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Trying Clothing Hacks To See If They Work

Mar 18, 2024
Hello friends, it's me and today I thought I'd try some


tricks to see if


really are. Is your skirt too short? Yes, I have many of those. Oh, but does it have to be exactly that skirt because one of my favorite skirts actually fits me like one of these skirts, but can I do this with a normal skirt that doesn't fit? They just cut holes for the arms and note that it looks like a real shirt that you would wear off the shoulder and with ruffles and everything is in reality. very nice, I really want this to


trying clothing hacks to see if they work
I'm almost sure it has to be a certain type of skirt for this to


. This was the closest I could find. I washed it too many times, it just shrank if I tried to wear it. It's like no, it's absolutely not illegal, so let's just leave this and then I'm going to cut holes for the arms like here, basically just slits. All I can find is some meat scissors. I don't think the fabric is going to be that hard. meat, but oh, it's cutting, it's cutting better than any pair of scissors I've ever had, so I made my little hole here and another one and then I just put it in and reverse it, that has to come out for this one, I don't.
trying clothing hacks to see if they work

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trying clothing hacks to see if they work...

I know what I wash my hair with and that made it greasier than it looked before I washed it, so put on the skirt, am I doing this right? Oh, um, this is going to fall, there's no support, you know, unless I use it like this, wowza, you know? What does this actually look like as a shirt? Because I think it looks like a shirt and I think it looks like a really cute shirt and I could actually wear this right now. I don't think I trust it enough to wear it off the shoulder because as soon as I take it off my shoulder I feel like it's going to come off my entire body oh yeah I don't trust this I mean have you ever worn a skirt in your life above, but if I use it like this, it's fine. this is incredibly cute, i would actually wear this, wait, does the back look cute?
trying clothing hacks to see if they work
I have a mirror, I have like a two-inch viewfinder on my camera. I give this one a big fat one, take a boring old dress shirt, oh, it's tied to his bra, right? "Everyone sees that he did it cute straight out of the office for dinner. Look, are you sick and tired of the existence of your dress shirts? You're


to transform it into something else. Okay, so let's take it off the shoulder very fast". and then, wow, that button just came out, look how he did it, so luckily I know how to tie a double knot, so wait, it's like it's tight on my shoulders.
trying clothing hacks to see if they work
I'm going to release another button. I dare? Do you know what it is? It might actually be a cute thing because I think it's the denim that will work like it would work with any type of dress, shirt you could probably wear with a flannel as well. It would be cute and I just like to roll up my sleeves because I think it looks better than just folded up because of global bro What is this? What is this? This drives me crazy. In fact, it looks a little trendy, so maybe we'll do it right. This is the finished look.
The back is very nice, very gramable. I got an email notification from a store and


use the word gramable, they say look at all these grammatical styles, I'm like what grandma buys here and then I realized oh, they're all for the gram, which is love the gram this is Not bad it's really cute I could even wear it like I'm wearing it now and it would be nice if you wanted to undo one you could probably also oh I think it's cuter that way again with the shoulder discovered, as I always feel. it's going to go off, you don't even have to do it off the shoulder, do it like this, I don't know, it looks cute, you see, that's how I use it, nothing fancy, so I saw this tic tac trick where this girl just like the damn bun I have, there was editing a transition like what happened in those two five seconds where she flipped down and up and her hair was in a bun, let's fix this mess if I can hold my hair. bands okay, so she did it like this, this will get caught in my rings, so she won't like it, okay, I mean, I did it, but she did it 10 times faster, it was still very slow, I mean, when I normally do a ponytail.
It's like my hair almost every day in high school and people walked around pinching it like it was a thing. I'll usually do it again. I'll try it again, so we put the hair bow on like this or maybe with human thumbs. I need thumbs, okay, I think I did it, it was faster and look, look, I have all my hair. It seems nice? Probably not, but yes, definitely use your thumb so you can get a good grip. It's like the hand she feeds, except instead of getting the. food, you get your hair and just no, we have a casualty in the headband graveyard, go well, I guess you can't be too aggressive fast, it doesn't equal aggressive, I think I did better the first time, but yeah, I mean , If you follow. practicing it there's no reason why it shouldn't work oh man that's just horrible this attempt doesn't even count you know that's why I wear a hat are you sick and tired of being comfortable in your big comfy sweater, just take it off, slide it on? down there no that that was the same that was the same thing that she was wearing a second ago it's a dress now you know there's a very unlikely chance that what fits around my neck won't fit on my chest there's 99 spandex stretch shirt energy right here and then she just tied the back like oh in a bow, a bow in the butt and then the drawstring oh once you take it out it will never go back in you can't undo what you just did , she just made a hole. through it, okay, she's making it work, I don't make the rules here for this, I had to go to several stores to find this exact type of sweater.
You see, I have so many of these sweaters, their turtlenecks are basically like a really big turtleneck cover up and it makes me want to howl so I inspected several of them you'll basically want to put your body through the neck hole if it can't stretch any further. of your shoulders it's not going to work I went to the target I have one, this one is xxl, by the way, it was the only way it doesn't have a drawstring like the one in the trick, it's very itchy and it's stretchy, but you want it as stretchy as possible.
The one in the video was huge. I feel like this. maybe it works, maybe it doesn't, maybe it's too short, that was the problem, the pants are off, so now we're going to try to go through this neck hole, okay, that's an arm, we have an arm, okay , the next arm, oh, I think it's going to work, it's going to work hey, yeah, that was the hard part, you see, if you can get through the hood, you flap your wings and turn into an owl, it looks exactly like the trick, this is going to work fine, so let's roll up the sleeve. and we just tied it behind our backs you don't exist, she tied it in a noose.
I do not think that it's necessary. I feel like a bow is going to be too bulky. Looks like you have a tail, okay? There are several ways to do this, what I learned from other tricks is that you can take the sleeves and tuck them in, you guys will basically do them inside out and you have to get on my chair to be able to see the pockets, no one will know how you will do it. I know I'm wearing a belt, but if I did, I could just tie something around my waist. Oh my gosh, it's so Christmassy.
Alright? This is kind of cute, so what you could do is just turn them back and then bring them over. Put them in the front and it will still be bunched up, but if you want a bow in the front, which is a tie, does that look stupid, that kind of stupid looking, okay, five minute crafts, everyone figured it out, did their best. Alright, now you know what it's probably going to be, this video is brought to you by Ridge Wallet. Are you sick and tired of you or your man's wallet looking like this old, bulky thing?
Well, now you can get the Ridge Wallet that holds 12 cards and holds cash. There are over 30 styles and colors and it has a lifetime warranty with over 40,000 5-star reviews. I think it's the perfect gift because I love giving people things that they're actually going to use, so be sure to visit wolf check out the ridge vacation guide and use the code wolf to get 10 off. This trick is supposed to make wearing heels a little more comfortable. You wear regular socks and poke some holes in them, bad boys, until your toes dangle. I think this is just. works like those peep toe sandals, yeah, no one will suspect what you can buy, or you can just make them with normal socks, which I think is pretty smart.
Here's a spare sock that comes into my room without a partner and You know what we do with those socks: we cut them up, so we'll make four holes just enough so my toes can look through. Okay, I didn't make them very even, but that's okay, I'll wear them. I don't think they are tight. enough and you will need five holes. I didn't think you needed four. Actually, no, you know what, the tail of the pinky doesn't need its own hole. There you have your toes. I haven't had a pedicure since I was pre-covered. please ignore my ugly feet that look like sasuke oh my ugly feet you know what this is fine I'm comfortable my toes are free my toes can be free but this content shouldn't be I don't actually have any shoes open toe You know when your toes hang because it's very unflattering and very uncomfortable and because my second toe is longer than my big toe, surprisingly a lot of these tricks were like, "Okay, I'm giving you too much credit." , but this time they were pretty good." everything really worked, but anyway, that's all for today.
I hope you enjoyed this video. Comment below. Let me know which of these tricks was your favorite. Would you try any if you enjoyed it? Make sure to hit the like button and turn on notifications. So you know when I upload, click, click and subscribe to my channel. I love you so much, thanks for watching, bye guys.

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