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Trying AIR FRYER TikTok Food Hacks! - Part 5

Mar 20, 2022
Since I got my deep


, I have cooked almost anything in the deep


, it is my favorite appliance now, but I can be sure that I have never cooked ice cream in my deep fryer. Now in the video he had gloves on and he liked to roll the ice cream into a ball I thought it might be easier to do it with saran wrap it's like a four step process because you have to make the ball and let the ball freeze and then cover and all this before you can bake it but luckily i planned ahead last night and made little scoops of ice cream and froze them so they're hard as rocks again we have to mash up the cereal and roll it up what are we making fried ice cream?
trying air fryer tiktok food hacks   part 5
Didn't I say we're like breading ice cream with egg whites and flour and crushed cereal and then we're frying ice cream in the deep fryer deep fryers don't deep fry though well the deep fryer is like bry so to me this seems a bit backwards because ice cream is cold hot is hot ice cream melts when it gets hot like this science i have flour which like flour in ice cream already looks weird but then we are supposed to give it an egg white bath and then in our cereal i would be so confused about this if it wasn't for your scientific explanation a couple of minutes ago i know all about eating chill what's up archie getting into the ice cream scoop things that are in the freezer need to chill for a couple of hours so you'll have to watch the end of the video to see how they turn out and that's not just click me


to get you to see the end of the video they have to cool down so we move on to the next one this one you have to smash the bread and and or like why squashed bread seems the worst to me, like you have those sandwiches that you put in your backpack and your books beat and squash them all day and then you go eat them and it's like this salmon squashed bread is disgusting like why am I doing that on purpose? lots of feelings about this i have feelings about does it look delicious or something like a squash its confusing to me what its not confusing its a combination of chocolate and strawberries whats going on in this and then i eat fried together i guess its something like that like it's going to be like a cross between a grilled cheese and a crepe but i'm also anticipating like a mess of melted chocolate all over my air fryer yeah ok we're rolling we're rolling oh no i cut the crust wow , we should delete this and start over no ok we'll do this and it'll be a little piece of crust but I've got two here this is falling a


look at it you missed a little bit of crust I think its not wet enough i should just spray it with water yes the squashed sandwich is gross but lets spray the bread with some water ok i had it frozen then i thought about it and now i froze the bread yeah well i didnt strange that it is dry, why? you froze the bread because i didn't want to go wrong s really distracting i got this just looking at me he's just looking at me ok i think the crust was holding me back this seems i've gotten a lot skinnier that looks good yeah yeah looks great and now that we have our little bun sausage now I'm supposed to brush it with butter which I feel like I also need to do this edge to help seal that seam is what the butter is for I thought it was like adding a nice salty crunch nope i think it's supposed to add the salty crunch to it but i'm just saying this will fly open so i was like lemme stick a little rotor in there when i need a good sticky i usually my butter is my go to so i see where are you going with that second one definitely cuts your pupil off the crust now no cooking instructions so we're just going to guess I'm going to go with like three minutes it looks a little crispy and sunny or you liked a sprinkle of icing sugar, okay, that looks classy.
trying air fryer tiktok food hacks   part 5

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trying air fryer tiktok food hacks part 5...

It's too hot to eat it. It's been a couple of minutes. It has a crispy crust when you can. being bread i guess it feels like some kind of cake but full of chocolate and dreams i think it was actually chocolate and strawberries wow that's good yeah very good some interesting noises right in your mouth being swallowed sounds good color me impressed because it was delicious, like doing it again especially like playing around with different flavors because it was really good let's move on to the next one which definitely looks like a fire hazard you guys may not know but popcorn is. my favorite snack but i never use like those microwave popping popcorn bags as i always make mine with just the kernels but i make it in the microwave i usually dont use a stove because i find my very fast and you can heat up popcorn in three or four minutes it's like throwing it in the deep fryer and letting it cook for 15 minutes and this seems like a long time for popcorn it also looks like the crowns are going to catch fire but I'm here to prove it and ruin my deep fryer so you don't have to.
trying air fryer tiktok food hacks   part 5
It actually had instructions for baking which is lovely. 3 30 15 minutes. i'll put it on 10 minutes and wait that's such a bad idea yeah i'll see you in 10 minutes unless we're running on fire yeah those are running on fire so it's been like 20 minutes because i kept having to check and things still weren't popping and now at this point the beans are starting to look very toasty and a little bit burnt they seem to be very very dark I know it's a dud I know we shouldn't do this but I feel like I have to eat the burnt popcorn to taste this beautiful burnt popcorn as if it were just I make my four minute microwave popcorn on top of this.
trying air fryer tiktok food hacks   part 5
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I've seen this trend all over the world and seen it done in different ways, oh my gosh , so as I was saying before this scared the shit out of me this is stupid packaging you can make them out of croissa rolls nt or pancake mix or a couple of different things so let's go with croissant roll what? people have been doing is just stick the cookie inside the croissant and just fold it and make a little cookie blanket like that and you just like to air fry it looks delicious maybe this will make this whole tic tac g video worth doing no i like the soft sandwich bread strawberry thing that was delicious put it in the deep fryer and then i don't know we're going to do um so aggressive we're going to do three minutes and then i'm going to check it you got your elbow like in patients lovely will match the other stains on your shirt yeah we're doing good today i hurt my foot too when i fell let's check them out oh my god they look amazing perfect little golden clouds.
Do you have to put sugar in it? everything yeah that's what they did because it makes you look fancy he's like those look so tasty ok you look disappointed. to dip them I feel a little dry right I feel like you need like two oreos inside because I feel like it just gets lost gets lost in the batter you're right I think there's too much batter enough oil but the thing is it's like almost there yeah it's pretty close , I think if there were two, it would be really nice if you had someone come over and you didn't have like nothing your house was like here let me upload these two things like they take two seconds and they are super delicious maybe I'll grow some ice cream yeah this and a little ice the next one with cream this is air fried banana split but no ice cream like it was air fried banana with all these toppings so the banana is supposed to be like all caramelized and delicious , that banana is ripe and still green at the same time.
I don't know how I managed that I'm having such a hard time splitting this banana, although I kind of don't know what they mean like I cut I don't want to stick my fingers in and go, are you supposed to go? a shell on it you're not like you watch the video by the way why did you fall earlier because you needed a minute? there was a delayed reaction between when it exploded and you freaked out and then you fell to the ground i just needed a second thousand percent it's inside the shell i stays in the shell i just like to squish it ok i got it got it got it , got it, then it just says to add some natural peanut butter and some chocolate chunks like so far for me it seems like what could possibly go wrong with this except the nuts I don't have any nuts so we'll do it with some walnuts then cinnamon in the air fryer 400 for five or six minutes he says so i'll put it to five i don't know. sorry im not sure this hot is good it looks stupid but it tastes great for a healthy dessert if i was hungry i would definitely do it again the banana is like a hot pudding but it tastes really good it doesnt taste like a regular banana like it just tastes warm and yummy and the peanut butter and the chocolate the pecan like a little crunchy really yeah maybe a three is ok for a healthy dessert i feel like i would give it like a seven wow but for a the overall dessert maybe like a three what tripped you up is how you should see this yes he has the camera one hand is like um the math doesn't add up just because he's healthy he doesn't get special treatment if he does it's not right sorry how would you rate this on the same scale as a big full blown banana split ice cream couldn't i feel like it's like i want to eat out of the dumpster? no I like it I'm going to do this again it's like if I had this or a bowl of ice cream I would eat the bowl of ice cream but if I had this or a stash of celery I would eat this you know what I mean yeah like if you're going to eat from the compost bin that's what you're going to look for, you're looking into all this stuff, I can't with you, I'll go get our ice cream. balls I'm really excited about this just because it's like ice cream and fryer and we've been waiting all day to see if it works but they're done they're rock hard. and they said air fry for three minutes they're watching oh no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no so it was two minutes you know when you said ice cream was going to melt in the deep fryer i really wasn't sure if you were right or not, but you were right, did it really look like that when she pulled it out?
No, it was less melty and I put it in at the last minute. What's wrong with it? Give us a scientific explanation. It's a texture to me, like ice cream. The temperatures are also a bit hard to stomach. I feel like it might ruin my ice cream. I'm so excited. I waited all day for that. I give him one worse than banana. Worse than the banana because the banana I do it again. I wouldn't do this again, there was so much effort and waiting and it's like I didn't know exactly where you want to try it.
No, I am fine Thank you. You didn't really sell it to me. Are you sure, let me rinse my mouth? bad let me know but like its not crispy and crunchy ok i hate this but i love the cookie topped croissant that was so good as some dipping sauce and would have been a 10 out of 10 so yummy let me know below how would you rate them if you have tried any of this don't forget to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe below if you haven't subscribed and thank you so much cara for patronizing this video. you can click the link below to take the quiz and get 50 off your first order using promo code icing 50. i love you

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