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Trevor Sinclair Opens up on TalkSport SACKING & Queen Tweet Controversy

Jun 03, 2024


ed saying that black and brown people should not mourn the passing of the


. You look at the British Empire, the reality is that every story is a different size and, for me, racism in this country was banned in the late 60s, why not? it was enforced by the police. I think it's appalling, we were a racist country, it's not black and white. Then you moved on to talking about sports, for example, yeah, how did that come about? Then Lee Clayton contacted my agent and told him we liked him. we listen to Trevor on the BBC about the way he broadcasts, the way he talks about sports, the way he talks about football, the briefing he has with people, we want to chat to him, so I met up with Lee and I said to Lee, listen to Le and quickly what year would it have been, what's the timeline here, 2019, maybe, and how long after this incident, maybe, 18 months, two years, okay, like this which I had a couple of years, but this is right now.
trevor sinclair opens up on talksport sacking queen tweet controversy
I'm knee deep in me, Andel Academy players, just, yeah, take me to where he obviously he makes me run to keep me sane. Thinking you know, feeling a little sorry for myself, but thinking you know what, take it, it is what it is, you know, I understand the world. We lived and I'll take it, you know, it's just a circumstance that I've always had to deal with and probably always will have to deal with, so I attended this meeting with Lee and I. I've been to listen Lee, I don't want to waste your time, there's no point in you including me and having two or three shows getting a barrage of complaints and bottling them up and saying thanks Trev, we appreciate it, so I said do you want me. to come, give me a contract, it doesn't have to be a massive contract for 20 30 years, show whatever and see how we get along, so I was happy with that, it was with his superiors, they agreed, I went in, I think yes. what game did I do first, I think he raged against um, not sure who the opponent was, but it was a low key game, yeah I enjoyed it, they started booking me for more shows in two or three months, I already did 30 shows, yeah , I came to the Obviously, I had five years, six years doing medeor in the United Arab Emirates, so I wasn't a rookie, but you know, they were giving me the opportunities that I was taking advantage of.
trevor sinclair opens up on talksport sacking queen tweet controversy

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trevor sinclair opens up on talksport sacking queen tweet controversy...

The next minute I was on the show with Natalie, so and Jim White, which then evolved into the Jim White and Simon Jordan show. I won awards for best radio sports show in the country. I was part of that program and everything was going very well. My contracts increased year after year. more responsibilities I was hosting shows um for to talk Sports and then what always happens is a


came out that from my own experience I thought was fair okay and a lot of other people didn't think it was fair so for those who no I don't know when the


died, you tweeted saying that black and brown people should not mourn the passing of the queen.
trevor sinclair opens up on talksport sacking queen tweet controversy
You read it wrong, right? I read it wrong, yes, okay, please correct me, say why, why, why should I do it. black and brown people cry, okay, so it wasn't a statement, it was a statement saying they should, it was a question, okay, that's interesting, so you did it, since you deleted the Tweet afterwards. I did it, yes, because I had a lot of pressure. and I don't actually regret what was said in the Tweet because I really think it was a genuine question and it was a repeated question around the world, but not in England, because if you look at the Empire, yes Look at the British Empire, yes look at many of the Commonwealth countries questioning that question or not even a question, a statement was repeated everywhere as to why we won't cry, but we are an island, we are in Ireland. we try to feed people the mainstream media and we don't give them the reality, the reality is that every story has different sides and for me, my mother is Irish from the Republic of Ireland, my father is Jamaican, my mothers They had to do things that mom shouldn't. what to do for children in this country in the 70s and 80s, there was a reason why I said that, okay, why I asked that question because, to me, RA rism in this country was banned in the late aughts 60, why didn't the government enforce it? police because my mother, if she could have, would have gone to the police and filed a report, but what would have happened in the '70s and '80s if my mother had gone to file that report that someone had been racially abusing her son or hitting a son because of race she would have been arrested now this is what people don't understand and they try to cover it up and say that this didn't happen neither blacks nor Irish nor dogs these things happened in our country I have lived it, my mother lived My dad, my mom and my dad had no chance of survival because of these existing structures and that happened to you when you were a child, they beat you because well, in the end I had a strategy instead of fighting with older children who were bigger and stronger than I, I ran well and there could be two or three of them, you reduced it to one and when he was tired he said, let's go and fight well, well, so he just circled back.
trevor sinclair opens up on talksport sacking queen tweet controversy
I'll talk a little bit about that and I apologize if I read it incorrectly like you say, because you deleted the Tweet where I actually got that wording. I was researching online and saw several news stories wrote it exactly how I said it. it was a St course that he did because it fits the narrative he was going to say, does that frustrate you then because it sounds like it was misrepresented why would it frustrate me our media this is our media this is what I'm telling you? You know there are double standards, you hear what Jeremy Clarkson said about the princess of this country, he walks the streets, you get kicked out of this and that, and that's allowed, he still has his jobs, so why do I do a question? my work I'm going to pause for a second because I'm very proud to announce that this program has its first sponsor and it's good, it's nordvpn as the owner of a marketing agency that operates online, it's really important for me and my team must Stay protected with anything we do online and that's why NordVPN is essential to running my business now.
If you're a big football fan like me, you can't watch every game because of the ridiculous 3pm blackout. m., but you can do it, if you use nordvpn, you can change your virtual location to another country where that game is actually being played, you can also watch games when you are abroad. the best discount on your nordvpn plan go to below our link and it will also give you four extra months on a 2-year plan. There's no risk with Nord's 30-day money back guarantee. The link is in the description below. Go ahead and check it out so you feel it was unfair that Talk Sport decided to terminate your contract so, well, part of my job is to ask questions.
I was a presenter. I was presenting shows. Part of M and we got into politics in some way. of our topics that we talk about because obviously football deals with different topics, it goes into politics, it goes into this, it goes into that, so one of our functions is to question things. I asked the question and the question was actually aimed at a certain demographic. part of our society is fine, so anyone who is not in that society, why do they bother about it? CU. I asked a question because then if you want to have a debate about why black and brown people, not just in this country around the world, wouldn't mourn the head of an institution which is the nickname given by the leader of the Church of England which has just accepted responsibility for slavery and offered billions of pounds to affected African countries.
I mean, where do people not get it? Did you feel a responsibility to say something like that? Obviously people think emotionally about it, you felt emotional about it, yes, because my mom was a fighter, but she had to fight a lot and there was a lot of trauma around that and in the end my mom was from an area where we were. drinkers my mother died at 57 years old. I partly blame the institutions of this country for the pain of the trauma she had to go through. Because? Can you explain a little more about that I mentioned before?
We talk about no, no, blacks, no, dogs, no, Irish, do you understand what that means? Oh, I see, okay, so it was very difficult for me to move to England because I was Irish and because I was with a black man, right, okay, so there are bars outside the hotels. outside restaurants outside guest houses these signs would be put up because we were a racist country when the Racial Law became law in 1968 1967 there are different phases why the police didn't enforce it well why they allowed it to continue because like We just see it because of certain reports that have been made about the metropolitan police.
It is institutionally racist. Is not difficult. It's not me who's talking. report if you suffer racial abuse and you will see someone take responsibility for it, this should have been happening in the late 60's early 70's, it wasn't and I'm sorry for the TR that my mother had to endure during that of The reasons why the ones that she ended up drinking, my mom was that she was not an academic woman, she read a book a night, she was an intelligent woman, but if you look at a scenario where you brought children into this world and you are thinking this is unfair, there is no justice in this, I mean, that will drive you crazy as a mother trying to protect children, yeah, so I feel like this played a huge role in my own mother's death, okay?
I regret the tweet I was going to mention earlier, not that I regret the content of the tweet. I'm sorry for the lack of empathy for the grieving family and for and possibly the people who had a very lovely relationship with the queen even though they might not have met her, I'm sorry for upsetting you because that was not my intention, yes sadly, the emotions at that moment came out of me due to my own loss and seeing everyone looking at the queen as something positive and I'm sure there were many. positive things about the queen but there were also other people who look through different lenses not only in this country but around the world who look through different lenses and it wasn't positive after you sent that tweet did you think I'm I'm in trouble here, I'm going to lose my job.
I have had many discussions with Talk Sport bosses about this matter, and obviously we will have to keep it private. Put this way, I didn't back down. Alright. double I I backed myself up and said why can't I ask this question h and they didn't like that I'm not working there okay um Simon Jordan who was obviously on a show with his fellow Toport presenter was critical of the Tweet of the time . Of course, he was, what do you think of him based on that? Well I think he looks at the queen through a different lens than I do, he's fine and I respect that, but if he looks through my lens he might respect what I said because I stumbled. a lot of people obviously I've had a lot of criticism for the tweet and I assume you know I'm my own person I'm just asking a question if you can't ask a question about something where we are but going back to the rest of the world, big people, famous people, countries that They were dating and, you know, there's a lot of things, I think there's a lot going on at the moment with the Commonwealth, you know, the relationship that Britain has with a lot of countries, especially in the Caribbean, but I literally hear you.
I am the perfect person to not be a monarchist. You already know the history of Ireland, the history of the Caribbean, the history of Africa. I'm looking through my lens. I'm not asking anyone to watch. Through my lens, I'm just telling you through my island why black and brown people would cry. Well, there was a lot of criticism saying it wasn't patriotic. Do you think it was unpatriotic? What you tweeted was unpatriotic. Yes, it's okay, but you have to understand it. Again there is a nuance I was born in England I grew up in England I feel English but I'm also of Irish descent and I'm of Jamaican descent so it's not like that and sorry for the wording it's not black and white.
I am proud to be English. I am proud to play for my country. It's one of the proudest things I've ever done in my life, but I also know two different cultures I'm in. I'm proud to be a part of it too and they have a completely different way of looking at the monarchy, the British Empire and what they took around the world with colonialism and all these different things, now the queen was not responsible for that. but she is the leader of the group we have been involved with. This was just a small segment of our conversation with Trevor Sinclair.
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