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Trying Beauty Hacks for Men

Jun 08, 2021
How many


could a life hack hack if a life hack could hack lives? Let's talk about it. ♪ (theme music) ♪ - Good. Mythical. Morning! - Mythical beasts, a question is like an IKEA chest of drawers. It sits in the warehouse in sixteen different boxes, patiently waiting for you to write down your name and serial number, "BLERKDERB-8975", and send it to us via social media. Then we dump all the questionable parts on the floor and start turning screws and hammering in dowels without regard to instructions. Two hours later: "Where's that little piece we need for the quiz dressing room?" We search everywhere!
trying beauty hacks for men
We yelled at the dog for no reason! We curse IKEA! And then, in a fit of rage and defeat, we break off the end of a wooden spoon and stick it in there...and it works! We hacked into your dresser and you have your answer. - We asked you to ask us questions about life hack tips and today we have some answers for you. Mahia Mahzabin asks, "Do you have any tips for making midnight snacks in silence, and without my parents waking up?" - Oh, this is a great question, Mahia! And you know what, if your parents are going to wake up, it will be because you do something like turn on the microwave, wake up, open the fridge...
trying beauty hacks for men

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trying beauty hacks for men...

It's louder than you think, they're going to wake up! - (sucking sound) You have to have a completely silent solution, and we do. It's spray cheese. Observe: it makes absolutely no noise. I do not hear anything! I didn't even know it was there until I tried it! And you know what? The best thing about this is that it does not require refrigeration, so after using it for the first time, you can place it under your mattress, for later! - Mmmmm! - Problem solved! - You are welcome. Next question, Rhett! This is from Samantha Youskevich, she says: "My boyfriend and I definitely need a trick to remember to bring the essentials when we leave: keys, wallets, phones, you get it!
trying beauty hacks for men
If two 'Mythical Masterminds' could fix this, it would be you - Two! - Well, if anyone really needs help with this besides you, Samantha, it's me! I forgot my wallet this morning! - He did! - And I came back to the house twice! Once, you came there to carpool, did you see me go out and come back in? - I thought you were taking your wallet! - I was taking my phone! - Oh! (laughs) - I forgot So, for me and you, Samantha , or for everyone else who doesn't know how to get all their junk together consistently: we have a "Song for When" - This is a song for when... - want to make sure you have - everything before you leave the house (in unison) Five, six, seven, eight!
trying beauty hacks for men
I have to ♪ know ♪ if I have everything before I leave the do'. The cars They need keys, not cheese, just keys! Take the keys, please. Not the cheese, jeez! My back pocket is there, but the pocket is empty! What's going on there? My wallet! Get the wallet. There I have it. Put the wallet in my pocket on my butt. Where is my cellphone? I bet it's in my hand. Yes! My lips are dry, but I must remain calm. Get my lip balm. - Is the oven on? - Not! - Did I button my fly? - Yes!
Did I put a Band-Aid on my third nipple correctly because it gets exceptionally hard and looks uncomfortable? Check! I have my things. I have everything. Go. Time to leave. Outside the door. Now I'm gone. Bye. See you later. Sayonara. Bye. - I'm going to sing that every morning! - And you will never forget anything again! Okay, the next question is from Orion Biedrzycki, who asks, "What's the best life hack?" - Hm, well, there are tons of life


floating around the internet, so this is a great question. But the answer to the best life hack is the one that works. - Hmm. - Because there are so many tricks that look cool, but don't really work.
Which brings us to a whole new segment where we are going to test the effectiveness of life hacks, called: "Life vs. Hack!" Ok, so today we are going to try the chicken wing hack to see if it creates a better wing eating experience. I'm just going to eat wings like a regular person here. - Yes, basically you are like the control group, and I am going to use the trick of the chicken wings, which I will explain when I start eating. - Well. Are you ready? ♪ (rock music in the background) ♪ - Yeah, it's not a race, but, you know, go at your normal pace, here.
I'm going to pick up one of these. And, the point of this is to debone it before you start eating, so you break the joint here. - Hmm! - I'm still a bit new to this trick, but I'm figuring it out. Take that little wing and twist it, and whoops! -- push him. I have some meat in there, but don't tell anyone, I'll take it off. - I'm going a little slower than I normally would, because... - There you have it! ...I eat so fast, I'm just going at what I think is the pace of a normal person.
Twisting the big bone on the other side is harder, but it will happen. I'm kind of erasing this wing a little but, but there won't be any bones in there when I'm done! There it comes right there -- Ooh look at that! And then, - I've got the whole wing, I'm just going to... - We're pretty close to the pace though, I'll say. I don't know what I would think of a guy who started doing this. Like, "Guy's-really playing with his wings!" -(Laughs) I know, it seems like...-"he's a great violinist". - (laughs) Don't do this on a first date, unless you say...
He looks like a guy who fights into submission, like "DIE!" It's the kind of thing you have to say like: "Listen, I'm going to be a little weird, with my wings, but then..." - "But if you like that..." "... (Laughter) I'll get all the meat out, and you're going to be very impressed with me." - "...then I am the man for you." - "I watch a lot of videos on the internet,..." - "Look at this." - "'s not a big deal! - "See that? A magic trick." That's what - I'll say to the ladies... - "Is that a magic trick?" (laughter) - ...if I was dating them. - Say, "That's a magic trick." (laughs) - (laughs) - Add the "s" to impress the ladies. - "It's a magic trick!" - Ladies love correct grammar. (crew laughs) - Maybe not!
I'm off the market, I - I don't know what the ladies like - Me neither! - Yeah. - Hm! Where did that come from? (crew laughs) I got an extra wing! I created a part of a wing as part of my trick. Are you going to eat that? - You can pick it up and eat it yourself. - Wait, it's meat! - I know, I created it! - Good. This is which I will say: we ate wings - at roughly the same rate,... - Mhm. ...I was going a little slower than normal. And you got the same amount of meat off your bones that I got off mine.
Now, in There's actually some residual meat on my bones, whereas yours are a bit... Well, I mean, it's quite Similarly, let's say there's a tie in that... respect. tie, there's a little - there. - Uhm, I have a lot of sauce on my lips. You don't seem to have sauce on your lips. I can't see the sauce on your lips, but... - I feel the burn on my lips. - You do? I do not feel any burning on my lips. And, my hands, compare the hands? - Oh, your hands are dirtier than mine. My hands... I'm about two knuckles deep in wing sauce, here.
Well this is what I will say. I think the question was, "Does this trick provide a better wing eating experience?" And I think the results were relatively similar, but it seemed like your experience was better. Yes I get fun; there was a little challenge. I think I can impress people. If he was dating, maybe he could impress the ladies. - Yeah. - And the feeling of just (clicking tongue) popping it in your mouth and not having to worry about a thing... - Like a boneless wing. -'s so fabulous. - Yeah. - And I get to work on the next one while I eat that one, so it's very efficient. - Well, our verdict is: (in unison) Hack wins! - lizpeachytyjo asks: "Beauty hacks?" - Okay, Liz, you might be thinking: "Rhett and Link don't know anything about


tricks!". - Pfffftsss! - Listen, you have no idea what we go through every day to make this happen. - Hmm. - And that happens. - Hmm. - But we are about to open the curtain and show you some of our


Check it out. ♪ (background music) ♪ - What's up, Mythical Beasts? Hee hee hee! Here at Mythical Entertainment, we have our own personal beauty hacks to help us take our headspace to the brightest headspace. We want to share them with you today. Putting on my face is like building a house, so I always start with a solid skincare foundation. I start by priming my face-canvas with 100-grit sandpaper. Before applying my face, I like to spray myself with a light film of my signature scent: Febreeze. Hmm! Uneven sideburns are "out of place." So I stretch a long strip of masking tape across the face and use a level to keep it straight.
Measure twice and cut once, right? To make sure my ear canals are free of hair, so I can hear what the day has in store for me, I use my handy BBQ lighter to trim the thickness of my ear. That tickles! (Laughter) Unruly brow hairs can make you look like an out-of-touch college psychology professor. But one brow's trash is another lash's treasure! So I trim my brows and meticulously reattach the trims to my lashes to really add that extra "va-va-voom." To keep my facial locks luxurious, I use this “Beastly Yet Balanced Beard Oil”. It is made of crystal diamonds from the center of the earth.
It will balance your unicorn chakra and one day make you president of the world. I am legally required to admit that this is my product. That doesn't mean it's not perfect. I am also legally required to admit that it is not perfect. Nor will it make you president of the world. Or turn into a unicorn. If you turn into a unicorn for more than four hours, seek immediate medical attention. And one last quick shout out to our designer friend, Kirkland, for these super hot jeans. They are loose and tight in all the right places. (in unison) Thanks for looking!
Be your mythical best! Goodbye now! Well, if our beauty tips aren't enough for you, you can get more tips from Grace in her new book Grace & Style, available in bookstores around the world and right here behind your desk. - Well, the top half is here. And the whole thing! - Ohhh! Thank you for liking, commenting, subscribing! Do you know what time it is. My name is Olivia, from Pinehurst, North Carolina, and it's time to spin the Wheel of Myth. I bet you need a way to keep your lips and beard at peak performance! (laughing) Well, you can do that with Link's Peculiarly Perfect Peppermint - Peanut Butter Lip Balm... - Mhm. ...and my beard oil, both available at Give it a listen.
Click on Good Mythical More; Let's open your mail. Fun mail elements and can you believe that works? Well, someone made - something to play on it. - "Rhett is Link's horse." - Haa! horsey! Horsey git over here! Now! - (sound of horse thumping) Get in front of my saddle, horse! Because I'm going to put ♪ in the saddle. Here we go, this may be a bad idea! ♪ Wow! Good. Take off! Yes! - (sound of horse thumping) - Hyah! Go! Go! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! - That's uncomfortable. For a number of reasons. ♪ (end music) ♪ The best touch in all of this, besides the self-milking, and the extra teats, and the eight-pack, is the fact that they took the time to put the sun in the corner. - Yes.
Because the sun always shines on a cow that milks itself.

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