looks too bad on the finger but it feels like chalk let's be really real here and just pat the lid. so let's go ahead now and try some mascara ok Physicians Formula and I don't know what the heck this is we go with the yellow wine I live for a doctor's formula but this is I've never seen it before it says fake What says false up Vector lashes?
I should say false eyelash effect, but hey, what's good? This costs $2.99. It is made in China. Let's see what happens. It's literally wrapped in fucking plastic. i actually really like the component like i'm not mad at it feels really cool oh wow hmm interesting here we go ok this brush is so big i just hit my awesome eye shadow listen i've tried many mascaras on my channel i almost went blind once when


last year. I'll say this is pretty clear, like I have really nice lashes and bitch they're not at their best right now, like I'm pretty sure.
I must admit that it is not giving me length. What is all this extra powder? just sitting here um yeah this is so i'll tell you ok let's go in with this lash contouring contortionist from 399 Physicians Formula wow i love that word ok let's try the bottom this is the component let's try the bottom lashes with this and let's see what happens oh just look look ok this was definitely sealed but look at that wand oh it's a little rough it looks like it's already been used but I think it's just a product. I can't imagine my lashes coming apart look at the product clumping in there like that girl mm-hmm i can't do it it's going to look awful i guess we're going back and with this stunning moment ok but am i getting too scared if you wanted stand too far?
Back and squint I don't look so bad, but other than that, I don't know what happened today. There were no lip products at t.j.maxx. I'll put it on we don't have lipstick today sorry I'm embarrassed oh it's like it definitely smells like oranges it's getting warm on the back of my hand ok it sounds like a vitamin c pill to be honest I have foundation on my lips obviously so it's that and okay, there was no setting spray, no blinding glare, no lipstick on t.j.maxx. I'm officially sad and this has been interesting.
We should all take a deep breath and do my final thoughts. The only thing approved today that I have already used on my channel as I said before is the contour kit by Anastacio. This is an amazing formula. I live for it. Lots of people use this in their kit at home. Everything else today, I don't know. foundation with a sponge wasn't too bad and then once it settled on the skin it just went south like i don't know what happened there but since i wiped it off and reapplied the itchiness stopped, isn't it so strange?
I don't do anything different I don't know I really can't figure it out I've tried a million things before I don't know if the foundation reacted weird with the foundation I can't figure out how or why I've used this with every foundation I've reviewed mostly so i'm a bit hectic today so this was interesting i've never bought my makeup at t.j.maxx before so today was a first for me it was definitely fun to see Criss Angel know a lot of magic tricks happened so sound like then what the heck do you guys think about it all?
Have you tried makeup there? Let me know the T and of course don't forget to enter my giveaway if you didn't see the intro rewind it and go in right guys see you in the next video for me

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