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Trash to Treasure | Thrift Haul

Nov 22, 2021
hi i'm heidi hood with h2 home designs where i share my innovative and clever designs that will hopefully inspire you in your home today i'm here to show you some junk to


i found a kind of fun piece that i think might become something that will hopefully inspire you and might get you to go out and do some crap and see what you can come up with so I thought I'd start off first by showing a couple of pieces that I got there there were a few in particular that I thought which were kind of remarkable so I thought I'd share them with you today so first I want to start with this one I have a daughter who is getting married in about six months or so and as part of her wedding outreach she's going to make tables full of amber bottles and flowers so whenever i go out i always look for an amber bottle and this is a beautiful amber bottle that i just picked up says paul mason per so its actually a liquor bottle but they can see what has the f It's shaped like a pretty heart, it has the original tag, it has the original cork, and it's a beautiful piece, so I'm not sure if we'll use it. at the wedding she is trying to avoid liquor related items at the wedding but i think she has great shape and for a lot of the photo staging i do for the furniture i put together this kind of thing is really nice to have it adds character to the picture and makes people say what that is i mean it really looks old and it's kind of interesting so if you're outside seeing amber doing some kind of staging or just want a little shelf centerpieces behind your wall this is a beautiful pick and for a couple bucks I'm all over the place so I also picked up this piece and this was omg I don't remember it being also just a couple bucks for I'm an absolute steal and the little tables right now and the benches are really cool Normal people use them in front entrances use them at the foot of the bed this one could even be used for a plant stand or a little place to sit and put on your shoes , I'm not sure yet. but whenever i pick up something like this i always check its stability and this one is nice and stable it doesn't wobble it probably needs another coat of paint the paint on it is kind of a glossy black and its not horrible but i think it could add a little more character to it so I have some fun ideas for this piece and maybe I'll end up showing you what I come up with but any time you're outside you see little tables like this or you see little benches I'd say pick them up if it's something you can use in your own home or if you are interested in selling something on your own its very popular right now bring them home give them some paint some character of some sort and then you can sell them or just use them in ti I have my own house so this was a great find.
trash to treasure thrift haul
Next, we'll take a short walk back to grandma's house or great-grandma's house. This is the next piece I found. magazine rack and you can see kind of a lanky design to it. I don't really like the dark color. This dark walnut color is too dark for my house. In fact, most of the woodwork in my house is almost that dark. any accent piece i put in my house i prefer it to be a lot lighter than this so i dont know if i will keep this for my house i might but if i do i would definitely lighten it i think its something where you could put something to one side here and then use it because it could be for magazines, although magazines are kind of weird right now, aren't they?
trash to treasure thrift haul

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trash to treasure thrift haul...

I mean how many of us have magazines at home. You know most of the things we do nowadays. its online its all pinterest like pinterest its a big big magazine so i dont know how m any of you collect magazines but it doesnt have to be a magazine rack i think this would be nice in a bathroom if you want to use it to put towels on something that you could use to put toilet paper rolls or springs in. I'm going to fill it with some small plants and place it on the front porch. I think it would be beautiful, so lots of ideas for this one and we'll see what I come up with, but this is the piece I wanted to show you. this is the topic of today's entire video rocking horse isn't it cute? he wobbles a little like a rock he's ah he wobbles a little but he wobbles a little but and first he needs help everyone look at that neck he's not the scrawniest horse you've ever seen I don't know I debated whether or not I should cut off another piece of wood here to give them a bit of a thicker neck but I'm going to try and work with it as is because it looks like they probably used a router around this piece originally just to give it some shape and I really don't want to mess with my router on this one So I'll probably stick with it but I'll come up with some way to add some thickness or fullness to his neck either I don't love dark wood either this dark walnut stain that's on the bottom and I think the whole thing was probably stained this color to start with because if you take a look at the horse if you can see there's some bleed through the spots here and it's probably that dark spot and they put a base paint on it of water on top and the stain is going to bleed over time because it's oil based so it could use a little love so I'm going to take care of this rickety wobble he came up with maybe a bit of an outline of different color, not far from what it is, but maybe a little different and so i wasn't sure if i should. just leave it as it is and give it a facelift so i did a little tour of my garage and i came up with something my dad gave me my dad is a junk dealer he is an artist and whenever he finds things he thinks I might be interested, he keeps them and keeps them for me and I was able to see him last week and he said heidi come here and he had this little bag in his hand and he opened his bag and inside the bag was the bag full of thin pieces like this and some pieces small like this and I thought I might take some of these pieces and use them in this project so I think it was probably a footboard just based on the size of these I have a feeling it was probably a footboard with a rail that kind of crossed the bottom you can imagine if he put all this together it would be maybe a footboard so he used some parts he's always creating beautiful things at home and he left me these that I think are just beautiful and I think in reality i could going to be really good at this ct project so those are my ideas this is the before and let's get to work and see what we can do to a beautiful one then i took those two spindle type pieces that came off the foot of the bed and went ahead it was a bit complicated but i went ahead and took my jigsaw and just cut out that piece that was attached that's the bracket that held these two axes together at one point i went ahead and took my jigsaw and just made a cut right there not it's perfect a little messy but with some sand paper it will look good and then i also kept the shaft essentially as it is and cut off a little bit of the top and then the second shaft i went ahead and cut this piece off the bottom and the reason I did it is so I can stack them like this.
trash to treasure thrift haul
I have a good base for the horse to sit on and then I have a base at the bottom. gluing them together, but first of all we have to deal with this little problem here. it's a wood filler and truth be told it's been sitting in my garage and we live in northern wisconsin so you can imagine it's a little firm right now so I'll do my best to work with this . I'm just going to take the wood filler and I'm going to fill the crack around my cut here I can use a little more than I need but I'll tell you everything can be sanded down so that's not a problem I'll just let it dry completely, which doesn't take long to dry and then I'll come back with some sandpaper and then sand off the excess wood filler and at the same time smooth out the cut that I made with my jigsaw, okay?
trash to treasure thrift haul
I'm going to let it dry and while it dries let the creativity begin. I have the horse. I took apart the base, um, so the rocking chair that the horse sits in I took it apart and I'm going to do a little bit. of a technique on that and this is the horse itself and if you remember I talked a little bit about some bleeding you could see on the horse and I'm probably not going for that look you could embrace this if you really like it and use um an old fashioned wax or an old fashioned glaze over top of this white it would cause all this kind of bleed to just blend and be fine but I wasn't sure if that was the look I wanted so I went ahead and took the horse and sprayed all over with a shellac spray to prevent additional bleeding through my new paint.
I used a shellac based primer it's a great wood sealer and dries in about 15 minutes the shellac holds or prevents it from bleed through to the next coat of paint and I'm going to use a lighter coat of paint again , so I really didn't. I don't want to have to deal with that issue, I may have decided to embrace the antiques a bit, but I want to have the ability to make that decision later, so it should be fine, I sprayed it, it's dry and ready. go so i've chosen a paint this paint is actually a dutch boy that's called a chalky finish.
I haven't used it before, but I do enjoy the look of chalk paint. I like that kind of mate. It has a little feel or a soft hand. I enjoy that look and so I thought I'd go ahead and try this piece I'm just using this little brush you can use any kind of brush you can use a chip brush if you want but I like the short handle on this one it's more comfortable in my hand so I'm going to go ahead and use this brush today and I'm going to go ahead and start by putting some paper towel under the horse's legs here which just kind of protects things and I'm just going to take my brush and rub it, you can see where they've created just a white line here, you shouldn't have to dip your brush deeper than that white line, so normally I wouldn't suggest sticking your brush into your paint can and using it straight from the can of paint it's best to go ahead and pour your paint into some other container but I have this project in another project I'll get it together pretty quickly so I'm not too worried about contaminating the paint I think that's what i'm trying to say so i'm just going to take this brush and you can see how beautiful it looks and the color is very similar to what's already here but it's a little bit lighter it doesn't have that yellowish color to it and again i can change my mind and i may decide i want that yellowish later but i prefer to just have that white base and make that decision as i go along you can see it's a very nice white and i've been debating the color to do the base i'm not sure i will. go with something that's white and fresh and more natural looking i think but man it's kind of hard to make up my mind if you follow me and i would love for you to follow me on youtube to be a subscriber on youtube it's home designs too h2 on facebook you'll see that I have kind of an eclectic mix of pieces that I like to do, I enjoy a lot of different styles and those who know me really well know that eclectic is probably a good way to describe me but I can embrace the house of countryside and i can embrace a bit of primitive depending on some of the colors that the primitives love victorian style?
The Victorian look is not the floral Victorian, but the old Victorian house. I grew up in a community that was full of old Victorian houses. that detail in my own world and you can see it only on the old doors I have back here but I like that look it's a wainscoting look so I can appreciate that too so I'm a bit original I think in my style because of that, I get to play with all kinds of different designs and styles in the work that I do and I think my clients appreciate that so they can see the horse looks so much cooler with just this little coat of paint and what i'm going to do is go a head and give it two coats i think it will be good and once it dries i'm going to do a little bit of distress but part of the beauty of using a chalk paint is that you can wear down using a damp rag and that's what I'm going to do here, I'm not a big fan of sanding and sanding all over the house so the idea of ​​being able to just use a damp rag and do some work the edges here is perfect for me, so I'm going to keep working on this, come back I'll re as soon as I'm done and then we can get to the distressing so I'm back I've got my second coat of chalk paint and I'm ready to do some distressing so to do the distressing I'm doing what I called wet distressing and you just take a damp rag and go over any of those edges that you want to be able to sand down. but without having to sand like I mentioned I'm not a big fan of sanding so anytime I can do a little bit of wet distress that's kind of the route I'd like to go so I have an old rag it's kinda wet what I'm going to do is just rub the edges here and let's see how much we can come up with now I intentionally didn't put a dark dark paint under this so the type of sanding or the color thatit will come out it won't be very strong and that's fine with me, but you can start to see a little bit of that color underneath coming out.
It's going to give us a bit of character a bit of aging. I'll go ahead and start on this side and you can see the chalk paint is starting to build up on my rag a little bit and if you've never worked with chalk paint before it looks a lot like a paint I remember being on my neighbor's porch when i was a kid i would go to my neighbor's house they were probably 80 years old nice wonderful swedish couple like our grandparents really and we would sit on his front porch and he would like to bounce us on his lap and sing his songs but they had something brick that was covered with some kind of concrete surface and that concrete top was painted with a white paint and I'm pretty sure it was a lead based paint but it had a chalky feel to it when you run your hand over it , you would get a white chalky substance that is very much like the feel of chalk paint, so I like that and I like the fact that it just has a flat surface or has an aspect to it. flat so you can start to see very faintly that darker edge so I'm going to continue working on this piece I'm going to do around her head around her neck so let me continue working on this piece and I'll come back and show you how it turned out well so i have my horse and i have it distressed um pretty close i think the way i like it i may end up making it a little bit more distressed but i went ahead and not only did the edges but i also did some of the areas around the center to really give it a bit of depth to show some roundness i did some distressing under the horse on both sides to give it the impression of some sort of round belly so there are lots of little techniques you can use when creating something like this to give it a bit of dimension without having to get out a brush so i chose to do a bleach technique on the base of my piece it really just requires a bit of bleach a ce toothpick any protective gear rubber gloves glasses safe and then a surface that is safe to work with bleach i have a mirror here glass works fine and you are going to take your toothbrush dip it in the bleach and just paint the bleach on your piece, ideally allow it to dry overnight so the bleach has a chance to work and if you'd like to see it discolor further later on and do a second coat you can even do a third coat but what it's really important is once you're done you want to neutralize the bleach and you do it with a 50 50 mix of water and Vinegar paint all over your piece let me t dry and then go over it one more time under running water, so i got it all set up and then i went ahead and got the rocking part out and i'm going to put the pegs back into the horse carefully.
I'm going to lay him down here and I'm just going to hit them a little bit and I'm going to work it right, I've got him through the feet, both feet on that side and this one. I'm going to make it rock, move it back and forth, and just see if it's actually positioned correctly. I will now that I have the horse here. I'm going to come back with a little bit of this. it's titebond 2 glue wood glue I'm going to come back with a little bit of this and I'm going to glue the dowels onto this piece of the sled and I'm also going to put a little bit of this glue inside where each of the feet should try to hold them in place Also and I'm not going to bore you with the details but let me go ahead and glue them on and then I'll come back to you so I'm back I've got them all glued together and I'm going to take it easy for a while and I wanted to show you how I'm going to add a little bit of thickness. to his neck if you remember the beginning. from the video, I said that he has a skinny neck.
I feel bad for the guy, but I have a couple of ideas. The first is to simply take a string and knot some of these wooden beads lengthwise, take it, and wrap it around his neck. her neck like this i can't see it because of my size i'm going to move around here so you can do something like this something very natural something a little bit simplistic to add a little something to it and i think the wood the beads give it kind of boho, I don't want to say a bit, but wood beads are pretty popular right now in the whole boho look, so that's one option, take it and make a little wrap like this.
I decided to do something a little different, this is another possibility if you just wanted maybe. I wrap this around the neck a few times and put a bow like that. You could do something like that. another idea i'm thinking about spring first this is something i'd like to put up and i wish i could go in spring i went ahead and took a string of string and these wooden beads and i knotted them all together and i'm actually going to take it and create a mane, let's see how well you can see that, but I'm going to attach those beads to the top of her head to make it look like a mane, right? beautiful I love it and then I'm going to add a little touch of greenery to it and it's going to be done except for the pedestal that we're going to put them on so I'm going to go ahead and use e6000 this doesn't dry out quickly but when it does it sticks so I'm going to go ahead and put a little bit on one of the beads, now what I want to do is place the beads. at the bottom first around the curve of the neck there and then I'm going to hold this in place and let's see I debated whether to go ahead and use a hot glue gun today just so you guys could see it all together because I'm not sure if this will stay in place for me right now, but we'll give it a minute and see that I'm only going to add a little bit of glue to some of the beads, not all of them, I don't.
I think it is necessary to get them all. It's a bit messy here, so you might want to do a neater job than what I'm doing right now. I don't have my glasses. I don't know how many of you need glasses. also but i don't see very well without my glasses so this could all be really interesting when i'm done but let's go ahead and put it back on top and then i want to make sure i get the curve of the base of her neck here head back and I'm going to hold it there for a minute but that gives you an idea so add a little thickness to the neck which has definitely been lacking give it a natural look maybe a bit modern and then once it dries, I'm actually going to add a touch of greenery and I'm not going to do it all now but just to give you an idea and this is some kind of faux eucalyptus it was a garland and I think I'm going to take it and hang it around her neck like this towards a side or thin it out. a little bit and actually make a ring that can go around her neck so I'm going to play with it once these beads are in place and dry I'll play with that some more and show you okay the step Finally, I told them that I was working on this piece that I had received from my dad and I had this great idea.
I talked about how to fill that where the bar passed. I filled this out. I cut it out with the puzzle. with wood glue i sanded it down so i could go ahead and paint it and i was working on the top piece and i actually cracked the top piece so i decided that although this would be beautiful and i can show you how nice it would be although it would be beautiful to put on this stand, you can see how nice it is, the stand is not going to work right now because it's not stable enough. it really needs to have a wider base and probably a little bit wider spot here around the top for the horse to sit on so it's stable and doesn't fall over so I came up with another idea and if you're a builder do this all the time actually i was out saving with my husband the other day and i came across this big beautiful chandelier and look how perfect this chandelier is to hold this is not so beautiful i love it love love love love with a little bit of the eucalyptus maybe wrapped around it oh it's going to be absolutely beautiful so i'll take a little more time.
I will add these accounts. I'm going to take some e6000 and I'm going to actually adhere it to the top of that chandelier and I want you to stay tuned so you can see the finished project so here she is this is our finished project for today. I think it's important to know that you don't always have to completely redo it. I just refreshed it. I gave it a new coat of paint to make it a little whiter and a little brighter. I lightened the dark oak wood a bit. it's a little more hmm i mean it's a little more modern it's still kind of granny chic but i love this color the fade did a great job i added a couple of elements to it that were a bit trendy in this one moment and I think it turned out beautiful, so wrap up our project for today.
Thank you very much for accompanying me. I hope you find that you are as successful as I am. I think we've taken a piece that was a little worn. color issues maybe even some shape issues and with a new cone of white paint fresh coat of white paint has a bit of a creamy base bit of bleaching of the walnut stained wood and then the addition of this little element for the The horse's mane I think gave it a better profile than the one I had before and I have to say that it wasn't what I had in mind to begin with, but I love this chandelier as a pedestal, it elevates it, it elevates it from a table, from a shelf of a dresser, I think it gives it a beautiful style. so let me know what you think you know, sometimes we have ideas and they don't always work out the way we hoped, but if we're persistent we can often come up with even better than what we originally had in mind, so i m heidi hood with h2 home designs it has been a pleasure to be with you today if you like this video please share love so others join us in this conversation and take a little time to go out and create use your imagination if you can i remember it when my kids were younger one of them ran into the room and said mommy ladybug won't let me use my imagination and i think it was funny but how tragic when we don't use our imagination so imagine a little dream a little think of ideas and be flexible with your ideas may not necessarily turn out well that's okay because sometimes what you end up with is even more beautiful so thank you so much for joining me and as I always say if it's up to you I know the reason someone is laugh today, thank you very much. and to cherish

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