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Trump found liable for sexual abuse, defamation

May 18, 2023
The leading Republican presidential candidate has been ordered to pay millions of dollars in a civil battery and


case. A Manhattan jury


Donald Trump


in a lawsuit brought by writer E. Gene Carroll. CBS 2's Alice Gainer has been following the trial from the get-go. joining us live now with the verdict and reactions Alice the jury of six men and three women deliberated for less than three hours rejected the rape claim but


that Mr. Trump




d and defamed E Gene Carroll, 79 Eugene Carroll walked out of court without comment, but hugged supporters in the gallery moments after a jury awarded him $5 million.
trump found liable for sexual abuse defamation
Carroll's lawyers maintained that it was never about money, but about restoring her reputation after Carol told the court that Donald Trump raped her in a Burgdorf Goodman dressing room. in 1996 he then smeared her in a social media post calling it a false lie and writing that Carol was not his type, his lawyers told the jury that Carol was exactly his type and he used his own words against her to prove it in his deposition on tape. group photo of him and Carol from decades earlier he repeatedly misidentified her in the photo as his second wife Marla Maples that's Marla yes that's my wife no police report or physical evidence in the case jurors had to rely on testimony 11 Witnesses, including Carol herself was called to the stand two of her friends testified that Carol told them about the attack right after it happened former Bergdorf employees from that period said it was not uncommon for the lingerie floor to be empty and open dressing rooms of two other accusers who say Trump imposed himself on them in a similar way.
trump found liable for sexual abuse defamation

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trump found liable for sexual abuse defamation...

The 2005 Access Hollywood tape of Trump being caught on a hot mike making lewd comments about women was played numerous times and when you're a star they let you do it. You Can Do Anything Carol says she decided to go public with her accusation in her 2019 book after seeing women bring accusations against Harvey Weinstein late in the afternoon. Wall of doubt and intimidation We hope and believe that today's verdict will be an important step in breaking down that wall. Trump, 76, did not attend the trial nor did he have to. He posted on Truth Social this afternoon at noon.
trump found liable for sexual abuse defamation
I have no idea. who is this woman this verdict is disgraceful a continuation of the biggest witch hunt of all time her lawyer spoke out of court i mean look weird verdict um this was a rape claim it was a rape case the whole time and the jury threw it out but made all the findings so obviously we'll appeal those other findings this was a quick verdict but we're unlikely to hear from the jurors at this point it was an anonymous jury to protect them from harassment to protect them from harassment due to the nature of the case and who exactly was involved was a quick deliberation and we also want to point out that the judge before releasing them informed them that it was ultimately up to them whether they wanted to reveal their identities or not but said he would not . not now and not anytime soon lives outside federal courthouse in lower manhattan allocator CBS 2 News
trump found liable for sexual abuse defamation

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