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Trying New Things with the Go Jetters | Go Jetters

Jun 30, 2023
perfect windy teddy pay attention to my green board credits today's lesson is about wind energy oh this is going to be so much better than any of those lessons without Jitter or soon kitties will come from all over the island and join the Grim Academy , if it is not. just one field this is the dream kite flying Arena wait, wait for this and wait for my signal three two a boom look how strong and powerful the wind can be luckily it's never too strong for a Grandmaster you're already there, right? Just prophetically it's playing around overseas listen up, go Jettas, the new geoflow is all about converting wind power into energy with a click, stick it inside the geodome and then you can test it outside.
trying new things with the go jetters go jetters
I'm ready, I'm stable. See you soon. cumulus ahead Cadets let's ride those thermals under them oh oh don't panic wave a little towards the right good job just follow that Albatross she knows where Thermals look good Julie gliding so quietly Lars so peaceful uh tomorrow for a race no Jetta this is not race error it's a test from the academy it's a fish if I see it and I'm going to win look at my green glider isn't it just your grimbler mistake no glider grimbler glider grimbler and give us more space yes, see you in The Finland new jetty uh, that's great, that doesn't slide Hollywood more movie stars equals so many autographs to get oh, excuse me, hi, oh, would you mind signing this for me, please, ah, lining up for the next shot, azuli, I need that perfect photo that really says Hollywood, well I guess?
trying new things with the go jetters go jetters

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trying new things with the go jetters go jetters...

You might like This sounds like it's time for some fun facts Lights, camera and action Let me tell you about where we are Hollywood in the United States of America is famous for its studios where movies have been made for over 100 years Hollywood also has a Walk of Fame where great movie actors receive a star and, looking above it all, is the famous Hollywood sign. Each huge letter is taller than seven movie stars standing on each other's shoulders, which would make a great souvenir selfie. Remember this is just practice. Action time for some fantastic gymnastics fabulous honey, excuse me I guess that means it's time for lunch I don't think it's your stomach doing flips Cayenne oh it's an earthquake isn't that cool okay everyone the Space Needle is built to resist earthquakes, it's not an earthquake, look Lars ubercon we have a problem someone installed rocket boosters on the observation deck van


rocket boosters Blossom I mean, isn't it amazing, where do they come from, yeah, grandma is the problem, There is no criminal, hey, he is


to throw the saucer, that is because I am finally going bravely.
trying new things with the go jetters go jetters
Where no Grandmaster has gone before in outer space, you must shut down those thrusters before this space needle turns into a spaceship. We'd better get Cayena up there to the broom problem. You have to stop this. There are tourists there. There is no silence. There are no planes in space. no one can hear you blah blah blah blah blah run master fail even more of him Julie Tire we have to stop those thrusters maybe you could carve an apple to go with your banana Lars I'll call Stonehenge to the Colosseum or the Great Wall of China, let's have ice cream, this could take a while, I sing, I see much better laughter, no kind of games, cream, Bots, we need a cold cream.
trying new things with the go jetters go jetters
Headquarters below, follow me, sorry, well, okay, team, look at this sculpture, the best thing I've done so far. ta-da um it looks strange what I don't understand better keep practicing the laws eh ubicorn why is everything melting when it's so cold something very hot is right in the middle of the festival it's warming everything around it Ice Festival minus ice amounts to a big wash which is really not great for the broom staff in three two one seat belt please it's behind the Palace wall be careful go squirt whatever it is it's very hot

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