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Trying on all of my jackets (yikes)

May 29, 2021
hey girls welcome back to my channel today we are doing something a bit self indulgent and fun. Lately I've been very inspired by the girl Karen Britt she's a really amazing fashion and style youtuber and she's also on Instagram and she just has these are fun videos of casual styles and videos on clothes that I'm addicted to looking at so today I thought I'd it would be so much fun to go through my jacket closet or jacket collection. the exit of my apartment because that area is so dark i thought it would be much better to move them to this part of my bedroom closet just for the sake of this video so yeah let's go inside we have riding


we have leather we have long


it's going to be a great time and i'm going to try them all on you so first let's start with a new addition that i'm really excited about is this wedding jacket furs and they are a uk based company that do beautiful jacket designs.
trying on all of my jackets yikes
I love that it has this military-inspired look. I feel very Civil War chic in something like this. The only thing about this jacket that is a bit strange is that it has buttons on one side and then they come undone. so you can zip it up and down but putting it back on is such an effort that you should never do it but luckily it still looks pretty good even with the tab there yeah it's a really good looking jacket all leather and it's i have some nice little details on the back so i love it this is a really fun new addition and i think it looks great.
trying on all of my jackets yikes

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trying on all of my jackets yikes...

I took a couple of photos in this and people loved it and wanted to know more. of mine, this is, I believe, a 1980s car heart. I'm not a hundred percent sure it's made in the USA and it's small. amazing gift and it fits so fun it is i have the cute red lining oh yeah it's like a young 20 this is really really fun to wear on the bike it's not armored or anything but i can actually put an armored shirt underneath from here at least with elbow protection it looks great and is good for some transitional views and stuff and i can definitely layer like a windbreaker under it and have things fill in this area for warmth.
trying on all of my jackets yikes
Another one on the vintage end of things is this short little ski jacket. pants somewhere in the world is another one of those like fun pieces i got it at a furniture store of all things so once in a while like some of the thrift or mid century modern stores that have furniture will have stuff too funny like jackets and stuff, so I couldn't let this guy go. I love how the back looks and it has this amazing, fun neckline. The colors are amazing. They changed it to this white one and used black thread to fix it so it has a real Frankenstein look to it and then I think this side is the original zipper so it would be a big project to repair but I could just replace it like we're on this side and see what we can do to fix this guy but in the meantime he still works and has character so I love this jacket ok another fun furniture store vintage ok its this jacket I have this I believe in brew city Salvage in Milwaukee and I could have bought the other one in brew City salvage puffer jacket too fun it's soft it has really nice colors and it makes me feel like I'm on that 70's show and I wear it I feel like Kelso or Hyde would I've worn a jacket like this so check out something new in the realm of moto jackets.
trying on all of my jackets yikes
I recently received this beautiful new iconic jacket. It has a really cool removable reflective lining. I haven't even used it yet so it still has some of the tags on it. I'm still on it but Ikon sent me this and I It's such a beautiful jacket so I love the color. I love his style. It looks very elegant. all pretty much like something light it's a really nice d30 armor so it's not as heavy as some other armor that can feel like a tire or whatever I can feel like some weird cardboard stuff and then it's cool because on the sides here you can change the gusset and if it's gusset is that the word yes on the sides here you can change the size of the waist and you can give yourself a little more or less room depending on what you have underneath yeah this is really cool textile jacket that it comes with armor i can't wait to take this guy out on the town though it's been unbelievably cold in wisconsin and i hope he recovers but we'll have to see that in the meantime i haven't been riding that much here we have a classic alpha i cropped jacket type in the industry it has all the bells and whistles and then it's reversible so the inside is really bright orange and we can do a little change and boom now we're orange sometimes s i will wear this jacket on the bike i will wear an armored shirt under it and where the black side during the day and this orange side at night because it's like a wonderful fluorescent orange that draws attention and sometimes people at night can't see you through sometimes during the day people can't see you so it's nice to have the option to basically turn this inside out so it's like a hi vis vest over whatever else you have under your jacket this has worked pretty well for me useful and I think it looks great.
I have two of these riding jackets you've seen my beautiful leather jacket before so if you want to know more about this I would tell you to watch my video


on women's riding jackets or whatever not a great video eo but i dig a little deeper into all the features and my reviews of these jackets but first here is the all time classic real comfortable good looking savage moto jacket and second of my riding jackets is this one. straight to help Carol one has a heavier jean has a nice short fit and looks great I love this jacket I wear a lot casually and it's a pretty solid jacket to go to the motorcycle let's keep this thing a big vintage of mine I don't know how many people would consider this a jacket but it's like the classic letterman jacket but this is my mom's because my mom's ASU Arizona State University jacket has a little Sun Devil on it and I love this and I don't think she even knows I have it, I'm sorry, mom.
I love the oversized look, it's amazing to layer and has a beautiful color palette and is an amazing personal vintage piece. Another cropped jacket that is a vintage jacket from my collection is this one. epic North Face Jacket and I'm debating whether or not I should keep it. It's great. I first saw one of these in a Princess Nokia music video. It has the perfect blue color and I go around every corner of the internet


. to find one of these on mine and i found quite a few on ebay and the red one was one that seemed to be my size and i still really like the jacket.
I think it's great but I don't know when it's zipped up I don't know if it fits me well it gives me a very broad shouldered look I think you thought the shoulders were very narrow this would be a great jacket but it gives me extra shoulders Now and then when I have triangular shapes. These can definitely be connected with ski pants or whatever. I think this is one of their ski jackets for extreme cold use. I mean it's from the 90's probably if you saw my first motovlog this jacket. It probably looks a little familiar on that because it's perfect for riding on the bike.
It has a short back so you're not sitting in anything that you can layer. I can fit things under this and it's literally for skiing so it works great in windy environments so I've been using it just the way I like it. winter riding jacket with stuff underneath and it works well obviously no abrasion protection but what is this cross average when we get down to it? It is useful. I haven't really worn it for just a while, so as a responsible person I only have two jean jackets, one a light wash that I recently picked up on consignment.
I don't think you can call this vintage, you can why not. I don't think it's that old, it's second hand, you know it's worn. Look. I don't know if it's manufacturer worn or naturally life worn, but the funnest part is the big reveal on the back, so how could I? i say no to an American Flag Jacket I never really don't have the quintessential 4th of July clothing so it will be perfect for rocking out for the holidays and everyday life because it's cool if I was born in the USA If you don't know Alot about consignment vs vintage vs second hand and all of those consignment shopping is basically like thrift stores but not all people put their items up for sale and the owners of the items determine the price and if sells, they let you know a part. of that price and if it does not sell, it is returned or donated.
That's how a lot of consignment places work, so it's a bit more of a person-to-person sale, but they tend to be trying to have consignment stores where you can go and browse as sort of a selection of higher quality brand name stuff. , so I like to go consignment shopping because there are more guarantees of good quality and very gently used items and things that like amazing prices even online consignment stores like real real if you want to do luxury consignment , thredUP is another one that I definitely tried to buy second hand as often as possible, not only is it fun and unique but it's also better for the environment and whatnot anyway that's my spiel on second hand , this is my other jean jack it has a nice quilted lining on the sleeves and then it's Sherpa lined on the inside it's actually from American Apparel they are out of business now or owned now d from a Canadian company, but when they were American Apparel, I grabbed one of these guys and I'm glad I did.
It's a really great jacket again for the bike and it's nice and cozy. we're getting closer to people so another riding jacket i wore in the writing jacket video so we'll make this fast the classic speed and strength jacket i don't have the armor and this jacket is another jacket I'm considering getting rid of it, but I've customized it, so it's kind of fun. I almost want to like keeping it in the family, so to speak, so I'm thinking maybe if I have a friend who is into riding and needs a jacket. This would be a nice jacket to give someone to give them the original armor.
It is a fairly inexpensive introductory riding jacket. It's just a textile jacket, so on its own it doesn't like to provide any abrasion or impact resistance. on it but this is what it looks like without the armor it has a couple vents it's a nice slim fit again it has velcro on the sides that you can pull back and i dropped in a nice little dark house sigil my mom put it on for me, here's a fun one. I'm excited about this so most jackets are just a short hip type. This one is a little short on the waist.
It is higher up and has fringes. I was in Manhattan, oh, I was on the Upper East Side, not far from the Met and I I mean, what do you say? It's a fringed jacket, it's amazing, it's so much fun, it looks great with dresses. I love this jacket. Next, we have a fun texture. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. and-bone and it is a beautiful velvet jacket. In fact, I wear it with band t-shirts quite often. It is fun. Who can argue with a jacket like this? the shoulders and then it's kind of relaxed through the body and I actually wore it last night.
I tend to turn it up a bit. I wear it quite often with this, like a Led Zeppelin t-shirt. This is my idea of ​​business casual now. I'm getting into some longer stuff and this is a leather Nine West jacket from a recent consignment piece, oh I left the tag on. I've been using this with the tag still a lot of the consignment tag. your matrix jacket isn't as long as the length, but it's kinda awesome. I bought it as a costume jacket, but then I put it on, ironically, you feel me too, so yeah, I hope you can see the bottom, but it goes down to my knees. and man I love this thing it gives me steel Amanda vibes if you know who she is this jacket has served me well as it has a lot of them.
I have had this for many moons. This is my spring summer. chic fall jacket it's just an amazingly flattering trench coat so i love the look of this guy this is like i don't know it's just a cool jacket i love it when jackets have a little bit of flare at the waist that they do kind of a nice shape and this one looks amazing from the back as well as trench vibes you might be wondering omg this girl lives in Wisconsin and she hasn't shown any winter jacket yet so let's get into that. Now speaking of flared jackets, this vintage one excites me.
Got this recently from a vendor who features her stuff on Instagram, she lives in New York and this beautiful 1970s camel jacket, my favorite thing of late, has that flare at the bottom. I got this kind of naughty vibe and this is justa fantastic jacket. I don't know what to say. Very nice big pockets. The jacket is all wool. It's very smooth. pass we have another pretty practical jacket from Alpha Industries that's not quite dead of the winter jacket kind of thing but it doesn't do anything wrong oh I just noticed you have a fur collar that goes you can go ahead and imagine this is a super solid transitional piece it's a good commuter jacket it's good mid weight so i like this i can put stuff under it and it looks good here's an epic consignment found from houston texas of all things this big beautiful suede jacket a bit like penny lane in siberia yeah no this is iconic and it's amazing and i always get lots of compliments when i wear it.
I'm lovin 'it. I'd wear this casually I'd wear this dressy I only wear it all the time because it's just one of those jackets why not the last but not least a jacket I really need to clean up This is kind of an original Penny Ling jacket, kind of the lightest weight option this necklace is also removable it's like a little wow on your face a really big puffy necklace and this one is good to wear open it doesn't look amazingly flattering closed it looks good from the front but from the back it's like the shape of that I like to wear it open as to show the lining a bit I mean I bought it in Zurich in Switzerland because towards the end of my trip it was my friend it was pretty cold and not really we brought winter coats this is a much loved piece it is so much fun and has the right drama thanks for watching my tryon extravaganza jacket i think you should follow me on instagram if you haven't already you should subscribe to it I channel you because there is a lot more fun to be added go ahead and like this video if you liked it share it with all your friends I have a lot of fun things in store for this off season now that it's pretty cold outside I'm going to be walking a lot less so there will be more sit down videos and some more event focused things we hear mom tried out motorcycle show will be the weekend of march 13-15 which happens to be my 27th birthday weekend so mom saturday tried it's my birthday so im thinking of putting together a little event we'll see what might happen there but plenty of time to plan that for now thank you so much for all the love and support don't forget to check out my great lakes supply website Co, that's where I sell some of my own original designs and I'm thinking I might start selling some vintage finds too because I've been finding some great stuff.
I've been collecting vintage for a while now and I've found some really cool Harley stuff lately. All the best again, thanks for looking and until next time, drive safe, I'll see you next time.

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