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Trump Loses it After Jan. 6 Hearing Reveals Embarrassing Speech Outtakes: A Closer Look

Jul 26, 2022
-Republicans, including Donald Trump, gathered for a truly crazy conservative conference over the weekend in which Trump claimed, among other things, that he was the most persecuted person in American history after the bombshell


of last week the January 6 committee embarrassed him by airing never-before-seen


of his


the day after the insurrection. For more on this, it's time for "A Closer Look." Yes, if you want to get a sense of what the modern conservative movement is really like, there's probably no better example than this clip from the weekend of Texas Senator Ted Cruz walking on stage to, shall we say, a slightly overzealous fanfare involving lights, dramatic music and smoke machines. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ -Wow! -Yeah.
trump loses it after jan 6 hearing reveals embarrassing speech outtakes a closer look
Yes. Wow. Talk about blowing smoke up someone's ass. There has never been a bigger gap between the drama of an entrance and the charisma of the person making the entrance. That was like the lights went out and you heard Michael Buffer say, "Let's get ready for the fight!" And then the lights went on like a spelling bee. Not good. No hyphens. I think after an entry like that, you expect to see The Rock, not someone with a rock personality. Can you smell what Ted Cruz is cooking? It is an expired lean cuisine. I found it in the back of the freezer, just covered in ice, but I think it's probably still good, right?
trump loses it after jan 6 hearing reveals embarrassing speech outtakes a closer look

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trump loses it after jan 6 hearing reveals embarrassing speech outtakes a closer look...

It would have been great if they gave him the same presentation, but in his place he had to enter with his suitcase with wheels as if he were flying to Cancun. Also, why is this guy having so much fun? In the past two years, he's been caught leaving Texas during a weather emergency and a statewide power outage. He was confronted by police at a Montana airport after arguing with an employee and sneaked off to the Tucker Carlson show with his tail between his legs to drag himself and apologize for committing the grave sin of calling January 6 a violent attack. terrorist.
trump loses it after jan 6 hearing reveals embarrassing speech outtakes a closer look
And he helped fuel that attack in the first place. If one of those things happened to me, I would never show my face in public again. But this bozo goes roaring shamelessly over the pyrotechnics of an eighth grade roller skating party. It's not fair! And unfortunately, that entry was just the beginning. This is what the Republican Party is now all empty show, without substance. They're all just professional wrestlers and insult comedians now, which I guess is what Cruz is


ing for in his


when he pulled off a crude joke for the crowd. I recently spoke with a student at one of our Wake college campuses who said that in every class she is required to introduce herself and give her pronouns.
trump loses it after jan 6 hearing reveals embarrassing speech outtakes a closer look
Well, I'm Ted Cruz and my pronoun is kiss my ass. -Ted Cruz is less of a person and more of a decal with a beard. Of course, the real victim in that story is not Ted Cruz. He is the student from the supposed university of awakening who likely ran into Cruz on campus with his head sticking out of the bushes. Hey kid, are they teaching any critical race theory there? Are they burning the Seuss books? Right there, "Kiss my ass." That is the thesis of modern conservatism. They don't have any ideas and they don't like any of the ideas of others.
So they're left with just childish insults, comedy, and culture war obsessions. But I don't even think the people in the crowd got the joke as it doesn't make sense. They only roared at Cruz saying the word ass. The same thing happens at Trump rallies all the time. The guy just rambles incoherently for an hour about windmills and B-list celebrities he knew in the '80s, and there are long stretches where even his own audience is bored. Sometimes the camera even cuts to people in the crowd who stand there gaping in silence. But then when Trump feels like he's starting to lose the crowd, he'll say something mean, like, And then I told that son of a bitch to go straight to hell.
And the crowd will roar like a group of high schoolers quoting lines from "South Park" to each other during recess. And then Cartman said, uh, "suck my balls." That is, of course, when Trump isn't incessantly complaining about how he's treated or repeating some bizarre lie supposedly told to him by an imaginary friend, which is what happened over the weekend. At that same conservative conference, Trump repeated a phrase he had also used at one of his rallies last week that he is the most persecuted person in American history. -A friend of mine recently said that I was the most persecuted person in the history of our country.
Y. I said, that's a strong statement. But then I thought about it and felt, you know, that he might very well be right. A friend of mine recently said that I was the most persecuted person in the history of our country. I the most persecuted. I never thought of it that way. I never had time. I was always fighting with these people who were trying to persecute me. I didn't have time to think about being persecuted because I was fighting the persecution. However, when I thought about it, I sat up. He is a very smart, successful guy.
I thought, and I sat down and said, you know, it is quite possible that he is right. -I like the idea that this never occurred to Trump until a friend suggested it. From here he gets all his ideas. You know, Donald, I was thinking that your situation reminds me a little bit of the Salem witch trials. It's almost like it's almost like it's a hunt. For the witches, Donald. You know, like a witch hunt. Witch hunt you say? That's pretty good, buddy. Dear Friend. I'm going to tweet that out of context. Me too, first of all, I love that they never named the friend, he says: That's good.
I'll quote you on that. No no no. Do not say my name. No one can know that I am your friend, friend. I also love the idea that Trump "lay back" and thought about it, you know, after he was done conjugating chased. Persecuted, chase. They persecute and I am the persecuted. He just leaned back and thought about it. And he came to the conclusion that yes, his friend was right. I'm sure he was sitting in his study with a smoking pipe and jacket surrounded by walls of books, comparing himself to other historical examples. Famous persecuted Americans, let's see, there's me, there's Rosa Parks, there's Rubin Hurricane Carter.
I guess of those three, it has to be me, if it's those three. I love hurricanes though, don't you folks? We love, we love the boxer in the clear, a boxer and a fighter for his trade. So true. And we also love hurricanes. The actual storms, of course, when I heard all the water and the wind and the destruction, you know, sometimes I think to myself, I would love, I would love to be swept away in a hurricane and carried away, away from all of this. earthly concerns. The reality, the reality, the many horrors, the many horrors that I have visited upon myself and the people around me.
But I can't, because I'm stuck here in this deadly coil. We love the coil, don't we folks? I'm here on the death coil. Well, I am plagued by the vicissitudes of life and where I will inevitably face the grim consequences of all the destruction I have caused. These guys know what I'm talking about. Personally, I think Trump is perhaps especially hurt after the January 6 committee aired those



last week of his speech the day after the attempted coup. In addition to showing us what Trump was unwilling to say, for example, he did not want to say that the election was over or that the rioters should face justice.
They also showed us that Trump may not be the best reader. -When you're ready, sir. -I would like to start by talking about yesterday's heinous attack. And those who broke the law will be paid. You do not represent our movement. You do not represent our country. And if you broke the law, I can't say that. I'm not, can you? I already said "you will pay". Protesters who infiltrated the Capitol have challenged the dust seat... that's desecrated, right? So I can't see it very well. Alright, I'll do this. I'm going to do it. Come on. But this election is over.
Congress has certified the results. I do not want to say that the elections are over. I just want to say that Congress certified the results without saying the election is over. Well? I would like to start by talking about yesterday's heinous attack, yesterday is a harsh word for me. -Just take it out. The egregious attack -- Say egregious attack on our nation. -Oh ok. Remove the word yesterday, because it doesn't work with her. The terrible attack My only goal was to ensure the integrity of the vote. My only goal was to ensure the integrity of the vote. -He got over it.
He got over it. I think you could take out yesterday because remember, it was yesterday because it was a living nightmare. Is the word "yesterday" really a difficult word for you? They are three syllables. Maybe yesterday was hard for him because he doesn't understand the concept. He literally doesn't remember anything that happened more than 5 minutes ago. It's like a caveman not sure if the sun will rise again after it goes down in the evening. That's why he


s right at him, you know, to make sure he's still there. I think my favorite part of that sequence of clips is this move that he makes when he messes up.
He looks like he is surrounded by a swarm of invisible bees. Do you think he can literally fight the word with his bare hands? Put that three syllable word away or I'll have to karate chop it up. Besides being an active threat to democracy, the modern Republican Party is not a serious ruling party. They have no discernible tenet other than their open embrace of authoritarianism and their obsession with culture, war, nonsense. They remain the slaves of a dangerous demagogue who nearly overthrew American democracy and will try again if he gets the chance. Everyone is desperate to be seen as loyal to Trump, and to do that, Republicans know exactly what to do because Trump tells them what to do.
His instructions are very clear. If you want my support, then you have to. -Kiss my ass. -This has been "A close look". God's Love We Deliver cooks and delivers more than 2 million meals a year to men, women and children living with HIV, AIDS, cancer and other serious diseases. And they need your help now more than ever. If you're viewing this online, you can hit the donate button. Stay safe. get vaccinated We love you.

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