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Trump: I agree that my tweets make Barr’s job harder

Feb 19, 2020
button the sentence abroad Vicki served eight years in prison for a long time and I saw his wife very well on television. I fed him a couple of times. She was a while. She seems very nice, but she served eight years in prison. There is a long time left, many people do not


with the chef. Ready is not a Republican, he was a prosecutor. The people of Komine Fitzpatrick are the same group very far from this one. The children go to high school. Now you can see your father outside in June, before I saw. that and I commuted, he will be able to be part of this family again after serving eight years in prison, that was it and, in Betty's opinion, I have no confidence that people like that, everyone has the right to say what they think and I use social media I guess I use it because here I am since I probably wouldn't have gotten here without social media because I don't have bare breasts so I wouldn't have gotten here without maybe with all the hope that they have.
trump i agree that my tweets make barr s job harder
The impeachment trial against you had Buller, he hopes he had Russia, Russia, Russia, nonsense, all the scams and if he didn't have social media he probably wouldn't be here, but I think he'll get a great job, the strong guy that I never spoke to him. the Roger Stone Rogers situation, don't you say you know, it never worked out, he didn't work for my campaign, that could have been long before he announced that he was somehow involved a little bit, but he wasn't involved in our campaign. not at all and I think it was a very, very hard thing that happened to Roger when you look at what happens to Toby after the horrible 78 page report, when you look at what happened to me, the cave was a recommendation to prosecute these other people and then you look at what's happening to General Flynn, a very respected man, you look at her, Roger Stone, who tweeted some other things, you look at what's happening to these people, someone has to stand up for the people, so my social networks are very powerful. against Mark Zuckerberg recently said that Trump is number one in the world Media, which is very cool, it's just something you could have a say in, so I can fight the fake guy, but it allows me, yeah, I do this job more difficult.
trump i agree that my tweets make barr s job harder

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trump i agree that my tweets make barr s job harder...



with that, I think it's really working very hard and he's working against a lot of people who don't want good things to happen in my opinion, that's my opinion, not his, that's my opinion, you'll have to ask what it is Your opinion. I will say that these social networks for me have been very important because it gives me a voice, because I don't have that voice in the press, in the media, so I am allowed to have it before there is a president, oh yes, he is very him . a man of great integrity, the Attorney General is a man of incredible integrity, just so you understand, I chose not to get involved.
trump i agree that my tweets make barr s job harder
He allows me to get totally involved. Actually, I suppose I am the country's top law enforcement officer, but I have The one chosen not to participate is a man of great integrity, but he would do it. He would include me if he wanted to. Yes, I just forgave Bernie Karen. Lots of recommendations from lots of good people. You know, many times almost all the time. I really notice the recommendations. of people who know them we have Bernie Kerik, we have Mike Milken, who has done an incredible job for the world with all his cancer research and we suffered a lot, he paid a very high price, it was a very difficult price, but he has done Unbelievable, these are all people you have to see the recommendations.
trump i agree that my tweets make barr s job harder
I trust the recommendations. I haven't thought about it in the meantime, he's leaving, but I think he was discussed this morning about China and he wants to keep us company. Yes, yes, don't you care? that I am very concerned about national security number one. I'm worried about national security. Nobody has done a better job with matches. Take a look at what's going on. We have done a great job in national security. Many countries. different now than they were when I started, but I will say that we are not going to sacrifice our companies for all the growth and everything else is there ready.
They are exploiting to do so well using a false term from their social networks. Safety has to be real and I think people are getting carried away with that, so I want our businesses to be treated. I want our companies to be allowed to do busy things to put on my desk that have nothing to do with boat manufacturers and miscellaneous. others, so we're going to give it up and what will happen, but they will


those chips in a different country or they will


them in China or somewhere else. National security is very important.
I have been very hard on Huawei, but that doesn't mean we have to be hard on everyone. This is something we want to be able to sell all this amazing technology to number one in the world. We want to be able to sell to other dungeons. The president he trusts in the Taliban. this ceasefire and are you confident that a peace bill can be reached in Afghanistan? We are doing something - we have been at war and Afghanistan for 19 years substantially reduced the force, as you know, we are actually acting more like a law enforcement agency than we could. win that very quickly and easily if I was willing to kill millions of people I'm not willing to do that I'm not willing to do that it would be so fast your head would spin and I'm not talking about nuclear energy, I'm talking about something very conventional, but I'm not willing to kill millions of people, so we're negotiating with the Taliban, we've been negotiating with them for a while, we'll see what happens, it's a chance to make a deal like Jim, I'm saying it. this is Senator Murphy who met with the Iranians it is a fact that I just saw and that anything I should know because it seems like a violation of the Logan Act the mask of a Venezuelan gentleman, what happened to that who we met with, You should find out if it's true, I don't know this game because that's what Venezuela, sir, do you think why do you continue to be the guide to get Maduro out of here?
Well, he's the person that the country prefers right now and that's what we're going with? We'll see what happens with good additional sanctions on very strong sanctions this morning in Venice and we'll see what happens, we're seeing that's pretty good too. I'm not even thinking that there's a process where people are going like this. There are unrelated situations where people have done a great job with very, very strong recommendations, but we haven't thought about that yet. Right now there is a process. I think Rajasthan has been dealt with. I believe that General Flynn has been treated very unfairly.
I think a lot of people. They have been treated very unfairly. I think the Muller scam is exactly what a lot of people call it because it was started illegally it was started through abuse it was fake it was a vacant file and they went in and they went into the FISA courts and they falsified documents and they did a lot of bad things so the whole thing For me, the mother's case is a scam, you'll see what happened, let's see what happens. I think they treated him very well. I had a very good conversation. I respect President Hassan, we have a very good relationship.
I guess I agree that he's a tough guy, but we have a very good relationship. It seems like I do better, but the fact is that he's fighting on a blimp and he doesn't want people doing it. for thousands and hundreds of thousands and he called me for that and other reasons, but we talked about England and we are working together on the gene, which is a very difficult solution, there is a lot of boredom, a lot of worry, but me. I'm dealing with you, I can figure out if I need the truck, this room, well, I don't know exactly if they'll tell you because I don't just ask a lot, yeah, look, a lot of it will be programmed, we do what they want us to do. , but let's go to California let's go to Nevada let's go to Arizona let's go I guess your company is back Tina but I don't set the schedule I have nothing to present you saw Michael Bloomberg on the Democratic debate stage tomorrow night, do you have any advice for him while Do you have your first debate here?
He doesn't need that kind of advice. She's been giving it away because, to be honest, it seems unfair what's happening to Bernie Sanders, but yeah, I watched it happen for four years. Do and always be careful what you wish for and I'm not wishing for anything, whoever it is, I'll be very happy, but it seems like Bernie Sanders and that room represent a large section of the Democratic Party or as I call it, the Democratic Party. Which seems like they were taken advantage of like they were four years ago. Well, I'm giving this speech in Nevada which would probably be the day before.
It will be quite effective. We got more votes than any sitting president in history in Iowa and New Hampshire. As you saw in that case, I went just before the day before and I went the day before both cases in Iowa, so it should be effective. I'm going to South Carolina. They're working that out now, probably the day we might as well use . I think the presidency is working very hard, as you know, I spoke to him recently, he is working very hard, it is a problem, I think he is going to do it. I really think he wants to make it, and once he's made it, he says yes, I think he's in. doing it very professionally, we are also working with them and helping since the last few days, you know, some people don't seem to trust the data coming out of China.
Does that look worry you? I know this president, she loves people from China, he loves his country and he is doing a very good job in a very, very difficult situation, you know, if it comes up, yes, but we will see what happens so that it is really okay , we can have a trade agreement with India, but I am really saving the big deal for later, we are going to make a very important trade agreement with India, we will have it. I don't know if it will be done before the elections, but we will have a very important agreement.
With India they don't treat us very well, but I really like Prime Minister Modi and he told me that we will have 7 million people between the airport and the emergency room and the event and the stadium. I understand this kind of semi under construction, but it will be the biggest stadium, let's be very excited, but he says that between the stadium and the airport there will be around 7 million people, so it will be very exciting. I hope everyone enjoys it. Are you going? I hope they go well. so see you there at the wedding ok ok yes no budget sir.
We won't, we won't get into this. People know they are people. No, it's just wrong. I know who some of the liquors are, but some of the bonds don't exist, they're formed by breathing, so you know, they say nine people have said that two people are upset and those people don't exist, we know it, I know it everything, we know a lot, in fact, I want to get something out. I tell the press to certain people and it's incredible that it's coming to light, but for now I'm leaving it that way. See you later, thanks. You see the flag.
You, down, down, down, with a microphone.

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