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Trevor Noah - Most Viewed Videos of 2019 (So Far)

Feb 19, 2020
"We ask for celebrities, we don't know what that is." "No no. We don't know, we don't order." That's how they look at me. Now I'm standing there, I'm already posing. Because I've been taught to do it, now I'm there. I'm doing, nothing works. Not even these, nothing works. They just look at me and I don't know. I just panicked. Because I was embarrassed, I'm not going to lie. I was embarrassed. Nobody's taking a picture, nobody told me what to do if they don't take a picture. So instead of just walking away I started. to make the sounds with my mouth.
trevor noah   most viewed videos of 2019 so far
Just a coping mechanism, I guess. So I panicked, and in the silence I said, "Trevor! Trevor! Trevor! Trevor! Trevor! *sound of cameras flashing* "Trevor! Trevor" *sound of cameras flashing* And now they're looking at me like I'm saying, "Good job, good job. Bye." The newspaper says he's famous. And people start treating you like you're famous, they tell you the weirdest things. The strangest thing people would say to me: “Trevor! Trevor! Well done on everything hey. Congratulations! Congratulations!" "But, even though you're going to America" ​​"Don't forget us, okay? Don't forget us. Like, 'I don't even know who you are.' People were saying the weirdest things to me.
trevor noah   most viewed videos of 2019 so far

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trevor noah most viewed videos of 2019 so far...

You know what the number one people have told me? It's not good luck. It's "Hello Trevor" "Good luck there, but whatever you do." "Don't forget your accent, okay?" "Yes, please. Don't make a Charlize out of us, okay? "Keep your accent, make us proud." They all said that. "Treva brother!" Treva Noah! Hey, mama's son. You're making us proud." "You make us proud, but can I ask you a favor?" “Don't lose your accent, okay? Don't lose your accent. "Yes. When you come back from the States, you mustn't come back talking funny." "Please brother. If you lose your accent, don't come back." "Did you just threaten me?" What does that mean?
trevor noah   most viewed videos of 2019 so far
If you lose your accent? How do you lose your accent? People make it sound like you're walking down the street and then out of nowhere you're like, *searching in his pockets* "My accent!" "I lost my accent!" “Where the hell is my… oh!” “Oh hello. No! That's not my accent!" How are you going to lose your accent? I was stressed now. Because I don't want South Africans to think I'm not South African. I don't want you to think that I have forgotten something, this is my house. Now I'm stressed about going home. I'm on the plane, flying back to Johannesburg.
trevor noah   most viewed videos of 2019 so far
And all the time I'm thinking, “don't lose your accent Trevor, don't lose your accent” “Ac-accent, Accent, Ac-accent” “Is that how I say accent? Accent, accent, excent, excent” “axe butt, excent, accent”. When I landed at O.R Tambo I was losing my mind. I like going into arrivals, the woman was there at customs. "Welcome back to South Africa, sir." I was like, "Yeah, I'm back!" The same Treva as always! "Nothing has changed." People are crazy. I love accents. I love accents. I love learning languages ​​and obviously accents or by-products of that I've picked up over time. Even if you can't learn a language, an accent is a great way to communicate with someone in your own language while trying to bridge the gap you learned. someone's accent, you communicate more effectively the thing is you have to learn accents the right way if you're going to talk to someone with the accent and you do it the wrong way you might come across as racist you have to be very careful about this.
Whites in South Africa often fall into this trap. Happens a lot at gas stations. You see people driving with their friends, talking normally in the car. “So, I mean. If we put all the numbers together and give them marketing, they should be behind it - it should be a breather, HR. H H. it has intensified and will be. "Oh, sorry. Wait." *electric window rolling down* "Hello, Baba!" "Hey, shop, shop man!" "Please fill up the tank, huh?" "95, lead free. Yeah!" "Also check the tires love, hey?" "Pressure. Hottie, hottie! Not much, huh?" "Two point two, okay?" "Yeah, good job.
Shop, shop." "Dankie boss". Do not do that. He's a grown man, he's been pumping gas his whole life. He knows what you need. Just talk to him like a normal human being. That's the thing. People don't understand. Talk to him like a normal human being. I would get so mad every time I saw white people change their accent when talking to black people. I would get so angry that I would think, "Are all white people racist? Is that what it is? Are they all racist?" and then I bowed down. Life taught me not to be so quick to judge.
I learned a valuable lesson. One day I was driving to Gold Reef City. I entered the backstage area. and the security guard came out. to the boom, and he said, "Hello, how are you? Is your name on the list?" I said, "Yeah, how are you Baba? My name is Trevor." He says, "Okay. Trebal, Trebal, Trebal." I said, "No, no. Trevor." He goes, "Oh, sorry. Cheval, Cheval, Cheval, Cheval." I said, "No, Trevor." "Cheva". "Trevor." "Chelva" "Trevor" "Chelva" "Trevor" "Chelval" "Trevor" "Chelva" "Trevor" "Cavel, Cav, Chavil, Chavel,Chalvin, Chavel" "Trevor" "Chalvil, Chalvil" "Trevor" "Calvil , Chalvil" and now my friend who is irritated leans over and says, "Hey, Dad.
Its Treva!" He said, "Oh, Treva!" "Why don't you speak correctly?" And then I understood, I finally understood. What white people have been trying to do. I see that you are trying to communicate more effectively, you are trying to involve someone. But understand this, understand this. When you speak to someone with an accent, the number one rule to understand is that accent is not a measure of intelligence. An accent is simply someone speaking your language, with their rules. That's all an accent is. So don't talk down to them, don't patronize them. Talk to them the way you would talk to yourself.
Just try to learn her accent, that's all. Just an accent. And I learn them. I spend all my time learning accents. I try. I try, I love it. I learn in restaurants, that's a safe place to start. You learn, you read the menu. You try to pronounce the words correctly. I was inspired by French restaurants. Quite fun. Every time I go to a French restaurant I am always fascinated. By the way, people ordered food with a French accent. I never understood why. Because they don't do it in any other restaurant, only in French restaurants do people walk in and then change their accent when they order.
They enter talking normally. "You know it's wonderful, you're really going to enjoy this." "It's so beautiful, stunning. You have to have the desert. Oh, good night, how are you, sir?" "Yes, we'll have a bottle of water for the table please and a" "Let's start with a, can we bring the Sauvignon blanc please?" "and we're definitely going to have the filet mignon for mains." "and for dessert we'll go with the creme brule." "Thank you very much. Oh, you're going to love it." Like, why are you doing that? I never understood. I was like why? Because it's not like the French are going to return the favor.
There are no French people sitting in our restaurants in South Africa looking at the menu like, "Uh, so for the table we can order a starter portion, we share some. Is that okay?" "Uh, could we please have, uh" "a portion of the boerewors." that's not gonna happen.

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