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Trump Hosts Suckers Who Bought His NFTs & Guillermo Exclusivo with Chris Hemsworth & Anya Taylor-Joy

May 12, 2024
Jimmy, I'm your host, thanks for watching, thanks for joining us at our studio in Hollywood, California. I appreciate it, but it's too much, it really is. Today was a day off for the Trump trial, which has been a lot of fun. so far I have to say Don porn Leon's hush money Honey Stormmy Daniels took the stand yesterday and caused quite a commotion. Stormmy yesterday went into a little more detail about her sexual encounter than the president and his legal team expected, unfortunately there are no cameras allowed in the courtroom, so we had to rely on sketches and transcripts for the news on At one point, while Stormy was telling the story of Trump's spanking to the Forbes magazine judge, Maran pulled one of her lawyers aside to issue a warning after Trump appeared. to mutter nonsense under his breath, the judge said he chose to speak to the lawyer privately so as not to embarrass Trump, who is on trial for fucking a porn star while his wife was home with her baby.
trump hosts suckers who bought his nfts guillermo exclusivo with chris hemsworth anya taylor joy
I'm pretty sure the cat of shame is already out of the golf bag, but and while all this was going on, they were having a primary election in Indiana, obviously Trump won on the Republican side because he's the only Republican candidate, but Once again many votes were cast for Nikki Haley, who dropped out of two. Months ago, Nikki Haley disappeared at the beginning of the March march and still took home more than 20% of the vote, meaning either a large portion of Indiana voters don't plan to vote for Trump or Mike Pence voted 128,000 times Trump used his day off his only day off from the trial today to focus on his pyramid scheme he hosted a VIP dinner at Maral Lago for the awesome fans who




to get an invite you had to buy Trump's 47


$99 each I'm telling you, I'd hate to be your assistant this morning, Sarah, remember tonight you have to eat with the monsters who paid $4,700 for pictures of you wearing Superman tights and a cape, okay, some of these lemon heads paid 10 grand for the honor of having the first one.
trump hosts suckers who bought his nfts guillermo exclusivo with chris hemsworth anya taylor joy

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trump hosts suckers who bought his nfts guillermo exclusivo with chris hemsworth anya taylor joy...

The president farts in person, but there's no arguing the fact that these nfts are aesthetically pretty impressive. I mean, just look at all the time and talent that went into this drawing of the goblin man with his pot of other people's gold. Gotta, here's Butch's casserole pretending to be a cowboy. This one commemorates the moment when Don told Don Jr that Santa isn't real and not just the fools, I mean, customers got digital trading cards, those who spent the most got a piece of the suit. he was wearing when he was arrested, as you can see the value.
trump hosts suckers who bought his nfts guillermo exclusivo with chris hemsworth anya taylor joy
He's priceless until he gets busted in four other outfits and then we have Melania doing her best to cash in with exclusive Mother's Day jewelry. This is Melan's Love and Gra attitude necklace, you can see It's shaped like a three-leaf clover because when you're Donald Trump's wife you don't believe in luck anymore. The back of the necklace features the former first lady's signature, which is alarmingly similar to that of her husband. They both look similar to the print. of an EKG of someone who suffered a heart attack and, by the way, that's not the only Trump family trinket on sale this Mother's Day, celebrate mom with America's First lady and the message she wants the world know that Melania Trump jewelry collection Eric is not my son, celebrate mother you love with what Melania is most proud of not being Eric's mother, these exquisite necklaces make a statement straight from Melania's heart as if just knew Eric, his ianas are not mine and, of course, Eric, who Melania is the proud mother of Baron Trump and Baron Trump alone and no one. with a sad face, boss right now and receive a lock of hair from Donald Melania sink founder absolutely free tell mom you love her with Melania Trump Eric is not my son jewelry collection thank you oh you're welcome, you're welcome say the insiders say that Melania's dream is to design a necklace so big that she can use it to strangle her husband like Princess Leia and the Hut's work.
trump hosts suckers who bought his nfts guillermo exclusivo with chris hemsworth anya taylor joy
You know, we spend a lot of time joking about Donald Trump, but it's important to remember that we also have a third party candidate who is out of his mind Robert F Kennedy Jr this is a bombshell according to newly discovered deposition from his divorce proceedings RFK claims that a worm ate his brain or part of his brain and although we don't know for sure what would cause this, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, could? I can tell you as a neurosurgeon that this is a rare condition, but it is usually something caused by eating undercooked pork, that sounds good, that sounds raw bacon, if you have worms in your brain, that explains the ivermectin, it's a loft for a guy who seems to believe that doctors are scammers trying to scam you into getting a vaccine.
He sure got one quickly when a worm started eating his brain. The inside of his head is basically the movie Dune, but you should definitely vote for him. He's a Kennedy jior, you know, speaking of brain worms, Governor Christy gnome continues to flounder helplessly. She shared a story in her book about how she shot Cricket, her 14-month-old hunting dog, on purpose and she also shot three horses and a pet goat. Needless to say, this anecdote has not happened. very well with anyone and his book is not doing well, physical education, yesterday it peaked on Amazon at number 58 and today it has completely dropped out of the top 100, but this is funny, number 91, this is real, it is the puppy birthday children's book for you, so get one for the canines.
This whole experience has been a disaster for Governor Gnome, but she would like us to read it and decide for ourselves. Here's an excerpt from the audiobook they released today and I will say that it plays differently when you listen to it. coming out of his mouth my hands were still shaking as I pulled into the parking lot I could almost taste the puppy blood. I jumped out of my American-built Japanese van and flung open the Petco doors on the inside. I saw them tan white puppies. Brown even black. all running around and jumping with their floppy ears and wet little noses God I hated them, I put my headphones on so I could blast a Maria and mom went to work.
I shot Cutie Pies in time to die and when the dogs were dead I started working. the other pets Bam Bam goodbye cyanara parakeet Turtles the only animal I left alive was a shivering hamster named Petey. I forgave Petey so he could tell the others what happened that day and I guess if he were a better politician he wouldn't do it. I'll be telling this story right now. I might agree more and the other hot topic today on the angry news channels is the Boy Scouts, have you heard of this after 114 years? The Boy Scouts of America, in an attempt to be more inclusive, is changing its name to Scouting America and this has right-wingers very upset.
Goodbye, Boy Scouts emphasis on the boy. The Boy Scouts used to be the last bastion of this area where kids could really be kids and really celebrate their childhood. I don't know what it means to be a boy or a girl in America anymore men can't be men and women can't be women boys can't be boys girls can't be girls our poor kids are so confused right now now they are being raised in wokeism, go, go bankrupt and the Boy Scouts of America have chosen to go woke and they are ruining them, you have a woke institution that will try to appease people who are unappeasable, no more genders, just uh let's all get together, okay, let's wear the same clothes, the same uniforms, the same hats, it'll be cool, yeah, so they're dead, the Boy Scouts are dead, oh my god, was it Christy?
Gome again because it seems like the problem with the Boy Scouts is It's not that it's not inclusive, it's that their business plan is Hey kids, you want to wear a scarf and Whittle we interrupt this monologue. Nobody cares about an exclusive GMO. Hollywood lie with those ladies breaking exclusive is G. Wait a second, what not. What are you doing guo? I'm in the middle of the program. Well, I'm in the middle of exclusion. Hey, can you do me a favor and do this after the show? Jimmy. I think the audience would rather watch my show than yours.
I I don't think that's true Deo I really don't know what's going on there G Can I do this after the show please Jimmy, are you sure you have people pumping tires on a motorcycle? No, I know, you sure have crazy cars and people? bouncing around balls uh no we don't have that, she shows having Chris Hord and any Taylor Joyce on a motorcycle? Shari, no, no, no, we don't have, we don't have Chris H or any Taylor in one so the car is not exclusive to OGM Exclusive to OGM I understand that I would like to welcome my guests, the miss and Ana Taylor or Joyce and Mr.
Chris Hansford, what are their names? Mr. Kord Come on Taylor, joy and honor to have you here, how you are doing, it is an It is an honor to have you here and not on Jimmy Kimo live. It's an honor to be here, not on Jimmy Kimel live. Yes, my feelings are exactly. Oh, come on guys, so your movie is called Trench. What was it? So, it's time for Fosa Mimosa. yeah what's a fury Mima yeah what's a fury isasa oh wow thank you so much go honey thank you okay thank you guo thank you so much now who's ready to play guess what I'm thinking about what's that thinking wow, right?
Listen, your job is to think about what I'm thinking, okay, guess, you have to guess what I'm thinking about, okay, yeah, what are you thinking? I'm going to get something. I'm getting what you are. Fried chicken, yeah, fried chicken, fried chicken I was going to say Friday chicken I'm going to say Damn, here's some money, take some money, money, thanks, wait a minute, that's my wallet, where did you get my wallet? That's very nice of you, you left it on your desk, idiot. Well, that's all the time we have. I want to thank Ana Taylor Joy and thanks to Mr.
Transor Fosa and m Saga only and on May 24th it was an exclusive GMO. Exclusive GMO. I want you to do it when you get back. I'm going to make him say those names like 11 times oh oh my God, hello, how are you and you tell Jo? Would you like to take a seat? I can get another one. You just have to use the bathroom. What's that? We need the bathroom. GMO doesn't have one, so he came over, he has a bathroom, he has a bathroom back there, he told us he didn't have one and he gave us a lot of Mimosa for that drink, okay, sure, there's one outside. here if you want we also have some friends to use it yeah you can go wherever it comes guys come on you have friends come on oh you're leaving okay there you go that's most of the cast of Furiosa .
Did you finish hijacking the Mad Maximo show, yeah Jimmy, that was crazy.

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