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Trump Praises Jan. 6 Criminals as SCOTUS Overrules Colorado Ballot Ban: A Closer Look

Mar 09, 2024
-The Supreme Court ruled today that Donald Trump can remain on the


, overturning a decision by the Colorado State Supreme Court that declared Trump ineligible due to the constitutional ban on insurrectionists holding public office. To learn more about this, it's time for a



. ♪♪ Trump has had absolutely no regrets about the January 6 insurrection and his attempt to overturn the results of the 2020 election and end American democracy. In fact, he has a new slogan at his rallies that repeats the crazy lie that the 2020 election was rigged. -We want a landslide that is too big to fix, too big to fix.
trump praises jan 6 criminals as scotus overrules colorado ballot ban a closer look
That is what we need. We want a landslide victory. We have to win. We have to win to make it too big to handle. Too big to ride. -Why do you say it so slowly? He tells you how little he thinks of the multitude of him, that he pronounces one-syllable words the same way I read
trump praises jan 6 criminals as scotus overrules colorado ballot ban a closer look

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trump praises jan 6 criminals as scotus overrules colorado ballot ban a closer look...

It sounds like 'big'. Too big to handle. Is it just me, or is that windmill spying on us? I know you're killing birds, windmill, and one these days, I'm going to show it. It just moved. Did you see that?" Also, I'm not making up that drug story. There was a full inspector general report that the Trump White House was a pill mill. And then yesterday a new report came out saying that the Trump White House was simply handing out speed and Xanax like they were candy. And that story just came and went because there's too much going on.
trump praises jan 6 criminals as scotus overrules colorado ballot ban a closer look
We didn't have time to talk about it. Us! Eight years ago, you told me there would be a story about the White House pharmacy handing out gift bags full of benzos and amphetamines, I would have imagined it would be a week of Closer Looks. And now my reaction is: we don't have time for that Mickey Mouse bull. Anyway, back to Trump. What would a landslide victory that is too big to manipulate


like? Because you have already claimed that the Democrats manipulated the result in California, where they lost by more than five million votes in one state alone. -I always hear that Republicans can't win California.
trump praises jan 6 criminals as scotus overrules colorado ballot ban a closer look
You can't win. I will tell you that if God came down and was the vote verifier, I think we would win. -So now you need a landslide victory that's too big to manipulate, and you need God to be the vote verifier? I doubt God wants to do anything. If God came down and counted the votes, I'm sure you would accuse Him of cheating too. "I find... the robe seems very suspicious to me. The long, long, flowing robe that he wears. Even in the summer. Even in the summer, a robe. You see the videos of him entering the voting center.
The robe It's normal. And then he comes out. The robe is bulky because he is hiding


s under the robe, but no one will check it because now we are all too awake. Trump does not regret January 6. In fact, it is worse than unrepentant. on January 6 in a rallying cry at his campaign events, playing a song by a choir of convicted insurrectionists -At a rally in Houston, Texas, Trump entered with a song by the so-called January 6 Choir, a group of inmates. arrested on charges related to the insurrection. And then he called those individuals "hostages." -The former president of the United States got on stage and glorified domestic terrorists. that's something real.
Real January 6 insurrectionists in prison, singing together. -Trump and his campaign have elevated the so-called J6 Choir, a group of prisoners who recorded a version of the national anthem behind bars. Trump played the recording of him with video footage of the January 6 violence, played in the background at the first rally of his 2024 campaign. -Man, these Trump rallies are weird. They're like half megachurch and half Comic-Con, but with much worse products. I mean, let's leave aside...let's leave aside the fact that Trump is glorifying a violent insurrection. There's nothing I'd rather hear less than a choir of grown men singing a parody version of the national anthem.
And you know who else would think it sounds like that? Any Trump supporter before you told him what it was about. Imagine if he walked into a MAGA rally and said, "Do you want to hear my new national anthem parody? I recorded it over the prison phone lines." They'd kick my ass. Unless it says it's pro-Trump, in which case they beg to know where they can download it. I'm really starting to think these people are hypocrites. Trump once again performed a song by the so-called J6 Prison Choir over the weekend and praised them for being heroes. -You heard the hostages sing...
Those were hostages. They are the J6 Hostages, I call them because they are hostages. They are police officers, they are firefighters, they are accountants, they are lawyers. -I feel like Trump only knows works that were in a book by Richard Scarry. "They're police officers, they're firefighters, and one of them is a little worm who carries an apple to work. But you can't trust him. He's a humble worm." But Trump continued. -They imprison them for long periods of time. For very long periods of time. They are hostages. You heard them sing. You heard the spirit they had.
The spirit is incredible. That song became the number one song. -This guy is talking about his silly new song like he's Ed Sheeran. "The Shape of You" is one of the most played songs of all time. Trump's shape is, I don't know, a thigh with bulging eyes. And that was today's unnecessary use of googly eyes. Give me the googz. Also, I can't believe he's about to spend time checking this out, but here goes. It's true that after its debut, Trump supporters propelled the song to number one on Billboard's Digital Song Sales chart, but saying it was the number one song is highly misleading given that at the time, the song drew 442,000 official reproductions and 25,000 on the radio. viewership, compared to Morgan Wallen's "Last Night," which drew 38.9 million streams, and Miley Cyrus' "Flowers," which drew 106.7 million viewers.
And, by the way, explaining how music downloads work is why we don't have time to talk about how the Trump White House was handing out Ambien like they were Tic Tacs. Well played, fast asleep motherfuckers. Also, just because you're number one in a super specific category, doesn't mean you're number one overall. This show is NBC's number one show in the 12:30 a.m. time slot. But if I said "Late Night with Seth Meyers" was the No. 1 show on television, I think we'd get some angry phone calls from the cast of "The Bear," and I don't want to fight with Jeremy Allen White.
Have you seen that guy shirtless? Better question. Have you seen him with a t-shirt? Did someone steal this man's shirt? Could you return it? Because it makes some of us feel bad about our beach bodies. So not only does Trump have no regrets about January 6, he openly celebrates it at his rallies, and today he received major support from the Supreme Court when it ruled that he could remain on the ballot despite the insurrection ban contained therein. in the 14th Amendment. -The Superior Court just said a few moments ago that Trump can remain on this year's presidential ticket in Colorado, after that state excluded him from its Republican primaries.
The Colorado Supreme Court had disqualified Trump under a constitutional provision that bars people who participated in the insurrection from holding public office. -It does not assume and say that Donald Trump did not participate in the insurrection. In other words, the question of fact, whether he is an insurrectionist or not, was not before the court, and in no way that I have seen so far, at a quick glance, does it get addressed. -So the court didn't really address the question of whether Trump participated in an insurrection. Of course they didn't. Any rational human being not currently holding a Republican office or a member of an insurrection-themed chorus can see with his own eyes - or a pair of googly eyes - that it was obviously an insurrection.
The court stayed away from that question the same way you react when your wife asks you if you think her sister is attractive. "What? You have a sister? I don't even remember what she looks like." All that said, I'm afraid the headlines from this ruling are going to be misleading because, on the one hand, the court ruled unanimously that Trump could remain on the ballot, which makes it seem like even the liberal justices said no candidate can stay on the ballot. He will never be disqualified for participating in an insurrection. But that's not what they said.
Basically there was a second, much more divided ruling from the court's conservatives that went much further and said that only Congress can disqualify a candidate. -The specific question at hand: Was the Colorado Supreme Court wrong in ordering that President Trump be excluded from the 2024 presidential ballot? Well, the Supreme Court unanimously agreed that it was. But from there, we see some divisions among the judges. -Where there was that five-four division was in the details. Five of the justices here, the majority, so that's what rules, said that states cannot unilaterally decide to remove presidents or any federal officials from the ballot.
And instead, that's a decision Congress would have to make in the form of legislation to decide which candidates could be disqualified by the so-called 14th Amendment prohibition on insurrection. -Basically, you have to read the fine print of the ruling to discover how dangerous and extreme the ruling by the court's conservatives was. It's like when you play McDonald's Monopoly and you think you've won, but then you turn it around and there's an asterisk that says... The liberals on the court seem furious about this ruling. They wrote that the conservative majority attempts to insulate all suspected insurrectionists from future challenges to their federal office.
Because we all know that Republicans in Congress would never vote to disqualify a Republican candidate who participated in an insurrection. Basically, conservatives on the court gave the green light to all future insurrectionists to run for and hold public office, which means it's up to us, the voters, to stop them, just like we did in 2020. 2024 is the aftermath. It's like "2 Fast 2 Furious, except it's called... -Too big to ride. -This was A Closer Look. ♪♪ Hello everyone. Thank you for watching A Closer Look. And as a reminder, my brother Josh and I've started a podcast --
We hope you like it.

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